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Wednesday, June 29, 2016


June 28, 2016 jihad suicide bombings at Istanbul Atatürk Airport

Let's see, within the last year, we've seen terror attacks in Florida, Turkey, California, France, and Belgium — just to mention a few of the sites of terror attacks.

Yet, John Kerry apparently believes that ISIS is losing — not that those who killed or maimed perceive that ISIS is on the run.
...Speaking Tuesday evening at the Aspen Ideas Festival, Secretary of State Kerry said the fact that ISIS is targeting airports is a sign of weakness by the terror group, which he referred to by the name Daesh.

"It has been more than one year since Daesh has actually launched a full scale military offensive, and that's because our coalition is moving relentlessly on every front," Kerry said.

"Now, yes, you can bomb an airport, you can blow yourself up. That's the tragedy," he continued. "Daesh and others like it know that we have to get it right 24/7/365. They have to get it right for ten minutes or one hour, so it's a very different scale."

Kerry continued, "And if you're desperate and if you know you are losing, and you know you want to give up your life, then obviously you can do some harm."...
Read the rest and watch the video HERE.

Kerry said something similar after the Brussels attacks last March.

Ataturk International Airport has one of the best security strategies in the world. And yet....

How does security at American airports compare with the that of Ataturk International Airport?


  1. It's a horrible, wrecked-up part of the world...

    Turkey has served as the gateway for international jihadis traveling to joing ISIS. With the Ergogan islamist dictatorship learn from this? or will the exploit it?

    Those of us with eyes open already know the answer. Build the wall, Europe, build it high, and be sure Turkey is on the other side.

    1. SF,
      It is my understanding that Turkey is more interested in squashing the Kurds' rebellion than in curbing ISIS. Is my understanding correct?

    2. Turkey does have a serious problem with separatist PKK. The whole ISIS thing is a huge proxy war, and I can no longer keep track of the players. All those regimes over there play double-triple games and they are playing with fire.

      Its sickening, it's a gruesome insane asylum, and we need to get out and leave them to their murderous insanity, no flights in or out to/from the West.

    3. The PKK is a delicate situation, Silverfiddle, no?

      They are by most accounts the most effective anti-Isis group in Northern Syria but Turkey has to counter them somehow.
      Shooting down a Russian jet and pissing off the meddler didn't help.

      Trying to unravel this mess reveals the political machinations that have been present long before "radical Islam" was in the vernacular.

    4. What passed into the venacular when is irrelevant.

      With apologies to Bill S., an ideology by any other name has always been as rabidly violent.

      We haven't helped matters. Taking out Saddam Hussein was a colossal and tragic blunder of Biblical proportions, made even more tragic because Rummy and Dick were supposed to be gravitas-filled serious and wizened men.

  2. How can ISIS be losing, when everything from Trump to opposing sharia to not wanting islam taught in schools ... 'plays into the hands of ISIS' - or so the fairy story goes.

    1. If you accept the premise that ISIS desires violent struggle with the West you can understand why Drumpf is their best friend, FreeThinke.

      His call for more severe torture yesterday gives a good insight into his potential as an unwitting ISIS asset

    2. I'm not so sure toppling Saddam Hussein was a bad idea so much as leaving the post-toppling management in the hands of Barack Obama. Not sure we can avoid long term commitments internationally on the likelihood that sooner or later the American people will elect a flipping retard to the Presidency.

      Saddam Hussein was no spring chicken. Do we leave him in power until his sons Uday and Qusay have all of Iraq's resources to fund and fuel the Fedsyeen Saddam / ISIS / Daesh / whatever they call themselves today?

    3. "sooner or later"??? Don't look now, but........"don't bother, they're here," as the song says.

    4. Duck,
      Mullah Lodabullah is not FT. Mullah Lodabullah runs the blog site "Iron Burka."

    5. Canardo has gotten into the habit of accusing virtually everybody we don't know of being "FreeThinke."

      He is ALWAYS wrong, yet on and on he goes. It's gotten close to the point of being a genuine mania –– certainly an obsession at best.

    6. FT: Ducky is obsessed with you.

      Beamish: Some people need a dictator. Uday, Queasey, I don't care who... The Baathists of Syria and Iraq didn't like Islamist terrorists lurking around.

    7. I disagree, Silverfiddle. I think it is hair-splitting to exclude Saddam Hussein form the ranks of Islamist terrorism. If he ever had any qualms about allying with Sunni nutjobs, he lost them after his conventional forces were wtfpwned on the way out of Kuwait. Saddam Hussein financed the merger of Egyptian Islamic Jihad and al-Qaeda, and was manufacturing sarin gas in the Sudan for al-Qaeda during the Clinton misadministration. ISIS / Daesh **IS** what's left of the Fedayeen Saddam, Saddam's personal terrorist group led by his son Qusay. A "war on terror" that fails to take out Saddam Hussein is like trying to write the history of rock and roll without mentioning Elvis. It's just not sensical.

      No, Iraq became a failure when that left wing staple gun loader tried to "community organize" it instead of completing the monkeystomp of terrorists.

    8. Saddam's generals didn't turn to terror until we deposed him and sent them off unemployed.

      Everything has a cost and there are no pristine solutions. On-balance that area and the world was safer with Saddam in power.

    9. "No, Iraq became a failure when that left wing staple gun loader tried to "community organize" it instead of completing the monkeystomp of terrorists."

      Or, more precisely in my opinion, it went further south when GW negotiated a full withdrawal by years end of 2011....notwithstanding the alleged premise that they "thought" Maliki would continue to be our loyal puppet [which he never really was].

      - CI

  3. The current administration's foreign policy was made clear by Obama years ago: "leading from behind." That is to say, the US no longer supports any resources in the Mideast that would curb radical Islam in any way whatsoever. A few flybys with drone strikes cannot destroy the ideology and the will to spread terrorism.

  4. John Kerry is played on the strings by our Puppet Master And Chief. He's going to say whatever the man who calls himself obama wants him to say. There's also a lot of corrupt money changing hands with this Administration. Follow the money trail.

    1. What's your strategy , Sparky?

      Theater or tactical nukes?

    2. Both could work. OR we could wait till they come here and do the same to us.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. I like the idea of using nukes if only to see if the terrorists learn faster than Japan. Given that the Japanese still haven't thanked us for burning away some of their starving babies, we can't expect gratitude from the terrorists. Besides, the EMP will put a stop to hilarious crying mother videos. Maybe nukes are a bad idea.

    5. We have to start doing SOMETHING to get Islam to GET THE PICTURE...wake UP. DO I like the idea of bombing? Of course not!
      Do I want to sit around waiting for them to destroy an American city? Of course not.
      Is there ANY way to get Islam to rein in the jihadists and get this scourge to STOP?
      Or are we doomed in Europe and America?
      there's some math to do but nobody's doing it.

    6. They were just driven out of Fallujah by Iraqi troops.

      Mosul is being encircled and could well fall by the end of the year. Again by Iraqi and Kurdish units.

      They have strength in portions of Syria and are loosing territory consistently.
      The thing not to do is to strike out blindly.

      As Silverfiddle points out, we committed a big blunder when we dumped all of Saddam's military leaders who immediately started forming ISIS.

      Can we completely stop it ?
      In the near future, unlikely.
      We opened this can of worms, tough to close it.

    7. "They were just driven out of Fallujah by Iraqi troops."

      And MASSIVE coalition support.

      "Mosul is being encircled and could well fall by the end of the year."

      Not going to happen.

      "Again by Iraqi and Kurdish units."

      And MASSIVE coalition support.

      "As Silverfiddle points out, we committed a big blunder when we dumped all of Saddam's military leaders who immediately started forming ISIS."

      Agree completely.

      - CI

    8. ...we dumped all of Saddam's military leaders who immediately started forming ISIS."

      ISIS has gone through many name changes. When Saddam and Qusay Hussein formed them in 1993, they were called the Fedayeen Saddam, and those military leaders were already members or knew who to contact to sign up.

  5. Office of the Honorable John F. Kerry
    Secretary of State
    United States of America

    Washington D.C.
    July 4, 2016

    A spokesperson for the US State Department published a list today of actions being prepared for the final months of President Obama’s second term ending next January.

    After months of negotiations with and deepest apologies to heads of state of nations which the United States has offended or cheated in the past, it has been decided that

    The entire state of Alaska will be returned to Russia;
    All lands in the continental US acquired by the Louisiana Purchase and not under the jurisdiction of the Native American Council will be returned to France;
    Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and California will be returned to Mexico;
    Florida will be returned to Spain;
    North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming will become property of the Native American Council;
    Massachusetts will be returned to Great Britain;
    Hawaii will be ceded to Japan;
    Guam will be ceded to the Philippines;
    All other Pacific Island territories of the United States will be ceded to China;
    and Guantanamo Bay will be returned to Cuba along with all islands in the Caribbean and/or Gulf of Mexico currently under US territorial jurisdiction, including Puerto Rico.

    President Obama and Secretary Kerry feel that this date is most appropriate for announcing the return of illicitly acquired lands and territories to their ancestral and rightful titleholders and trust that the action will serve to convince Israel to release all territory gained by war since 1948.

    In an unrelated statement by the Justice Department, Attorney General Lynch announced today that all aliens presently in the United States, regardless of immigration status, are declared citizens and all persons in federal prisons for drug-related offenses are freed, thus considerably shortening the anticipated list of pardons President Obama is expected to grant as he leaves office.

    1. Massachusetts back to Britain?

      Not for long. We'll probably join that factory of the Enlightenment, Scotland and secede.

    2. The citizens of your allied "factory of Enlightment" only want their EU agricultural subsidies. Is Massachusetts going to pay them?

    3. Bocopro...sometimes your points are just missed...sometimes they're intentionally missed. darn.

    4. You feel that deserves a serious reply, z?

    5. Do you not see the humor in it, laced with reality? Get the point? Ya, and you seemed to take at least that one point seriously.

    6. Bocopro,

      Ignore Duck's carping.

  6. Wait, the killers were muslims again? Are we SURE they're not French Catholics or German Lutherans? Gosh, what a coincidence that these attacks all seem to be by islamists..

    Thank GOD for all the Muslims who tried to help...as they helped hide the Jews in the French Deli, too.


    Dow Jones Industrial Average Up 285.

    INDEXDJX: .DJI - Jun 29, 4:20 PM EDT

    17,694.68 Price increase 284.96 (1.64%)

    Foes of the BREXIT must be spitting nails over this quick recovery. Of course it may not last. Stability is just a word. No such thing exists. Especially at the stock exchanges.

    1. Yes...and I, too, was thinking "Man, the anti-Brexit gang can't be happy!" Of course, they warned that Brexit would cause financial problems...which is a bad thing, but now that things are, at least today, smoothing out, I'll bet they're wishing otherwise.

    2. Why would you expect anything else.

      First there was a run up due to polls predicting no exit.

      Then the panic after Brexit.

      Now a rally to a point slightly below the point before the No EXIT rally.

      Just the usual market mania. The suckers who sold after the panic and now have to buy back never seem to learn.

      Meanwhile, England hasn't even exited. We have no idea what the terms will be or if the non binding vote will even be honored.

      One interesting outcome has been the EU stating that EU immigration has to continue if Britain wants the trade deals to stand.
      So in your view, Z, disruption in our largest trading partner, largest collection of allies and largest defense partner is just going to turn out find. We'll see.

    3. "in my view" all I said was I'm not surprised if those who didn't want the exit aren't thrilled the predicted stock dive didn't last longer.
      Seems easy to understand to me. Where'd you get your other conjecture from???
      I wouldn't have even responded but didn't want anyone else to believe the rubbish you put at the end of your amazing conjecture...

    4. If you're taking comfort from today's stock price, you're making exactly the same error as the folks who were excessively gloomy about yesterday's. In these uncertain times, expect volatility.

  8. I said this before and I'll say it again and again....I'm a Democrat and so far I don't see any one running on our ticket worth voting for... Hillary Clinton is a liar and a cheat, and many other things to numerous to post. And Berne Sanders is nothing more that a socialist jerk. Two nuts a a pod. And if Hillary is who gets the nomination I'll vote for the Republican candidate for the first time in my life. Sorry, but there's no way in hell will I vote for her and her husband to be back in the white house again she's as bad as Obama is, and I'll thank God when we get rid of them!

  9. ISIS IS on the run. Into the EU countries.


    Democrats are certainly not what/who they once were! I worry that [they] will loose (win) any and all positive aspects that this Country was founded on and prospered on!

  11. Just a bit about the lack of my participation in this thread...

    I had a bad post-op night on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and, as a result, spent all day yesterday trying to catch up on lost sleep.

    If this noninvasive procedure for my left kidney is this awful a week post-op, I dread the invasive surgery looming in my future.


    1. Thanks, Ed.

      The misery level here is 10+.

    2. Thanks for updating us....so sorry about the discomfort! X

    3. Z,
      This misery is getting mighty old!


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