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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Open Thread

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So, what's on your mind?

Two links to get this thread started:

(1) Mom abandoned quadriplegic son in woods for days

(2) Islamic State group destroys ancient ruins of Nimrud.

Here is your chance to opine within the parameters listed below:

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  1. Replies
    1. At least one of the cars torched was owned by the Zimmerman family. Jewish? Probably.

      Homes in that neighborhood are very high end -- built by Edgemoor.

    2. I'd like to see them try that trick in Harford County.

  2. Anodina de la Croix said

    Feed the hungry. Clothe the naked. Cleanse the lepers. Cast out demons.

    Take no thought for the morrow.

    Consider the lilies of the field.

    Be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

  3. Overcome evil with a strong push back. Walk toward the threat and do not turn back.

    Tammy, the Christian goat

  4. With all the human destruction that has been wrought in the Middle East I don't know why I am so disturbed by the destruction of historic sites but it troubles me greatly.

    These animals have no respect for humanity or its history.

    "The darkness drops again but now I know
    That twenty centuries of stony sleep
    Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
    And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born? "

    Or slouches who knows where.
    It also troubles me that we see ourselves as saviors despite out hand in the tragedy.

    No heroes, no saints at the moment.

    1. Duck,
      Perhaps you are so disturbed by the destruction of historic sites because there is no recovery therefrom. Those artifacts are gone forever and, with them, a total repudiation of the value of history.

    2. AOW's right, and so are you..it's deeply disturbing because these relics/sites don't have a chance of growing again to the meaningful places they were. Gone forever.
      To do this shows such a disdain for civilization that it takes our breath away.

  5. We're being told that it's all over for the 2016 election. Nobody else need even run, because Hillary is the greatest and she'll win in a landslide. Problem is, she knows that the less she exposes her true self, the higher her approval ratings are. She's not naturally outgoing like her husband, (She can't even read a Teleprompter without sounding like she's acting) and she has so much baggage that we don't even know if she'll be qualified to fly on an American airline. She's currently under investigation for racketeering and could be indicted for obstruction of justice in a Congressional investigation. Is this really the best Democrat that the party has to offer?

    She fakes being nice, only because she's not nice. The White House staff would be the first to tell you that.....
    Hillary could be the worst candidate democrats have produced... So far Hillary has escaped scrutiny about her family life and her husband's serial infidelity. She gets away with giggling comments and barbs directed at the media but the media has actually protected Hillary for years. Now that she is officially a candidate for the most important office in the world the question is whether her background will be kept secret by the fawning media and if she will have to answer tough questions about her personal as well as professional life. My guess is that the media will continue to circle the wagons around her.
    Hillary is going to be a horrible candidate for all the reason mentioned above....she couldn't even defeat obama....a one term, do nothing Senator.......

    But....having the democrat controlled media, Hollywood and the democrat controlled education system backing you up might possibly do the trick for her...

  6. Cool... regarding the 2016 elections, I am not hearing many, outside of Dem centrists, voicing their undying love for her.

    The right hates her and certainly the left, as voiced by Sen Warren, is not a fan either.

    The problem with 2016 for the GOP is which states, that the Dems won in 2012, can they flip? Let's move Florida, Ohio, Colorado and Nevada all into the GOP column, and the Dems still win.

    The election is much more about individual states and very few of our states are fluid at the moment. Certainly less so if you are looking for a trend to the right.

    It's a cold, data driven analysis, devoid of preference and emotion. Regardless of the candidate, there is an underlying set starting point for the 2016 election regardless of who the individual candidates will be.

    1. About predicting the outcome of the 2016 National Election....

      When was the last time that the same political party won the Presidential Election three cycles in a row? 1988.

      The outcome of any election depends on voter turnout.

      Just like predicting a jury's verdict, the outcome of an election is usually unpredictable.

    2. "The right hates her "

      Because of what she is, a Fake, a Phoney, A Cheat, and a Liar.

  7. "Mom abandoned quadriplegic son in woods for days"

    Hey, "Girls Just Gotta Have Fun" !

    1. Jon,
      I think that she has been charged with attempted murder as well as aggravated assault, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and related offenses. She is also received treatment -- for what, we don't know.


    Once "The Rich" have been unseated
    ALL of us will be defeated,
    'Cause once "The Rich" have been destroyed,
    Naught will be left, except a Void --
    A Bottomless Pit -- A Big Black Hole 
    Where everyone lives on the Dole,
    And I don't mean ol' RINO Bob,
    Who’s just a lackey to Those Who Rob.
    I'm talkin 'bout The Oligarchs,
    Whose money once created parks
    And enhanced universities,
    Built hospitals to fight disease, 
    Palaces where Opera's housed ––
    Places at which no one's groused,
    Libraries and Railroad Stations
    Fit for endless celebrations,
    Until that old New Deal was struck.
    That changed the rules and killed good luck.
    Since then "The Rich," forced to connive
    To find a way they might survive,
    Have joined with Statists to despise,
    Deter, discourage those who'd rise.
    We call it Crony Capitalism,
    And it has caused the mammoth schism
    Yawning now twixt rich and poor,
    'Cause we let Marxists in the door.

    ~ FreeThinke


    1. Fannie Furst said

      That's amazing. I wonder how many will get the subtle point embedded in the latter part of the text? The one that explains why crony capitalism took over?

    2. Fannie,
      I wonder how many will get the subtle point embedded in the latter part of the text?

      Those with adequate functioning will.

  9. Here's a list of Hillary Clinton's accomplishments.......................

  10. As our World is seething in strife and our economy struggles with irreconcilable debt, [your] President deems this as the world's 'single greatest threat':


    If you ask me [he], by himself, is our Nation's 'greatest threat' ! The only circumstance potentially worse is an electorate that has learned nothing from this and would continue such insanity by supporting the PIG IN A PANTSUIT!

  11. Is there a reason that Progressive Disruptions has posted an image of Hillary that makes her look like a transvestite? Check out those eyebrows and that jaw line. Hmmmm

  12. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/why-some-restaurants-are-doing-away-with-tipping/ar-AAaZkzJ

    What this trend really means is that I will be paying for the business overhead of the restaurant.

    Am I responsible for the insurance and benefits when I merely buy a meal? I don't think so!


  13. Aren't you getting sick and tired of people saying that didn't realize the President's views, were so Socialist?. All of this information was out there. They choose to ignore it. Why would someone be surprised by his comments? He spent 20 years going to a church with a racist pastor. I understand that it is kind of common theme in some black churches, but it doesn't change the facts that he, at very least, agrees with some of the rhetoric

    There is so much to dislike President Obama regarding his policies that there should be no need to resort to childish tactics.

    Beware of those dirty hippies liberals . They're immature and irresponsible. ...All they want is free sex and legalized drugs and mandatory abortions.
    Well come to think of it mandatory abortions for liberals may be a good thing!.


We welcome civil dialogue at Always on Watch. Comments that include any of the following are subject to deletion:
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