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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Simpler, Happier Times

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Take a step back in time for a few moments and enjoy the time that celebrated family, friends and good times. As the video progresses, note all the happy dads.

There will never be an adequate substitute for the nuclear family — the wonderful family life that good dads made possible.

Happy Father's Day Weekend!


  1. ________ A Father’s Prayer ________

    Ask not, my child, what I can do for you.
    Forgive what seems like stinginess today.
    A lot will be required to go through
    The process of discovering the right way.
    Help yourself. Don't wait for me, my child.
    Each one of us must learn to stand alone.
    Rich rewards like Love can't be beguiled,
    Seduced or bought. They must in toil be grown.
    Perhaps to you I sound a bit too stern?
    Remember that I've lived a longer time.
    A joy cannot exist until you earn
    Your way. To do it FOR you'd be a crime.
    Exacting though I seem, my little one,
    Respect me now, and –– later –– you'll have fun.

    ~ FreeThinke - The Sandpiper

  2. I'll be seeing you
    ___ in all the old familiar places
    That this heart of mine embraces
    ___ all day through

    In a small cafe
    ___ the park across the way,
    The children's Carousel,
    ___ the chestnut trees,
    ______ the wisning well

    I'll be seeing you
    ___ in every golden summer's day
    In everything thats light and gay,
    ___ I'll always think of you that way

    I'll find you in the morning sun
    ___ and whan the night is new
    I'll be looking ar the moon,
    ___ but I'll be seeing you.


  3. Golden Days, in the springtime of our happy youth
    Golden Days, full of innocence and full of truth
    In our hearts we remember them all else above
    Golden Days, days of youth and love

    How we laughed with the joy that only love can bring
    Looking back through memory's haze
    We will know life has nothing sweeter than its springtime
    Golden Days, when we're young
    Golden Days!

    ~ Simund Romberg - The Student Prince


    There's a rich Maharajah of Magador
    Who had ten thousand camels and maybe more
    He had rubies and pearls, and the loveliest girls
    But he didn't know how to do the rumba.

    He could afford..... a big reward
    So to his people one day he said:
    Ah ha hahahahahahahahahahah
    Which means...

    Take my rubies and take my pearls
    Take my camels and take my girls
    Rumba lessons are wanted for
    The rich Maharajah of Magador.
    Ah hahahahahahahahah

    So a slick little chick answered, "That's for me"
    To the ad he had placed in Variety
    When she saw his expanse, she could tell at a glance
    That he'd never learn how to do the rumba.

    He had his wealth, he had his health
    So he looked in her eyes and said:
    Ah hahahahahahahahahha

    Take my rubies and take my pearls
    Take my camels, I'll keep my girls
    From now on you'll be working for
    The rich Maharajah of Magador.
    Ah hahahahahahahaha

    He was anxious to learn, so she taught him right
    But she taught him the thrill of a moonlight night.
    He discovered the bliss of a half promised kiss
    But he never learned how to do the rumba.

    And on the day...she went away
    You could hear all the people say:
    She took his rubies and took his pearls
    Took his camels and all his girls
    Took his money and what is more
    She made the rich Maharajah the poor Maharajah of Magador.
    Ah hahahahahahahah!


    There were los of "novelty sings" like this in the forties. Swingin' on Star with Bing Crosby was one. So were THe Acheson Topeka and the Santa Fe with Judy Garland, Civiization (Bongo Bongo Bongo! I don't want to leave the Congo) with Bing Crosby, dannynKayes and the Andres Sisters, His Rocking Horse Ran Away, Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing in a Hurry (both of those written especially for Betty Hutton), I don't Want No Ricochet Romance with Theresa Brewer, The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Comipany B, Ho Hokus, NJ, (the Andrews Sisters t their best), Spike Jones and his wacky, comical, souped up versions of popular balladsof the day. C'mon A My House (Rosemary Clooney and a harpsichord!) The Dipsy Doddle, Jimmy Durante, Martha Raye, Danny Kaye –– TONS of wonderful funny lightearted nonsense that WASN'T nonsense, because it never failed to take the blues away.


    Rock 'n Roll kicked the culture in the slats, took the wit, the charm, the freshness the vitality, th exuberance, and e urbane sophistication out of the popular culture, brought simplistic neo-primitivism to the fore, and knocked all the JOY and GOOD STYLE out of life.

    I will always be grateful to my dad who made sure we had all the latest records of hit tunes to play on our Stromberg Carlson at home. He was such a wholesome, fun-loving guy! He left us after a long illness in 1983 at age 69. I'll always miss him –– and the winderful family life we had together..

    Thanks for the Memories, INDEED! I'd be a Lost Soul without 'em.

    1. If you want to hear Maharajah of Mgador, paste the following link into your browser


      I highly recommend it. It's HYSTERICALLY FUNNY and UNIQUE in the annals of American Popular Music (Before Rock 'n Roll)

  5. I grew up in a family headed by a career military officer. In some ways it was kind of tough. I was required, for instance, to stand when an adult entered the room. I not only made my bed before breakfast, the job I did was inspected.

    On the other hand, I was not only permitted to have freedom, I was expected to exercise responsibility. Both aspects of that felt pretty good, even at the time.

    When I enlisted in the Navy I enjoyed boot camp. Nobody does that, but I did. It was tougher than home, way tougher, but it wasn't anything new. I knew how to deal with it. I was baffled bu these kids who kept complaining about "I don't want to..." Some of them didn't even know how to make up a bed. Gack.

    1. Are you, perhaps, descended frm SPARTANS, Jayhawk? Sounds like it. ;-)

    2. Descended from MEN.
      "First thing: Make your bed.".

  6. You can never go home. Someone said that.

    1. Kid,
      True. But it's nice to think back.

    2. "Home" lives inside us, Kid, as long as have a memory and remain conscious

      That's certainly been true for me, anyway.

    3. Franco, Amen.
      My dad lives in me. I hear his voice regularly.

  7. I guess no kids are skipping rope anymore..... yes, all in the past. Thanks for the memories.

    1. Mine do. I just jumped rope myself for 5 minutes before breakfast...

    2. Jez,
      Do you and your girls use a chant when you jump rope?

    3. I use hyperventilation ;) I can do a couple of tricks (eg. double unders, that thing to the side that boxers do etc.) with about 40% success rate. Double dutch looks a bit advanced!

  8. Nice to hear the good old songs again. Brings back happy times.

    Glad to hear someone is still skipping rope. Does anybody roller skate any more? That used to kept mothers bust with mercurochrome and methiolate and band aids. We were always skinning our knees.


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