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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Attorney-Client Privilege Violation?

Yesterday, April 9, 2018, the FBI raided Donald Trump's attorney's offices and home, and seized various materials, including but not limited to materials related to Stormy Daniels.

I happened to be at a client's office at the time this news broke. This particular client is far left in her political orientation and was clapping her hands with glee upon hearing the news.  She is, once again, for the umpteenth time, certain that President Trump will now be impeached.

When I asked my client, "But wasn't Mueller supposed to be investigating Russian collusion with regard to the General Election of 2016?" she swept away my statement as irrelevant.  

Please watch the video below to see liberal Alan Dershowitz's take on the above-mentioned FBI raids yesterday (never mind Hannity's often-irksome zeal to support Donald Trump and "get" Hillary):

Is Mueller overstepping the bounds of the investigation for which he was appointed?

Are we seeing the end of attorney-client privilege as a consequence of the Mueller investigation? If so, that is, in my view, a slippery slope?

Related reading: The Summer of Impeachment? by Erick Erickson. Excerpt:
...For a long time there have been rumors that among the payments made by or on behalf of Trump were payments made to women who had had abortions. This is perhaps the one thing that could get evangelicals off the Trump wagon and anything related to that is now in the hands of federal prosecutors....
Read the rest HERE.


  1. Mueller didn't direct this raid, material was forwarded to the NY Southern District Attorney's Office. It was their assessment, affidavit building and warrant process that occurred.

    Had the DOJ not thought there was cause for seizure, or had the Judge not concurred, it was have happened. Further, the DOJ employs a 'taint team' to sort and exclude any material not found to be within the scope of the warrant.

    - CI

    1. At this point, can we believe that the taint team will not be guided by political bias -- or the DOJ, for that matter?

      Not to mention FIAS warrants based on the infamous dossier?

    2. If one wants to find political bias, one will certainly find it...or invent it. If you're referring to Carter Page, he has been a subject of investigation since 2013. The dossier may certainly have been key to one or all of the FISA warrants on Page, but even Trey Gowdy stated that the Russian investigation was on solid footing irrespective of the dossier.

      - CI

    3. CI: You sound might sanguine for a civil libertarian.

      The "Dossier" was third-hand hearsay.

      Powerful Trump-haters inside government used a legitimate Counter Intel investigation as a springboard to attack and take down a president.

      This is nothing short of unelected co-conspirators people taking down an elected president.

      Our system of laws is a dense tangle of booby traps and ready-made weapons for those in power to bludgeon their enemies with.

      No one. No One stands innocent under our abusive system of "laws." Prostitutors--only half jokingly--would play the cocktail hour game of "get Mother Teresa," dreaming up legal strategies to indict one of the saintliest people on the planet.

      This is a rotten, corrupted system hijacked by greedy, power-hungry locusts and vampires.

      Fie on them all, and I have contempt for anyone who defends this. Donald Trump is a vulgar, corrupt pig; but he is one man, and the cabal out to get him is just as vulgar, rotten, corrupt and piggish as him. But they are even worse, because they have suborned the government of We The People and corrupted our institutions for personal gain.

    4. You sound might sanguine for a civil libertarian.

      The political theater is such where I find myself these days only having solid positions on policy rather than politics. I have little time for drama...and am content to watch this episode play out. The investigation, it's opponents and proponents are so convoluted that standing on the outside, I'll defend neither side.

      - CI

    5. CI: Are you familiar with Harvey Silverglate? google him. He's not a loon. He is a liberal civil libertarian.

    6. SF, I know his name for being an Adjunct Scholar at CATO, but haven't read any of his work. I'll check him out.

      - CI

    7. Killie Lou Byrd said

      And now It's time to hear several choruses of HOW DRY I AM.

    8. Kamala Harass said

      You very funny lady, Killie Lou.

  2. We are on the same page today and a sad day at that. This case was moved to NY for insurance so that if anything happened to sidetrack Mueller, the NYC office could continue IMO.
    The author fails to explain his angst with Trump's lawyer. Makes no difference in my mind. It is the beginning of the end of trump's tenure. As a one off, it was reported the FBI picked up Trumps tax returns. If true it is finished. The evangelicals will hang in there because what else is there..but the independents doubtful. I caught Levin via internet late last night, his podcast on his website might be available. Well done and calls for Sessions to resign though he stated his remark may cost him his thirty year friendship.

  3. Donald Trump became the target of a hitjob conspiracy--planned from inside government--at the time of his nomination.

    The conspiracy failed, he became president, and now the conspirators had a big mess to clean up.

    Slow-rolling appointment approvals was one tactic, but the iron-clad weapon of diabolical brilliance was getting Mr. Magoo and the co-conspirator GOOPers to appoint a Special Prostitutor.

    The Special Prostitutor is Comey's BFF and he's staffed up with Hillary voters, but we're supposed to believe he's "beyond reproach."

    Besides providing cover for the conspirators, this keeps President Trump tangled up, smothers all good news, and given abusive lawfare prostitutors' proven ability to "indict a ham sandwich," will take down the President and everyone around him.

    It is clear: We were not supposed to elect Donald Trump. The Establishment is correcting a voter mistake.

    The federal government is shot through with arrogant criminals who think they are above the law, because they are above the law.

    We are a nation of men and women, not a nation of laws.

    The waters are now permanently poisoned; reason and charity have flown; people will never again believe anything good about their political enemies, suspicion will reign, and all future politicians will be de facto illegitimate in the eyes of the half of voters who opposed them.

    The lawyers have made a mockery of the law. It is a sword of Damocles to the powerful: Stay in line, don't defy the cabal, or we will get you.

    Donald J. Trump was not supposed to be President--the corrupt cartel that runs this nation is correcting the voters' mistake.

    And make no mistake; this also serves as a warning to others outside the political class:

    Don't try it

    We will destroy you. No business person can withstand the legal and personal scrutiny. No one.

    The elites pick acceptable candidates for us so we can enjoy our sham elections every four years.

    It sickens me to see this happening. See all the rage-filled haters, blood in their eyes, cheering this on? That is our future.

    The only consolation is the entire project is fiscally unsustainable and will eventually collapse.

    1. One faint hope lies in the thought that Sessions will finally realize -if he is really as ignorant as he is acting= resign and permit someone to get control of the DOJ and Rosenstein in particular. Faint indeed. Otherwise it is finis. Done. Over. I thought I would be able to live out my life before the fall, but apparently not.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. An excellent summation, Silver. It deserves to be the centerpiece of a post all its own. I would only have said that it seems most likely that Mr. Trump was a target for this sort of Persecution by "Kangaroo Justice" from the moment he made it clear he was serious about seeking the nomination.

      I have to say that I saw all this for what it is from the moment all the obviously-fabricated BILGE about "Collusion with Russia" started to dominate the scene. The unmistakable scent of freshly-laid BS has choked us, and befouled the air ever since.

      From the journalistic coup d'etat we call WATERGATE. –– through the spurious, trumped-up fracas over the Iran-Contra Investigation, which was OBVIOUSLY ginned up for the sole purpose of trying to UNSEAT President Reagan, –– through the absurd Carnival-style Pornographic Sideshow of the Moronica Lewinsky Affair leading to B.J. Clinton's Impeachment and Disbarment, but which backfired badly on the GOP, because they refused to CONVICT BJ in the senate –– through the seemingly endless dispute over Hanging Chads, which developed from AL GORE's REFUSAL to CONCEDE the election to George W. Bush, –– to the PRESENT Crisis of Confidence imanufactured in a nefarious attempt to GET RID of PRESIDENT TRUMP ––– ALL these unwelcome, unwarranted machinations form a PATTERN:

      Those in Permanent Positions of Power (i.e. "The Deep State") now openly bare their fangs and unsheath claws in a PUBLIC DISPLAY of stubborn UNWLLNGNESS to ACCEPT the RESULTS of an ELECTION followed by a lengthy, often brutal campaign to OVERTURN the RESULTS of that ELECTION by any and all means possible short of an ARMED PALACE COUP –– and who knows when THAT may soon appear in the horizon?

      Slowly-but-surely for the past one-hundred years the LEFT in the guise of Progressivism has been chipping away at the CONSTITUTION. If this monstrous coup d'etat against President Trump is allowed to succeed, the minions advocating DICTATORSHIP by an OLIGARCHY of PERMANENTLY ESTABLISHED ELITES–– many of whom may not even be U.S. CITIZENS –– will have established itself as our NEW form of government.

      This means the Representative Republic designed by our Founding Fathers will be forever LOST, and We the People will be rendered powerless. We will have lost ALL our RIGHTS, and will become SUBJECTS instead of CITIZENS for the foreseeable future.

  4. Silverfiddle, I wish so much I disagreed with you because this is all so dangerous, but I, too, believe everything you say. It's very clear Trump's win was a bigger disaster to many than just a Republican president taking office and there was so much planned to set in with Hillary...so much planning had taken place, things in place that would change America forever in ways most of us couldn't condone, and now they must clean up, get rid of him, convince America they were wrong. And hope nobody finds out what the plans were and who was involved. THAT is the biggest scare for them now...

    STORMY DANIELS: If it's found Trump had an affair 10 years ago and tried to cover it up, then what? Why would that matter? But it SURE makes him look as bad as possible...even tho the haters who are attacking him for this affair would vote for Bill Clinton again tomorrow if they could...Hypocrisy, thy name is Liberal.

    1. This is political Armageddon: Either President Trump goes down, or corrupt key players go down and systemic corruption is exposed.

      There is no other outcome. My money says President Trump is impeached and removed from office or resigns.

      We won't see any more hero businesspeople thinking they will ride in as champion of the people, and they system will chug on.

    2. Well, SF...I don't think Trump will go down easily, and I do believe he thinks he can get corrupt key players exposed, but I think the Democrat/DNC machine is SO strong and well funded and ugly, that he may not survive. He is definitely on the DEFENSE and I doubt he likes, or has been exposed much to, that. And he IS a fighter.
      I believe the media onslaught, the constant DRIP DRIP DRIP against him and his family... like with Late Night Shows, headlines which mischaracterize situations, TV sitcoms, CNN, MSNBC, the networks, almost all periodicals, loudmouthed actors, etc., are doing so much that even the normal American will be sick and tired of the "Trump Stuff" and want all this to stop.
      They're not thinking of America and how we can make her better, protect her, etc..., these constant negative lefties, they're out to GET TRUMP, as you suggested.

    3. Z... you've asked many times why a Trump affair is an issue and yet many Dems seemingly had no issue with Pres Clinton. It's a fair question.

      I think the answer lies somewhere here...

      The GOP and many conservatives said for years that failings in moral character disqualified, or should disqualify, someone from political leadership. Whether anyone agrees with that statement matters not. It is what many, think folks like Bill Bennet, Ralph Reed or Jim Dobson, said over and over during the Clinton years.

      Clearly Dems then, and now, did not agree. Many believed someone could successfully compartmentalize their life in such a way as to be a cad in one part and a good president/leader in another part.

      In effect, the Dems were not more moral, just more honest with the realities of life. Sure they cheated on their wives, but the response would be "I never claimed to be a saint" much like what Trump says today.

      I don't think the Dems have suddenly come around to the being the party of "family values" and biblical morality. But what I hear people saying is the GOP for years said "family values and personal morality mattered" and now is saying something else. The question is why the change? In effect, the question is was the GOP wrong or lying before or now?

      All the libs are doing, at least in this instance, is judging a party by the standards they stated, promoted and tried to uphold for many years.

      In the end, I don't see this ending well for America. Could Trump gracefully resign, for the "good of America" and allow Pence to move to the presidency? I don't know. I've never seen vitriol like I do today and I walked precincts for Nixon during his reelection bid.

      Like many conservatives, I too am concerned for America...

    4. Dave, that's all a bullshit side-show. Yes, what comes around goes around, but this is not about that. This is about people at the highest reaches of power invalidating an election they lost.

      Trump may remind us of a third world president, but we also have the third-world corrupt police state government to go along with it.


      ____ Genus Triturus Politicus ____

      Notoriety and fame are not
Equal in the realm of the ideal.

      Winning at all costs may serve to rot

      The underpinnings from the good and real.

      Opening ourselves to crude attacks ––
      Nettlesome hypocrisy and rant –– when
      Gamecocks primed to kill with chosen facts,

      Invidious advantages we grant, when

      Nobility's ideals we compromise.

      Gambling on justifying means

      Results too often in a rude surprise ––
Inverting our intent –– attaching liens ––

      Clutching at the profits we devise ––
      Hiding Good with Scandals' rank disguise.

      ~ FreeThinke - The Sandpiper - 1997

    6. Just in case you were wondering:

      Triturus is a genus of NEWTS comprising the crested and the marbled newts, which are found from Great Britain through most of continental Europe to westernmost ...

      I'll leave you to figure out the rest.


  5. AOW...the fact that Dershowitz still supports Hillary blows my mind.

    1. Z,

      I hate to be the one to have to tell you, but the solution to your "mystery" rhymes with new, few, rue, sue, through, threw, blue, blew, cue, crew, to, two, too, coup, lieu and loo.

      Just call it A Different Operating Sytem, and be done with it.


    2. Also screw, slew, stew, canoe, do, moo, and todo.


  6. I do not see Trump being impeached for having an affair years ago. The law is clear. Impeachment comes because of high crimes and misdemeanors while serving as president. If he is to be prosecuted for something that happened before he was president, it will have to wait until after he serves his term of office. But I think Silver Fiddle is correct to note that our country has become a morass of sewage and it is only getting worse. I quite often think that our only solution is to refresh the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants and patriots.

    1. hi, Sam....so why the Stormy Daniels situation at all? No, he won't be impeached for this. And they can't do anything to him because he had an affair 10 years ago...if that was the case, most men of Trump's style would be in prison!
      As for the tree of liberty; can't happen; our kids are ruined, all cloaked in the liberal guise of KINDNESS...it's not KIND to carry a gun, not KIND to not offer sanctuary, not KIND to not allow a boy in a girls' bathroom, not KIND..... Forget about America and what's good for HER.

    2. Z,
      so why the Stormy Daniels situation at all? No, he won't be impeached for this

      It's all about the 2018 elections, IMO.

    3. Exactly. Inference and hopeful loss of evangelical support.

  7. If your attorney has committed a crime while representing you then attorney/client privilege is void.
    The main question here is whether there was probable cause for the raid. There is no blanket privilege.

    The New York federal attorney has hooks to the Giuliani crime family and was personally interviewed by tRump (unusual) probably to see if he would drop Preet Bharara's investigation of tRump.

    That said, the timing is very dangerous. President Spanky and his top button man, John "Bullethead" Bolton, have a path to getting this all below the fold and uniting the country behind President Spanky, more military strikes in the Middle East.

    We are a sorry people to get behind this militaristic authoritarian.
    Tree of liberty? Get real.

    1. The expertise of Ducky or Derhowitz? I'm betting on Dershowitz.
      and ya...why not let Assad kill more children? As if the president wants to kill people just for fun!
      Keep up the nonsense, Ducky....if it works for you.

    2. In fact, Z, that dipstick Trump swung the door wide open when he said Cohen had made the payment to Stormy Daniels without his knowledge. Cohen was already under suspicion for bank fraud relating to those pesky Russian oligarchs.

      I'm not sure if Trump wants to do it for fun, he probably just wants the investigation off the front page but I'll bet the fringe right hero, "Bullethead" Bolton is just itching for a fun war.

      Thoughts on this one:
      "President Donald Trump’s homeland security adviser, Tom Bossert, will resign at the request of new National Security Adviser John Bolton, a person familiar with the matter said."

    3. Your hate takes the breath away. I don't have the energy to respond...just deleted it all; what's the point?
      Good luck to someone who thinks like you do.
      Ducky or Dershowitz? think about it.

    4. Ducky, do you think Trump paid Assad off to gas his people so stories of the investigation would be taken off the headlines?

    5. "Ducky or Dershowitz? think about it."

      Is there really anything to think about?

    6. Lord Mountebank of Lowell speaks, singing of the glorious wonders of a powerful police surveillance state that can invalidate the will of the people.

      You are your ilk are odious, Ducky. You should be forcibly deported to North Korea where you can live out the remainder of your putrid life enjoying the wonders of socialism you are always screeching about.

      You are a horrible human being, a waste of skin and a befouler of freedom and fresh air. You are an interminable flatus forever disrupting polite conversation. Your stench makes us all clench, and worst of all, you are not even that bright or witty. In short, you have no redeeming value whatsoever, other than to show young people what an old 1940's shabby orange crate screaming street communist looks like.

    7. Z — I’m afraid to say that Ducky is consumed by hate; it may even border on long term and degenerative mental illness. I’m no defender of Donald Trump, but I will say that any criticism that comes out of Ducky’s beak isn’t worth knowing. He merely spews out vile words —even a second grader can do that.

    8. Notice that when there is a challenge to Right Wing World they immediately shift to ad hominem.

      Now let's get back to the reason legally obtained warrants violate attorney/client privilege. I would like to hear from the class rather than Dershowitz.

      I must say that Z is not satisfied with ad hominem but piles on a conspiracy theory. Yes Z, I believe Trump paid Assad to gas the rebels. He needs an opportunity to add to our list of stunning military success in the mid-East.


    9. Ducky: Shaddap!

    10. DUcky, focus; Z piles on a conspiracy theory and your suggesting Trump will go to a 'fun' war just to get the investigation off the front pages isn't? :-)

      You'd like to hear from "the class" rather than Dershowitz? Um...that's the problem with liberals...we believe the experts are more worth listening to than bloggers, but thanks for the wonderful compliment.

      I'm no Trump fan, as Sam says, but Ducky, you MUST grow up and stop the hate. We didn't like Obama any more than you despise Trump but I have never seen the hate you people have in your hearts now; I'd almost feel sorry for you.........
      Am thinking Anderson Cooper must take 20 showers a night just to be able to continue to ask women "did he have a nickname for you?" High journalism at its best. 24/7 of HATE TRUMP, but FOX is biased? :-)

    11. Z: Ducky is a leftwing kabuki dancer performing politburo-approved propaganda dances. It's no use trying to have a productive conversation with a totally-indoctrinated prog.

    12. SF, I've known Ducky a lot longer than you have and I couldn't agree with you more. And it's always been like this. But I like the fight.

      DUCKY: it's the LEFT that finally praised Trump as "presidential" when he last bombed Syria...now you've got a problem and now THEY do, right? :-)

  8. I read this raid as a desperation move to gain leverage before the IG Report. Because after it, the jig is up on the Russia long-con.

  9. My theory: The Russians assassinated Trump in 1998 and replaced him with a body double cloned from a retarded pig, and the wheels are about to come off the whole thing.

    My other theory, more credible, is that Trump is guilty as f*ck.

  10. Melissa Mackenzie says it way better than I ever could

    Stipulated, even by those who voted for him: Donald Trump is a sleazy businessman. Donald Trump is an immoral philander, etc. Of course he banged that porn stripper...

    "But drops of truth in an ocean of deceit and corruption tend to get lost in the bigger truth: the system that allows for this kind of destruction and ignores the toxic system creates a populace who lose faith in the institutions that ostensibly seek truth."

    Those dangerous un-elected power figures who have "five ways from Sunday to get back at you" pervert and corrupt our institutions when they echo Stalin's spy chief:

    "Show me the man and I will find the crime."

    1. Made all the more ironic that not only have the key players in yesterday's raid been Republicans.....but the DA for NY Southern District was installed by none other than Trump himself.

    2. You still believe in that old "Republican-Democrat" childrens game, eh?

      It should be pretty clear to you by now its "establishment . everybody else."

      Prosecutors are like pitbulls. They smell blood they'll go after their own grandma's throat.

      Lost in all the police stat hubub is the strong possibility this all stems from "fruit of the poisonous tree."

      I'll restate: the events of 2018 demanded a counter intelligence investigation carried out by institutions already in place. Conspirators on the inside used that legitimate investigation to bring down a duly-elected president.

      Welcome to the turd world.

      Don't worry--Progressives will regain control, and they will consolidate it, and the deplorables will be put back in their place.

    3. I dropped out of that game quite some time ago. My primary point was the fact that the Prosecutor was Trump's ["Mr. Not-the-Establishment"] own pick. Once one enters that world, they become the 'establishment'.

      As for 'poisonous tree', was Gowdy wrong? He was a darling to the Right not so long ago.....

    4. @ CI:
      " My primary point was the fact that the Prosecutor was Trump's ["Mr. Not-the-Establishment"] own pick."

      Uhh, no.
      Trump-appointed US attorney recused from Michael Cohen investigation

    5. Gowdy et all are still trying to establish documentary evidence for what kicked off this investigation of Trump when there was no evidence of a Trump crime.

      I would imagine Trump appointed that prosecutor as a favor to his buddy Schumer. Appointments are often at the behest of home state politicians, especially powerful ones.

      "Russian investigation" is a purposely-nebulous term, conflating a legitimate CI investigation with a Democrat Party fishing expedition into every aspect of President Trump's life and of those working for him.

      We have some dirty business deals with Russia, a drunken conversation with a low-level strap hanger and a "dossier" of third-hand hearsay with no-doubt Russian Intel cooked up info in it assembled by a British Inspector Clouseau figure.

      In summary: Bullshit

    6. Warren - Sure, if true. ABC is the liberal media...right?

      SF - You could be right.....or wrong. I'm not in the business of prognosticating. And the investigation is not exactly centered on Trump himself, but rather his Campaign. There can certainly be Trump 'campaign' crime....but no 'Trump' crime.

    7. I have NEVER had a good response to my questions about if the Stormy Daniels thing ALL proves true (and who can doubt he didn't 'do' her?) WHO CARES? it was 10 years ago (and, by the way, he could have an affair now and still not go to jail...it's NOT ILLEGAL!)
      What the heck does CNN, the home of the Stormy Daniels inquisition, think anybody's gaining from proving this happened?!??!!! It's also not illegal to pay people off, to the best of my knowledge. !!!

    8. It's irrelevant if Trump had an extramarital affair with Daniels......it's quite relevant if payoffs violated Campaign Finance laws.

    9. Pretty sure Stormy Daniels' payoff to be quiet had nothing to do with the campaign, but what do I know about that :-)

    10. Z,

      As near as I can figure, the non-disclosure agreement to keep Stormy Daniels quiet about Trump paying her for sex (a crime) during the election can be construed as a type of quid pro quo paymentin kind that violates campaign finance laws of some sort. Which would tie it back into Mueller's investigation of the 2016 election, especially if the payoff was laundered through Cohen's Russian oligarch buddies.

      I'm pretty sure the alleged Trump-peed-on-by-Russian-prostitutes video the Russian FSB is holding on to will drop into the public domain around the time impotent talk of taking out Bashir Assad in Syria starts making the rounds again. Children will continue to be gassed to death because Trump is skeered of people watching his porn video.

      Meanwhile Trump of the ego bigger than his IQ is barking at the walls that a porn star he had to pay is running around telling people he sucks in bed.

      But hey, at least he snot Hillary.

    11. Z, what they are saying is that if Cohen paid daniels the 130k out of his pocket, then it would be the same as if he gave Trump 130k donation which would be illegal.
      How many Millions of sketchy things like this could be found about obama and his goon squad over 10 years (campaign + white house time)

    12. CI: They are purposely keeping President Trump swaying in the breeze. They knew he was a foul-mouthed hothead and this was all designed to goad him into rash behavior.

      As far as the convoluted hush money = campaign funding violation... President Obama's campaign was hit with campaign fund violations. The FEC handled it by fining the Obama campaign $5 million, I think.

      All the extra scary-sounding charges like wire fraud, etc, is prosecutorial pile on and a gross abuse of the law.

      Mueller is a hack. He cost the US $6 million when he bungled the anthrax investigation and went full gestapo on an innocent man. He drove a scientist to suicide in the same investigation.

      Prostitutors and judges are not some special class of people. They're naked mole rats under their $1000 suits and black robes. People with that much power need to be vetted and watched closely because of the amount of damage they can do to innocent citizens.

    13. They are purposely keeping President Trump swaying in the breeze. They knew he was a foul-mouthed hothead and this was all designed to goad him into rash behavior

      This is just so much whining that a retard is being picked on for shitting himself.


    14. SF - I don't necessarily subscribe to your larger hypothesis, at least until it can be defined as to who the 'they' is. You may well be right, but the failing of this assessment, is that 'everybody is corrupt'....and if so....everybody is suspect, so long as it comports with what we want to be our truth, condemning Diogenes to eternal travel.

      It also bears repeating that the Cohen warrant was not part of the Mueller investigation, and a warrant against an attorney [much less POTUS's attorney] requires elevated scrutiny on the part of DOJ and the signing Judge. Could everybody in that chain be compromised? Sure...but it's just as feasible [as we aren't privy to what evidence was proffered] that criminal activity was uncovered.

      - CI

    15. Exactly, CI. Exactly.

      Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham are paid large sums of money to pretend to be stupid. We are not. What's so shocking about a lifelong scumbag still being a scumbag after becoming President?

    16. I don't say everyone is corrupt. I say corruption is definitely possible in this situation.

      "They" = Brennan, Obama's Justice Department top-level, for starters.

      They saw a vulgar, mercurial populist taking power and they were rightly alarmed.

      These things take on a life of their own. The Justice Dept and FBI firings and demotions based upon IG investigation reveals there is more than just smoke coming out of some corners.

      I hold out the possibility I am wrong. We'll see. This will all come out, one way or another.

    17. I don't say everyone is corrupt. I say corruption is definitely possible in this situation.

      You're quite correct, I was needlessly generalizing.

      - CI

    18. Who's peepin' out from under a keyboard
      Calling out names that blacken the air
      Who's mouthing' off producin' more blather
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      Who's skulkin' in the streets of the city
      Scowlin' at every thing that he sees
      Who's reachin' out to rupture a rapture
      Everyone knows it's Blah Blah

      Repeat ad nauseam

    19. Now THAT is funny! Meant for Ducky? The name would fit

  11. What I've heard.

    Well, I've read that if they believe a crime had been committed (campaign fund related in this case), then attorney-client privilege does not apply.

    Weeks after mueller went after Manafort on unrelated stuff, Rosenstein wrote a memo authorizing mueller to go down any rat hole he wishes. To get Trump of course.

    Does anyone believe these people are only going to read Trump stuff from Cohen's files. Please. In these cases attorney-client privilege will most certainly be violated.

    Finally, imagine a special counsel being created to look into obama, holder, lerner, clinton, podesta, blabbermouth-putz, the list is probably endless as are the obama and DNC related crimes. no doubt Thousands of them.

    Hey Sessions Quit you worthless bastard and take Rosenstein and the rest of the DOJ with you. Unreal.

    1. Kid,

      Your uncommonly good Good Common Sense and plain unvarnished statements of what-should-be-considered Obvious Truths ought to win you a prize.

      Agonized speculation, - deadpan literalism devoid of imagination, insight, passion, or humor, - legalistic mumbo-jumbo, and academic hairsplitting are for the WAZOOKS.

      Thank you for being you, Kid.

    2. Kid,
      imagine a special counsel being created to look into obama, holder, lerner, clinton, podesta, blabbermouth-putz, the list is probably endless as are the obama and DNC related crimes. no doubt Thousands of them

      I can't see any special counsel being appointed to clear out that swamp. Members of that swamp operate with impunity forever.


  12. Why should Jeff Sessions quit? He's doing his job. (The warrants for raids on Cohen seperate from Mueller's investigation would have had to and did go through Sessions)

    Trump could have taken the easy route by actually being innocent.

    1. of what? Sex with Stormy?
      How did this whole thing go so far astray from the Russian Collusion investigation?

    2. Did Ken Starr start out investigating Clinton's sex life?
      I'd say no.

      Anyway, Cohen is being investigated for campaign and banking violations.
      If it turns out he helped out a couple Russian money launderers I'm sure tRump had no idea.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. I have no idea how a document widely available on the internet for anyone to read - the Justice Department authorization of the Mueller probe into "any links and/or coordination between Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump, and any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation" is being spun into things it does not say.

      That "...and any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation" clause is fairly potent.

      It has also always been there. It hasn't gone "so far from the Russian collussion investigation." It quite literally is part of the same sentence authorizing the investigation.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Meanwhile, nightly expressions of the tu quoque fallacy on Fox News isn't going to save Trump either.

      Funny: Sean Hannity's last segment was ranting about Facebook silencing conservative voices. He then signed off the show with an ironic plea for us to follow him on Facebook.

    7. TC,
      That "...and any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation" clause is fairly potent.

      It has also always been there.

      If I recall correctly -- I was very ill when the Mueller investigation first started, so my memory is a bit fuzzy -- there was a warning cry from certain sources about that broad scope. What I'm not sure about: is such a broad scope the norm?

    8. PS: In that case, the Mueller investigation will continue in perpetuity. Sheesh.

    9. Not really. The Trump didn't pay his porn star hooker escort not to talk about his tiny wee-wee stuff was farmed out to different courts and prosecutors, after his own incompetent Cracker Jack box law-degreed attorney blabbed about it. Mueller isn't pursuing the illegalities there. The staff of a Trump appointee at SDNY is.

    10. "...and any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation"

      Indeed. Brilliant. Carte Blanche. Goes hand in hand with the fact this Special Counsel Investigation was kicked off with no evidence of a crime being committed.

      The Establishment de-pantsed Trump and his team from the get-go.

      Andrew McCarthy is the best source on this.

      He's far from a Trump Fanboi. He's calling balls and strikes and breaks down the legal stuff for the layman.

  13. I'm thinking if Cohen paid her, it was either out of his money or Trump's....does this now mean that ANY profit Trump ever had in the last 2 years was campaign funding? RUBBISH.

    1. No, it means criminal matters that arose or may arise from Mueller's investigation will be farmed out to other prosecutors.

    2. To my knowledge, paying Stormy Daniels hush money was not a crime. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

      Of course, the electorate's awareness of the paying of hush money could poison the well for the 2018 elections -- and beyond.

    3. Thanks, TC.

      I noted this important paragraph:

      ...[T]here is a so-called crime-fraud exception to the attorney–client privilege. If a client’s communications with a lawyer are for the purpose of carrying out a fraudulent scheme, they lose any claim to confidentiality....

      If the law can establish that paying off Stormy Daniels somehow violated the laws of campaign finance, President Trump is finished.

      Never mind that the law looked the other way with BHO. That fact is also mentioned in McCarthy's essay.

    4. Major Trump Team screwup. We all knew already Trump is a moral pig and serial philanderer.

      When Daniels popped her head back up, Trump should have just shrugged and said, "Yeah, I banged a porn star. So what?"

      A link off the TC link:


      I said I before, and I shall repeat:

      Donald Trump's election was the equivalent of a firebombing of DC. All that bombast and bluster was guaranteed to threaten The Establishment to its core.

      No way The Swamp was going to sit back and take such abuse (with the threatened concomitant loss of lucrative government-funded deals).

      President Trump disappointed us all when he rolled into power with a team of pisant weakling amateurs.

      If you swagger into a bar full of hardened criminals and start hurling personal insults, you better have a tough crew backing you.

      The death blow was Mr Magoo's recusal and the appointment of a Special Prostitutor with unlimited power and scope.

      As has been the case in tragedies throughout history, President Trump sowed the seeds of his demise.

    5. SF,
      I read that link as I went through the link that TC provided.

      The laws about campaign finance and Trump's team of pisant weakling amateurs could well bring down the entire Trump administration or, at the least, bring to a halt Trump's declared agenda.

      About those amateurs you mentioned....DJT didn't have many to choose from for his administration. So many with experience in governance are Swamp Creatures -- that's the hideous reality.

      I suppose that this reality is the consequence of so many Americans being apathetic or trusting about politics for decade upon decade.

    6. AOW, Indeed. In a democracy, we get the government we deserve.

    7. At least he snit Hillary.

      But yeah, Trump's inability to deliver the sizzle with his freeze-dried steaks was, and still is a yoooge, tremendous disadvantage. Believe me.

      You'll just have to excuse my insistence on a distinction between a principled conservative and a Trump voter.

      Character in fact does matter.

    8. TC,
      Character in fact does matter.

      In 21st Century politics???

    9. Put it this way. Republicans elected a mildly retarded, completely illiterate window licking moron New York Democrat and still got no PC brownie points for it.

      Might as well go back to 2012 and find those pronciples that were set aside to vote for Romney.

    10. Anyway, a clear symptom of the disease is that the Trumpenproles are more inflamed about Trump being disgraced by a porn star than Trump congratulating Xi on his lifetime Commie award.

    11. A clear symptoms something is Conservatives seemingly standing passively while Trump threatens a kinetic strike against a sovereign nation that poses no threat to us - and - recklessly taunting their benefactor......for zero gain to U.S. national security.

    12. CI: C'mon! Bombing your troubles away is a US Presidential tradition.

      In all seriousness, why didn't the US go to the UN and force a vote, of either approval or disapproval of Assad's use of chemical weapons?

      Next step, is to make the UN do something about it. I'm with you: Stale blather followed by firing million dollar missiles into empty hangars is a waste of time and money and needlessly puts US lives at risk.

    13. Q: What has President Trump done that no "Principled Conservative" has done?

      A: Beat the Democrats and win the White House

    14. Q: What has President Trump done that no "Principled Conservative" has done?

      Donated money to Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer?

      Praised foreign despots and openly admired their authoritarian-for-life powers?

      Threatened to campaign against conservative and libertarian members of his own party?

      Create a trillion-dollar deficit?

      Make his supporters seem like mindless retards?

    15. On the UN... have one of those cruise missiles hit the Syrian diplomat's chair.

    16. Much like the 'blame Obama' lists of a couple of years ago.....these generally aren't worth the digital paper they're printed on.

      - CI

    17. CI,
      I disagree -- although one needs to cross-check and use discretion. After all, the Enemedia cannot be trusted to report certain matters.

      I will say this for a FACT: the tax reform bill has impacted me personally in a good way. No more insane record keeping because of the higher standard deduction! That higher deduction means that I no longer have to run a tab on medical expenses -- a task which took at least 100 hours of Quicken use.

    18. I plan to use that free time to dejunk this house. **smile**

    19. I'm also looking forward to see if Trump's SCOTUS appointee has a good result.

    20. AOW - To be sure, there are legitimate accomplishments in there, but one has to wade through layers of unadulterated propaganda to get them. Many items listed were either in motion prior to, or nearly irrelevant of Trump.

      There's a reason that these sorts of 'lists' are ginned up....

      - CI

  14. SF,
    From your comment way above...

    It is clear: We were not supposed to elect Donald Trump. The Establishment is correcting a voter mistake.

    That really is the bottom line in all this, IMO.

    We have lost our republic -- and before DJT ever appeared on the political scene. When did we lose our republic? It must have happened long before now -- although the recognition of that loss seems to have gone unknown for quite a time.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. AOW,

      I don't know, but students of history and human nature understand that something as huge, powerful and spilling over with money is bound to attract the crafty criminal element, corrupt the honest, and become a perverted morass used to punish those on the outside.

    3. We lost our republic when the Congress gave its authority to the Executive.

  15. JUST A LITTLE RECAP ON HOW THE LEFT and the FAKE MEDIA ARE TRYING to take DOWN OUR PRESIDENT by making SURE, that WE will get tired of President Trump and VOTE for the "BLUE WAVE" nominees......
    'SCUSE me, but DIDN'T "they" tout the fact that the "BLUE WAVE" was on track splash over OUR country to BRING HILLARY TO THE PRESIDENCY?
    UHHH So, why are they trying that term again??? It didn't work before, and it's NOT going to work in 2018 or 2020.

    BUT, typical of the left, they keep telling the lemmings the same thing over and over, even if there is NO basis, hoping they will
    believe it AND that WE will flip to THEIR PARTY and turn our backs on
    President Trump.....you ARE KIDDING, AREN'T YOU???

    SO,My answer to Ducky, Dave Miller, "This One" and the rest of you DEMS,and PROGRESSIVES, IT LOOKS LIKE THAT BLUE WAVE is now NOTHING but an old, stinky cesspool THAT can't support any living organism.

    SORRY GUYS,but, NO, REALLY, keep screaming that the democrats are energized and ready to take back the house and senate in November and that big SCARY blue wave is ready to ROLL over America, so YOU can have EGG all over
    those pursed up, crying, little faces, AGAIN.....

      YOU have a party with NO leader

      YOU have a party with NO message except to RESIST. or IMPEACH the President

      YOU have a party that has lost the black vote

      YOU have a party that wants to PROTECT ILLEGAL CRIMINALS instead of their citizens

      YOU have a party that has no direction except to BS the public.

      YOU are the party that would rather IMPEACH a president that has NO
      IMPEACHABLE CRIME.....It's just that that brainstorm, MAXINE WATTERS,
      wants him gone and all she can say, at any interview is quote, "IMPEACH I". IMPEACH, AND IMPEACH! OTHER THAN THAT, I can't tell if she is alive or dead.

      YOU have a party, via Nancy Dementialosi saying that they will take back the tax breaks WE were given

      YOU have a party that wants ILLEGALS flowing through our border, as
      they are your voting base, NOW, since you've lost middle America
      And now your party found a New Nut Job that other Screwball Kamala Harris, I guess that they put out a want ad for a Loud Mouthed, Vile, Black Women and she applied.

      YOU have a party that has gone from, what USED TO BE a party of the
      people to the "party of the paid protesters and paid off by Soros"

      YOU are the party that SCREAMS DOWN and RIOTS when there are speakers you don't agree with

      YOU are the party that blocks our freeways when you are throwing a hissyfit

      YOU are the party that intimidates anyone with a Trump sticker on their car or in their yard

      YOU are the party that GOT BEHIND a criminal, corrupt, woman (and I use
      that term lightly) to be presidentrix, FOR NO REASON EXCEPT THAT SHE
      HAD OVARIES....

      YOU are the party that claims OUR president is
      mentally ill, a racist, unhinged and dangerous to our democracy......ALL
      LIES and liberal "buzz words", just to take him down - JUST IMAGINE
      what he could do if he had support.......look at what he's done ALREADY
      with what they call "chaos" in the white house...

      YOU are the party that wants men in womens bathrooms

      YOU are the party that voted for new parents to be able to put a "u"(unidentified) for the sex of your new born baby and let your CHILD determine what sex THEY want to be....

      YOU are the party that takes down statues YOU don't like, EVEN THOUGH it's OUR history

      YOU are the party that calls Disney movies "RACIST"

      YOU are the party that applauds our flag being burned

      YOU are the party that condones KNEELING for our NATIONAL ANTHEM

      YOU are the party that condones LATE TERM (up to the end of the pregnancy) abortions

      YOU are the party that uses words like racist, homophobic, xenophobic,
      misogynist, white supremacy, and any other name you conger up to describe HARD WORKING AMERICAN TAXPAYERS....frankly, most of us have never heard of some of those words and didn't have any idea of what they meant!

      YOU are the party that tried to take away Christmas (until President Trump got ELECTED

      YOU are the party that has NOT allowed religion in schools EXCEPT for the Muslims that want separate prayers rooms to use during school hours

      YOU are the party that hasn't voted for ONE thing TO MAKE OUR COUNTRY A BETTER PLACE for US...

      YOU are the party that boycotted OUR presidents INAUGURATION to dishonor him on the world stage

      YOU are the party that keeps HILDABEAST alive so she can keep whining about why she lost...actually that's a good thing....it will assure Republicans will in in 2018

      YOU are the party that turned down a
      path to citizenship for 1.8 million dreamers because YOU wanted to continue the practice of chain migration and open borders (oh, ya, I
      almost forgot, that was to add to your voting base, again)

      YOU are the party that gives ILLEGALS more benefits than our veterans

      YOU are the party that has COMPLETELY LOST IT'S WAY

      SO, I MUST HAVE MISSED IT.........

    2. I'll put you down as a "maybe". Thank you for your time.


    1. Paul Ryan, boy genius, is the biggest political disappointment of this generation.

      Tied for biggest disappointment is the utter failure of the GOOP poltroons, cowards and bald-faced liars to accomplish any conservative goals and their cowardly refusal to not even hold President Trump's coat or watch his back as he single-handedly fight multifarious enemies on all sides.

    2. Silverfiddle, which is it:

      1. He knows the House is lost in the 2018 midterm.

      2. He knows there isn't much left to steal.

      3. He can do better as a lobbyist.

      4. All of the above.

    3. He went into the wrong job. Ways and Means was his wheelhouse.

      I do heap scorn upon him, but he was known even by Democrats as a smart man, quick study and a wonk who happily burned the midnight oil poring over thousands of pages of arcane policy.

      Speaker call for a different type of personality, think of old villains like Tip O'Neil or Lyndon Johnson, big blustery men who wielded threats and bribes in equal measure, who could spin the most shameful web of lies and sell it all to the public... Men who could crush other politicians of either party, and who could also be critical to those same pols' reelections.

      But, sure, Ryan sees the writing on the wall and doesn't want to serve in the minority. Looks like his district will be sending the Iron Stache to DC.

    4. I expect to see Ryan run for Governor of WI someday, or as a US Senator, or perhaps even against President Pence for the GOP nomination in 2020.

    5. I expect to see Ryan run for Governor of WI someday, or as a US Senator, or perhaps even against President Pence for the GOP nomination in 2020.

  17. Anyone believe that Bolton will carry the day and convince President Spanky to risk another major conflict in the Middle East on the way to achieving Bullethead's dream of war with Iran or does Trump just piss away several million in cruise missiles to get Mueller off the front page?

    Anyone believe we can possibly gain anything by attacking Syria?

    Anyone have confidence in Trump's ability to make a prudent decision?

    1. The Minister of Political Hygiene speaks again... and repeats what he belched out yesterday.

      You need new material, Quacker!

    2. Here Ducky, don't say I never think of you. You'll split your guts laughing at this. I did...

      GOP Congressman Rips Trump in Insane Tirade to Journo: ‘Evil, Really F*cking Stupid Forrest Gump’

  18. _______________ HEADLINES at DRUDGE _______________






    'We All Know I Did Not Seek This Job'...

    Analysts move seat toward Dems...

    McCarthy campaigns for Speaker...

    MSNBC surging ratings fuel left's optimism...




    Notice the senate is moving to protect MUELLER ––– not President TRUMP


    ____ The Fourth of July ____

    Bashing the Navy blue of sky
    fierce color whirls and thrusts itself
    in senseless patterns!
    Loud noises crack and shrill
    in mockery of cannon shot.
    the “little folk”sit and stare
    Forgetting each other
    in vapid contentment.

    Sedentary buttocks spread and sag
    in canvas deck chairs.
    Ice cream-sticky,
    chocolate-covered children
    gape and giggle ––
    whine and whimper.

    Rolled in a rough blanket
    adolescent lovers
    mockingly tempt fate,
    And cling to the destruction
    of their sweetness.

    CRACK! and the sky fills
    with cruel white light.
    Now, God can see
    each family group
    spread in shabby rows
    Neatly spelling out “DEATH,”
    punctuated with beer cans.

    The flag has now flown
    and dropped its burning stars
    one by one to the ground.
    No one listens as the band plays
    the national anthem ––
    out of tune.

    ~ Alberto Terego

  20. Adiosa Tudalulu said


    Jeff Sessions is OBVIOUSLY a stealth part of the Get-Trump team. He's been in on it from the gitgo.

    Why ELSE would he behave like a goddam stinkin' WOOD PUSSY if that were not the case?


    1. Jeff Sessions is OBVIOUSLY a stealth part of the Get-Trump team. He's been in on it from the gitgo.

      I don't think so.

      But I think that he "owes many a debt" to Swamp Creatures -- or, at the least, one of the members of the Good Ol' Boys Club of Capitol Hill. We need term limits!

      Now, Sessions's DOJ has been accomplishing some of Trump's goals.


      Sessions should have revealed that he would be recusing himself before he accepted Trump's nomination to Attorney General of the United States.

    2. Adiosa,
      Please review the guidelines for commenting at this blog. You are risking deletion via some of your vulgarity and the taking of the Lord's name in vain.

      Fair warning.

      You can make your point without crossing the line into gutter language.

      There will be no further discussion of this fair warning.

      Thank you in advance.

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. No one is entitled to a response, dear boy. The Sessions fellow inspires a dyspepsia in you so stamp your feet in anger. You've had your say, no one responded. Pity that.

    5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. Returning now to the topic of this blog post:

    ...Where the hell were the FBI and DOJ when it came to Hillary Clinton? Trump himself has been enraged by the disparity between law enforcement's treatment of Clinton and its treatment of him. He rightly points out that the FBI and DOJ worked to exonerate Clinton, with former FBI Director James Comey going so far as to change the definition of existing law to avoid recommending her indictment for mishandling classified material....

    And herein lies the problem for the DOJ and the FBI. Let's assume, for a moment, that everything they're doing now is totally honest and aboveboard -- that there's no attempt to "get" President Trump and they're just following where the evidence leads....

    Once supposedly neutral organizations are made partisan, a return to neutrality looks partisan. That means that the FBI and DOJ damn well better have gold-plated evidence against Cohen; they better not leak ancillary information damaging Trump to the press; and they better have dotted all their i's and crossed all their t's. If not, there will be hell to pay, not merely for those agencies but for a country that can no longer trust its own law enforcement agencies.


    1. Ben Shapiro is a smart and very well-spoken young man. Excellent essay.

      This latest raid of Trump's lawyer was legal, its all legal, but at what point does somebody big step up and point to abusive practices and ask where is the equality under the law?

      The DNC refused to let the FBI access their hacked servers, with no push-back from the FBI or Justice.

      Lerner and that smug smirking bastard Kostinen at the IRS destroyed hard drives, lied about it and they skip off laughing and collecting government pensions.

      Hillarys bagmen Susan Rice and Cheryl Mills--co-conspirators in her crimes--were allowed to act as her representation and the FBI never no-knock raided them, and the list goes on...

      Now the Trump thing... It proceeded with no alleged crime. He wasn't accused of anything, but now every aspect of his entire life history is under microscopic scrutiny.

      It doesn't matter if he's a disgusting pig; this is not how our justice system is supposed to work. This is an abuse of the system. The Gestapo doesn't just decide they are going after somebody because they don't like them.

      At what point do good people stand up and push back? Could these arguments end up being made in front of a judge somewhere who bangs down his gavel, scolds Mueller's pack of hyenas and puts an end to the whole thing?

    2. Also, Trump haters hooting with glee and slapping their hands together over this are rage-blind morons.

      This sets a chilling legal precedent: Some government official can make a tenuous allegation based on third-hand hearsay and twice-removed proximity, and suddenly government investigators are up your every orifice.

    3. How does this contrast with the Starr report? (Genuine question, for example I have not read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Starr_Report nor much of any recent news).

    4. Also, Trump haters hooting with glee and slapping their hands together over this are rage-blind morons.

      This shit would never happen in Belarus.

    5. Jez,

      Same thing. Starr was supposed to investigate the Whitewater Land Deal and used that as a springboard to range far and wide. Prosecutorial abuse. Plain and simple.

      Of course, Cons at the time clapped like trained seals and took giddy, perverse pleasure in watching the President squirm under questioning about private sexual matter (sleazy and abusive, but private).

      I hate the whole Special Counsel/Special Prosecutor concept.

      If a crime is detected and it meets the standards, use a US attorney and staff and firewall them off. Task them with investigating the credible allegation and no straying from the task.

      Our legal system is a playground of torture instruments for those Torquemadas who intend to torture, punish, damn and jail their political opponents.

  22. Another problem with our legal system is the arcane and overlapping laws.

    "wire fraud" doesn't mean what you think it means.

    Notice how often people in sham "investigations" like this one are snagged by "process crimes?" Which means they said something differently than they said before. Scooter Libby went up the river for making an immaterial misstatement.

    President Trump's lawyer is facing one of the same charged Hastert (a disgusting pedo) got hit with: Withdrawing money from a bank and lying to the bank about what you intend to do with it.

    That is an anti-American law more fit for Cuba or North Korea. Are we free women and free men, or not? Free people don't have to play mother may I with their own money. Not even to the government.

    1. Well put. Since you bring up Cuba, a free people also don't have to play mother may I, to travel to other nations.

  23. Replies
    1. ...the Leaking of seized/damaging Trump Lawyer materials begin.

    2. SO much for the "impartial review" of seized materials before handing the damaging ones off to prosecutors. Just send everything directly to the Press for release.


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