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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Curbing Crime?

Headline at the Associated Press on February 2, 2016:

DC bill would pay people stipends not to commit crimes.

Apparently a similar program in Richmond, California, provides up to $9,000 per person per year to those in the program, initiated in 2007.

According to the above-cited article:
Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser has not committed to funding the program, which would cost $4.9 million over four years, including $460,000 a year in stipend payments...
As if the mayor were going to fund this program personally. Guess who will be on the funding hook?

The D.C. Council unanimously approved the bill.

Our local morning-news anchors have pronounced the program "A good idea!"

Hooboy, what a world.


  1. A wag commented as follows to the WaPo article on this topic:

    2/2/2016 8:51 PM EST

    So all these years, I've been not commiting crimes, and I've been doing it for free. And now you're telling me I could get paid for it?!??!? I'm good at not comitting crimes! I'm sure I could earn that $9000!

    So, what kind of first offense do I have to commit in order to become eligible for this?

  2. As I recall, all of us fund D.C. Lucky us. Then we should be eligible for this bounty.

  3. Isn't this tantamount to paylng BLACKMAIL ––– voluntarily?


    I want to thank AOW for posting what-is-sure-to-be the very last item that will appear at FreeThinke's blog.

    We have been forced out of business by electronic bullying –– a modern form of brutality.

    Parting is all we know of Heaven ––
    And ll we need of Hell.

    1. If your blog is open to further publishing, I don't understand your "electronic bullying" allegation.

      If you are going to drop off-topic comments at various blogs, you could at least give us something more than a cryptic plaint.

    2. FT; Where is this "last posting" AOW has posted? And what happened?
      Could you explain the electronic bullying? Sounds awful and I am truly sorry for whatever you've gone through but can't grasp what has happened.
      Can you be more specific?

      As a frequent and important commenter here, I think it is appropriate you've shared this here....I just wish we had a clue what you mean...

    3. FT did you check your settings.Go to "design" then
      go to "Overview" then drop down to settings then to posts and comments below that and see to the right if you have checked "only members of this blog can comment". If so then check another one . I have Only registered users can comment checked.
      It seems you may have 'only members of this blog can comment" checked.

    4. but is that all he's alluding to?....leftwingers intruding with the typical ugliness? It sounds like something more to me...I can't get a straight answer anywhere I've asked.
      But, oh well...sorry to hear FT's having problems...

    5. Hello??? FreeThinke fellow!!!

      You can't just drop a turd and run! People are concerned here! Give us the straight dope!

    6. FT has been electronically locked out of his own blog: that is, he cannot create and publish new blog posts. I had created a sort of back door to access his blog and was able to post a final blog post there. That blog post was FT's creation, but he himself was digitally unable to publish that post himself.

      Hope that this brief comment serves as some clarification.

    7. Thanks, AOW. I have posted similar notices in answer to questions and allegations at other blogs in the recent past. Apparently, it doesn't register.

      I expect to continue participating here, but probably less than I have in the past.

      Thank you once again for performing a helpful service.

    8. Oh I see ok. That's the post then you were talking about. I thought he posted that.
      Can you try Wordpress?

    9. Who do you all think's behind that electronic lock-out!?
      That's awful!

    10. Unlike Warren, I'm not a computer guru.

      That said, from the best that I can tell, the problem could be a who or a what -- or a combination of both. Some indications are those of a what, but a who is not out of the question.

    11. Freethinke, you aren't being too descriptive about the "lock out" but I know you have had malware problems in the past and I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case now.

      Try their free download

    12. I second Ducky's suggestion. The free version takes a long time to run, but it is thorough and will kill anything infecting your computer

    13. Thank you, guys, but the problem is that BLOGGER will no longer support my operating system. Neither will my BANK, incidentally. I'm either going to have to knuckle under and buy a NEW COMPUTER or GIVE UP BLOGGING, and revert to the old system of paying bills by paper check.

      We have already tried EVERY available remedy and NOTHING WORKS. I see this as scheming manipulation by the computer industry NOT to "improve" their products but simply to BULLY us poor peons into buying NEW equipment. I think that's EVIL, and refuse to go along with it.

      Technology may
      Be as great as they say
      But it wouldn't be missed
      If it didn't exist.

    14. FT,
      A new computer is likely the solution. At least the prices have come down.

    15. How old is your gear???

      I am running Windows 7 on the machine I blog with, using Google Chrome.

    16. Last time I conversed with you about your computer (here), I concluded that it had been compromised by a nefarious "guru." I don't know how old your hardware is, but you might well be able to get some more life out of it with a fresh install -- take it to a reputable shop, they'll do it for you, and ideally they'll help you back up your files first.

  5. Figures... Rather than actual policing, one more freebie... And it won't stop the crimes!!! Idjits... sigh

    1. Old NFO,
      And this new program will require a whole new government agency. $$$$$, of course. Somebody will get the rake-off.

  6. We did similar in Iraq, paying Sunni insurgents to not be insurgents anymore.....rebranding them "Sons of Iraq". But at least that was a jobs program. This fairy tale out of D.C. is merely an allowance. I suppose in some demographics, it really does "take a village".


  7. Often a good idea to think outside the box but I wonder about the competition to get on the program.

    I'd like to see some research.

    1. Research? Pfffft.

      This will be a test balloon, and one fraught with opportunities for fraud.

    2. Certainly rife with opportunities.

      I'm curious about the theory behind it, however.

    3. Duck,
      The only "theory" I've read about is Richmond, California.

    4. Some articles mention the stipend in addition to job training. Hmm, training someone with a criminal record for a non existent job sounds like a boondoggle.

      They also cite lowered costs of incarceration but the reduction would have to be pretty large to make much of a dent in overall costs which I doubt would be much greater than the bureaucratic costs.

      Doesn't seem to add up.

  8. I like the idea of that WaPo commenter. Should I submit a bill to DC for all the crimes I did not commit while I was a resident for 8 years?

  9. Did anyone notice that the city has only set aside 38% of the annual $1,225,000 for the actual bribery? Where is the other $765,000 going? (as if I need an answer)

    The Mafia must be scratching its head wondering why THEY get picked on for running the protection racket.

    1. Baysider,
      The rest of the money will go into bureaucrats' pockets. But you already realized that, I'm sure.

  10. WOW! I guess that there are only 200 potential violent criminals in DC. I thought that there must be, at least, 300. They must be doing something right already. Only DemocRATS could come up with something so ridiculous. I wouldn't be surprised if this spread to Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland and other DemocRAT crime cesspools; not to be out-done!

  11. The Romans paid off the barbarians too and it worked, for a time.

  12. You know what would work even better than this latest leftwing government grift?

    Jobs! Actual jobs where young men and women could earn their own money, perhaps learn some life skills and maybe even gain some self-respect.

  13. As I have never committed a crime - if the government will just send me my $9,000 per annum which they owe me -

    I can retire!



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