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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Lies, Lies Everywhere

Please read both links before commenting!

Here is one recent example:

NY Times report on George Bush not voting for Trump is ‘made up’: spokesman.

Here is another:

Jumping to conclusions about police killings.

Now, time for an antidote to the lies to which we are all being subjected these days. Even if you don't like Tucker Carlson, please watch the June 9, 2020 video below and consider what he says:


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    1. The seat of power for the resistance has been established.
      Let Civil War 2.0 commence.

    2. I think it already has, Ed. Kinda sneaked up on us, didn't it?

      They'll say it's all Trump's fault, of course.

      If Hillahog had win none of these awful things would be happening, And that just MIGHT be true, because "all these awful things" are happening, ONLY because of the immense effort htat's been underway to GET RID of TRUMP since the moment he started to run for office.

      If prayer is our only weapon against "The Revolution," I don't think we need to worry too much –– as long a we DO pray faithfully every day.

      "God is our refuge and strength . . . even though the earth be removed and carried into the midst of the sea, and the waters thereof roar and be troubled. . ."

      I felt myself losing faith yesterday, and became bitter and harshly negative.

      I knew that was WRONG, so I redoubled my efforts to pray for wisdom and guidance, and – PRESTO! - I started to feel a great deal better.

      Thank you, God.

      If we succumb to cynicism and despair, the Devil has us in his power.

  2. Talking about Lies, Lies, and more Lies! We all have to ignore the leftist's hype, and ignore those rigged polls that the media has stacked, and stick to the basic facts, like the crowds that we see at the Trump rallies,we need to ignore the BS shown, and heard on the Fake News stations especially CNN. etc. . Who out of all the politicians is saying what must happen to keep the country together and who are saying all the things that will create chaos to tear it apart? Donald J. Trump was elected for promising to do the things necessary to make America, America again. The only promises he could not keep is due only to the people with unlimited funds to squash his attempt to succeed. The communist party is determined to change your opinion of who should be our president.

    Joe Biden is a joke and the Socialist-Democrats know it. They also know it will take Voters Fraud along with a miracle to put Gropin Joe the moron in the White House even with the Voter’s Fraud.

    1. Your statement seems plausible to me. I feel much the same way.

      We on the Right in our desire always to try to be fair and truthful hold ourselves to a much higher standard than does the Left, whose shameless outrageous HYPOCRISY routinely makes "OUR" blood boil.

      The Left's show of nauseating self-righteouness, zealous, stiff-necked irresponsibility, limitless capacity for mockery, cynical haughty disdain, and lack of basic standards of decency (with few exceptions, of course –– not all Leftists are out-and-out fiends after all) puts "US" at distinct disadvantage.

      In my long considered opinion the question we need to answer most would be, "How do we fight vicious, unprincipled, thuggish adversaries who gleefully, lie, cheat, steal –– and may even kill –– in their insatiable lust for unchecked POWER while maintaining "OUR" integrity?”

      In other words while "THEY" have no compunctions whatsoever about PLAYING DIRTY, "WE" appear to enfeeble and emasculate ourselves by trying to be "FAIR" to a vicious ENEMY who hasn't the sllghtest intention to be the LEAST BIT "FAIR" to US.

      So we must answer this: Is it POSSBLE to remain a "GENTLEMAN" while trying to defend one's interests against an army of THUGS, GANGSTERS, CHEATS, SWINDLERS and TREACHEROUS PIRATES who are bound and determined to take OUR COUNTRY AWAY from US?

      A complicating factor, of course, would be the RINOS, the spineless WIMPS, and those arroogantly prissy little "ethicicists" devoted to a STRICTLY LEGALISTIC, "By-the-Book" approach, who may be LISTED as members of the GOP, –– and may even publicly IDENTIFY THEMSELVES AS "CONSERVATIVES" –– but who work senulously almost in lock-step with the DemonRats, the ENEMEDIA. The POISON IVY LEAGUE, and the entrenched bureaucracy of the Deep State to VILIFY, UNDERMINE, and DEFEAT President Trump in order to THWART his ENERGISING, LIBERATING, manly, wholesome, morale-boosting, restorative AGENDA?

      We know all too well what the problems are ––, and we never tire of enumerating them and while wringing our hands and saying endless variatins of "AIN'T IT AWFUL? But does ANYBODY know –– or have any creative, inspiring, concrete, practicable IDEAS –– what we should DO?

    2. You won't enjoy my answer, but we need to get better at listening to each other. I'm not singling you out, and I 100% include myself.

    3. Hi, Jez,

      I don't object to what you said just now at all. In fact I the it' a sensible suggesti9n.

      The trouble is –– and I'm not singling YOU out either, because I dont' believe you are a "Hardcore Leftist Revolutionary" –– is that when ANY kind of partisan seems to want to establish "dialogue" it usually means that he wants hi nterlocutor to listen to HIM and then meekly CAPITULATE.

      This is hardly a NEW problem.

      "The partisan, when he is engaged in a dispute, cares nothing about the rights of the question, but is anxious only to convince his hearers of his own assertions."

      ~ Socrates (470-399 B. C. )

      That may well be the Central Problem of what it means to be HUMAN. ;-)

    4. More examples of good, charitable conversation both in journalism and in fiction would be a great start IMO.

    5. I couldn't agree more, Jez, –– an isn't that just what WE are at least trying to do, right now?

    6. Jez,
      we need to get better at listening to each other. I'm not singling you out, and I 100% include myself

      Thank you for that sensible comment.

      Cooler heads definitely are needed -- and I'm not exempting myself.

      I do try not to fly off the handle, but find that I'm short-tempered these days. Being locked in for week after week has not been pleasant. I yearn to sit down to a pleasant meal in a restaurant!

    7. @franco: yes, I think we might be getting better at it.

      @aow: my girls treated us to a restaurant style dinner the other night complete with typed menus and table service. They're both under ten, so we paid for it afterwards with extra clearing up!

    8. Jez,
      How delightful that your daughters did that for you!

  3. There's also the Democratic outrage about how politicians shouldn't do photo ops, because Trump stood outside St. Johns holding a bible, and then they collectively kneel in the Capitol rotunda wearing matching Ashanti scarves.

    1. The Kinta cloths were supposedly reserved in the past for Ashanti royalty, the ones that sold blacks into slavery.

  4. That one stemmed from the lie that protesters were cleared by force in order for Trump to do the photo op. AG Barr describes that was not the case.

  5. The West has become a TOXIC WASTE DUMP.

  6. Life is now nothing but a TERMINAL DISEASE.

  7. The HUMAN RACE has proven itself to be a TRAGIC ERROR in the process of Evolution.

  8. It is time now for US to become EXTINCT.

    The SOONER the BETTER.

  9. There will be no NOAH an no ARK the time.

    We HAD our CHANCE and we MUFFED it.

  10. The nearly UNIVERSAL REJECTION of JESUS CHRIST will prove to be our DEATH WRRANT.


    Our lives are TOAST.

    All we can do now is to beg God for FORGIVENESS, and WAIT prayerfully for HIS FINAL JUDGMENT.

    1. Oh JEEZE! Are YOU still alive?

      What a pity!

      The wicked flourish like the green bay tree . . ."


  12. Where Are the Gutless Republicans?

    American Thinker

    by Patricia McCarthy

    The death of George Floyd on May 25 was horrific, an obvious abuse of power by the Minneapolis police officer and three colleagues who made no attempt to come to Floyd's aid.

    The next day, the rioting began in Minneapolis. It was violent, destructive, and murderous.

    Tragically, the death of this one man at the hands of one particular bad cop became an opportunity for the demolition of the city.

    Hundreds of small businesses, many of them minority-owned, were destroyed.

    Like previous riots, the rioters have set their own communities back decades.

    The riots spread to New York; Washington, D.C. . . .

  13. NASCAR bans te Stars and Bars. Now it gets serious.

  14. There was a time when gentlemen settled their differences on the field of honor. Now we have social media where, apparently, there is no honor. It is fair to observe that men (and women) have sought to benefit themselves by whatever means. It isn’t locked in to any one party. No doubt, the GOP is silent on these issues because they see no advantage in taking a public position at a time when emotions are running high. I give them the benefit of the doubt on this. The events we see unfolding on TV are not confined to the USA. This fact should be at least instructive. No conspiracy theorist I, but it does appear that such coordinated actions may have an operations center. Now, if only we had a DOJ or FBI that could do simple analysis, then perhaps they would open an investigation ... to follow the money, as it were. Our government is stuck on stupid and it’s been this way for quite some time. How is it possible for our government to be stuck on stupid, you ask? Look to the voter ... the very definition of stupid, IMO. That would certainly describe the majority voters in Minneapolis, but as we have seen over the past ten or so years, Minneapolis isn’t ground zero for idiocy. I guess we’ll see how all this works out in November.

  15. An Example Of “Irregularity” In The Age Of Rage


    by Jonathan Turley

    Retired federal judge John Gleeson was recently appointed by U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan to argue against dismissal of the case against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and to advise him on whether the court should substitute its own charge of charge for Flynn for now claiming innocence.

    I have been highly critical of Sullivan’s orders ... )Now Gleeson has filed a brief that confirms the worst fears that many of us had about his appointment.

    Gleeson assails what he called “a trumped-up accusation of government misconduct.”...

    Gleeson was previously reversed as a judge for usurping the authority of prosecutors. . . .

  16. Sorry folks, but the people that I ADMIRE are people like David Dorn who was trying to help a friend by guarding his friends shop and was MURDERED by those Thugs. And where is the "Protest for him?
    Those are the people I admire! NOT GEORGE FLOYD! My morals are too high to admire someone like Floyd!
    David Dorn served 38 honorable years on the St. Louis police force. And like I said, Where are all the "Protesters" for him???

    1. Our attempt to understand liberalism gets us nowhere, because Liberalism is a sickness that manifests as a depraved religion.so why even try!

      White liberals worshiping blacks is not only "White Guild", but its SICK! They don't do this because of the good qualities of blacks, but precisely because of their bad qualities, and because they are afraid that the bad black will turn on them. . Clarence Thomas is a Good Man unlike Trayvon Martin who was worthy of the Saint Hood that he was given.


    Devolution to Revolution: An Already Demoralized U.S. is Now Being Destabilized

    American Thinker

    by Selwyn Duke

    The two destabilizing events recently occurring back-to-back, the response to the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, and the George Floyd rioting, illustrate well how America is now institutionally incapable of making decisions in her own best interests. That is, the overreaction to the disease and under-reaction to the rioting reflect a country long demoralized. Moreover, if that’s not troubling enough, know that this is a state of being that usually leads to tyranny. (snip) You may recognize “demoralization” and “destabilization” as the first two steps in the process of communist subversion, explained well by late Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov, a KGB agent who fled to Canada in 1970. . . .

    1. Well, "demoralization" and "destabilization" were the first steps in the collapse of the Communist regime in Russia in 1989, so I fear Duke's "communist subversion" paranoia is a bit misplaced.

    2. A principle that can apply to any establidhed norms and virtually all situations.

      The point is the tactics involved are innately DESTRUCTIVE to ANY target chosen for demolition.

      The Left, however, is much more inclined to initiate bellgerent aggressively ruinous agendas.

      Conservatism after all means heavily invested in maintaning stability and making the best existing circumstances.

      The Left ALWAYS wants to DESTROY before they even think of trying to BUILD, then they rarely get around to digging themselves out of the smoking rubble THEY created.


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