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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Nothing New Under The Sun

Yes, this 2014 election cycle is a contentious one. It's tradition and predates the founding of America!

The Polling by William Hogarth (1697-1764)

From Folger Magazine:
Public fascination with elections is as old as politics itself. In the seventeenth century, the press was increasingly filled with election pamphlets offering advice on whom to vote for and even more importantly whom to oppose.

Printed election material originated in the 1640s, reflecting public interest in the political process, especially in a time of civil war and domestic upheaval. Secrecy surrounding politics had broken down; votes needed to be earned and voters persuaded. Elections became increasingly contested and divided along party lines.

Even voting itself was not a secret process in early modern England. The poll book, at right, published the names of all the voters in London and which candidates and party they voted for in 1710. Each voter was able to cast one vote (indicated at right by a dash) for each of the four seats up for grabs in their constituency. Some crossed party lines, but the vast majority followed a party ticket.
See the rest of the article HERE.

So, carry on.

In less than two weeks will begin the Monday morning quarterbacking, immediately followed by the pontificating about the next election, the 2016 National Election. It's like riding a political carousel.

In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson:
“What you do speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you say.”


  1. Cycle, carousel, too much media cotton candy, nausea...

    Sing it, Waylon!


  2. Leave it to the bottom feeder rightwing extremists to smear and slander the president at every chance they get, even when they're stupidly and embarrassingly wrong.

    Those Chicken Littles even suggested that Mr. Obama deliberately brought the ebola virus to the U.S. so that...blah, blah, blah, FEMA camps...blah, blah, blah...Messicans...blah, blah, blah...declare Martial Law...blah, blah, blah...stop the elections...blah, blah, blah...he's loyal to Africa, not the U.S. because...blah..blah...

    These extremists are the same jumping jerks who claim President Obama is divisive but who grabbed onto their hysteria rocket and rode it into their wild blue crazy over one person in the U.S. who died of the ebola virus, because Obama is a Sochialist, Commie, America-hating African! Just wait for some other news-grabbing story, and they'll come squawking at the top of their Little Henny Penny lungs to BLAME OBAMBOLA!
    Everything the GOPers and the Reagan worshippers predicted about the A.C.A. HAS NOT HAPPENED. Everything the right wing pundits and bloggers wrote about it IS WRONG.
    The Wacko baggers are still howling about ebola spreading across America? Or have they come to see how stupidly foolish their reactions have been.
    We have a lot more to fear from the GOP than we do from either ISIS or ebola.
    They always give into their primitive emotions and never let rationality get in their way.
    Now go get your flu shot, and STFU!.

    1. Mrs. Grundy said

      Please REMOVE this vicious, moronic BOILERPLATE. It is deeply offensive and serves no useful purpose.

    2. Quarantine this rabid anonymous. He is obviously suffering from the Boobola Plague, brought on by an overdose of hopium and red propaganda combined with too much time with one's anal orifice.


      Quarantine the rabid anonymous above Mrs. Grundy. He is obviously suffering from the Boobola Plague, brought on by an overdose of hopium and red propaganda combined with too much time with one's head in one's anal orifice.

    4. raise your hand if you're a conservative blogger who ever said Obama brought ebola here on purpose. OH, none of you? That's what I thought.
      Man, these people wax on about conservatives with absolutely no knowledge of TRUTH.
      I guess that makes sense when you consider who they vote for.
      Obama, the big constitutional scholar has now asked courts to hide emails from Holder to his wife that could have bearing on Fast and Furious..
      Imagine if Bush had ever done anything like that.

      Sad stuff...but we're supposed to shut up like good little racists and just take it? I don't think so. Nobody's doing anything about it in the blur of leftwing media, but we can.

  3. And People's Exhibit A for comment moderation.....^

    1. Mrs. Grundy said

      Never Moderation. Much better to employ vigilant ERADICATION of toilet stall jottings.

  4. I say leave the dumb comment there so everyone can see how libtards "think" (using the word very loosely.)

    1. Adrienne,
      Often, the blog administrators here do just that. Those who post without a registered account cannot delete their own comments.

  5. Wednesday morning quarterbacking?

    1. Wish that I'd though of using that phrase.

      Oh, well.

  6. I was talking today with a young couple about the election coming up. I noted at one point that I've never seen a people vote against their own interests more than southerners. It's like they want unnecessarily difficult lives. They asked me my predictions, and I noted the senate will have a GOP majority, but not big enough to stop filibusters, pass budgets, or stop judicial appointments (very important - kudos to Harry Reid). The house will go a little more red, but that's about it. Then, in 2016, the GOP will be summarily routed in both branches and both houses. It's going to be the beginning of the end of conservative eminence in DC for a couple of generations at least. Thank God.


    1. WHAT "Conservative Emininence" could you possibly be referring to, Jersey?There has been no such thing since Ronald Reagan left office.

      If you think the two Bushes or the likes of Boehner and McConnell are CONSERVATIVE, I have three magnificent ancient pyramids at Ghiza I'd be willing to let you take off my hands for ten cents on the dollar -- only because we're both from New Jersey, mind you.

    2. What kind of person comes to a Conservative blog and writes that type of comment? And OH my, what WOULD you say if some Conservative came to a liberal blog you visit and said the opposite? Would love to hear your response :-)

      Frankly, with liberals, I'd have to say I've never seen a people who'd vote so much more for their own interests, against our safety, even against the economy and health care of Americans.
      You won't know you had it so good until liberals make the finishing touches on changing America forever.


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