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Friday, April 13, 2018

Essential Character Trait

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The polar opposite of being a fragile little snowflake:

Grit, often combined with faith, is the quality which the pioneers most needed to cross the plains and the deserts.

Moreover, nothing will ever replace grit. Nothing! Sadly, today's society as a whole fails to value and fails to cultivate grit.


  1. You speak truth. We've become a society of entitlement, where we have large swaths of the citizenry actually begging the State to remove Constitutional protections of our natural rights. We've prioritized leisure and pleasure over all else - and we are ever more reliant on an infrastructure that is unbelievably fragile, while taking [generally] no interest at all in self sufficiency.

    I won't belabor previously espoused points as to what should be mandatory curriculum in government schools, but we've reached the point in our 'evolution' where one tribulation of magnitude [not the Biblical variety], and most will not survive.

    - CI

    1. CI,
      We agree -- and you've made excellent points.

      Beyond those matters, modern society has reached the point where most look to a pill or another similar intervention as panaceas.

      I'm typing in these words as I finished being assailed by three back-to-back commercials for different products, one of which was for MyPillow.

      And, of course, almost everyone walking down the street clutches a water bottle like a talisman. I just can't imagine members of our society today crossing the Great Plains!

    2. I can't imagine many members of the society having to serve in the military. Can one imagine if we needed a draft??

    3. Bunkerville,
      Interesting that you mention the draft. Most Millennials whom I personally know are adamantly opposed to the draft; they state that they don't want their lives interrupted. Hmmmmm....

    4. No worries, CI. Mother Government will care for ALL.

    5. She will, but only until she runs out of Other Peoples' Money, Thersites.

      THEN we become Cubazuela or Norkodystopia.


    6. Check out Alexander Tyler's Cycle (outlined below)

      "There is nothing new under the sun ..."

  2. I'm intrigued by the picture.
    Is the lit bulb repelled by the unlit bulbs, or is it about to swing down and hit the unlit, causing the unlit on the right to swing out.
    Will it smash the unlit bulb, will it smash itself, or will it's filament wink out on contact like every bulb in every trouble light I've dropped under my car?
    I'll be thinking about this all day.
    Was there something else I was supposed to take from this? :)

    1. Ed,
      Good luck with solving the puzzle. (:^)

    2. Just don't walk around barefoot while performing that particular experiment, Ed.


    3. I've been thinking about it, and here is my explanation:

      The busted ones are the delicate snowflake bulbs and the one still intact has grit.

    4. Even so, I'd be sure to wear shoes, if I were you, Ed. ;-)

      And who,may I ask, is going to clean up all that splintered glass?

  3. What I hope is going on is that the squeaky wheels and the empty barrels are making all the noise and getting all the attention, but they are a minority.

    That is what I hope is going on.

  4. Replies
    1. Jocasta was guilty of the vilest sort of Child Abuse imaginable.

      The Pattern of OEDIPUS WRECKS.

  5. Off Topic, but Noteworthy never the less.

    Free-agent, and putz, asswipe, and UnAmerican Moron Colin Kaepernick was set to tryout for the Seattle Seahawks this week but the tryout was postponed after he declined to stop his kneeling during the national anthem next season.
    So the Seattle Seahawks dodged a bullet by not hiring the Bastard. .

    1. Now if he just had a job! Maybe he can go into community organizing. He sure as hell ain't no good at football.

    2. Not sure grit means look for the complaint department.

    3. No, Canardo, Kaepernick does not have true grit, he just has unmitigated GALL.

      There IS a difference.

  6. Replies
    1. ...and this is only the beginning. IG continues digging, Sessions has that Utah US Attorney and his team, they are investigating the Clinton Foundation...

      ... Anybody who thinks its interesting now, hold on. It's just begun to get interesting. I have no inside information, but we can be sure President Trump has 5 or 6 more aces up his sleeve... ;-)

    2. BRAVO! I'm so glad you said that, SilverFiddle.

      f anyone in the farcical Soap Opera evil manipulators, spineless wimps and moral imbeciles have made of our governance today HAS true GRIT it would certainly be DONALD J. TRUMP.

      I imagine the shrewd, sharp-witted Mr. Trump only plays with a hand-selected deck of cards containing FIFTY-TWO ACES.


      Never mnd what prissy little ethicists, run-of-the-mill lawyers, and stern hopelessly unimaginative pharisaical thinkers devoid of insight would tell you. It's ALL RIGHT –– even ADVISABLE –– to Cheat at Cards when youre playing against The Devil, because if you DON'T, The Devil will surely cheat YOU and ROB you of EVERYTHING you have including your most precious SOUL.

    3. The small group looking to cover its' tracks and dole out red herrings to the press.

    4. CONTENT of FJ'S LINK (truncated by FT)

      The “Small Group” Knew They’d Lose The Fact Battle, So They Began a Propaganda War…

      April 13, 2018

      by Sundance

      A flood of DOJ/FBI moves, leaks and details this week highlight the desperation of an aligned group of Obama officials and ideologues which began with the FBI raid on the offices and home of Michael Cohen. All of the subsequent activity is connected.

      This week began with a dramatic early-morning raid on the home, office and hotel room of a sitting U.S. president’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen. The week ended in equally dramatic fashion, in a packed courtroom, following numerous media leaks from New York U.S. Attorneys and FBI investigators about the content of their Cohen raid. In the big picture all of this week’s activity appears related to a coordinated propaganda strategy.

      Looking up from the granules, we can see a clear and comprehensive plan to flood the zone with propaganda narratives to distract, dilute and obfuscate.

      If we look at the big picture the stylistic content of the James Comey book; the timing of the release; the timing of the raid on Cohen; the leaks of scraped material from the raid to the media; all of this falls into a pattern. A strategy that was originally outlined by James Comey’s friend back in October of 2016 ...

  7. Alexander Tytler, Lord Woodhouslee (1747-1813 , was a Scottish historian who lived at the same time as the American Founding Fathers. He described a repeating cycle in history he had found that societies went through again and again. The cycle lasted roughly 200 years each time.

    Tytler said the cycle starts out with a society in bondage. Then moves in this sequence:

    Spiritual Faith
    Back to Bondage

    Tytler illustrated these items in a circle.

    Guess what phase we are experiencing right now?


    1. [NOTE: Alexander Fraser Tytler, Lord Woodhouselee was a Scottish advocate, judge, writer and historian who served as Professor of Universal History, and Greek and Roman Antiquities at the University of Edinburgh. - wikipedia.org]

      Born: October 15, 1747
      Died: January 5, 1813

    2. YES. SELFISHNESS. The feeling based on ENVY [one of the Seven Deadly Sins] that people who have LESS develop when they are foolishly encouraged [by meddlesome megalomaniacs afficted with a God-complex] to believe that those who have MORE ought to be FORCED to pay COMPENSATION to those who have LESS.

  8. Speaking of grit, does anyone else remember the old newspaper Grit?

    1. Nope. Just Grit. I guess it was mostly a southern/rural thing... See link above

    2. Sold in comics... I vaguely recall.

    3. Never saw one, just the ads in Boys Life to get you to sell them.

  9. Boy's Life. Believe it or not I grew up with a kid that actually did well selling True Grit subscriptions.

    1. It was just Grit. I need more Ginko. My brain is closer to 50 than it was then lol

  10. RE: Kaepernick ... Part of grit was taking a stand and accepting the consequences.

  11. An older word used before GRIT became popular would be


    shrewd, spirited initiative, resourcefulness, moral courage, nerve, enterprise, ingenuity, imagination, aggressiveness, assertiveness, self-confidence, oommon sense


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