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Monday, June 20, 2016

How To Create More Trump Supporters

One of the many protesting Donald Trump as the GOP 2016 candidate for POTUS:

From this related reading:
I assume the sign carrier is actually from the Toltecs since at least we can say we’re not sure who THEY conquered around 800 AD to sit on that land. Or maybe she’s an Aztec, who drove out, killed, enslaved, others there? Or Mayan who were busy with human sacrifice while doing all the rest as well? No, she’s Spanish in origin? Okay so the sign should say Make Spain Andalusia Again?
Please read the rest of “His character’s a lot different than what you would perceive it to be in the media” HERE.


  1. Something I never understand about our politics. It's absolutely apparent when policies [or lack of], rhetoric and ideology are completely bereft of reason.....and the appropriate response, in my mind, is to counter it with exactly that....reason.

    But whether it's Obama, Trump, Clinton or whomever....a seeming majority of citizens respond not with reason, but with an emotional tantrum that seeks to compete in the same vein with the original narrative that they're railing against.

    It boggles the mind.

    - CI

    1. CI,
      Reason has flown the coop!

      I've decided that the majority of Americans in the 21st Century can no longer follow a line of reasoning. Yes, some of us can. But the majority? Nope!

    2. HERE is an example of what I mean.

      And do you know what the outcome was? The student's mother -- an attorney -- and the child's father -- a software engineer -- in effect withdrew the child from my classes.

      Yes, those parents are dyed-in-the-wool Democrats.

      As I said before: "Reason has flown the coop!"

    3. CI:

      "The partisan, when he is engaged in a dispute, cares nothing about the rights of the question, but is anxious only to convince his hearers of his own assertions."

      ~ Socrates (470-399 B. C. )

      Most human beings are not as cold-bloodedly analytical and legalistic as you often appear to be.

      A much wiser man than either of us said this:

      “Reason is ––and ought only to be –– the slave of the passions, and can never pretend to any other office than to serve and obey them.”

      “Truth springs from argument amongst friends.”

      ~ David Hume (1711-1776)

      Note: Hume said "among friends" –– NOT adversaries.

      Duke Ellington said it very simply:

      "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that zing ..."

      Even a crass cigarette commercial from the 1950's conveyed the same idea, albeit from dubious motivation, when it assured us, "It's not how long you make it, it's how you make it long."

      St. Paul was more sober and severe about it. He said –– in essence –– that nothing –– no words, no deed, no accomplishment –– has any value whatsoever, unless it is rooted in and motivated by LOVE.

      Passion sans Reason may be feral,
      But Reason sans Passion is sterile.

    4. Policy ruled by 'love' is the very opportunity for the Left to curtail each and every liberty we still cling to. I have plenty of passion, but do not desire passionate men [and women] to lead at the expense of reason.

  2. I've found that many Trump supporters get offensive when you suggest any deficit that Trump needs to address to get elected.
    Can't reason even if you admit you'll vote for him.
    You must adore him.

    1. Ed,
      I've found that many who don't support Trump are just as offensive.

      I do not adore Trump. But I abhor HRC -- and foresee the damage that she'll inflict via her SCOTUS appointments.

      I read this morning that Justice Thomas may step down. After the November Election. Why?

    2. If Hillary released her shortlist for SCOTUS appointments tomorrow, and they were all tolerable, would you consider voting for her?

    3. @jez,

      "If Hillary released her shortlist for SCOTUS appointments tomorrow, and they were all tolerable, would you consider voting for her?"

      Of course not. The last thing that we need is another Liar-in-Chief! Haven't you had enough of that already?

    4. Jez,

      I know you cannot vote in our country, but if you were able to see Mr. Trump, –– as he really is, and not through the distorted, heavily veiled, profoundly biased, heavily manipulated image of him craftily designed and relentlessly promoted by the enemedia ––, would you consider lending him your support?

    5. @FT How do you think he really is, and how do you know that your impression of him is not another layer of media manipulation?

      But since he is largely the author of his own image, or at least heavily complicit in establishing his reputation as a boorish clown, I would have to discover something extraordinary about his inner core to make up for it. I have a special distrust for clever people who pretend to be stupid (MP Boris Johnson is a local example).

      @Always: it's a thought-experiment, so don't worry about the legal status of such a list. Just wondered if you preferred Trump as a general candidate, or you found him almost as odious as Clinton, and needed the potential SCOTUS appointments to clinch the deal.

    6. Jez,
      Two of the 2016 candidates whom I find odious:

      1. Hillary Clinton

      2. Jeb Bush

      I also add Elizabeth Warren to the list of odious politicians.

      I actually find Trump's political incorrectness as refreshing. And I agree with him about slamming the door shut on illegal immigration -- and a temporary ban on immigration from Islamic nations.

    7. Not only is Trump going to lose but the Senate is probably gone also.

      When Thomas and Kennedy retire you'll have plenty of time to mull today's SCOTUS refusal to overturn New York and Connecticut's assault weapon ban as it goes national.

    8. I'm not convinced that Jeb Bush or Ted Cruz could win the White House, Marco Rubio, perhaps -- but perhaps not. The GOP electorate appear to have bee in revolt since last summer.

    9. As for Justice Thomas, He may miss his friend Antonin.

    10. Ed,

      But I think that it's more than that.

    11. I still have $500 on Donald Trump endorsing Hillary Clinton from the podium at the Republican National Convention... ~Beamish


    If she really wants that why doesn't she just move to Mexico?

    1. Because it's a sarcastic riff on Drumpf's, "Make America Great Again".

      Benn out there for a while.

  4. If those of her ilk succeeded in making "AMERICA MEXICO AGAIN" where would the illegals flock to next?

  5. I don't hear any of the celebrities indicating that since they feel that they will be forced to give up U.S.citizenship if Trump is elected, that they mention Mexico as their destination.

    1. Bunker,

      Mexico probably doesn't want them! They have enough problems as it is.

  6. This is what happens when good folks don't want to have anything to do with politics, because they don't want their entire lives drug through the mud of a political campaign... You literally end up with two bad choices, and a hold your nose and vote for the least bad choice...

  7. Replies
    1. Now, who to believe?

      Do you believe a reputable news source or Alex Jones, WND, Geller/Spencer and the dumbest man on the internet, Gateway Pundit?

    2. One doesn't know whom to believe.

      But after the FBI's debacle in Orlando...

    3. Police have still not made any arrests. It's going to be up to the population.

      You see where that POS puppet Lynch had all the islamic language stripped out of the latest spider brained murder's transcripts for public release.

      The USA is a 3rd world kindergarten. Some people like that. A lot.

    4. The police took two kids in custody but because they are juveniles the records are sealed. SOP.
      I'm interested in your idea that it's going to "be up to the population"? Do you suggest lynching or just beaten to death?

      You're wrong about the redaction.
      But I have a question. If this guy was a follower of ISIS why was he clear shaven, his wife uncovered and why did he first swear allegiance to Hezbollah, a mortal enemy of ISIS.

      I await any insight you have.

    5. Duck,
      I have a question. If this guy was a follower of ISIS why was he clear shaven, his wife uncovered

      Read Inspire Magazine. The guidelines are there.

      why did he first swear allegiance to Hezbollah, a mortal enemy of ISIS

      Because all these jihad groups have the same goals. They'll fight among each other, but they will also unite against a common enemy. Read works by Dr. Walid Phares.

    6. Duck,
      Do you suggest lynching or just beaten to death?


      Slam the immigration door shut.

    7. The Duck hasn't read the ISIS written "Safety and Security Guidelines for Lone Wolf Mujahideen"?


    8. Fly Over,
      A lot of people haven't read the guidelines.

      After all, isn't ISIS the JV team? Pffffft.

      Besides, cognitive bias boxes in people and keeps them in a state of denial. Until the day that....

  8. Off topic.


    FT's computer has died. He's in the process of getting a new machine and will return to the blogs when the new machine is up and running.

  9. Very well said AOW. What if, all across the world, we where to 'give back' all the lands to 'original' peoples ... well, where does one draw the line? And who exactly are the 'original' inhabitants of this mystical land? And what if we've all inbred now to the point that it's impossible to trace the DNA ... well ... there you are. It's just plain lunacy to cater to this kind of thinking. Reminds me of something that Monty Python would have dreamed up ... only, I'm not laughing.
    Also, hope you're feeling better these days. I pray you're well soon. ~:)

    1. Sparky,
      There is no way to 'give back' all the lands to 'original' peoples. Why do people seem to think that there is a way to undo past conquests?

      As for my personal situation, I'm miserable with pain because, as of last Friday morning, I can't take any pain meds except for gabapentin and Tylenol. The latter doesn't help much at all; without the Tramadol, I'm writhing in pain.

  10. Unfortunately, none of these punks knows their ass from a hole in the ground anymore.

    Hey hon, I'd like a Chicken Fajita please and make it snappy.

  11. Dateline Philadelphia (in Geno's Steaks):

    ... They were just finishing up their cheese steaks when Brooke Kane's girlfriend asked another group of patrons if she could bum a cigarette, Patrick Kane said.

    "That is when the guys just lost their minds," said Patrick Kane, 31 and a maintenance supervisor at an apartment building.

    In seconds one man stood up, put his hand over the face of the woman and pushed her across the sidewalk, said Patrick Kane.

    "'Don't mess with us, we belong to ISIS,'" Kane said the man shouted at them.

    Brooke Kane, a daycare teacher, stepped in to help her friend. The ISIS comment was not a joke she told them before she too was struck, Patrick Kane said.

    At that point he and the other man stepped in to try and help the girls with the intention of leaving.

    "What went from putting hands on two girls became five guys attacking us," said Kane....

  12. Thank you for posting all that Muslim anti-gay rhetoric. Everybody has seen that Crapola again and again. Their hate is very real, and yes, the death penalty for homosexuality is still very much a reality in several Muslim countries. (Not all of them, though. Jordan repealed its law against homosexuality in 1951, before most Western countries did. Some Muslim countries are less Muslim and more Chtistian then you might think.

  13. Oddly enough the only one Person in this election process is Bernie Sanders Amazingly half of the idiots in America blame Obama for the woes and problems we have here. And neither Hillary or Trump have the ability to do any thing that will make it better.
    But of course Bernie Sanders will not get the nomination so, we will spend another 4 or 8 years in limbo.
    God Help us all.

  14. There are, apparently, some Muslim LGBT groups who are speaking out and in favor of guns, by the way....I hope they do speak out....let's say it would be at least one part of islam that's actually going under reform..OR, if they're not careful, they could get killed at their mosques. I hope not.

    1. Z,
      let's say it would be at least one part of islam that's actually going under reform

      Time is not on the side of reforming Islam -- if it even can be reformed.

    2. "Oddly enough the only one Person in this election process is Bernie Sanders"

      The only what? The "only": curmudgeon, senile person, communist....................

    3. I actually do believe it can and will reform...I think groups of non traditional muslims can and might, like the LGBT group.
      Muslims just have to start actually READING the koran and wake up to the truth in it...
      They need real leaders to wake them up...it's one thing I wish Mohammed Ali had done before he died. And he could have.

    4. Z,
      I'm too ill to argue with you about Islam and the Koran,

      But I will say this....Muslims who live by only the Meccan verses (compare to the O.T.) are ignoring the Medinan verses (compare to the N.T.)-- and are intellectually dishonest if they continue to call themselves Muslims.

      Yes, yes, I know about Dr. Jasser and others like them. They state that they would destroy or reject outright the violent verses of the Koran.

      I stand by what I said: there isn't time! Time ran out for how many Americans during acts of jihadists? For how many slain kuffir throughout the world -- and as recently as during the 21st Century?

    5. PS: Please read the Koran for yourself.

    6. Sick as a dog here! Can't think straight!

      It is the Meccan verses which are early, peaceful verses, and the Medinan verses which are the more recent and violent verses. Meccan = O.T.. Medinan = N.T.

    7. You're not suggesting I don't know the parts of the koran which absolutely push people to lie and murder, right?
      I never said I think the koran is a peaceful piece of literature...!! It's horrid and pushes for horrid acts!

      I DO believe we can get a hold on future radicalism....I will never believe we can't. I think there IS time.

      I am SO SO SORRY you're in such terrible discomfort! I hope you can get some help SOON!!! xxxx

    8. Z,
      I never said I think the koran is a peaceful piece of literature...!! It's horrid and pushes for horrid acts!

      I guess that I misinterpreted your earlier comment. Last night, I was fuzzy because of pain. I'm quite fuzzy now because of pain medications.

      The surgeon I have is the leading man in this field. He will do everything he can to save my kidneys.

  15. Vote Hillary in 2016. Because corporations are BETTER and therefore deserve MORE rights than people.... especially the right to MAKE the laws that people have to live by.

    1. Nothing beats a trade treaty for creating new corporate sponsored and binding laws. :)

      TPP or BUST!

  16. Best wishes for tomorrow AOW. Thinking of you

  17. As a former Secret Service agent, here's my best security advice:
    1. Ignore Obama. He knows absolutely nothing about security and his proposals aren't only ignorant, they're dangerous.
    2. Stay out of "gun-free" zones. They are only "gun-free" for the good guys and they are magnets for killers and terrorists.
    3. Acquire & learn to use a rifle & pistol. Terrorists only understand force and laws mean less than nothing to them.

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  19. Re: the original topic of this post

  20. A friend just emailed me this:
    "I cannot believe i lived long enough to see a real crook run for president"
    If ONLY more Americans understood Hillary Clinton we'd get a LOT MORE voting for (damn) Trump.
    If ONLY people woke UP.


  21. By his very actions President Obama and his administration have made America and ALL Americans, both here and abroad, less safe. And, it appears that a Clinton Presidency will be a corrupt ,and a very disingenuous Presidency

    So let's stop with this Trump funny stuff snd recognize the truth..
    Let's keep our eyes open and not vote in another loser.

  22. “Crazy Bernie” is waiting “for the right thing to happen,” Trump said.

    “He’s waiting for the FBI to do what everyone thinks they’re going to do,” he continued, referring to the agency’s investigation into the private email server Clinton used while serving as secretary of state. “He’s saying, ‘let’s hang in there because it’s called the FBI convention.’ I think he’s waiting for the FBI convention. We’ll see if the right things happen.”

    Sanders has not formally ended his presidential campaign, but Trump said he’ll be a “loser” if he does.

    “Bernie’s in there, and Bernie’s fighting, and I don’t think he should give up,” he said. “If he gives up we’ll say, ‘Bernie you’re a loser, you gave up.'”

    Is there any basis for Trump’s prediction?

    A recent Inspector General’s report found Hillary did commit wrong doing by setting up a private email server which transmitted classified information.

    CNN reports:

    Most crucially, the inspector general directly contradicts Clinton’s repeated assertions that she complied both with federal law and State Department policies. “At a minimum,” the report finds, “Secretary Clinton should have surrendered all emails dealing with Department business before leaving government service and, because she did not do so, she did not comply with Department’s policies that were implemented in accordance with the Federal Records Act…

    … The report goes further, noting that while Clinton’s subsequent production of 55,000 pages of emails in response to State Department demands partially corrected these violations, the records Clinton turned over were incomplete. Remarkably, the report includes reference to a previously unreleased 2010 email in which Clinton, responding to her deputy chief of staff for operations, Huma Abedin, directly addresses her lack of an official State Department email account and voices a fear of the “risk of the personal being accessible” if she had one. In a briefing, State Department officials were unable to confirm the source of this email, but if it was omitted from the records Clinton produced, it again would raise questions about the process she used to distinguish between “federal records” and “personal records” before destroying the latter.”

    To make matters worse, the FBI has admitted this is a criminal investigation – and not the routine “security inquiry” Hillary has been claiming.

    Given the legal trouble Hillary finds herself in, it is not unreasonable for Bernie Sanders to hang around until the convention.

    Since the conclusion of the primaries, the Sanders’ campaign media coverage has dried up.

    And since there are no more primaries or caucuses to contest, there are no more opportunities for Sanders to prove he is a more viable candidate than Hillary.

    The only reason for Sanders to keep his campaign alive is on the off chance that the FBI will pursue criminal charges against Hillary and the delegates of the Democrat National Convention will agree she is too damaged to continue as their nominee.


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