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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Horrific Local Story

On Friday, February 5. 2016, Deonte Carraway, a volunteer aide at Judge Sylvania Woods Elementary School in Prince George's County, Maryland, was arrested on charges of manufacturing pornographic videos of children.  At least some of the videos were made on the school grounds during school hours.  Carraway has confessed to making the videos and faces ten felony counts.

There are at least 10 victims, ranging in age from 9 to 13. Police expect that there are more victims and are asking the public to check their children's social media platforms and cell phones.

The story doesn't end there.

Carraway also worked as a volunteer with children at an aquatic center, in a youth choir, and at a community center.

And the story doesn't end there, either.

We read this a few days later:
A lawsuit filed against Prince George’s County Public Schools claims that the predatory behavior of a volunteer aide, who is now facing child sex abuse and child pornography charges, was well known by students, teachers and parents and even reported to the school’s principal.


The suit says that other county school children also were sexually abused by Carraway, who coerced and pressured the students to engage in sex acts with the 22-year-old man on school property during the school day. Also, Carraway coerced the children into engaging in sexual acts with each other, according to the lawsuit.

He used locations such as the auditorium and bathrooms to film the acts on his cellphone. Videos found by police date back from early 2015 and continued until last week.


According to the suit, teachers expressed concerns about Carraway to Williams before Carraway began to abuse the 9-year-old boy....
The principal, whose salary range appears to be $98,500-$136,349, has now been placed on administrative leave, with salary and benefits intact while the investigation is ongoing. Educational malpractice pays.

What a world!

And why didn't Principal Michelle Williams follow protocol and contact the police when the first allegation was made — especially since the allegation was made against a volunteer aide?


  1. How were these children motivated to engage in "sexual" acts with each other?
    Children normally have a reticence against certain activity.
    I believe our pornographic culture has contributed to this behavior.
    And while the guy is a perv, and should be prosecuted, I wonder to what degree the "sexual" activity was, when a little boy kissing a girl is virtual rape.

    1. Ed,
      Apparently, some kind of "coercion" was involved. Police are not releasing the details -- other than implying that something beyond virtual rape was going on.

      Many of these children in this particular school have guardians instead of parents. That may well be a factor in this.

  2. The principal should be fired and banned from ever holding a position of trust involving children.

    At the first hint or suspicion, you play it straight up. There is no other way. You report it to the police and they investigate. That is not saying the person is guilty; what it does is place the investigation in professional hands.

    Evil has stalked the earth since the beginning of time; there is nothing new under the sun. The difference today, here in pornographic state of America, is that evil and perversion are promoted and celebrated by large swathes of society, academia, government, pop culture and the infotainment media complex.

    1. SF,
      Agreed! The principal had to know that she was violating the school system's protocol.

      BTW, sometimes Carraway came to work in house slippers and pajamas. Unbelievable!

  3. Maybe the principal of the school was in on the little game?

    The police should have been contacted and a line of enquiry started when the first concern was expressed. Suppression of evidence comes to mind. My guess is there was evidence and the principal did nothing, nada, zero.

    If I were a parent of a child who interacted with the perp I would file a civil suit against the school official.

    1. I, too, have been wondering whether or not the principal might somehow have been involved in the scheme.

      The aide was unpaid. What is his means of support?

    2. Ed,
      Selling kiddy porn?

      That's my guess, too.

  4. Nettie Potts said

    Too bad, of course, but rather small potatoes in the Great Scheme, don't you think?

    1. Nettie,
      Actually, I take the assault of children as a very serious matter and not small potatoes.

    2. I agree, AOW.

      If a school principal looks aside while this kind of abuse is ongoing it is criminal and the individual deserves serious punishment and public embarrassment.

  5. Just today my trainer told me an item of a young girl who was kissed on the mouth by an older female teacher as part of a class demonstration of what is affection. The girl was in therapy (yes, this is LA), told her therapist who called police who called the school. While this is a FAR cry from what this man did, that teacher was cashiered immediately.

    HERE'S THE RUB: a lot of the parents in the school are rich, liberal Hollywood types who raised a big stink over - wait for it - THE FIRING OF THE TEACHER.

    1. Baysider,
      The parents objected to the teacher's firing? What kind of definition of parenting is that?

  6. Man, this is a never ending story it seems. You want to find the abusers of children, go where the children are. Day care, schools, Foster homes, etc. I've heard people testify that young girls were moved form one pedophile foster home to another 17 times before finding one free of perverts.
    I personally think what we can see of this situation is just the snowflake on top of the iceberg.

    1. Kid,
      I personally think what we can see of this situation is just the snowflake on top of the iceberg.

      Very likely!

  7. PS, If you hadn't seen stories like these...
    - a male teacher in CA, who is on paid leave at 68k a year (maybe more today!) for sexual abuse of students. Been home with salary for a couple decades.
    NYC - They're called Romper Rooms. They are full of sexual abusing teachers removed from the classroom but still on the payroll, and spend their time in special rooms set up for them while they sit around looking at porn all day or running businesses. Absolutely insane. This is our freakin world.


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