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Monday, April 23, 2018

Video: Modern Educayshun

Too close to the truth?


  1. I thought I had seen this before.
    Perhaps a different version.
    Same conclusion though.
    It's the logical outcome of the current direction.

    1. Olivier Witherhampton said


    2. Ed,
      I thought I had posted this before but couldn't find an earlier posting.

      Irony: this video was recommended to me by one of my high school homeschoolers who had fled the public schools system, then went to the local community college as was FED UP!

  2. P_______H_______E_______W_______!

    Which means ESS––AITCH––EYE––TEA!

  3. Tarantells McGuire said

    More like Ed-JEW-Kay-Sh-t if you ask me.

    1. You might as well have saved your breath, Tarantella, because these dear folks –– like ninety perent of the population –– have been so thoroughly brainwashed by Cultural Marxist propaganda –– a powerful form of MASS HYPNOSIS –– they literally can NOT see what SHOULD be patently obvious with even the scantiest knowledge of nineteenth and twentieth-century history.

      "Satan's greatest accomplishment to date has been his success in convncing the world he doesn't exist."

      ~ C. S. Lewis (I think!)

      Those of you who would deny these allegations were probaby not brought up in and around New York City, as I was. If you'd had that experience, you might think very differently.

    2. I know at least one thing FreeThinke has in common with Muslims.

    3. You know NOTHING about me, so BUG OFF.

  4. Man I hate it when FT makes such a pithy insightful comment that nobody feels they can follow up. :)

    1. I find his response disappointing. He didn't blame cultural Marxism explicitly. However, I'll assume that blaming jews is equivalent.

      That's what passes for insight to the fringe right.

      As for it being too close for comfort, it is more upsetting that people believe that.
      The administrator removed two comments which is rather ironic.

    2. @ Nostradumbass:
      I won't explain this again.
      The two comments that were removed were posted by someone that is not allowed to comment on this blog. I do not care what "it" has to say, I don't read them, It's administrative policy.

      I don't agree with FTs antisemitism, I never have and never will. I will let it stand because he actually contributes to this Blog which has seldom been the case with you. I wish he hadn't said it.

      Although you have toned it down considerably, you have made enough antisemitic comments in the past that the word "hypocrite" comes to mind. I don't find it ironic at all, In fact, I find it ironic that I do not sentence you to the same limbo as the other commenter who's screeds I have deleted above. But that could change.

      Big Bubba always said that You're nothing but a bomb thrower. You lob one in then disappear. The only thing different is that you have alienated so many people that you have very few places to disappear to. So do you care to be added to the list with the other commenter?

    3. Ducky,

      I find you both disappointing.

    4. A grown man who believes in Marxist fairy tales. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

    5. Enough pile-on, back to the topic.

      Articles from Campusreform.org

      Conservative student assaulted during ‘change my mind’ event.

      DePauw offers guide on moving past ‘privilege guilt’.

      Petition accuses TPUSA of creating 'unsafe space' at CSU.

      Barnard student petitions against ‘Eurocentric literature’.

      Liberal groups refuse to join bipartisan event with conservatives.

      Socialist students demand elimination of ROTC program.

      Poster campaign tells students to 'Check Your Privilege'.

      More at link above.

  5. Replies
    1. At least our governor isn't a bondage perv action figure. Why are Missouri Republicans so dumb. They really make the rest of us look bad.

    2. The 1962 rule. Don't let anyone who was a Democrat after 1962 register as a Republican.

    3. No more Michelle Bachmann, no more Rick Perry, no more Eric Greitens...

      ...and no more Donald Trump.

  6. OTOH, I've seen youtube videos of young people resisting all this SJW nonsense. I have a hard time believing there is any kind of majority of people who really believe someone is better/deserves more than them because they can be show horned into some minority niche. What they Say? Yea, you got the peer pressure thing, but what they actually do and how they vote I believe is something else. We'll see.
    I think it is fantastic the left continues down the road of trying to find the most vile things to say about Americans. Nov/18 will tell us much.

  7. Education today is complex and unwieldy. Whatever they are doing in Washington, it isn’t working. There have been many studies that show that the academic performance of US students ranks, at best, in the median percentile of industrialized nations, and even behind a few third-world countries. This is true in both elementary and secondary public schools. Despite these indicators, the light bulb still hasn’t come on in Washington. I can’t lay the blame for this solely on the national apparatus; state agencies deserve equal scrutiny. The problem is that there are far too many educationalists running state education agencies. The focus in education today involves more of social engineering than in mastery of core subjects. If we wanted to fix this problem, we would dispense with national mandates, and the one-size fits-all mindset that drives all public education. Instead, we would encourage states to adopt programs that meet the needs of our state’s future. We need fewer gender or sexual identity programs, and more math, science, literature, and history.

    Whoever put this film clip together gets it ... most educationalists do not get it because they are driven by their liberal agenda; they remain in the dark, and they alone are responsible for high failure rates in schools. It would seem as though the educationalists would rather achieve disintegration of American culture than they are the success of the nation’s future. I do not understand how state legislatures are able to tolerate this.

    Look, students who do not achieve mastery must not be passed along to the next level. We should not be looking at failure rates alone, but rather we should be evaluating the reasons why students do not master core subjects. Among those who do fail, we should conclude one of two things: either the teachers are inadequate to the task assigned to them, or the student needs to be in a different (perhaps non-academic) educational program. What nitwit will force Hispanic students who are only capable of elemental English to sit through Romeo and Juliet? Few of these students have ever been exposed to western literature. Continuing to do this only guarantees one thing: student failure —and yet many states continue to mandate this curriculum for high school freshmen or sophomores.


  8. We know what's going on. Follow the money and then you learn who's behind the destruction of American education. Start with TIDES, follow up with Soros and Heinz-Kerry. It is hard for me to believe that the American people are so lazy, so stupid, or so unconcerned not to see what is happening to their children.

  9. It's like The Breakfast Club from hell.

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