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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Update On Aylan Kurdi

(some background information in case you need a refresher)

From the Infidel Bloggers Alliance post entitled "The man whose child died while he was smuggling people to Europe, now on trial for his role in the child’s death":

And yet, this photograph became a reason 
to feel sorry for "Migrants"

From the Vlad Tepes blog:


  1. I keep looking for the women. Where's mom??

  2. Replies
    1. ...and I'll bet you dollars to donuts that THEIR fictional version of the story becomes more accepted by the vast majority of people around the world than the truth does.

  3. The humanitarian crisis could be reduced by 50% by killing half of them.

    1. You're missing the "concentration" step. You'll never get to your "final solution" w/o it. Arendt, "Eichmann in Jerusalem")

    2. We can level the cities they are fleeing ;)

    3. Can you organize a hadj to them, first? ;)

    4. You gotta figure they're fleeing because the "bad guys" took over, so it's not like the city is useful anymore.

  4. He faces charges in Turkey.

    Wow, a Kurd faces unspecified charges in Turkey so he must be a human smuggler.
    Please, more hypothetical rants from Ezra. He's got quite a record.

    The Telegraph, one of two quality papers in England. The other, according to Ezra, must also be an organ of the Conservative Party.
    Not that that necessarily qualifies it as a serious newspaper but Ezra should make his biases clear.

    But it's all about generating sympathy as if the fact that their country has been destroyed, maybe irreparably, isn't sufficient reason.
    Meanwhile we here in America who bear substantial responsibility for setting this all in motion just whine.

    1. And we're gearing up to elect the woman who opened the gateway for the Million Man Muslim March on Europe.

      We are a stupidly incompetent nation with stupid 'leaders.'

      We deserve what we get, and doubly for what we have perpetrated upon the rest of the world.

    2. Salafism also beats a great deal of the responsibility.

    3. Make that BEARS responsibility.

      Another iPad "typo."

    4. Yes, Ezra Levant is a stickhandler that would fit right in the Bruins. Maybe as good as Bergeron.

  5. ___________ Coda ___________

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    There’s little in water or wine;
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