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Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

(If you must have politics, please scroll down.  I posted yesterday)

Photographs by Among the Ruin (sites on Facebook and on Flickr):

The Pumpkin Tender

Mausoleum in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia

Please take a few moments to visit Among the Ruin's sites, linked at the top of this blog post. He specializes in photographing abandoned sites.

About the October 31, 2014 edition of  The Gathering Storm Radio Show:

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Our scheduled guest is Mr. Ducky. We'll be discussing scary movies.

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November 21: Midnight Rider
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  1. There is no link to the ruins, AOW, but I enjoyed the pictures you posted anyway.


    1. I think the link is to Facebook from the caption. I can't guarantee that since I can't access FB from work.

    2. Try the second "on" (before Flickr)

    3. CI,
      Try Thersites' suggestion.

      I included the link to Flickr because I realize that some don't use Facebook.

      The material on Among the Ruin's two sites is not identical -- although there is some intersection.


  2. the biggest threat to America is not the Muslims, it's the Tea Party, and the rest of the stupid people in the GOP.

  3. Wanna hear something real SCAREY?

    The "science" behind the ebola 3 ft distance rule from others for "Medium Risk" hot zone returnees... is that when a person sneezes, the droplets can't go farther than 3 feet.

    Didn't they watch this "scientific" video?

    1. Oh wait, perhaps in the near future, the safe-distance will get greater for windy days. Look for another CDC update to their "protocols" in the near future, after this obvious "gaff" gets corrected.

      "Science" can get soooooo complicated.

    2. I wonder if Kaci will carry a "wind gauge" with her on her next bicycle ride.

    3. Please be aware, Farmer, that they cycled away from town.
      They didn't endanger anyone.

      She is the adult in this story.

    4. As "adult" as a jihadi in a suicide vest.

    5. Perhaps President Obama should invite Kaci over to sleepover at Malia's for a few weeks. The girls would LOVE her!

    6. And Barrack could do his best "William Tell" impression.

    7. Ducky, they had a pizza delivery and a friend came into their home to eat it. And probably left their home to his family and neighbors and co workers.
      They cycled away from town, and I don't see a problem with their cycling THROUGH town (how the heck can anybody get Ebola that way?) but for her to constantly assert that she's asymptomatic is just plain ridiculous. The doc in NYC WITH Ebola was asymptomatic and bowled, took his temp, monitored himself, and suddenly was symptomatic.
      She needs to grow up and realize endangering thousands isn't worth her ego or her pride.
      We put people in jury duty away from family and workers for longer than 21 days; let her do it as a civic duty.

    8. They did not cycle through town. They cycled away from town.
      You familiar with Fort Kent? You go north and there's nothing.

      You've never ordered a pizza?

      If you aren't aware the judge ruled in favor of medical science and against the governor. Kaci Hickox is free to assist in Obama's plan to infect the entire country.
      Actually no, kudos to Hickox, the adults won this one.

    9. Ducky, read my comment. I said they cycled away from town. I said I didn't have a problem with their cycling right through the MIDDLE of town because how the heck can you catch a disease from someone whizzing by on a bike?
      If I ordered a pizza and thought there was a remote chance I had Ebola, I'd have them put it on the front porch and get it when they're gone.
      And I'd NEVER EVER allow a friend in to eat the pizza with me, as they did.

      Adults are people who want to protect others. She's being brazen and even you know that deep down. There IS no reason for her not to comply. I hope she never gets picked for a sequestered jury trial.

      If you knew better, you and the governor and the WH, you would remember the NYC doctor who was asymptomatic ...until he wasn't asymptomatic. He's now struggling in the hospital while good people are trying not to infect themselves as they care for him.

      NOBODY doesn't understand that her being asymptomatic probably makes her not contagious.....but MOST PEOPLE, especially in the polls, say she should do ALL SHE CAN to protect her community.
      SHe isn't. That isn't 'adult.

    10. My point, Obama wouldn't risk Sasha or Malia's life. But he'll risk yours.

  4. "Please be aware, Farmer"

    Does this @$$#o!e hold " farmers" in contempt? Perhaps he consumes only that which is recycled food; a bit of the origination that we all enjoy, after it's passed.

    1. Trying to hold a conversation with Commie Canardo is tantamount to eating an omelet made with recyled vomitus.

    2. Now, now, FT. Not nice to talk about people you censor.

      Very arch.

  5. I dressed in my WOOKIE custom last nigh and I was the Hit of the party

  6. _______ QUATRAIN for CANARDO _______

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    Please stay with us here, and fire away.
    But if you persist with these animadversions,
    You'll get nothing back but heartfelt aspersions.


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