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Thursday, January 12, 2017

January 11, 2017: Trump's Press Conference

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For more political cartoons, see Comically Incorrect: Cartoons by A.F. Branco.

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  1. Ideology imparts it's odoriferous aroma to every set of "facts" regardless of their "veracity". The "master" is the arbiter of "truth", not his interpreters for the Hysterics (students/ readers) in the University or the media. Lacan's, four discourses.

    1. As Lacan said to the students of '68: . ‘As revolutionaries, what you long for is a master,’ he told them; ‘You’ll get one …’


  2. The relatively absurd dossier sure provided a convenient distraction from relevant questions of his potential business conflicts of interest.

    1. Also distracted from the Obamas' long, long farewell.

    2. ___________ FAREWELL, OBAMA ___________

      We loved you madly once, or so you thought.
      But now your reign is soon to come to naught.
      This makes your story sad for us to tell,
      So let’s be kind, and just forget the hell
      You and Michele have given. Left unsaid,
      We sweetly choose to sing to you, instead.

      Farewell, Obama,
      Adios, Addio, Adieu!
      Farewell, Obama.
      It was no fun, and now it’s done,
      WOO HOO!
      Still now and then, vain Obama,
      When you are strutting
      with the stars beyond belief,
      We’ll recall all the stress
      and the high drama,
      Vanished now with a sigh of relief!

      ~ FreeThinke (with apologies to Cole Porter)

    3. CI said "...a convenient distraction..".
      More for the Tillerson hearing.

  3. I would absolutely dis-invite CNN and any other dishonest media entity to the White House pressers. I'd start each one by saying - CNN, xxx, yyy, are not here because they are dishonest and post fake news.

    1. Let 'em stay and let 'em stew.
      Ignore them.

    2. You'd be left without a single media outlet...leaving just Trump and his Twitter...being ironic, given Trump's dishonesty.....

  4. Gird your loins, people, because it's going to get uglier before it gets uglier.

  5. From Publish and be damned:

    There is widespread discussion about fake news and biased news.

    This implies, and it has hitherto been generally understood, that an essential characteristic of news is that it be true. Journalists are supposed to be in the truth business.

    So BuzzFeed's decision knowingly to publish a document Tuesday night that it had failed to verify, and which included what it acknowledged to be egregious errors, was an extraordinary one.


    The news organization justified its decision to publish details that it knows may be false by claiming the document is already in the possession of other journalists and some senior officials.

    BuzzFeed explained in its report that it printed, "the full document so that Americans [could] make up their own minds about allegations about the president-elect that have circulated at the highest levels of the US government."

    This is a terrible standard to set.

    Journalists are supposed to publish facts, not rumors. If something sounds amazing or too good to be true, it's incumbent on reporters to verify the story before publishing it.

    "Here, you figure it out," is a new low standard for news media....

    Read the rest at the above link.


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