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Saturday, June 6, 2020

In Honor Of Dean Martin

(For politics, please scroll down)

Dean Martin (June 7, 1917-December 25, 1995), aka "The King of Cool," was born 103 years ago on June 7, 2020, in Steubenville, Ohio.

Once no longer part of Martin & Lewis, he specialized in exuding an aura of nonchalance.

A few of his signature songs....

This tune debuted in the 1953 film The Caddy, when Martin & Lewis was still a comedy duo:

The tune that knocked the Beatles from the #1 spot at Billboard on August 15, 1964:

Having fun on his weekly variety show (1965-1974), which aired every Thursday evening:

Dean Martin typically performed one serious ballad on his weekly show:

The world we had then was a simpler place and a simpler time. That world seems far away now.


  1. Check out Five Card Stud. Good Dean Martin western.

    One of my faves is 4 For Texas.

  2. I could listen to Dean Martin all day long. "The world we had then was a simpler place and a simpler time. That world seems far away now." Ain't that the truth!

  3. Regards pop culture, that world is Long Gone. I stepped away from pop culture around 1980 and never looked back.

    Dean did a good job in the movie Rio Bravo too. Good movie.

  4. Im a big fan of Martin's "Memories are Made of This."

    The video of it is pure nonchalance...

  5. The Rat Pack... good stuff and memories. Thanks.

  6. I loved his variety show...the way he'd laugh at himself or others, off script. nice to have something wonderful to read instead of more and more ugly, nasty political stuff. Thanks, AOW!
    I know you'll remember my friend was the golf pro at the Mountaingate Golf Club where Martin played golf and said he couldn't have been a more terrific guy...and how he was NEVER the same after he lost his son....broke my friend's heart.

  7. these three movies established Dean Martn as a fine actor capable of doing serious work in the field of heavy drama:

    The Young Lions

    Some Came Running

    Toys in the Attic

    Who knows where his career mght have taken him had he continued to pursue roles in serious, meaningful drama, and had not got involved with the celebration of triviality in the absurd excesses of the so-called "Rat Pack?"

    I enjoyed him as a singer, because his laid-back style had the power to relax his audience and hlp them forget they ares and woes, He was not really "great" as a SInger, but his personal charm, animal magnetism and basic likability overcame his vocal limitations and made him the great, uniquely American STAR he was.

    1. Yes, I enjoy his acting more than his singing. His voice is nice and I love jazz from that era, but I can't stand the rat pack.

  8. Thanks, all.

    I took the weekend off from the web. Too depressing to follow the news.

    Maybe I should change my name to "Sometimes on Watch," but then my nickname would be "SOW." I think not!


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