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Friday, January 27, 2017

The End Of A Personal Era (With Addendum)

As WC explained at Infidel Bloggers Alliance on January 6, 2017, The Gathering Storm Radio Show has gone on hiatus:
Today will be our last show.

It's been our pleasure and responsibility to bring you opinionated comments from our honored guests over the last decade but it is time for us to re-think the show.

Due to the latest restrictions on free shows at Blog Talk Radio - and we assume there are more to follow - and AOW's health issues and myself involved in a new venture, and the format of the showing becoming stale and repetitive, AOW and I feel we need a breather.

We retire from the show believing that we have had some good in helping bring some sanity to our government with the election of Donald Trump. In a way we and our guests feel, what we have preached through the years, has been vindicated to a large degree.

We feel the government is in good hands.

Good luck to our fellow infidels.
WC and I made this decision the afternoon of January 6 and did not come to this decision lightly.

Earlier in the week, I had informed WC that, for the foreseeable future, my ongoing health issues would be interfering with my weekly commitment to the show and that I could no longer tough it out to be on the air for 30 minutes every Friday. I hated to make such an admission after over ten years of co-hosting the show, which WC had up and running for about two years before I joined as co-host.

If this link is still working, you can listen to the last edition of The Gathering Storm Radio ShowWarren was our guest.

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who donated to — or were guests on — the show!

ADDENDUM: WC and I will likely air a special edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show on Friday, April 28, 2017, to discuss President Trump's first 100 days in office.


  1. JEEPERS! Today seems to be a day for unwelcome farewells. Having just said “good bye” regretfully to Western Hero, I don’t feel ashamed to give you a variant of what I posted to Finntann over there a very short whole ago:

    I'm so glad we’ve had this time together
    To discuss what may be right or wrong.
    Though it seems we’ve barely gotten started
    Suddenly it’s time to say “So long!”

    Here’s Carol Burnett singing the original version. I couldn’t think of any better way to say, “good bye,” even as I hope you may resume your radio show sooner than you now think possible.


    1. FT,
      Thank you! I appreciate this from you.

      As you know, my reason for hiatus is very different from Silverfiddle's. I'm still having some ups and downs. In a few weeks, I'll be having the kidney scan, which will decide whether or not I need yet another surgery. I've already have FIVE surgeries! The word weary doesn't begin to describe my plight.

      But, hey, I'm still blogging -- if sporadically. I'm hoping that soon Warren will have some time to take up my slack.

  2. The following could be considered a comment on your radio discussion of the increasing dominance of technology in every aspect of our daily lives. You may notice it’s based on the acrostic "Cell Phone Abuse." };^)>

    ____ AN IRONIC TRUTH ____

    Cawing, yapping, droning everywhere,
    Enrapt with Unreality they're blind.
    Looking blankly into space they grind
    Loose lips ludicrously in mid air.
    Packets clasped to ears their elbows bend,
    Holding haplessly to each connection ––
    Oblivious to tangible affection.
    Nothing could this misdirection end,
    Except the advent of a cataclysm ––
    Annihilating new ways warped and curled ––
    Built denying truths the Catechism
    Used to keep our wayward notions furled ––
    Stifling acts and impulses towards schism ––
    Enabling more delight in Nature's world.

    ~ FreeThinke

  3. WC and I will likely do a special edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show on Friday, April 28 to discuss President Trump's first 100 days in office.

  4. I wanted to add too, AOW, that your VOICE is wonderfully well suited to radio broadcasting. It comes across as clear, pleasant, resonant, mature, well-modulated, and good natured.

    Your diction is excellent without sounding in the least artificial or affected, and you seem comfortable, relaxed and perfectly natural in a milieu that turns many into stuttering stumblebums. ;-)

    I do hope you can return to broadcasting sooner rather than later. You have a real talent for it.

    1. FT,
      I spent several years in vocal and educational training -- albeit not specific to radio broadcasting. Not to mention some 40 years in the classroom, where I taught public speaking and policy debate.

      I am lucky that God blessed me with my vocal timbre.

      BTW, I used to have terrible stage fright, but over the years, that stage fright vanished. That said, the first radio show I did, I made some stumbles. But I listened to the recording and made notes so as to avoid a repeat performance.

  5. You will remind us as the date approaches, right?

    1. Ed,
      And announcement will appear here and at Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

      WC and I will invite Ducky, IBA's Midnight Rider, and IQ al-Rassooli to be guests on the April 28 show.

      If Blog Talk Radio allows for more lines, feel free to phone in!

  6. Radio has become too much an an automobile medium. Not that it doesn't have a place, its just that radio has a too specific place.

    1. FJ,
      Now that my CD player in the Hyundai is on the fritz, I'm forced to listen to terrestrial radio (Sirius XM).

      I need to figure out how to load audio books to my iPhone.

    2. Speaking of Media, I just listened to a talk given by Pat Cadell given in 2012 vis the Romney Campaign that foreshadowed Trump in 2016. The man is/was a genius!

    3. Before watching the video, I never understood "why"
      Republicans had been so reluctant to challenge the Press. I "get it" now.

    4. Truth sacrificed (by way of the liberal grand narrative) to politicians trying to "maintain" their relationship with the Press.

    5. Please let us all STOP calling it The Pressonce and for al It IS –– and has beenfor many DECADES –– The ENEMEDIA –– a term I coined abut fifteen years ago.

      Lately, I've been pleased to see others have started using it –– namely a few who post a Lucianne Goldberg's News Forum HomePage.

      AOW too has been kind on occasion to take it up and make it part of HER vocabulary as well.

      I don't want any credit for having invented the term, I only want it to "go viral"and become an established part of the general vocabulary in political discourse.

    6. "Enemedia"

      Until the right wing starts holding Trump accountable for his catalog of lies, the above remains nothing ore than a cute, but empty denotation of political correctness.

      Unless of course, the currency is rank hypocrisy.

    7. CI,
      I can't speak for other Righties, but I'm rather notorious for holding the GOP accountable.

      I don not trust -- and never have trusted -- any politician.

      Furthermore, I am wary of the Cult of Personality, and I extend that to the Reagan Cult of Personality.

      There are no "perfect" politicians. Period.

    8. AOW - Absolutely. I was speaking generally.

      BTW...not sure if you've seen this, but I'm perplexed at the lack of coverage in the media [especially the "liberal media"] at Trumps removal of regular seats on the National Security Council, for the armed services Chiefs and Director of National Intelligence.........but giving Steve Bannon a seat in said forum.

      I would figure this would have elicited a hue and cry of creating a Privy Council....were it done by Obama. Yet today, we merely have silence.

    9. There are no "perfect" politicians. Period.

      Of course, but this tends to be a throwaway line. For the last eight years, every action or utterance by Obama was scrutinized and criticized.....while we see very little from the same group regarding pathological lying by the current POTUS.....and vice versa when the roles are reversed.

      I think that says are about the electorate than it does about the politician.

    10. CI,
      I think that says are about the electorate than it does about the politician.


      The anger levels of the electorate are palpable. The Right is not in the mood to criticize "their guy." In addition, it's early in the Trump Administration. We'll know soon enough where all this goes.

      I saw something about Bannon's seat on the National Security Council, but have read no other details -- other than he has a seat in that forum.

  7. I loved doing your show and am so sorry you're closing down for now. But I sure do understand your decision....I enjoyed hearing people I'd only read before ...good stuff! And I enjoyed talking with WC so much!
    I sure hope you won't need another surgery....best of everything to you! XX Z

    1. Z,
      WC and I enjoyed having you as a guest in the show.

      As for surgeries, I'm worn out with them: 5 surgeries, June-December!

  8. I am sorry to hear you are still struggling with health issue. My best to you and hope you are able to return to full steam soon.

    1. Bunkerville,
      The struggle is not as painful now. But I am having some flank pain, which is not a good sign.

      I've heard all my life, "If you come down with kidney trouble, you're in for it!" True statement.

    2. A militant determination to adopt a deliberate strategy of POSITIVE THINKING really CAN do wonders, AOW.

      MIND truly does have tremendous power over MATTER, IF we take the trouble to unleash it.

    3. FT,
      I'm very good at mind over matter.

      The proof?

      I finally saw a doctor -- but at the point that I have developed a worse problem than if I had paid more attention to that warning sign of terrible pain back in March of 2016 (although the pain first appeared on November 13, 2015, when I attributed the pain to watching too much news).


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