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Monday, June 29, 2020

What's Really Happening

Yes, this is an election year.

Yes, the video below is produced by the GOP.

Yes, the video below has political overtones.


The above two statements do not negate the truths presented in the video below:

Related reading and a must-see: The Ongoing Cultural Purge.

Now, how do WE THE PEOPLE save our republic and the heritage of our republic?


  1. What worries me is there is no credible countervailing force, no adults in the room. In normal times, politicians and editorial boards would be pushing back against this maoist radicalism, giving voice to the reasonable center, and attempting to keep everything on an even keel. This could turn into a runaway train.

    Republicans are worthless, crouching weasels, cowering in the tall grass. The evangelists of conservatism don't know how to appeal to people beyond their peanut gallery.

    We are probably in for a radical change. People afraid to voice a dissenting opinion out of fear of being fired from their job or hounded from their neighborhood.

    Back to the early 70's: People fleeing the cities, economic malaise, Democrats in charge, Repubelicons their servile handmaids, going along to get along so the rats can drag a few government crumbs back to their purplish-trending-blue districts and claim "victory."

    Apologies, but I don't see anything good coming from any of this.

    1. Conservatives are hapless bystanders, but good liberals and people in the broad middle (most importantly, people of color who are horrified by all this) can.

      Here are three signs of hope. Look around and you can find them everywhere:

      From the liberal Atlantic:
      Stop Firing the Innocent

      Andrew Sullivan (if you get the paywall, open in an anonymous window):
      You Say You Want a Revolution?

      First Things
      Of Statues and Symbolic Murder

    2. An observation about congressional Republicans vs. Democrats … these are labels without meaning. No politician of either party has a clue. With no understanding of our problems, we cannot expect them to offer any solutions. What they do understand about our problems is that the problems themselves offer them advantages in maintaining a rather acceptable salary and benefits package as members of Congress.

      Whether members of the US Congress or equally entrenched in state offices, politicians are similarly motivated. None of these people suddenly appeared. They were selected for their positions by voters and by golly, Americans can boast about having the dumbest voters in the world. Take a bow, America.

      McClay writes of culture. Whose culture is he writing about? There is nothing American about the activities of leftist hate groups, so he must be addressing foreign culture, as we might have found in 1917 Russia or 1930s Germany. They do, after all, have similar methods for achieving equally similar goals.

      The men behind the Soros machines (Soros Machines International) are clever, resourceful, and patient. We’ve been moving in this unhappy direction since the Clinton machine came to power in 1993. These strategists know, for example, that the easiest way to sow the seeds of destruction is through race. They know this because Democrats have been doing it since the administration of Woodrow Wilson … tweaking their methodologies along the way decade after decade. In our current circumstances, the hands of the federal government are tied because the new focus of SMI radical action is within cities and states controlled by the political left. You will also find a lot of SMI money going into the coffers of state DNC offices and agencies, notably within the state’s election commissions.

      I agree with SF … the solution to this problem must begin with moderate-to-conservative liberals (no matter what their skin color) but I am not holding my breath.

    3. Silver stated... "In normal times, politicians and editorial boards would be pushing back against this maoist radicalism, giving voice to the reasonable center, and attempting to keep everything on an even keel."

      Silver, I agree with you that the center must hold to counter the tendency of both sides to reach too far in their directions. If you circle back and see this comment, let me ask you this...

      What are the views, in your opinion, that the "reasonable center" holds? What views and behaviors, from both sides of the aisle, would that center be criticizing?

    4. Reasonable center:
      - Sensible police reform
      - Listening to black people's stories (not white maoists whitesplaining them), and adjusting our behavior so that not only are there no second class citizens, but that no one feels like a second class citizen.
      - Personal responsibility plays a big part in being successful

      Criticize: white supremacist losers and the maoist idiots

    5. Good stuff, I think the center also needs to acknowledge how much resistance there has been to reform over multiple generations. What can be done to assure the protestors that this time things are different, and change will come?

    6. Jez, What can be done? Those claiming oppression need to answer that. Everyone enjoys full equality under the law, and colleges and corporations employ affirmative action that biases the process in favor of minorities. That is not a complaint; it is a fact.

      On a practical level, cities could erase school districts and fund all schools on the municipal level. As it is done now, it disadvantages poor school districts.

    7. I'm starting to join with the left, "Burn it all down."
      But not what they want to burn.


      JUST who is "OPPRESSING" WHOM?

      ONE stupid, lousy, rotten,sadistic bastard COP kills one stupid, lousy, no-account petty CROOK who happens to be a NEGRO, and the whole goddam COUNTRY suddenly goes up in FLAMES.

      !$#@%#!^&$#$(*&^!@?"*&%>!!! GEDDOUDAHERE!

      Then we have moronic brainwashed LEFTIST city and state OFFICIALS feeling obliged to KNEEL before a filthy bunch of rioting, looting, lawless THUGS, while pretending they engaging in "PEACEFUL PROTEST."

      !$#@%#!^&$#$(*&^!@?"*&%>!!! GEDDOUDAHERE!

      Then WE legitimate, law-abiding, taxpaying CITIZENS, whose money pays the SALARIES of these corrupt, degenerate, spineless, traitorous brain-dead government officials, are suddely being urged by at least one successful BUSINESS OWNER, who is, HIMSELF, a victim of LEFTIST Bigotry and Calumny, telling us should GROVEL before SCUM and voluntarily SHINE their friggin SHOES while we BEG their FORGIVENESS for having so deeply INJURED and Offended T_H_E_M.

      !$#@%#!^&$#$(*&^!@?"*&%>!!! GEDDOUDAHERE!

      The brave men and women who FOUNDED, then DEVELOPED this country into the great, prideful entity it one WAS –– not so long ago –– wouldn't have stood still for such behavior for an INSTANT. They would have ATTACKED the ATTACKERS, laid them LOW, and shown no RESPECT whatsoever for either their Point of View, or their Bloody Remains.

      As I ever tire of saying "WE" have let ourselves be surreptitiously MANIPULATED and BRAINWASHED by a relatively small group of diabolically clever, incredibly PATIENT and FORCEFUL GODLESS, innately vicious, ANTI-CHRISTIAN, ANTI-CAPITALIST INTELLECTUAL AGGRESSORS who have PERVERTED our THINKING, and made us turn against ourselves.

      And THAT, –– whether you believe it, or like to admit it or not ––, has turrned our once vibrant, brilliantly creative, basically benevolent population into gibbering, frankly SUICIDAL idiots.

      And YOU dear people vainly i gain we could find a way to TALK and REASON ourselves out of this LIFE-THREATENING crisis, when WE – LIKE OUR PRESIDENT DINALD TRUMP –– have become the VICTIMS of those have EXPLOITED their (LARGELY IMAGINARY, certainly INFLATED) sense of VICTIMHOOD to jockey themselves ILLEGITIMATELY –– by using a perverted logs, and an entirely self-serving interpretation of OUR laws AGAINST "US" –– into positions of such grotesqely tyrannical power that THEY are now OPPRESSING "US."

    9. No, it's many cops and many negroes. So many, it's difficult to pass off as a coincidence.

      A lot of the protests really are peaceful. In England, they contrasted starkly with the much worse behaviour from the counter-protesting English Defence League etc.

      If protestors are frustrated because reasonable demands have been ignored for generations, why would it hurt to make some gesture of acknowedgement?

      "They would have ATTACKED the ATTACKERS, laid them LOW, and shown no RESPECT whatsoever for either their Point of View, or their Bloody Remains."

      To some extent I agree, but isn't that how we came to be in this mess?

      I don't think you are being oppressed, and IMO the biggest perversion here is your characterisation of non-white citizens as an enemy.

    10. What you, apparently, like to THINK and what's REAL, Jez, are two entirely different things. What you seem to want to beleve about me, for instance is simply not true, as I attempted to explain in some detail in another comment directd to you below.

      I'd seriously like to know if you arrived at the point of view you espouse and the opinions you hold from real life experience and personal observation, or if they came from the lectures you've attended, and books and articles you've been advised to read during your school years?

      I've attempted to get to know you better, and let you know more about me through personal email correpondence, but you don't seem much interested in that, though I fully realize that, –– as a young man raising a family in perilous times ––, you must be far busier than I.

      Wether you choose to believe it or not, my feelings and convictions are not born of prejudice against anyone's COLOR or ethnicity, but of certain KNOWLEDGE, and a fairly broad personal EXPERIENCE with anti-social, self-defeating behaviors and hostile, degenerate cultural manifestations I KNOW are determined to attack, corrode, pervert and destroy the culture that is dear and familiar to me.

      People on your side –– for whatever reason –– do this by deliberately mischaracterizing who and what "I" supposedly represent and substituting negative assertions that describe what you want others to BELIEVE about "me" in order to support an AGENDA you, personally favor.

      I've come to h conclusiin that you really are a good guy, so it seems plausible that you've arrived where you are NOT because of any INNATE faws in your character and heritage, but largely because of INFLUENCES brought to bear on you during your formative years.

      I'd love to discuss this with you in some depth in OFFLINE correspondence, but that is entirely up to you. If you write, I promise to respond.

  2. Now the latest target of the Leftist Mob is John Wayne! Apparently he said some non Political Correct things in a interview way back about 50 years ago that has the Leftist F├╝hrer’s demanding that all of his memorials be removed! . Will they demand his movies be banned too? Isn't this great? Don't you just love having a Fascist Mob deciding all of our heroes and history must be sweep away, and completely wiped out.
    The next thing will be that ALL films that have ANY ACTOR playing a Confederate, or a Southerner will have to be banned., and: ALL films that have ANY ACTORS portraying the Police will have to be banned. I wouldn’t be surprised if they go all the way back and get rid of Peter Falk movies, and why not wasn’t Columbo a Cop! And how about the TV series Chicago PD? Hey, I shouldn’t be giving them ideas!
    I guess that ALL of our old Movie hero’s will be replaced with guys like Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James and Bubba Watson.
    Forget about guys like Audy Murphy, Chris Kyle, or even James Bond!
    Watching this country get destroyed by our own people is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen... And not just our own people, but mostly our young people who have no idea about our country's history or even why they're doing it. They're just being mindless zombie followers of everyone else

    1. Anyone, past or present, who said or did anything which is not in line with what is acceptable today must be erased. The last time this happened was in China. It was called the "Cultural Revolution," and anyone who does not see the sameness between the "little red book" and today's Democratic Party is blind as a bat.

    2. Today's "Democratic Party" is not "democratic" at ALL. It is now the Anti-American MARXIST Party, whether its members –– or the stupid RINOS and moronic Go-Along-to-Get-Along types –– want to admit it or not.


      "Results are all that count."

  3. I think there are in fact some who call for offensive symbols of the past to be banished. Others I think, who are probably the great majority, would call for something different, perhaps like what we see in Germany and Austria as it relates to the symbols of Nazism.

    Is there ever a time when a society should remove certain symbols that have become offensive to a majority of people, and put them somewhere else? In say museums and learning centers, as opposed to the public square.

    I would ask those who seem to oppose any movement away from the symbols of slavery and southern oppression of blacks, if they have any middle ground? Can there be any movement, or is all or nothing?

    Would it be a bad thing to move those statues to the various Civil War museums around the US, give them context and let people learn from the history of those perilous times in an environment that is less offensive to many people?

    Just askin...

    1. We are a democratic republic. You remove such symbols via the democratic process, not maoist mobs.

    2. Yes, but the democratic process must be reasonably responsive. The case I'm familiar with is the statue of Edward Colston in Bristol, UK: his removal had long been petitioned prior to its recent toppling, it absolutely should have been taken down, or at least substantially amended, decades ago, and yet nothing happened before the mob took matters into their own hands.
      If the official channels don't work even for a case like this - Colston is a highly distasteful figure, and beyond the misery inflicted by his trade, his historical significance is negligible, so there's very little to argue the other way, surely? - what grounds have we to trust those channels in general?

    3. I personally challenge this notion of “offensive symbols.” Slavery: no one today was born into slavery. No one living today can remember anyone born into it. Six-hundred thousand good men died to free the slaves; what more do people of color want? So then, what symbol of the pass is offensive, and why? Good luck with answering beyond the touchy-feely-powder puff talking point. Does a statue of Lee offend? How? Why? He’s been dead for 150 years and I’m guessing that he’s had to account for his sins against humanity, which may be true (but only if you believe in justice after life). I personally understand the debate during the Constitutional Convention; I understand the debate (1854-1865), from both sides of the issue. Nazism: large numbers of good people died to defeat it. What more do people of color want? White Supremacy: A Democrat Party institution. What is the left complaining about? Themselves? Finally, what majority of the people is Dave Miller talking about? Give me a break ... a clear majority of the American people do not give a rat’s ass about all these bogus issues. Black lives matter? Damn it, ALL lives matter. These “issues” are no more than excuse for thuggery. I don’t want black shirts/brown shirts in my country and I dearly wish someone within the blue states had the cajones to suppress this bullshit by whatever means necessary.

    4. "No one living today can remember anyone born into it."

      (2020 - 1863) / 2 = 78.5
      A fella in his 80s might well remember someone who was born into slavery.

      But even so, I find the notion of slavery offensive, even though I don't personally know any slaves. I don't need to know relatives of holocaust victims in order to find nazis offensive. I don't have to know any chinese people in order to be sickened by my country's involvement in the opium war. Do I just have more imagination than you?

      "All lives matter" is true, but as a reply to "black lives matter" the point it makes is that black lives don't require special attention. I think they do, because they've been so long overlooked. When society is no longer indifferent to clear instances of police brutality resulting in little or no convictions, then maybe it will be arguable that black lives don't need extra attention; until then, they do.
      By the way, that indifference resonates unfortunately with those symbols of the confederacy. If you can't see why an understandably paranoid black person wouldn't want to walk in the shadow of General Lee, you may want to do something about that inactive imagination of yours.

      BTW please don't forget the non-white combatants in those wars you listed.

    5. A fellow in his 80’s might have known someone that was born into slavery, but he didn’t experience it himself. There is nothing the Union did in the post-Civil War period to enhance the lives of blacks. In many instances, the lives of black persons got worse between 1863 and 1965 ... but we can thank Democrats for that. Institutional racism is alive and well in the Democratic Party even today. Nothing Democrats subscribe to defines me, or anyone I know.

      No, black lives do not require special attention. Special interests is what destroyed my country, and yours. What I want is a country where every single person has the same opportunities. Whether they take advantage of those opportunities is up to them, not me ... and not any government agency, federal, state, or local. Making special allowances for people of color is how we define racism. No, I don’t buy into the idea that General Lee’s statue makes people fall to their knees and weep. Where we agree is in the belief that slavery was (and continues to be, by the way) an abomination. Fact: more white people have been enslaved in human history than blacks. This all happened a long time ago, so let’s get over it, shall we? Let’s go forward, not back in time. Understandably paranoid black persons ... unless you’re speaking of a certified psychopath, I have no idea what you’re talking about. I might understand it if black persons became the target of white police and a matter of policy, but the only way I see this happening is (a) piss-poor cops who should never have been allowed to wear a badge, and (b) black guys with guns who resist arrest. Murder rates among black on black crimes is off the page. Don’t black victims of black criminals deserve any attention? Time for a reality check, my friend. Finally, I never mentioned the color of skin of those who gave up their lives to free slaves ... you did. To me, it doesn’t matter what color skin they had. They died so others could be free. But since you mentioned it, the number of men serving in black regiments was 10% of the total Union force.

    6. Some historians claim that some American slaves started work as young as 6 years old.

      "No, black lives do not require special attention. ... What I want is a country where every single person has the same opportunities."

      Agree with the second sentence, but what I'm saying is that the barriers to it require special attention to remove.

      "I have no idea what you’re talking about [black paranoia]. I might understand it if black persons became the target of white police and [as?] a matter of policy, but the only way I see this happening is (a) piss-poor cops who should never have been allowed to wear a badge, and (b) black guys with guns who resist arrest."

      (c) through unconscious bias. Institutional racism need not be a matter of policy. Also, weren't many of the prominent cases of police brutality unarmed?
      I think the perception that the piss-poor cops are supported and exonerated by society is fuel for urban paranoia, can you see how that might work?

      Black communities with high crime rates are obviously in desperate need of better policing. I'm just not convinced that better equals more adversarial, more militarized etc. Anyway, that approach has been tried over several decades. Why isn't it working better? IMO policing works best when it is by consent.

      You repeatedly asked what more "people of colour" want, I (mis?-)understood your tone to imply that white people had defeating the confederacy and the nazis as a service to black people for which they should show gratitude, rather than share pride. I may have misattributed to you an attitude which is all too common in Britain -- lots of idiots over here routinely overlook the enormous contribution made by commonwealth forces to our efforts in both world wars. Sorry about that.

    7. SilverfiddleJune 29, 2020 at 1:30:00 PM EDT
      We are a democratic republic. You remove such symbols via the democratic process, not maoist mobs.
      It needed to be said again.

    8. Violent rioting MOBS should be CHALLENGED by forcefully mpressive display of AUTHORITY, then given the chance to disperse peacefully and voluntarily.

      If these violence prone criminals fail to cooperate with the authorities, they should be dispersed by MACHINE GUN FIRE.

      Let THAT happen otwo or three times, and the THUGGISH BASTARDS might thinkTWICE before starting another ruinous assault on DECENT society..

    9. Jez, I get the impression that you are not well acqanted with a good cross sectiin of typical inner-city American Negroes. If you had to rub elbows with these types on a daily basis, you might form a different opinion as to how they should be treated.

      The United States has spent TWENTY-TWO TRILLION DOLLARS on "social programs" and a failed, nearly worthless system of public education since, the hypocritical Democrat Lyndon Baines Johnsn initiated his so-called Great Society a a politically expedient gesture.

      The RESULT?

      American inner-city Negroes en masse are in worse shape NOW, ––despite the great achievements brilliant successes of rare individuals such as Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Booker T. Washington, Marian Anderson, Art Tatum, Eubie Blake, Errol Grner, Oscar Peterson, Duke Ellington, Sidney Poitier, Pearl Bailey, Leontyne Price, Jessye Norman, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, John McWhorter, Deroy Murdock and even the strident -but-good-hearted activist Leo Terrell ––, than they were since they lived in tiny, unheated cabins on the cotton plantations.

      I have TAUGHT for the United Negro College Fund in the early Sick-STIES, (my first job) and in New York City at The Insitutute for the Education of the Blind where more than a third of my students were inner-city blacks. I enjoyed much of that experience, because I got along well with my students –– and made the effort to get to know their parents by visiting in their homes –– on a personal level, but in the main it was dispiriting, because more than eighty percent of my students at St. Paul's College were functionally ILLITERATE and almost impossible, therefore, to teach.

      It wasn't their fault, it was the black LEADERS who supported a FARCICAL agenda to maintain the comfortable lifestyle they had achieved for themselves producing and promoting COUNTEREFEIT education for many generations.

      Both Columbia University Teacher;s College and New York University's graduate school in education were equally guilty in perpetuating a long tradition of hopeless IGNRANCE and inculcating in NEGRO students the ILLUSION that they were in fact being EDUCATED.

      I could have –– and probably should have –– written a book on the subject.

    10. Franco,
      Jez, I get the impression that you are not well acqanted with a good cross sectiin of typical inner-city American Negroes. If you had to rub elbows with these types on a daily basis, you might form a different opinion as to how they should be treated.

      Excellent point! In fact, I've had my Welsh friend comment on this very matter.

    11. I would claim that my circle of acquaintance is pretty diverse (at least it was before I had children -- playing music is almost as good as walking a dog for an ice breaker!) but of course I wouldn't notice all the people I *haven't* met. I live in a university town, so things are pretty diverse here but in a very different way to the segregated ghettos you often get in America -- I have got to know some towns which are a bit segregated, and I can see how that naturally arises but it seems like a terrible mistake to me.

    12. I'm sure that's true, Jez, but it does not obviate the point I tried to make.

      Come spend at least a full month with your boots n the ground in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelpia, New York, St. Louis, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Oakland, or Los Angeles, see the REALITY for YOURSELF, think about what you've observed firsthand then get back to me and the rest of the AOW "family."

      Better yet, take a job TEACHING in one of our "inner-city schools."

      It's a very ancienr saying
      But a true and honest thought
      That if you be]me a teacher
      By your pupils you'll be taught ...

      ~ Oscar Hammerstein, II , The King and I (1949)

  4. This is NOT an Insult, it is my opinion.
    As a lifelong conservative, I have to laugh when liberal thinks they have found the magic solution. Their notion is that "Conservative ideas are so inferior, how can any one with any sense at all have become so dumb." Their egotism is beyond understanding. I sometimes lay awake thinking what makes them so blind. Are they not aware of the wonderful life they are living, because they are living in the United States of America?
    Are they not aware of the millions of people who would give their tight arm to come here to live and how hard some of them try to get here. Why would anyone want to change the way of American life? Why would anyone want to change the Constitution that we hold so dearly?
    A far-left group behind rising Democratic star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is rife with Marxists and other far-left radicals.
    The Democratic Socialists of America , which includes Ocasio-Cortez, is creeping its way into the mainstream of American politics. These Marxists and Extreme Radicals are seeking to take over the Democratic Party as we know it today, and to “fundamentally”, and basically change it to the “Socialist-Democratic Party”. Todays Democrat party has become a domestic terrorist group bent on the fundamental transformation of communists dedicated to the takeover of America.
    Personally I don't have anything but disgust for todays democrats, I find it hard to actually believ that they have any love for this country. And if they do, they certainally don’t show it, or act as if they do.
    A lot of people are out for what they can get from the government these days, perhaps it’s because of this President. . And, there's no other place in the world that has more, and is giving more free stuff than America.
    No matter who I speak with, they tell me that they are “Getting out of New York” And the reason is very clear. They just can NOT take living under the thumb of Bill di Blasio, and Andrew Cuomo. As of course I feel exactly the same way. People are moving out of New York in droves.
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, New York’s. Representative led a movement to stop Amazon from building a headquarters here in NY, a deal that would have created over 10,000 jobs. The anti-business sentiment drove Amazon away and most likely scared off companies that might have considered New York City as well. .
    One million people have already fled New York City and the Tri-state area—which encompasses New Jersey, Connecticut and Long Island in the last nine years. Almost 300 people are moving out everyday. If you live in NYC you know what I mean. ,
    The American way of life is preferred to any other system anywhere in the world over all other systems, or cultures because it affords everyone freedom of choices
    We have liberty and can do so many things that people in other countries can't. For example you talk about the President in a derogatory way! You can picket anyplace you care to, You can sue a person or a company if they did you an injustice. That just shows how much liberty we have because in other countries you well get killed!
    Fifty or so years ago, modern conservatism did not even exist. It has had to built against a liberal headwind, from the bottom up. Even today, new developments like the tea party, or the Sarah Palin phenomenon will have to survive against a relentless barrage of criticism, not all of which is accurate or fair, by any means.. If our way of life and our liberties is displeasing to progressives, They can and do use the election process to change things. Or better yet, they can leave the country, no one is going to stop you.
    But if we dumb conservatives decide to give in to there, brilliant progressives, we are doomed.
    So let me say this to the Progressives, the Socialists, and the people who are disenchanted with this country are those pieces of crap who bombed Boston. If you don’t like it here, GET THE HELL OUT!

  5. IF we honestly do want to preserve the United States, as founded, a whole helluva otta sons of bitches are gonna have to DIE.

    As Granny said,

    "When Reason Fails, Try Force."

    1. The United States will not be preserved, as founded. We are a different mixture of ethnicities now, and things that mattered to people back then do not now. Our trend it towards direct democracy, aka Mob Rules.

    2. If you believe that, why not just slaghter your wife and children, torch your house, slit your own throat and be done with it?

      Might as well, because there'd b nothing left to live for anyway.

      Your Prophecy of Doom becimes self-fulfilling once you stop fighting and bithely accept defeat as you seem to be doing.

      And what's the point of all the quasi-erudite, carefully parsed rhetoric and phraseology you seem to enjoy anyway in the crrent mental climate?

      Any attempt to Intellectualize matters of desperate, passionate urgency away is about as effective as spitting into a gale force wind, or trying to piss up a rope.

    3. The US is changing, I think for the worst, but its not the end of the world, just different. People were mostly British when the revolution kicked off, now we are not, and I think that's a good thing. I don't have a drop of British blood in me, and I have never had any special affection for Britain, so the emotional ties just aren't there for me.

      Still, I keep a flame of hope alive, that the center will hold, and eventually reject the fringes. Time will tell.

    4. I hate say it, old friend, but you have very succinctly just given a great boost to NATIVISTS and XENOPHOBIACS.

      They said the "Melting Pot Ideal" could never work. We resisted that for a long while, but ever since the DirtyRat Party FOISTED the 1965 Immigration Reform Act on our unsuspecting population –– a treacherous legislative act deliberately DESIGNED to DESTROY the WHITE MAJORITY who had CONCEIVED, SPILT BLOOD, And SUFFERED GREATLY in order to FOUND, BUILD and DEVELOP the great thing the United States of America became, we have been increasingly at war with ourselves.

    5. Nothing truly worthwhile has EVER come from passivity and acquiescence.

      Here's another bumper sticker for ya:


      If you don't have passionate convictions and goals you believe worth striving to attain, you'll just live and die without ever aving counted for anything.

      My last bumper sticker for today:


  6. Black people account for 28% of the population, but they account for 42% of arrests. This is racism because they should only account for the same proportion of arrests as they do of the population.

    (Whatever the percentages are. Doesn't matter.) This is a patently absurd position to take. It would be valid if arrests were being made randomly and purely for the sake of making arrests. But that is not, of course, the case.

    If black people committed 3% of the crime and accounted for 20% of the arrests, now that would be evidence of racism. Nobody wants to talk about the ratio of crimes committed versus arrests made, because that would debunk the "police racism and brutality" theory.

    1. I think the claim is that you're more likely to receive a lenient sentence, or get away with it altogether, if you're white.

    2. Jez, stick to the topic. We're talking violent crime convictions here. Does anyone seriously think cops and the justice system lets white murderers walk?

      The crime statistics are facts.

    3. Actually, I was talking ARRESTS here. Can nobody read the written word any more? I was not talking about convictions, or legal representation, I was talking about ARRESTS.

    4. "get away with it altogether" includes sweet-talking your way out of an arrest. You must have noticed how much I like to find numbers, but I'm not aware of any effort to track the application of police discretion (and, as modern physics teaches us is always the case, the act of measurement would affect the outcome).

    5. BOO to YOU, Jez!

      People who dwell on "victimhood" and imaginary acts of "oppression," as you seem won't to do, albeit in a polite, detached fashion, are a very large PART –– if not the principal CAUSE –– of the counterproductive, strife-torn, frankly send-defeating, ruinous attitudes that beset the West today.

      The primary goal of the LEFT has always been to AGITATE, IRRITATE, DENIGRATE, INFLAME, TEAR DOWN, DEMAN and DESTROY. It's what leftists DO

      I'm sorry, but frankly, as an avowed, unabashed conservative, I think the leftist approach to Social Reform STINKS on ICE, as we used t say in Brooklyn. };-)>


    6. "MY rights don't END where YOUR feelings BEGIN."

    7. Leftism is the result of identifying faults and attempting to alleviate them. That might seem like 'dwell[ing] on "victimhood"' to you, but only inasmuch as conservatism might seem (to an uncharitable observer) to be a stubborn effort to preserve those faults the leftist noticed.

      Leftism does not seem particularly destructive from over here: socialists built the NHS and the BBC (or at least preserve it), it's the tories who are looking out for any excuse to dismantle these venerable institutions...

    8. "Leftism is the result of identifying faults and attempting to alleviate them." Who gets to decide what constitutes a "fault," jez?

      I, personally, think that allowing anyone who is registered as a Democrat to participate in social media is a "fault" and should be eliminated. That is to say, I believe Democrats should not be allowed to speak their opinions in the public forum.

      Democrats think that allowing anyone who is registered as a Republican to participate in social media is a "fault" and should be eliminated. They believe that Trump, for instance, should be banned from Facebook, Twitter and all other social media.

      Corporations, in support of the Democratic agenda, are using extortion on social media by withdrawing advertising until Trump and all support of Trump is banned from social media.

      This is hoe liberalism finds "faults" and strives to eliminate them.

    9. What constituted a fault is personal judgement. I don't always agree with the establishment narrative that everything is fine, and I suggest you be approach it skeptically too.

      I'm a fan of publish and be damned, give 'em enough rope etc. The wrinkle with social media is the way the various platforms promote dangerous ideologies as an accidental by-product of algorithms tuned to maximise advertising revenue. No human editor working at the most despicable tabloid would make the reckless editorial decisions these unattended algorithms do! Twitter (the platform) doesn't care how many people it radicalizes, as long as it delivers eyeballs to its advertisers. This is the real fault, which we ignore at our peril.

    10. And, of course, you decide what constitutes a "dangerous ideology."

    11. The world is full of opportunities (obligations, even) to exercise your personal judgement. Try not to be nervous about this.

    12. @ Jez " as modern physics teaches us is always the case, the act of measurement would affect the outcome."

      Seriously? I'm not convinced that Heisenberg applies in the macroscopic world. As the saying goes: "Change my mind"

    13. Lol, i was being whimsical. But I do think that policemen who knew they were being measured would apply discretion differently.

  7. I heard a black guy on the Radio today ask,
    If the White Americans that landed on Normandy and Omaha - had not defeated Hitler--where would the black people be today?

    1. And didn't the Americans use a poor little black guy,
      I think his name was Jesse Owens to slap Hitler in the face - Hitlers'(Superior Race) Olympus Games?


    LEFTIST THUG: "We'll enjoy every minute of watching Trump go down in flames."

    CONSERVATIVE SAGE: "But how will you feel when your family, your home, your money, your career, your possessions, your hopes for a comfortable retirement, and your dreams of enjoying recreational pursuits and travel turn to ashes and soot soon after you get rid of the hated President Trump?

    "How will you enjoy waiting in long lines at the grocery store to buy whatever they happen to have on hand in small rationed quantities instead of what you want to eat?"


    If We Don't Act, 2% of the People Are About To Control the Other 98%

    Western Journal

    by Michael Flynn

    I was once told if we’re not careful, 2 percent of the passionate will control 98 percent of the indifferent 100 percent of the time. The more I’ve thought about this phrase, the more I believe it.

    There is now a small group of passionate people working hard to destroy our American way of life. Treason and treachery are rampant and our rule of law and those law enforcement professionals who uphold our laws are under the gun more than at any time in our nation’s history.

    These passionate 2 percent appear to be winning. Despite there being countless good people . . .

  10. Supporters say the “defund the police” movement is all about eliminating police departments or stripping demartments of their money. They say it is time for the country to address systemic problems in policing in America and spend more on what communities across the U.S. need, like housing and education. But in New York City, Mayor Bill di Blasio has already reassigned roughly 600 anti-crime unit plainclothes officers, including detectives to other assignments, and has also decided to cut the Police force by 2000 officers

  11. Joe Biden said: “I Am ‘Constantly Tested’ For Cognitive Decline, and I’d comepare myself with Trump anytime”.

    Note to Uncle Gropin Joe Definition of “Cognitive” is: being conscious of where you are, and what you are doing there!
    Or, thinking, reasoning, or remembering your name, and who is your wife, and who is your Sister.

    Also, WHY, is he Constantly being tested ?
    Anyway, My money says that Joe will be REPLACED before the debates.

  12. The right to defend yourself, or your property, is apparently no longer recognized. These people lived in a gated property, or community, I'm not certain which, as reports are somewhat vague. What is certain is that those gates were torn down.

    Do you have a First Amendment right to protest? Absolutely! Do you have a right to exercise that right on someone else's property? Absolutely not. Take it to the streets, and you're the governments problem, bring it to my front door, and you are way out of bounds.

    We used to accept without question the notion that my right to swing my fist stopped just short of your nose.

    Rights are not unequivocal, and are sometimes and often in conflict, but the right of self defense is not an intellectual abstraction, it's a genetic imperative.

    So when push comes to shove, I'd much rather be judged by 12 than be carried by 6.

    1. Viburnum,
      Mark McCloskey, the man with the gun in the incident you mention, said in later interviews that he called his security company. They didn't respond. Then he called the police, and they didn't come.

      For the McCloskeys, the right of self defense is not an intellectual abstraction, it's a genetic imperative.

      Yet, the prosecutor in St. Louis is mulling charges against the McCloskeys!

      The world has gone upside down!

    2. @ AOW … one would think that “home defense” is one of the basics, but the investigation and weighing of charges for a prosecution is not a new phenomena. Even the Earp’s stood trial after the gunfight at OK Corral. A few years back, my neighbor in Texas discovered someone in his home at around 2 am, shot and killed him. He was exonerated, but it still cost him a pretty penny for lawyer fees. Anyone who employs the lethal use of a firearm should understand that there is no get out of jail free card, even dire circumstances, or even in defending your home against invaders. But I completely agree with Viburnum; I’ll take my chances in court and hopefully, the perp won’t be alive to offer his version of what happened.

    3. Mustang,
      At least your neighbor won in court. I wonder if he would today?

  13. Divorce is the only option. Left and right will never coexist again.

  14. @Mustang I am not an LEO, but know many who are. What they tell me is that during their training in the use of lethal force, the judge who was conducting the seminar told them point blank "If you have to fire your weapon, keep shooting until the gun is empty. That way there is no one to dispute your version of the event".


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