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Monday, February 12, 2018

For Black History Month

From Booker T. Washington's My Larger Education, Being Chapters from My Experience (1911):

I am afraid that there is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.

More from Booker T. Washington at Wikiquote.

Also see Booker T. Washington's essay The Awakening of the Negro, published in The Atlantic in September 1896.


  1. That's interesting. I did not know he had said that or that it was a recognized situation so long ago.

  2. "Latinos" are the new Democrat propaganda project, but unlike African Americans and metrosexual whites, they don't herd as easily. Up to 40% of them often vote Republican, and they have another trait that stymies demographers and Democrat vote harvesters: They melt into the larger population and end up "Caucasian."

  3. Best Black History Month bit I've seen so far:

    1. Ed,
      Yes, selectivity as to whom should be included in Black History Month.

  4. Virtue signalling has evidently been a problem since the creation of the first human society.

    1. Also, race may be the most obvious sign of "the other."

  5. Laurouchka Chikaneowicki said


    W.E.B. DuBOIS was a BADDIE.


    1. Medea de Lara McGillicuddy said

      Hats off to Larouchka, the brightest person in the room.

      Hey! Are you a girl or a boy? It's hard to tell from your name.

    2. I'm intrigued that you believe MLK was a fraud, FreeThinke (almost as much as I'm intrigued by your need to answer your own posts).

      What Washington didn't account for was the depth of white resistance to any hint of black equality which rendered his strategy ineffective.
      Many black leaders understood white resistance but some didn't understand the scope.
      Washington underestimated it completely and became little more than a tool,

    3. Yupitsi Darnit said

      That dreary DUCK has less humor than an inoperable metastatic tumor.

      The odious creature is about as much FUN as a SYPHILITIC CHANCRE emerging on the tip of the featured organ of copulation the day before a scheduled WEDDING NIGHT.

    4. America owes a great debt of gratitude to Dr. King. He appealed to our nation's Judeo-Christian morals and brought about change peacefully (except for the violence against his peaceful movement.)

      Things could have gone in a much uglier direction. We should all thank God Rev Martin Luther King. He is an American hero.

    5. I think Booker T. was a man far ahead of his time.

    6. But where would Booker T be without the MGs? ;-)

    7. SF,
      America owes a great debt of gratitude to Dr. King.

      But there is also this:

      The 11 most anti-capitalist quotes from Martin Luther King Jr..

      And this...

      Martin Luther King, Jr., the radical: 9 MLK quotes the media won’t cite.

      All of our American heroes were complex individuals -- never "all of a piece." See Philippians 4:8. True then, true now.

    8. A "but" can always be found. So what? MLK forced a social change in this nation, and he did it peacefully.

      Look over those "radical" quotes. Not even a veiled hint at justifying violence.

      Please don't take this as a personal attack. I am not attacking you or anyone in this thread, but I don't understand the need to qualify support for a historic figure in this way.

      I don't hear anyone on the right throw cold water on hagiographic conversations of Reagan by mentioning how government and the national debt grew under his eight years.

      And why must the "religious right" continually harp on homosexuality to the almost complete exclusion of every other sin?

      That Kentucky clerk who refused the marriage license to the gay couple has been married three times.

      17 “I have no husband,” she replied.

      Jesus said to her, “You are right when you say you have no husband. 18 The fact is, you have had five husbands, and the man you now have is not your husband. What you have just said is quite true.”
      -- John 4

      I bet she never denied a divorced person a marriage license.

      Apologies if I sound combative, but I am sick and tired of it all. Can't we just laud someone's achievements, acknowledge their contributions to our nation, and leave it at that?

      Can try a little charity for a change instead of bashing each other over the head with religion, ideology, and sins of the past? (which we all have).

    9. SF,
      Can't we just laud someone's achievements, acknowledge their contributions to our nation, and leave it at that?

      My point!

      We should, IMO, be charitable "all around." Not merely for some (or a few). I'm referring, in part, to our Founders who were slave holders.

    10. I'm happy I haven't angered you. I agree on the slaveholding. The founders were men of their time, and they baked in the demise of slavery in the words and philosophy of our founding documents. It was the best they could do without blowing up the entire project.

    11. SF,
      It was the best they could do without blowing up the entire project.

      A critically important fact that is rarely mentioned anymore!

      Later, on came along Eli Whitney's cotton gin (Eli Whitney was not a Southerner) and King Cotton, which required a huge workforce -- and a cheap workforce, at that.

    12. SF,
      I'm happy I haven't angered you.

      Are you speaking to me?

      I very rarely get angry. What's the point in doing so.

    13. Furthermore,
      I cannot get all riled up over a difference in opinion.

      If I did allow myself to get all riled up over a difference of opinion in the Literature and History classes I teach, I'd go nuts! And my anger would make any of my making of my case ineffective.

  6. Sam said ...

    America will never rid itself of racism until it ceases labeling its citizens by the color of their skin.

    1. Draconia Davoodian said

      And that will never happened till the races are thoroughly commingled.

      If you really WANT to achieve Peace on Earth, you must FORCE your daughters and sons to marry NEGROES, HISPANICS, ORIENTALS, and Australian ABORIGINES.

      Don't ask questions; just DO IT and all will be well.

    2. Draconia,
      And that will never happened till the races are thoroughly commingled.

      I doubt that even then! Most species -- the human species included -- always find a sign of "the other."


    3. Oh yes. The short will hate the tall, the ugly the beautiful, the old the young, the stupid the smart, the blond the dark, the sinful the righteous, the dirty the clean, the poor the rich, etc.

      As a species we seem to have been created primarily to HATE one another.

    4. and I have no trouble believing the Left could force this kind of engineered coupling in the future....again, all under the guise of equality.
      How about celebrating all races? Mr. Obama never once spoke to Black youth in particular about doing well in school, laying off drugs and unwed pregnancies...he could have done so much in that direction but, instead, set us back on race for years to come. One only has to see how many young Black Conservatives are finally speaking out to know things could change. It's White cupcake lib kids I'm sad for now...

    5. Glossolalia Diezungenheitlich Steinerschoss said

      Wait till "they" start telling you your boys must want to BE girls and vice versa.

      How will children feel when told, "Your father is really your biological mother?" or "Your beloved grandmother was born a man, but YOU can be whatever you FEEL like being whenever the spirit moves?"

      Who knows? One day you mght even decide to marry YOURSELF, and NO ONE will be able to say a WORD against it.

      Ot how about THIS?

      Youve fallen madly in love withl YOURSELF, but a mirror image just won't do any Β΅ore. Not to worry. Science can CLONE you, so YOU can live happily ever after –– totally TOGETHER.

      And if you get bored with living in a homosexual relatioonship, AGAIN Scicnce could easily come to the rescue by making ONE of you a TRANSEXUAL. The two of you would STILL be YOU, so what would it matter? Neat, huh?

      OR, supposing the two of you are living as GAY MALES and want, instead to be LESBIANS? Once AGAIN the magic of Science easily comes to the rescue with surgery and hormone injections.

      Suppose you always had a secret longing to have sex with one of your PARENTS?

      No problem! Even a CORPSE may be CLONED.

  7. Obama’s portrait looks like a Wanted Poster

    1. I think it was painted on velour....

    2. Ed,

      Like some of those "paintings" which used to be sold on street corners in the 70s and 80s.

    3. Addendum....

      Do we need a black light, too?

    4. Anne R. Tiste said

      Kahinde Wiley's portrait of our last president is a fine piece of work ––an excellent display of refined technical mystery and pleasing to the eye. It fails, however, as an official portrait of a past president fit to hang in the national portrait gallery, because it was painted –– very deliberately, I think –– more to call attention to ITSELF rather than its SUBJECT.

      It fairly reeks of theatricality and affectation, and that makes it vulgar and unseemly. Nevertheless the sterling competence of the painter is so good, we may have to overlook his obvious egotism, emotional immaturity, and the affected, meretricious nature of his purported "artistic expression."

  8. Much easier to be a victim when it pays.

  9. I saved many great quotes from BTW's book. And right along with that quote I would add: "The number of people who stand ready to consume one's time to no purpose is almost countless."

    And SF+1 - a deeply flawed man who did much to save our country in his time. We work with the tools we have, not what we wish we had.

    1. We are all earthen vessels. I see no need to continually point out a historical person's flaws, unless that is the main subject of conversation.

      Thomas Jefferson was a great man, but... he had sex with his slaves, held strange thoughts about the lost tribes of Israel, thought there might be mastodons and other strange creatures out in the western US, and most damnably he butchered God's word.

      Ronald Reagan was the first divorced president; Donald Trump the second, and the Republicans are supposed to be the party of "family values...

      See how easy it is to play the "he was a great man but..." game.

      I am not going off on you, but what we say and how we say it makes an impression on others. There is a reason half the nation, including me, finds the GOP and the religious right repulsive.

    2. @ Baysider: "a deeply flawed man..." We work with the tools we have, not what we wish we had."

      Yes indeed. More people need to open their eyes and face reality. Your words could also describe Donald Trump.

    3. Tessie of Tallahassee said

      Aw shucks, Fiddle! Self-abnegation SUCKS. There ain't nothin' worse or less constructive than bathing in guilt and taking responsibility for things you didn't do and cain't do nothng 'bout. Cut it out.

      An' pleeze stop judging men of the past by the standards you, personally, have adopted in today's world.

      "Normal" then ain't got nothin' to do with "Normal" now.

      MLK, Jr. was a WHOREMASTER at least as bad as Bill Clintton. What he did to his poor, abused, neglected wife Coretta should wash out whatever good he is supposed to have have done for the country. Now only was he a WHOREMASTER, he was also a PLAGIARIZER and a COMMUNIST SYMPATHIZER.

      It oughtta provoke great interest that ALVEDA KING one of MLK's nieces is now a prominent CONSERVATIVE ACTIVIST and a great pal of NIGER INNES –– another conservative BLACK ACTIVIST.

      King's CHILDREN, however, are still riding the gravy train their father created for them with his BIG FAT MOUTH. The New York Times recently reported –– with their ususal aura of barely suppressed glee –– vicious, totally irresponsible accusations King's Kids made against our president. Just a pair of Chips Off the Old Black. PFAUGH!

    4. We're all entitled to our opinion.

      I don't understand how you read "guilt" into my comment. I don't have any guilt associated with the subject.

      I also don't understand how you picked up any "judging men of the past" in my remarks. I just used Jefferson and Reagan to illustrate my point. Like MLK, both men are American icons, and the nation is a better place because of them.

      I think you're reading my comments filtered through your own highly-colored ideological lenses.

      Sometimes, my friend, "a cigar is just a cigar."

    5. Tessie of Tallahassee said

      You are an exeedingly decent man, Fiddle. I ain't no such thing, 'cause I believe when you are engaged in a war even thinking of being "fair" to the enemy is a virtual act of treason.

      The truth really does not matter once you're on the field in the heat of battle. "HONOR" becomes just a word, and WINNING at ALL costs is the ONLY possible consideration for you to uphold, UNLESS –– like our oh-so brilliant crypto-Marxist associates and airheaded "intellectuals" from the Ivory Towers of Academe ––, we ardently embrace frankly SUICIDAL policies –– as a matter of principle!

      Make no mistale about it we really are at war with the forces of SATAN. We can never afford to give even a sisteenth of an inch to The Evil One, for he will make short work of us and quickly eat us alive if we try to be "decent" to him.

    6. I didn't realize we were in a war over MLK...

    7. Tessie of Tallahassee said

      Perhaps we SHOULD, be, Fiddle.

      As i said above:

      MLK, Jr. was a WHOREMASTER at least as bad as Bill Clinton, possubly worse. –––– What he did to his poor, abused, neglected wife Coretta should wash out whatever good he is supposed to have have done for the country. –––– Now only was he a WHOREMASTER, he was also a PLAGIARIZER and a COMMUNIST SYMPATHIZER.

      All that is perfectly true, but it's been successsfully WHITEWASHED or swept under the rug by the official Mythmakers and Historical Revisionists who SHAPE our view of Reality.

      These are the same lying bastards who've successfully vilified and desgtroyed the careers and freputations of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, Senator Joseph Mccarthy, and President Richard M. Nixon, while successfully HIDING FDR's status as a hopeless CRIPPLE, JFK's and LBJ's status as ugrageous, compulsive WHOREMASTERS, and acting as HAGIOGRAPHERS to JFK and his whole rotten clan.

      I've been around a LOOOOOOOOOONG TIME, buddy, and I have a MEMORY like an ELEPHANT. I know what I have SEEN, and I know what it has MEANT.

      The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. was no great friend to this or any other nation.

      Our offically mandated High Regard for him is nothing less than IDOLATRY pure and simple.

      Now let's see what ELSE we can do to 'prove' that our Founding Fathers were just a bunch of hypocritical, self-serving, self-indulgent white supremacists whose reputations MUST be BESMIRCHED if this nation is ever to achieve the BLACK SUPREMACY that Social Justice Warriors so ardently demand.

    8. "The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. was no great friend to this or any other nation."

      We'll have to disagree on that.

      Lauding Dr. King takes nothing away from the signal achievements of the founders.

  10. Happy Shrove Tuesday, everyone! Now go eat some pancakes!

  11. so tired of identity politics AOW! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! hope you get tons of attention! LOL xoxoxo:)


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