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Friday, November 9, 2018

Quotation Of The Day

Some post-election thoughts....

Comment from my good friend Mustang of Old West Tales and Fix Bayonets! (emphases mine):

Nancy Pelosi said that the Democratic win of the House was “All about stopping the GOP.” Perhaps. I think it was all about stopping the will of half of the American people from realizing their hopes for our future. For those on the left who claim that their agenda was about healthcare, it is pure eyewash. The healthcare system we have now is the healthcare system adopted unilaterally by the Democrats in 2008. I should note that it was mere moments after the close of elections that Pelosi stepped to the microphone and began lying —which is something she does without batting an eye. There are unresolved issues —most of these as a result of a RINO House the day before yesterday. We won’t see a wall any time soon; we will not have a solution to the immigration problem, we will not solve the question of birthright citizenship. The can gets kicked down the lane a bit further.

There are a few things that we should remember about our political system. First, America has a very large political tent with room for all kinds of people; even a place for idiots like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. The second thing to remember is that the founding fathers set up the House of Representatives as a place where the voice of the people could be heard, but one in which, given the passions of politics, turns over every two years. In other words, the people can rid themselves of House idiots rather quickly. The founders intended that the Senate is a more mature, reasoned, less emotional chamber. There are snakes in the senate, of course, but they are less viperous than those in the House.

Still, I think it is interesting to note that the top of the Democratic Party in the Senate consists of Harris, Feinstein, Gillibrand, Warren, Sanders, Menendez, and Schumer. We should conclude these people represent the new face of the Democratic Party: progressive communists all.

One quick note about the Georgia gubernatorial contest. Did any of Stacy Abram’s supporters understand her platform, and did they support her for her high-taxes, anti-gun, pro-illegal immigration, sanctuary state positions? No one will support higher taxes unless they personally benefit from it. Abram’s base of support was Atlanta; they voted for her because she’s black; it is a corruption of our political system. Most black people in Atlanta, or so it seems, have forgotten what Martin Luther King, Jr., had to say about character.

Well, Trump will have his hands full, but he’s up for it … and I think he actually relishes the challenges of a radically leftist House. In fact, I think these mid-term election results suit Mr. Trump just fine. So now we begin the road to the general election in 2020. Politics, it seems, never goes away … 

Already, the mainstream media's 2020 agenda is apparent as evidenced by President Trump's press conference on November 7, 2018 (the day after the 2018 midterm elections).

Related reading: CNN's Jim Acosta has press pass suspended by White House, Sarah Sanders announces.


  1. American politics have become a MIGRAINE HEADACHE from which there is no respite and no relief. The Marxian SadisticRats, tepid Moderates devoid of passion, and the RINO morons have made sure of that.

    Every time "WE" achieve any sort of victory, "THEY" charge in to make sure "WE" never get to enjoy it –– even for a moment.

    You've heard, I'm sure, that the wafer-thin GOP victories in Florida are being challenged by "an army of highly aggressive DemonRat lawyers who fully intend to stage a revival of the farcical Tragedy of Errors experienced in the Bush v. Gore debacle of 2000.

    And whoever thought that ARIZONA would become the setting for a si8lar, sickening spectacle? That lun atic bitc cinema is outdistancing the excellent McSally who HAD ben in the lead till someine "discovered' FIVE-HUNDRED-THOUSAND BALLOTS that, apparently, no one one knew existed until yesterday. Could this be McVain reaching out from beyind he grave fo one last chance to louse up the Republican Party he worked so assiduously to damage from within for dcades?

    Wasn't it STALIN who said, "It doesn't matter who CASTS the ballots. It only matters who COUNTS them." –– or something very much to that effect?

    1. HERE is a relevant link fest, the title of which is "Democrats Stealing Arizona, In Process of Manufacturing Votes to Steal both Governor and Senate Seats in Florida."

    2. Yes. Thank you! We are featuring this specific issue at my blog today, and have like headlines from the Drudge Report in the body of today's post.. Hopefully the issue will generate enough interest an creative input to aitan interest for at least two full days –– maybe three.

      It's VITALLY important to do everything possible to STOP the DemoThugs from succeeding in the perpetration of their anti-American, EVIL deeds.

    3. ?????????????????

      I tried to Copy and Paste the infomation in the Infidel bnloggers Alliance post you linked, but Blogger refuses to allow me to publish it.

      BLOGGER gets more arbitrary, balky, and ornery every single day.

    4. Franco,
      There’s a trick to copying and pasting links in a Blogspot post.

    5. Hmmmm. Never had tha truble before, but I'm always willing to learn new tricks, if anyone wants to bother teaching me.


  2. Illegal Border Crossers Now Ineligible For Asylum, White House Says

    Daily Wire,

    by Joseph Curl

    Foreigners who cross the U.S.-Mexico border illegally will no longer be allowed to claim asylum under a new rule meant to crack down on "meritless" claims, the Trump administration announced on Thursday. Non-Americans hoping to claim asylum must do so at an official border crossing under the rule. All others who simply cross into the United States cannot then claim asylum. "Consistent with our immigration laws, the President has the broad authority to suspend or restrict the entry of aliens into the United States if he determines it to be in the national interest to do so," Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker ...



  3. Nelson lawyer predicts hand recount in Florida Senate race starting Sunday

    Washington Examiner,

    by Susan Ferrechio

    Republican Gov. Rick Scott’s lead over Democrat Bill Nelson has narrowed to 15,068 votes out of more than 8 million cast in a race that is likely headed for a hand recount beginning on Sunday, Nelson’s lawyer said Friday. Nelson, the Senate incumbent who has held the seat since 2000, has refused to concede the race. His lawyer, Marc Elias, told reporters Friday that the upcoming machine recount of all ballots this weekend will shrink Scott’s lead even further and below the 0.25 percent variance that will trigger a hand recount. ...


  4. Broward County Is An Embarrassment, and The Potential For A Stolen Florida Election Is Real

    The Federalist,

    by Ben Domenech

    Last night CBS News’ John Dickerson tweeted “The Florida voting system is the Florida Man of voting systems.” But at least Florida Man combines stupid fun entertainment with incompetence and hubris, as opposed to depressing levels of corruption and idiocy. Comes now Dr. Brenda C. Snipes, the key election official in Broward County, Florida has presided for the past 72 hours over a level of bureaucratic incompetence – in the best spin of the situation – or utter corruption in the worst when it comes to counting the ballots from her county. Last night Governor and would-be Senator Rick Scott


  5. Florida: The Amazing Disappearing Leads

    American Spectator,

    by Larry Thornberry

    The saying, often attributed to Joe Stalin, is likely apocryphal. But it goes something like this: “It doesn’t matter who votes. It only matters who counts the votes.” It’s unlikely old Joe, who is doubtless burning in Hell, said this. There’s no evidence he ever gave voting a moment’s thought in his entire murderous life. Regardless of who did or didn’t say it, it’s being bruited about Florida just now, and for good reason. It has enough truth quotient to it to make Republicans very nervous. Florida Republicans better be at general quarters now. ...

  6. As Florida ballot count battle rages, Democrats are recklessly violating state law

    Fox News,

    by Karl Rove

    Local Democratic officials in Broward and Palm Beach counties in Florida are recklessly violating state law in what may be an attempt to overturn the results of Tuesday’s midterm elections for governor and the U.S. Senate in the Sunshine State. This looks like a repeat of the actions in Florida in the 2000 presidential election, when Democratic officials ignored state election laws – and were slapped down by the U.S. Supreme Court in a 7-2 decision. Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda C. Snipes said Tuesday night that 634,000 votes had been cast in the county. But by Thursday night, ...


    1. Franco,
      I understand your point, but I am not concerned.

      Here's why....

      The number of comments doesn't necessarily translate to attracting attention.

      This blog post was viewed over 100 times.

      "Lurkers" abound!

    2. I hope so, AOW, and THAT is why I am continuing to feed this particular beast.

  8. Whoops! Brenda Snipes’ office mixed bad provisional ballots with good ones

    Miami Herald,

    by Alex Harris

    Broward’s elections supervisor accidentally mixed more than a dozen rejected ballots with nearly 200 valid ones, a circumstance that is unlikely to help Brenda Snipes push back against Republican allegations of incompetence. The mistake — for which no one had a solution Friday night — was discovered after Snipes agreed to present 205 provisional ballots to the Broward County canvassing board for inspection. She had initially intended to handle the ballots administratively, but agreed to present them to the canvassing board after Republican attorneys objected. “We have found no clear authority controlling the situation faced by the board,” said Broward ...


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