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Thursday, February 25, 2016

FEATURED QUESTION: The 2016 National Election

I cannot recall a more bizarre election cycle!

The traditional rules do not seem to apply.

According to Can Donald Trump be stopped?, a February 24, 2016 article in the Washington Post:
Donald Trump has taken firm control of the race for the Republican presidential nomination with his third straight victory, in Nevada. To deny him that role, strategists say, his leading rivals must quickly change the trajectory of the race and then dig in for what could be a long battle that could go all the way to the GOP convention in Cleveland.

Strategists who have been through past nomination battles say that Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.), Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.) and Ohio Gov. John Kasich collectively have until March 15 to turn the race away from the New York billionaire. Each has a must-win test looming in his home state between now and then. But those victories alone might not be sufficient to block Trump’s path....
Read the entire article HERE.

And according to The Republican Establishment Needs to Stop Worrying and Love the Donald, a recent Pajamas Media essay by Roger L. Simon:
Now that Donald Trump has wiped the floor yet again with the other Republican candidates in the Nevada caucuses, it's time for the GOP to face reality -- barring force majeure, they have a presidential candidate, like it or not.

The so-called establishment has a choice: Get on the Trump bandwagon or try some desperate maneuver to stop him. But what would that be? A Rubio-Cruz ticket, assuming they would do it? At the time of this writing, the two men added together don't equal the Trump vote in Nevada -- and that's even assuming their voters would hold, which is a risky assumption, given the current momentum. I mean -- Donald won 46% of the Hispanics! Enough already....
Read the entire essay HERE.

FEATURED QUESTION, in two parts:  (1) How did we get to the point that a media personality such as Donald Trump has gained so much apparent support? (2) If Donald Trump is indeed the GOP candidate, will you vote for him?  Why or why not?


  1. How did we get to the point that a media personality such as Donald Trump has gained so much apparent support?

    I think that there has been a call for so long, for a GOP candidate who wasn't an elite establishment tool, that the first viable [from a populist perspective] candidate to come along sweeps the support from under the feet of the party. I sympathize with the desire of party members [or aligned voters] to choose their candidate, rather than have the central committee choose for them.....but that's negated in my mind by having what amounts to a tantrum candidate spouting hope and change. Sadly, even Trump supporters don't seem to be able to articulate Trump's policy proposals [such as they are], any better than Trump himself.

    If Donald Trump is indeed the GOP candidate, will you vote for him?

    Nope. He's nowhere close to Libertarian, much less even a Conservative. Trump would reign as a haphazard authoritarian centrist, no less Statist than Clinton.

    1. CI,
      I'm sure that you'll have a lot of company in sitting out the 2016 National Election.

    2. Oh, I'm not sitting it out, as my vote has a statistically better chance of influencing automatic ballot access in Virginia, than who becomes POTUS....I'll always vote for the Libertarian candidate by default.

    3. _____ REVIEW of CNN’s REPUBLICAN DEBATE 2/25/16 _____

      I watched the entire debate with mounting anger and dismay. Several times I almost turned it off, but felt morally obliged to stick it out, so I did.

      I was so moved by disgust I called C-Span's Washington Journal at 7:00 AM, –– a rare occurrence in my usually placid life. They put me on, and I told them in no uncertain terms what I thought of the affair and WHY.

      I have no idea whether they allowed everything –– or anything –– I said to go on the air. When I finished, I had the distinct feeling I'd been talking to empty air, because I received no questions or remarks from moderator, Peter Slenn, a decent, mild-mannered guy, even if he is a Washington liberal, but I don't KNOW.

      I never use four-letter words, and never indulge in name-calling when speaking in public, but perhaps they didn't like my referring to the rude, noisy, unintelligible exchanges between Mssrs. Trump, Rubio and Cruz as "the moral equivalent of a cockfight in a back alley?"

      Like it or not the description is chillingly accurate.

      After that I went on to say I thought it was a disgrace the way the rules of the debate were set up in such a way as to enable, encourage and promote this despicable behavior.

      I added that Dr. Carson and Governor Kasich were the only worthy figures on the platform, and that the way they were virtually ignored by the moderators and given short shrift was contemptible.

      Those two fine, dignified, gentlemen were given no time to express and expand on their sober, eminently sane, highly constructive views as to what we ought to try to do to put American society back on an upward trajectory.

      Last night's Republican debate was a degrading spectacle with tragic implications for the future of our country.

      That leaves ME nowhere, since I find ALL the so-called viable candidates on BOTH sides depressingly unsuitable for the job they seem much too childishly eager to be awarded.

      "Whenever a man has cast a longing eye upon [public offices] a rottenness begins in his conduct."

      ~ Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

    4. FT,
      Yeah, these GOP debates are filled with ugliness.

      Realistically, we should not be the least bit surprised that Dr. Carson and Governor Kasich were basically ignored by the debate moderators. After all, both Dr. Carson and Governor Kasich have ZERO chance of being the Party's nominee.

      You typed in the following:

      Those two fine, dignified, gentlemen were given no time to express and expand on their sober, eminently sane, highly constructive views as to what we ought to try to do to put American society back on an upward trajectory.

      I submit, however, that the ship of civil discourse has long ago sailed and is far out to sea. It ain't coming back anytime soon.

      This is the way America and the world are now.

      Rants rule the day!

      Last night was a shout fest filled with interruptions. And the audience loved it and clapped like seals.

      Thus is the sorry state of today's society.

    5. "Whatever is popular is wrong."

      ~ Oscar Wilde

      The fate of the nation should not be determined by "the whim of the vulgar populace."

      ~ Alexander Hamilton

      The Founders never intended for the Common People to have the power to elect either the president or the senators.

      Whoever was responsible for undoing the original conditions the Founders placed on the electoral process produced The Beginning of the End of the United States of America as envisioned by her Founding Fathers.

      No illiterate person, ignorant of our basic history and the way our system was designed, who is not a property owner and a proven success in administering his own affairs should be permitted to vote. PERIOD!

      The USA was NEVER intend to be a DEMOCRACY.

  2. (1) How did we get to the point that a media personality such as Donald Trump has gained so much apparent support?

    Simple enough. For the very reason that he IS a media personality and knows how to stay in front of the camera, knows how to work a room. He sucked the oxygen out of the other campaigns.
    He knows how to channel the anger in the country (an anger seen on the Dem side also).

    (2) If Donald Trump is indeed the GOP candidate, will you vote for him?
    Why or why not?

    No. I will probably vote Green this election.

    1. In the presidential election, yes often. But you have to remember that the Dem. candidate is a virtual mortal lock in Mass. Voting Green is a desperate act to give them a voice and increase the level of dialog.

      The primary is more important here, actually.
      I think you can guess.

    2. If by that you mean you will NOT vote for Her Heinous, Ducky, I applaud you.

      I might be tempted to vote Libertarian, because that is what I am in spirit, but in the crying need to defeat Hillawitch, I will vote for Trump, or indeed ANY Republican in the hope of helping to derail that Malignant Creature's longed for Ascent to the Throne.

  3. Trump and Sanders are Angry America's left and right fists to the eye and to the gut of the corrupt, crapulent uni-party political establishment.

    It ain't just affluent whities in tri-corn hats wondering what the hell happened to our country...

    20-somethings graduating college and having to move back in with their parents...

    Working class people who always at least had a job and a patch of something they could call their own have had it all yanked out from under them...

    Americans have always been generous and welcoming people, but the human dumping that is going on now seems like a deliberate provocation by people in power who hate us...

    And speaking of people in power who hate us, when municipal government like Ferguson enrich themselves on the backs of the poor and working class by turning a minor parking infraction into multiple court appearances and hundreds of dollars in fines, ticketing people for parking a car in their own driveway, and treating drivers who commit minor infractions as mobile ATMs, yeah, people are going to be pissed off.

    Would I vote for El Donaldo? Hell yeah. Seeing an outsider come in and smash up the Demican-Republicrat DC Country Club? Priceless.

    Rubio and Cruz are running out of time, but I don't see either as salvation anyway.

    Cruz has little traction outside his base and no crossover appeal (a Jersey said, he reminds us of a bad guy from a Bonanza episode).

    Rubio could beat Hillary if he ran a stellar campaign, but he represents a continuation of the uni-party status quo, as does Hellary.

    I hope Trump pick Kasich as his Veep, but I don't know how many true believers would bunker themselves at home on election day, taking marching orders from Glen Beck and Mark Levin...

    We live in interesting times...

    1. SF,
      Kasich has been emphatic in stating that he will not be anyone's Veep.

      Rubio's recent statement to the effect that the children of illegal immigrants should have subsidized college education has hurt him. Badly.

      Besides, Rubio is now the GOP establishment's choice. A lot of the anger you mentioned is directed at the GOP establishment (Karl Rove et al). Rubio could have been -- or maybe still could be -- the future of the GOP. But that's down the line now.

      Cruz has turned me off because of the several campaign shenanigans about which he did nothing until a few days ago -- when he fired some big wig of his campaign team. In my view, Cruz fired that man only because of the backlash against those underhanded shenanigans. Up to the backlash, Cruz did nothing. For a man who declares that he is a man of God, he has tarnished himself, IMO.

    2. Rubio run a stellar campaign?
      He's shown no signs of that ability. Isn't likely to change.

      Also, AOW is correct. Rubio would be a stooge doing whatever his handlers told him to do. He's likely to dig the hole even deeper.

    3. I said "if" preceded by a "could" and followed by a "but."

      I'm a jaded realist.

  4. Hooboy!

    There's another debate tonight?

    I'm overdosed on these debates!

    1. But HOW? Haven't you made a point of SKIPPING them all?

      I believe it my patriotic duty to suffer through the entire series of sorry spectacles in order to understand more accurately precisely what forces are being brought to bear on our electoral process.

      I've been saddened, but hardly surprised by anything I've seen. I've known for DECADES that it is the ENEMEDIA who makes all our important decisions FOR us, though it would be more accurate to say the OWNERS and OPERATORS of the enemedia. That, of course, brings us straight to the door of The OLIGARCHS.

    2. FT,
      I certainly haven't skipped them all!

      But the reality is that all but one on that stage will not be the GOP candidate. I have wished for someone other than the leader, but whom I've wished for early on will likely never be the candidate.

      In the end, most of us who frequent this blog will hold our noses and vote for whoever is Hillary's opponent in November.

    3. Sorry if I misunderstood you about the debates, AOW.

      As for choosing "ANYONE BUT HILLARY," all I can say is "I certainly HOPE so!"

      May God save us from a Victory by the Auntie Christ, herself. ;-)

    4. FT,
      Point of clarification....If the debates were on at an earlier hour, I'd watch more of them. I typically go to sleep before 9:00 P.M.

  5. 1. Donald Trump is the "strong man" fetish of populists who crave more fascism in their lives.

    2. No, because conservatives and libertarians should be working to remove the Republican Party from the face of the Earth.

    1. Beamish,
      conservatives and libertarians should be working to remove the Republican Party from the face of the Earth

      Many conservatives and libertarians believe that elected the flawed Trump to the Oval Office will (1) destroy the GOP and (2) force the creation of a truly Conservative Party.

    2. Hope springs eternal, AOW, but our population has become so thoroughly "IGNORANTICIZED" (;-) via the incessant brainwashing by the ENEMEDIA and the EducRAT Establishment that any ability to apply Critical Thinking and honest evaluation to the process may not be possible. Dirt Farmers in the eighteenth and early nineteenth-centuries were better able to participate intelligently in civic functions than most PhD's are today.

      As our favorite adversary, "Ducky" is so fond of saying, "We are a sorry people."


    3. Many conservatives and libertarians believe that elected the flawed Trump to the Oval Office will (1) destroy the GOP and (2) force the creation of a truly Conservative Party.

      Nonsense. Donald Trump is trying to stop immigrants from destroying the welfare state.

    4. Beamish,

      Anything to break the GOOP "weak man" fetish...

      Also, has anyone considered Trump is playing some rope-a-dope strategery?

      Does anyone really believe he's not studying up on foreign policy, domestic issues, etc?

      He doesn't need to talk specifics right now, as evidenced by his primary victories.

      He's playing the free media like a finely-tuned strad. I doubt he would be the Mussolini the left is screaming he would be.

    5. Well, I've heard several convincing arguments that illegal immigration is destroying our welfare system. To me, that's an incentive to sneak as many truckloads of Mexicans and Central Americans into our borders as possible. Why push granny over a cliff when we can hire Pedro to do it? ;)

    6. I'm not the left, and I've been claiming he will be given the Mussolini mantle since he entered the race.

    7. You don't have the success Trump has had over so many decades--bankruptcies included--by being nothing more than a bullying blowhard. Trump has honed his performance skills on TV and knows who his audience is and how to play them.

      Dictator in Chief? Doubt it. If a President Trump disappoints, it will be by making too many deals those who voted for him see as sell-outs.

  6. (1) How did we get to the point that a media personality such as Donald Trump has gained so much apparent support?

    While I agree to some extent with the others above, the main reason to me is threefold.

    First, the dumbing down of the electorate through the steadfast refusal to teach our basic principles, foremost of which is an informed electorate. The left has gotten our children just as Krueschev said they would and the so called silent majority has kept their heads up where the sun doesn't shine and allowed it.

    Second, basic human greed and sloth. The electorate, (at least those that bother to vote) are looking to receive. They do not want responsibility or have to earn what they get. in their eyes it is owed them again a function of the complete loss of moral standards in our society.

    Third and most important, the electorate, choosing the easy way and listening to the propaganda of the MSM and schools have allowed themselves to ignore the basic principles that our government and country are based on. We now accept the lies as fact and in turn vilify the few, like Cruz who actually perform as they promised they would when elected. While Cruz has screwed up royally in the campaign, one cannot escape the fact that his vilification by the hands of the establishment as well as their own sorry assed performance at their jobs are causing the surge to Trump.

    (2) If Donald Trump is indeed the GOP candidate, will you vote for him? Why or why not?

    I fro one do not have much use for Trump on many factors. I think he is farther left on many of the issues than I would like. however, I do think he is firm on the immigration front as well as the idiocy that is our current foreign policy.

    I do question as to whether as a "business man he will actually try to use at least somewhat of a business approach towards the deficit and spending. History shows many of the so called great businessmen of the world used bankruptcy and other things to advance themselves more that once (all legal mind you) and in turn also used massive deficit spending to achieve their ends. In that end, will he be any different when it comes to "keeping the status quo" as to spending due to the unsustainable promises and worse now in place?

    At the moment, I'd have to hold my nose and vote for him as the alternatives the Democrats offer mean in my eyes the end of the American Experiment and I mean that sincerely.

    1. Joseph,
      Great comment! Thank you!

      Before I have to dash off to work, let me address this one matter:

      While Cruz has screwed up royally in the campaign, one cannot escape the fact that his vilification by the hands of the establishment as well as their own sorry assed performance at their jobs are causing the surge to Trump.


      But I am very disappointed in how Ted Cruz has run his campaign -- or allowed his campaign to be run by others.

      What does his poor management in that regard indicate about how he would govern if the POTUS?

    2. Ditto v. Cruz. The Dirty tricks were completely unnecessary and turned off his "principled" constituency (He WAS running as the "principled" candidate, after all.)

    3. I'd love to be a fly on the wall as to his campaign. Did he hire the wrong "Advisors"? Is he actually that shallow? Many questions especially when in his acts in the Senate. he is what we wanted

    4. Joseph,
      I seem to remember something about Cruz's backing off when he was questioning Hillary when she was testifying before a Comgressional committee.

    5. In a race where Donald Trump compares Ben Carson to a child molester, I'm not sure Cruz moves the needle on the dirtometer.

    6. I agree he did back off on the Hillary hearings. Wonder how much of that was nasty backlash from the other Senators. And yes, I would also agree Cruz's leadership can be brought into question as to his campaign. But seeing as politics itself is cutthroat to say the least, I'd still be interested in the going on's inside his advisers and so forth.

  7. We need to consider the IMMENSE difference between honest CHARITY, which is always heartfelt and strictly VOLUNTARY, and the COUNTERFEIT version aggressively promoted by the Left.

    The former is based entirely on simple human kindness and good-hearted devotion to PRINCIPLE. The latter stems from COERCION –– the threat of official ostracism, incarceration, confiscation of personal property,–– possibly torture, and even EXECUTION ––, for failure to conform to the ruthless, ever-increasing dictates of an Almighty Authoritarian STATE.

    Charity ceases to BE "Charity," when it is EXTRACTED at the point of a gun.

    Jesus Christ sought to transform us on a purely INDIVIDUAL basis, by appealing to our capacity to develop heightened awareness of the significance of and empathy for the plight of Others In so doing He sought to foster the development of a refined moral compass,. a reliable good conscience in each.

    This cannot be achieved through purely TEMPORAL means.

    The Marxian-Cummunist-Socialist-Progressive-Liberal-Democrat-Statist way appeals to Envy, Spite, Malice, Pure Selfishness, and the Lust for Vengeance.

    No GOOD could ever hope to come from that, which is why Marxism and all its hideous permutations have always failed and will always will FAIL to produce anything but misery, mutually shared poverty and deprivation.

    Sorry, but it is entirely ILLUSORY to think otherwise.

    Doctor CARSON seems to be the only candidate who understands this thoroughly, and does every he can to abide by it.

    Is it any wonder the godless, cynical, manipulative, abusive ENEMEDIA sought to ignore him, isolate him, and deprive him of the opportunity to speak at every available opportunity?

    As "Two Kings," a brilliant Christmas Anthem by Joseph Cloakey, says at the end:

    "We entertain him always like a stranger, and as at first still lodge him in a manger."


  8. He has the highest negative numbers of anyone who ever ran for president. His negatives are higher than Hillary's!
    In reality, Trumps supporters are few in number. No matter how you try to spin it.
    The Stupids are promoting that fake 40% number. The Goopers who live in the gutter, are going to nominate what they found there, and vote for him... No one else will.
    the Democrats will win the White House and most of America will come back to their senses. .The GOPer’s will continue to live in a fantasy world.

  9. It would seem more people hate the Washington Elitists than has been portrayed by the media.

    We would HAVE TO vote for Trump, otherwise it's Hillary's day.

    1. And take responsibility for a president Trump.

    2. Ed,
      Well, better than taking responsibility for President Hillary Clinton, IMO.

    3. I'm not convinced there's a moral difference.

    4. I agree with AOW. Hillary is nothing but a walking talking septic tank with an ability to bray like a jackass.

      Trump is at least a dynamic businessman –– an astonishing American Success Story. No one could cobble together a TEN-BILLION dollar fortune without having enormous intelligence, courage, vision and powerful dynamism.

  10. A Different Free ThinkerFebruary 25, 2016 at 1:14:00 PM EST

    David Duke, a white nationalist and former Klu Klux Klan grand wizard, told his audience Wednesday that voting for anyone besides Donald Trump “is really treason to your heritage.”

    “Voting for these people, voting against Donald Trump at this point is really treason to your heritage,” Duke said on the David Duke Radio Program…

    …“And I am telling you that it is your job now to get active. Get off your duff. Get off your rear end that’s getting fatter and fatter for many of you everyday on your chairs. When this show’s over, go out, call the Republican Party, but call Donald Trump’s headquarters, volunteer,” he said. “They’re screaming for volunteers. Go in there, you’re gonna meet people who are going to have the same kind of mindset that you have.”

    That’s kind of vague, but you can see a closer tie between the robocalls and David Duke here:

    In December, Duke told POLITICO that Trump’s candidacy allowed Americans to be more open about their racial animus.

    “He’s made it ok to talk about these incredible concerns of European Americans today, because I think European Americans know they are the only group that can’t defend their own essential interests and their point of view,” Duke said. “He’s meant a lot for the human rights of European Americans.”

    1. It is my understanding that David Duke has not endorsed Trump for POTUS.

      But so what if he did?

      Paying attention to endorsements so as to decide for whom to vote is being an especially mindless one of the sheeple.

    2. AOW, please, you have the lone David Duke radio show listener visiting. Please don't chase her away!

    3. Gert,
      According to the link you left, David Duke stated that he doesn't endorse Trump, but rather supports him. Whatever THAT means!

      I suppose that anyone can endorse or support a candidate.

      I myself pay little attention to endorsements. Too much akin to the cult of personality.

    4. Pay no attention to these Nattering Nabobs of Negativism, AOW. These merchants of sneering cynicism, willful misunderstanding and malignant mischaracterization are a drug on the market and a source only of confusion, enervation and dyspepsia.

      They nave not one scintilla of constructive thought or encouraging precepts in their incessant SNEER CAMPAIGN.

    5. FT,
      The only attention I pay to these nabobs is to laugh when I read their comments. I see their negativism for what it is.

      But, yes, I do sometimes respond to their comments -- in a terse way. They're not worth more than those few seconds of my time.

  11. I endorsed Donald Trump yesterday. Yeah, little ole' me.

    I cast an early vote in the primary.


  12. Hey, Ahab!

    41 percent of Hispanics in Nevada voted for Trump. Here is the deal. Legal Hispanic immigrants want the exploiting masses of illegals gone too.

    Hasta la vista, GOP. Either the GOP embraces Trump, or the party will be reduced to Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. Trump is slowing dismantling the political armor - piece, by piece, by piece. Trump will take Florida and Texas. The humiliation which will be felt by Rubio and Cruz will be palpable

    Guts On a Platter. That is what will be left of the GOP.

  13. If the nominee, I will still have to be convinced he'd be different than Hillary.
    Else I couldn't vote for him.
    Let's see the taxes.

    1. Ed,
      I look at it this way. We KNOW what Hillary is and have a clear idea as to how she would govern. Much about Trump and his theories of governance seems to be vague.

      About taxes....Shouldn't that matter be in the hands of Congress?

  14. From a recent commentary on E. J. Dionne's column about why people are supporting Trump:

    "Trump is a threat to conservativism because he has shown that a lot of Republican voters don’t believe free markets and limited government offer the keys to their economic salvation."

    Well worth considering.

    1. I read that commentary, Duck. Dionne may be engaging in some projection. After all, he is quite biased against Conservatives.

    2. There's truth to what Dionne is saying. If Trump were preaching the standard "free trade" "limited government" sermon (which few in the GOP establishment actually believe anyway) he wouldn't be getting nearly this much traction.

      Government and the global elites are crapping on our heads, using us a slave labor (those of us who can find work, anyway) and calling it "democracy" and "free-market capitalism," when its nothing of the kind. And we are waking up to that truth, just as our neighbors to the south did decades ago.

      All that economic theory works out great in a vacuum, but we don't live in a vacuum. Here in the crony crapitalist International State of Amreeka, People are facing chronic unemployment, poverty and all the dysfunction that goes with it. Here in the real world, real people are suffering and dying, and all the lectures in the world about the constitution and free-market crapitalism from Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh won't save them.

      Conservative multi-millionaire bloviators give us cold, sterile theory, but we need action. When Obama took those DC vouchers away, I sent a detailed proposal to Bill Bennett how this was an opportunity for conservative activists to get in there, raise money, and help the poor of DC take entrepreneurial action to take control of their lives. I got nothing back.

      Talk is cheap, and I tired of listening years ago.

      I was thinking of doing a blog post on this, but "what difference, at this point, does it make anyway?"

      I have a few blog posts loaded in the blunderbuss, and then hopefully I can quit cold turkey.

    3. Western Hero soldiers on in the capable hands of Finntann and Hugh Farnham, and occasionally Viburnum, when he isn't burned out from working too hard.

      I've been trying to kick the blogging habit for years now, but I enjoy shooting off my mouth too much.

      I'm going to give it a really good go this time. I have a few posts scheduled, and hopefully I can resist putting up any more.

    4. SF, this is selfish....but I sincerely hope that you fall off the wagon and continue blogging.

    5. AOW & CI,

      Thank you for the kind words. I will still be lurking around, reading and commenting, and you know Finn and Hugh will keep the fires (and guns) blazing.

  15. I managed to watch most of last night's GOP debate. A real barn burner!

    Here's my two cents....

    The tag teaming at last night's debate struck me as ineffective. Too much smugness from Rubio and Cruz, IMO.

    Rubio's grin when he thinks that he has one-upped someone else is goofy-looking.

  16. Problematic for me is that I taught my sons the rules of a fair fight: It is one-on-one. If you lose, take your bruises and skinned knuckles and man up.

    Cruz and Rubio? A cat fight against a Mastiff.

    'Course you know how I feel about it AOW.


    * Silver Fiddle, please do not lay down blogging nor commenting on sites. Societal health is dependent on a pool of voices, not the MSM Dead Pool.

    1. Prince, Thank you. I will still be reading and commenting

  17. Good grief!

    ...Fresh off last night's Republican debate stage, a newly feisty Rubio tried a new attack line against Trump, one which sounded remarkably similar in tone to the sort of rhetoric used by the billionaire.

    Speaking at a rally Dallas, Rubio – who had his own bad debate moment in New Hampshire – read out tweets from Trump's account this morning, which accused the Florida senator of a 'meltdown'.

    'Let me tell you something, during the debate last night he went backstage during one of the breaks, two of the breaks - he was having a meltdown,' Rubio told supporters.

    'First he had this makeup thing, he was applying makeup around his mustache because he had one of those sweat mustaches.

    'Then he asked for a full-length mirror. I don't know why because the podium goes up to here,' Rubio continued, motioning to his chest.

    'Maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet,' the senator slyly suggested. 'I don't know.'...

  18. _________ The Paradigm Shift _________

    To start where everyone would love to go
Exerts a pressure on the one so blest,

    Nurtured in privilege, sheltered from the low
And desperate, untoward struggling of the rest.
Foisted on us, guilt at our good luck
Let loose a sense of deep unworthiness

    Yielding urges to immerse in muck

    Our untried selves, and live on earth with less.

    Unravelling the stitches parents sewed
Released a spring propelling downward thrust
Helping once safe havens to implode.

    Our heritage betrayed then turned to dust.

    Maniacally would our forebears laugh to see
Everything they won lost –– willfully.


~ FreeT


    [Try to see this as a parable attempting to explain in capsule form the destructive effects misplaced, manufactured guilt has perpetrated on far too many born since –– let us say –– 1950.]

    1. Guilt? or "Entitlement"? Both?

      White guilt, Black entitlement. But why would poor whites ever feel guilty OR entitled. You malady would appear to only aflict "rich" Whites.

  19. The media and the libtards these last 7 years have driven people to vote with their middle finger rather than their brain. The libtards have inflicted so much damage to America, that there is value, even among thinking people to elect Trump for the pure reason that libtards hate him so much and therefore to punish the little retards. I can't say the idea isn't an attractive one but for my money, this is all about supreme court picks and we have to maintain at least a 5 to 4 constitutional advantage over the vampires.
    I personally don't trust Trump to do that. My best guess at who would do that is Cruz.

    1. Kid,
      Is Cruz electable?

      Was he ever electable?

      As for voting with the middle finger, one of my Facebook friends posted this yesterday:

      Why is a Donald Trump even possible?

      In 2014, we got the promises and the assurances. Vote for us, they said. We will fight for your rights against an evil Barack Obama, they said.

      They didn't. They lied.

      They caved in immediately, they even changed speakers and caved again.

      Don't blame Donald Trump for a Donald Trump.

      In my view, the GOP got themselves into this mess. Actions -- and inaction -- have consequences.

    2. By all means nominate Cruz (or the dullard man child Rubio). Hillary will destroy either of them.

      However, Trump can take traditional conservative areas along with Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania to put together a win.
      Then he'll take the supply side plank and slam it up the middle class's arse like never before.

    3. Nobody is going to show up to vote "Hillary" in November. Nobody but fat old Moslem lesbians, that is.

  20. From Politics? Burn it ALL to the Ground!, and, IMO, there's something to consider in this essay because it gives an explanation for what we are witnessing in this bizarre election cycle:

    ...The very bloggers, party activists, pundits and and Republicans who for nearly two decades have told Americans to “just hold your nose and vote for the guy” are now telling Trump supporters they will not hold their noses....

    ...[W]hat Trump represents has nothing to do with issues or political positions. This is why the demographics behind him are so wide ranging and diverse. Christians, atheists, fiscal hawks and social warriors are all engaged in deep rooted support for Trump....


    The message coming from the Trump alliance is simple. Burn it all to the ground. Any counter argument to that suggests to Trump’s supporters that you want to save the political machine that seeks to ruin us all. In their minds it’s one or the other. The machine survives and continues governing us into oblivion, or the machine is burned down and we all figure out what gets built in its place....

  21. America is no longer the greatest nation on the world , as it was when I was growing up..And for the least the last 7 years under the dictatorship of Barack Hussein Obama, this nation has been run by the weakest bunch of COWARDS to ever ! If we are ever going to change things we first must get rid of this liberal bunch of COWARDS. the belong to this progressive administration. We MUST vote them OUT, and if anyone that tells you America is great under the Obama adminsttation, they are either a liar, or that are sickos. Or maybe a Democrat, but I digress, or, if they claim to be a Conservative, they are totally delusional and have NO idea of what Grestness is.

    1. A.p.h., your powers of communication are rivaled only by your excellent grasp of English grammar and spelling.

  22. It seem as if the Liar in the Pant Siuir once again has some credibility issues, Nd her opponent Bernie Sanders, who is honest but too far left for a majority of Americans, may win in November. But to think either would win in a landslide is merely wishful thinking. And rightly so . Neither one of the tow has a lick of guts, and would make a very poor president. Perhaps even worse than the idiot in office right now.
    Either one of the bunch of clowns in the republican party now running would be a better choice then Bernie or Hillary..


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