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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Break From Politics

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  1. You could privately own a machine gun.
    Or dynamite.

    1. To be fair, you still can......you just have to plead with - and pay - the puppetmasters.

    2. They'd be affordable to where I could, to be more specific :)

  2. Yet liberals seem to believe that we were all rich racist slave owners...

  3. Constanza Migrainea-Maldemera said

    Two out of ten adults could not read or write in 1915? Well, I guesstimate at least seven out of ten can't do it today. So we ain't making no progress no matter what the statistishuns try to tell us.

  4. The dollar had the same value as it did when it was first created. All those years, then the Federal Reserve came along.

    1. The last thing I read about the dollar is that a dollar in 1913 being worth a dollar, has lost 97% of its value since.

      Inflation - the silent thief.

    2. You want to return to the kind of monetary instability that characterised the 19th century?

  5. Good Stuff AOW. Back then the technology sucked but the people were better (My opinion at least)
    Today, the technology is fantastic but many more of the people are *ed. (My reply to some kids on the internet in an article saying things in the world have never been better)

    1. Kid,
      Back then the technology sucked but the people were better

      I must agree!

  6. FreeThinke in Mufti said

    Having had grandparents, great aunts and uncles, and lots of elderly family friends born shortly after the Civil War in my youth I can honestly say that Kid's assertion is pretty much on the mark.

    People may not have been "better," but they were braver, far more energetic, much harder working, far more ambitious in wholesome ways, and far far FAR less spoiled, less petulant, less demanding and much much MUCH more good humored and optimistic than what we generally see today. And they were more LOYAL to friends and family, and had a MUCH stronger sense of DUTY and HONOR than most do today.

    They were far STRONGER from constantly having to do manual labor, and more physically active.

    This did not mean they never got sick, or that they lived longer. But the impression remains that they put more LIFE into their YEARS than too many do today.

    For all the luxury and ultra convenience available to most today, we hear a LOT more whining, complaining, lamenting today than we did even fifty years ago.

  7. No Christian God would urge Jihad 
    Upon His son or daughter.

    Islamists odd would take a rod
    And urge its use for slaughter.

    Although 'tis writ the Christian Lord
    Brought us no peace, instead a sword. 

    The ironies about Belief 
    Should generate mad laughter.

    Instead vile hatred sans relief
    Obtains from floor to rafter.

    There is one God. 
    From sod and sky 
    And deep within He sees us.
    But all we see is a facade,
    That blinds us to Lord Jesus.

    ~ Anna Blaisdell Arbiti

  8. Ivana Gamaggotti-Putrida said

    No mention was made of deodorant products. With practically no bathtubs, and one would presume no showers either, and with women washing their hair only once a month and with raw eggs at that, people must have literally stunk to high heaven. I'll bet they all had bad breath too, because no mention was made of tooth paste or mouth wash either. PHEW!

  9. I've seen this before and always wondered how "egg yolks" could possibly used as shampoo. That sounds nasty!


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