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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Open Thread

So, what's on your mind?

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One recent story that made me sigh in frustration: Obama’s Eid message praises “contributions of Muslim Americans to building the very fabric of our nation”


  1. With the newspapers headline filled with all the of international chaos in Ukraine, Gaza, Iraq, Libya, and Syria, the Israel-Gaza Conflict and with all of our problems domestically, like the lawlessness at our borders organized by progressives in Washington, the crisis in the Stock Market. the current Ebola Virus that has been brought to our country, Obama is STILL Blaming George Bush for all his woes. Lying to the American people, and calling the Tea-Party Racist’s.
    What has our dear Leader been doing, besides, playing golf, attending numerous fund-raisers, he dining on barbecue in Texas and burgers in Delaware, vacationing, and appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night television show ! I guess that he’s catching up with the Moocher!
    Obama seems to be sleepwalking through his second term.

  2. The White House resident Barack Hussein Obama and the First Lady Mioochie thanked the Muslim Americans for their many “achievements and contributions” “building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy.”
    Such as, 9-11, the 200 people who were killed when Islamic hijackers steered the plane full of people into the Pentagon, Benghazi, The Boston Marathon, the Underwear bomber' Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, Nidal Hasan, Muhammad & Malvo, Richard Reid the shoe bomber, the USS Cole, the Daniel Pearl kidnaping and murder by beheading.
    The first terrorists truck bomb under the World Trade Center, that killed six people and injuring over 1,000 in their effort to collapse the Twin Towers, Robert Kennedy was assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan, a Arab-Palestinian, the Achille Lauro hijacking where an elderly Jewish-American man in a wheelchair, Leon Klinghoffer, was murdered by being thrown overboard, Yasir Arafat's long involvement in terrorism, murder of 11 of Israel's Olympic athletes in Munich.

    Feel free to add a few of your own Muslim "contributions"

  3. Once again we see the ultimate hypocrisy of the Obama regime..
    We Americans can decide on our own what is best for ourselves and our children. . The residents of the White House need to STFU.

    There is no way we have fulfilled the dreams of our fathers wanted us to be told what we should and shouldn’t ear or drink..
    What we eat, how we eat it, how much of it we eat, is none of the governments business and certainly no business of that Fat-Ass who sits in OUR White House.

  4. I was struck by a interview on Democracy Now! with a professor from M.I.T. regarding the efficacy of the o called "Iron Dome".

    He pointed ot tht a large number of the rockets hit in Bedouin areas where there is no dome and there are also no casualties. Just lying on the ground is an effective defense.
    He went on to state that sirens have been responsible for eliminating casualties in Israel not the missile defense.

    z put up an article today where she supports a Congressional report written by the defense industry calling for increased defense spending.
    Well, without ever discussing its efficacy, we are about to give a big bundle to Raytheon to resupply Israel with what may well be a completely ineffective and useless system.

    Just an example of how we are led by the nose by the people Eisenhower warned us about.

    1. I find it odd that you would craft a cogent post, yet rely on vague metrics such as "large number of the rockets hit in Bedouin areas"....while avoiding any mention of the hit rate against the rockets themselves. The rockets who's tracks are plotted to hit uninhabited areas, are not targeted...as it would be a waste of a Tamir.

  5. Hey Here's Ducky: The DoD has accomplished way more that the money-wasting "war on poverty" ever did.

    Now for what I really came here to say.

    Anybody besides me remember those Bozo's Loko Harem over in Africa? How they kidnapped all those little schoolgirls?

    Remember the outraged from the left, how they bravely tweeted and hashtagged for, what, maybe a whole two days?

    Michelle Obama called them our girls, and Barack bravely declared that something must be done.

    Well... What the hell happened?

    Does anyone on the left care? Out of sight, out of mind? It that it?

    The good leftwing progressives abandoned those poor little African girls and are now on to exploiting the children at the southern border. They have more propaganda value.

    The American left cannot be trusted. They are sneaky, crafty and manipulative. Even their emotions are phony, springing from their own feelings of guilt and inadequacy rather than true charity that comes from the heart.

    1. And finding that Ducky's a complete moron surprises you?

    2. I don't know how much you think the DoD has "accomplished but it seems a stretch to call them cost efficient.

      AOW and I had a few words about the Ebola virus yesterday and it's relevant to this.

      A man in western Africa was going to board a plane to visit his family in Minneapolis, I believe. He became symptomatic shorty before heis departure and didn't board.
      Are we prepared for what might have happened? Do we know?
      Could we develop a vaccine? Yes! However, since only poor people get the disease currently there is no paying market. So, no vaccine.

      However, there is plenty of money to hand Karzai and the Iraqis.
      Plenty to fund a proxy cold war in Ukraine to make z happy.
      Plenty to whiz away on the Israeli military.

      You get the point.

    3. Fred,
      Remember the outraged from the left, how they bravely tweeted and hashtagged for, what, maybe a whole two days?

      It was a diversion tactic -- a diversion from what, I can't now recall.

      The Obama administration and the sycophantic media employ a multitude of diversions. Important stories are buried -- then vanish from Americans' memories.

    4. Duck,
      AOW and I had a few words about the Ebola virus yesterday...


      Are we prepared for what might have happened? Do we know?

      Just how does one prepare for a virus which may well have mutated. I mentioned some specifics about that when we chatted on the air.

      Could we develop a vaccine?

      Not necessarily -- if the virus has mutated and continues to mutate.

      Viruses are survivors -- and "smart."

      I'm not an epidemiologist, but I have done a great deal of research in epidemiology for years now. My aunt died of the the aftereffects of the 1918-1919 influenza, and my father discussed what happened during that time period many times; Dad was old enough to observe and hold the memories of Northern Virginia under quarantine: "The mortician came to the house to embalm Chrisie and dumped the blood behind the barn."

      No public funerals.

      No church services.

      Businesses shuttered for months.

    5. AOW:

      The Obama clown car careens from one Obama-created disaster to the next, doesn't it?

      Ducky: You're looking for efficiency from the US government?

    6. Fred,
      The Obama clown car careens from one Obama-created disaster to the next, doesn't it?

      Yes, indeed. **sigh**

  6. Additionally, Did Anyone on the Left Care About the 3 Israeli Teenagers Were kidnapped and murdered by Hamas, and one of them was an American?

    I ask, what would we Americans have done if this happened in our Country?

    Would we forget it or would we bomb the freaken hell out of them as we should.

    1. And did the First Lady hold up her "hash tags" for them?
      Nah , she didn't .

    2. The left hates Israel. They are proud, independent and successful, which is antithetical to everything the progressive left stands for.

    3. Actually, may on the left understand that Israel is sowing the seeds of serious problems as it transforms itself into an apartheid state.
      Protesting the current insanity is not necessarily anti Israel.

      I'll also point out to Radical Redneck (aka Screaming Eagle, Jerome Katzenjammer, Fred Baron, Thom, anonymous and Simon Green) that Hamas was NOT responsible for the kidnappings and Likud ginned up the charges,

    4. Duck,
      So, let's discuss the specifics as to exactly how Israel is transforming itself into an apartheid state.

      The very term apartheid state is a generalization and, in essence, the playing of the race card.

    5. @ Ducky: "Actually, may on the left understand that Israel is sowing the seeds of serious problems as it transforms itself into an apartheid state.

      What an ignorant statement. Apartheid state? Muslim Arabs live in Israel with the same rights as everyone else, and are elected to office.

      However, if you are concerned about Palestinians, why don't you demand the corrupt, hate-filled government release its own people from the refugee camps they keep them in?

      More leftist nonsense from Ducky.

  7. On another note, kudos go out to Boehener the bungler who once again proves the GOP can always find a way to shoot themselves in the foot. Trot out a bill, take back the bill, wait until the Senate goes home, then pass a bill that will go nowhere and gives unlimited talking points to the Dems. Guess what GOP? It is not like you didn't know you were headed home for the season. My angst for the day!

    1. As I said over at your site, Bunkerville...

      No way that the Senate will agree to this bill that the House passed. And — I would hope — no way that the House would agree to any immigration bill that passes the Senate.

      If Boehner had allowed the vote and the passage of the bill before the Senate left, there would still be deadlock.

      So, get ready for it. Obama will use the pen and shove something down Americans’ throats.


      Congress holds the purse strings. Those could be the stopper for the worst that Obama wants to do about immigration.

      Maybe — just maybe — the House passage of the bill will affect the November elections to the point that the Senate is overturned.

    2. Thanks for the link. Interesting take of Breitbart. It will be all in the perception and little to do with reality.

  8. Let nothing disturb thee,
    Nothing affright thee.
    All things are passing.
    God never changeth.
    Patient endurance
    Attaineth to all things.
    In whom God pleaseth
    In nothing is wanting.
    Alone God sufficeth.

    ~ St. Teresa - from lines written in her breviary,
    as translated by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

  9. Several unanswered questions that bother and bug me the most:
    An excellent example of liberals believing things that simply aren't true.

    Calling progressive liberals "libertarians" of any form is a smear against libertarians. I don't know any libertarians who have kind words about Obamacare.

    Why have no liberals that I know of been concerned that our current president has sealed away from view his travel and education records (and god knows what else) at a cost of nearly a million dollars in legal fees? He's got like a dozen scandals going right now (and I remember the same was true of Bill Clinton during his terms. And little or no concern by liberals.??

  10. _____ Why Be A Democrat? _____

    Willfulness is part of what it takes;
    Haughtiness makes a component too.
    Yearning for a better life’s heartaches
    Beset by Self-Deception’s shuttered view

    Earns suicidal urges ‘mongst the Rich,
    And fosters dreams of Vengeance in the Poor
    Deny this truth? You’re apt to lose your niche
    Ending up locked outside your own door.

    Money too diffused loses its power.
    Our hope to see Equality for All
    Creates a fractious mental climate sour
    Resulting in Revolt bound to appall.

    A misperception of our truest needs
    Traps us where upon ourselves we feed

    ~ FreeThinke.

  11. Pardon me for asking BUT, why isn't Free Thinke's post deleted when they are OFF TOPIC like everyone else's are?

    1. Um, this is an open thread. There is no topic!

      The blog post states as follows:

      So, what's on your mind?...

      Besides, I have a life other than that of the virtual world. I haven't been babysitting my blog all day.

  12. Ya know, I don’t give a Rats Ass what FDR or Bill Clinton did or especially anything that Barack Hussein Obama does or says, isn’t the fact that we allow over a million LEGAL immigrants into this country every year, to crap allover us enough for you liberal bleeding hearts? . Is that not enough for you Comrade? Why do you find it so disgusting that we ask people to respect our immigration laws? Why do these ass-hole break our laws and not only get away with it, but we bend down backwards to these creeps and that’s still not enough for you Progressive morons! For Obama it was always about destroying America. He never cared for the welfare of this country. To him we were always wrong and arrogant. Well i have news for you, this putz wrote the book on arrogance.
    And don’t dare to compare the people who came here long ago who want to escape communism to the millions of ILLEGAL aliens who only come here to sponge off of everyone here, and just take, take , and take and never give.

  13. "For Obama it was always about destroying America. He never cared for the welfare of this country."

    Oh, geez. How do you argue with unfounded crap like that lol!

    1. Barack Hussain Obama is America’s Dream’s worst nightmare, you want to count the way? I’ll be very happy to. He is more friendly with the Muslims and the homosexuals and the abortionists, and apparently his America-hating pastor whose "church" he attended for 20 years, than with any other group. Obama brought shame and disrespect for the United States all over the Arab world when he stood there in Cairo and apologized . He showed his contempt for the United States and demonstrated it clearly in front of millions of people and even the King.
      Obama had told us that the complete "transformation" of America was his goal, but to me that means he has the utmost contempt for capitalism, and America's traditional values, because he wants to change everything we stood for, for hundreds of years.. His actions and words have already verified his disdains for the use of American power. Not just military power but diplomatic and international power as well. To him America was and is too arrogant. His aim is to reduce America from a superpower to something less. And he is surely succeeding. He has turned our military into a second class army. He told us American’s that the makers of the anti-Muslim film was supposedly the reason for the violence in Benghazi Libya, a LIE that is well known at this point.
      By weakening America, Obama plays into Putin's hands.
      Obama-haters at home had catalogued the president's apologies abroad, his weird multicultural bowing to authoritarians, Kings and what-not! His speeches about Islamic achievements are nothing more than a myth. Hisis surreal euphemisms for radical Islam, terrorism, and jihadism, his insistence about civilian trials for terrorists and closing Guantanamo, coupled with the vast increase in entitlement spending are nothing less than un-American. . But after six years of all that, our allies have got the message that they are on their own, our enemies that there are few consequences to aggression, and neutrals that joining with America does not mean ending up on the winning side.
      Barack Hussein Obama has been a sterling success, for the enemies of this country. He is no amateur; he is not a feckless individual who doesn't know what he is doing. His actions are deliberate, and his goals are in direct opposition to the vast majority of the American people. His so-called misdirections are calculated, and his leadership traits are not intended to support America. He knows exactly what he is doing, and far too many people still don't comprehend or want to believe the machinations of this man and his underlying political arc. His apology tour It was more like a condemnation of America tour. We are reaping what the Apologizer in Chief sowed in 2009.
      Barack Obama wouldn't wear a flag pin because it stands for patriotism, something Barack Hussain Obama knows nothing about. Like many liberals, Barack Obama doesn't like America very much and overt displays of patriotism repel him. Because Obama was foolish enough to want to tell the world that he wouldn't wear a flag pin, but couldn't admit the truth because it disgusts the average American, the most unpatriotic President in history. Obama, the same man who once bemoaned that the U.S. Constitution is deeply flawed and America's Founding Fathers had "an enormous blind spot" when they wrote it, is again complaining that our Constitutional Republic does not satisfy his dictatorial aspirations. Apparently, the inconvenience of having each state represented equally in the Senate is inconveniencing his ability to shove his leftist personal agenda down the throat of Congress and the American people. Obama and his kind is a bitter hatred for all that is good and decent in America. It is an inversion of values, driven by demagogues like Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright, and every thing and everyone that America DOESN’T STAND FOR. .

    2. Why do American liberals / progressives always side with the terrorists?

  14. "How do you argue with unfounded crap like that"

    "Unfounded" are you really that brain dead? There is no argument!


  15. Obama has really has accomplished nothing other than dividing the nation more than its ever been divided in my lifetime, creating chaos, creating and crying about racism but only when it’s about a white person, never a black one. He has been destroying the economy but covering that up for those who are not paying attention by printing more and more money...which only devalues our money which creates even more debt.

    He is in this job way over his head. and will never take responsibility for his own failed policies.

    And the real sad part is that there are some many people who are buying it

  16. This sonnet was penned seventeen years ago in reference to the Clintons‘ Whitewater woes, but I see now that the basic sentiments apply to the way politics is conducted all the time. Proof once more that "The more things change, the more they remain the same.” - FT

    _____ Sail On, O Ship of State ______

    What the truth might be no one can find.
    Hopeless is the quest on either side
    Invested as they are in staying blind
    To anything that points to Power denied.
    Entrenched in battle lines made to endure,
    Weapons drawn and ready to attack.
    A motivating force that’s quite impure
    Twists logic into seeing white as black.
    Examining our leaders’ feet of clay
    Removes us from confronting our own flaws,
    While they decisive action can delay
    On how to rid the Nation’s Face of yaws.
    Electing pugilists who throw the fight
    Scorches angels’ wings, yet sheds no light.

    ~ FreeThinke - The Sandpiper, Summer 1997

  17. I'm shocked, AOW, absolutely shocked you don't know one of the KEY contributions muslims made to the very fabric of this nation: the building of our navy and our first overseas adventure. All because the Barbary Pirates, protected by Islamic states, demanded about 25% of our national output as tribute. And Thomas Jefferson - who railed at the European practice of paying this without complaint when he was a mere diplomat - said NO when he became president.

    Plus, they gave us part of the Marine hymn .... to the shores of Tripoli where Jefferson installed a friendlier pasha.

    1. Not entirely true. The decisive battle in the 1st war was a land battle which involved Berber mercenaries under American command.

      It's more complicated than the high school indoctrination.

    2. Gosh Ducky, where were you when God handed out the humor genes?

      Non of this (including the bit about the Marine hymn) were even taught in my high school. And I am quite familiar with Consul Eaton's little expeditionary force.

    3. Laurence Pimpernell said

      The Beantown Quacker got all his knowledge straight from the horse's ass. His Zinn-soaked view of history is the product of imbibing too freely of the Rotgut Liquor of Leftist Revisionism.

    4. I will have a lengthy post about Howard Zinn on August 11.

    5. Baysider,
      Some individuals have a deficit of humor genes. Such people, however, don't know that they have such a deficit. Just sayin'.

    6. Baysider,
      I'm shocked, AOW, absolutely shocked you don't know one of the KEY contributions muslims made to the very fabric of this nation: the building of our navy and our first overseas adventure.

      I'm sure that Obama didn't have that in mind.

    7. Duck,
      What high school indoctrination? I have rarely seen the the information about the Marines and the Muslim pirates definitively covered -- especially Thomas Jefferson's take and actions. Mustn't insult Islam, you know.

      Of course, in my history classes, I make sure to cover the material.

  18. But, seriously, I have a beef with the nanny-statism mentality. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal highlighted Safety Cops in the office. Long ago I noted that with guys putting yellow strips on the edges of stair treads, we were gradually learning not to pay attention where we were going. Now the safety cops are out in droves - probably following a murder* of lawyers.

    Rio Tinto - a major Utah mining company - has safety rules on job sites they are now applying to office workers. For example, they are required to fill out daily safety cards to ensure safety awareness, and of course run out of things to say. One worker was quoted that '"to mitigate choking hazards I will take smaller bites and avoid bread." And I'm thinking, to mitigate unsafe anger issues I will ignore these cards. :) The options are vast ,and contemplating them has brought much mirth to the Bayside household.

    Okay, nobody wants people to work in unnecessarily hazardous conditions. But this sounds like a logical follow-on to the grade school playground where dodge ball is banned, and a world where the nanny state coerces parents to hover over their children for every teensy safety concern (except, of course, abortion) then fling them into college life in a totally unsupervised drunken orgy.

    *A murder is what you call a group of crows.

    1. Baysider,
      Great comment!

      Filling out daily safety cards is insanity -- and inanity. Sheesh.

      You make a very interesting point with this: the nanny state coerces parents to hover over their children for every teensy safety concern (except, of course, abortion) then fling them into college life in a totally unsupervised drunken orgy.

      Do parents ever stop to think about that? No parents whom I personally now seem very concerned about the orgy that is today's college "education."

      My first recognition of the arrival of The Nanny State: the requirement for drivers to wear seat belts.

      Now, wearing a seat belt is not a bad thing per se. But a government-enforced requirement to do so?

  19. Remember, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it”? Our Dear leader President Barrrck Hussein Obama said those words just this past April. Well since then a poll by the Tampa Bay Times, revealed that 63% of the population agreed that Our Dear leader President Barrrck Hussein Obama lies at least some of the time on other important issues and another 20% said he lies every now and then every time he speaks. Only 15% ( all Liberals incidently) believed the President is completely truthful.
    The President has lied so often and routinely that this character flaw in him is likely to play a very large role in the midterm elections in November . When you add in his lawlessness and his leadership failures, along with his failed policies and his inability to rule the country in a manner that pleases at least 50% of the population, he has created a far more dangerous and divided country/world! Put that in your hat and eat it! Checks and balances, my arse!

  20. It was said by the fictional character Don Quixote "Facts are the enemy of truth," in the Broadway musical "Man of La Mancha." But, Don Quixote was delusional and clearly insane. Ah but was Barach Obama delusional and clearly insane when he said the same? That my friends is the question of the day, or should I say the Centry!.

    Reporting all the facts confirms that he did. This was just yesterday, when it was reported that our dear president said the following.
    “ I couldn’t have been more blunt in acknowledging that the U.S. crossed a moral line in its treatment of war-on-terror prisoners.”

    “We tortured some folks,” Obama said during a White House news conference Friday. “When we engaged in some of these enhanced interrogation techniques, techniques that I believe and I think any fair-minded person would believe were torture, we crossed a line. And that needs to be understood and accepted.”

    But that is not important today. Was it not important when George W. Bush was accused of doing the exact same thing? That is not what is driving down Obama's poll numbers. It is not what is destroying the Democratic-Liberal party’s credibility and their chances of controlling the Senate. But it IS what it is, and what it is , is that Our dear president has been once again lying to the American public. Once again, "Facts are the enemy of truth,"

    At issue is NOT did we "torture" Al-Qaeda terrorists who murdered Americans. (they certainly deserved torture, but it is debatable if they were tortured or not). But then again the president admitted that we did! So Mission Accomplished as they say! This is all about the President trying to "change the subject" when he is defending the CIA and their spying on Congress. This is Obama trying to distract from another one of HIS scandal and point to the Bush Admin instead.

    This is a Constitutional violation by Pres Obama, and he defends it. He embraces the CIA Director that HE HIMSELF appointed. He says the CIA chief has a hard job (is it harder now than it was under Bush after 9/11?). Apparently everyone working under Obama has a "hard job" and just about all of them are engaged in an ongoing, or just completed, scandal. Obama is "mad about it" and will "get to the bottom of it", but no one will be held accountable for it!
    They could pay ME, and I couldn’t make things like this UP! It’s truly rare that I get to see a slam dunk like this one.. Thank you for the opportunity to speak my mind.

    1. Excellent commentary. I hope you will visit my blog and comment there often. I welcome all points of view as long as they're expressed thoughtfully. Generally, I don't suffer fools gladly, but try not to be too unkind, unless bombarded with persistent trollish nonsense and BOILERPLATE.

      "Don't confuse me with the FACtS, what I want is the TRUTH" may sund like a joke, but I take it very seriously, since I believe that "facts" -- like statistics" -- can be selected out of context and manipulated to "prove" just about any contention.

      I believe the technique is called "Sophistry," if I'm not mistaken. Please correct me if I am mistaken.

  21. Muslim contributions to the very fabric of our nation;

    1. The TSA

    2. A drastically weakened economy

    3. The Marines

    4. Slavery

    5. Getting us here in the first place

    Details at the above link.

  22. A few commenters above mentioned Boko Haram.

    I just stumbled across this recent information about Boko Haram:

    Boko Haram Strapped And Remotely Triggered Explosives On Unsuspecting Kidnapped Schoolgirls.

    1. Remember .... the Viet Cong did this, too.

  23. No need to worry. Boko Haram is recruiting Kenyans because they have easier access to the U.S.

    I do not have a vocabulary to describe a man who will detonate explosives on a little girl. Actually, I do have the vocabulary, but I play by the rules of your blog.


    1. Tammy,
      I do not have a vocabulary to describe a man who will detonate explosives on a little girl. Actually, I do have the vocabulary, but I play by the rules of your blog.

      Thank you.

      The air frequently turns blue here as I sit at my laptop, but I refrain from typing in how I really feel.

  24. The current crisis in Gaza has shown the VAST difference between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the six-year history of the two leaders, have proved this time and time again..
    These two men clearly don't like each other and have done very little to hide their feelings since Obama took office. Barack Obama, has had a hostile attitude to the Prime Minister, ever since Netanyahu paid a visit to the White House and Obama left BiBi sitting there alone while he went and had his dinner with Michelle.This showed his lack of respect and his bitterness toward Netanyahu. In my humble opinion, this was one of the most pathetic displays and lack of respect ever before show to a world leader.
    of course, I speak for myself, but in so doing so, I voice a similar opinion that resonates with many, many others across the world who feel the same.

    But the VAST difference between Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Hussain Obama could not be clearer Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recognizes the threat to his country and acts accordingly and decisively to protect his people, and his country and defeat the enemy. He has made it clear that he will do everything in his power to do whatever it takes to defeat them. He is confident and resolute, and means every word that he says. . He is a strong leader who has been in combat and knows the sacrifice it takes. Unlike Obama, he loves his country and will fight to protect it against all odds even when his allies desert him and tell him otherwise. He is a leader to be respected and admired. Then there is Obama, enough said

  25. The nasty posts that I've been reading on so many of these conservative blogs shows us, sadly, that we've learned nothing and we do not believe a word of what the plaque on Lady Liberty says. We're now repeating what we've done in our recent past to other refugees. After the Vietnamese conflict, many refugees who supported America in the war came to this country. They were met with exactly the same sort of abuse and animosity that the refugee children from Central America are receiving.

    Shame on us. These airhead idiots brag about being the beacon of hope and freedom in the world, then when we're tested on how serious we are about those ideals, we tell the freedom seekers to GO BACK HOME! WE DON'T WANT YOU!

    At least Obama's doing the right thing, that more than I can say for anyone on the “Right”

    1. Please take a good long look look in the mirror if you want to see vituperative one-sided opinion, grotesque distortion of selected facts used disingenuously to smear political opponents. Leftists have always been great masters of presumptuousness and incivility. It is their stock-in-trade.

      If is all-but -impossible to believe that even leftists sincerely believe that Emma Lazarus's mawkish, overly sentimental inscription at the base of the Statue of Liberty means that ANYBODY and EVERYBODY who feels the URGE should simply be given FREE ENTRANCE with no attempt at screening or controls of any kind.

      That has NEVER been the case even during The Great Migration of the latter part of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

      Read the words of a great progressive if you don't believe me:

      "There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. . . . the one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be nation at all, would permit it to be a tangle of squabbling nationalities."

      "We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language, for we intend to see that the crucible turns our people out as Americans, and not as dwellers in a polyglot boarding house."

      ~ Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919)

      You meed to study our founding documents and review an authentic American History book -- meaning one that was written before 1965.

  26. Shane the Keyboard WarriorAugust 3, 2014 at 10:11:00 AM EDT

    What we have been seeing in Gaza for the past 2-3 weeks shows us exactly what these Israeli’s are made of.. HATE! All the more proof that we need to dump Israel and its band of merry murderers. Israel is not our 51 st State They started this whole mess because of the stupid belief God chose them and therefore everything is theirs. Every time I hear this I it makes me laugh. All bets are off when they crucified his only son. Besides when you are in the printing business you can put anything you want in a book it dosent mean its true. I keep hearing about this laughable idea if the Pals put down their weapons there will be peace here is the second half, because once they are disarmed then we will kill them all. Another problem is that then the bloodthirsty jews will find somebody else that is on their land God supposedly gave them. Amerca should kick them off the welfare gravy train and end the parasitic relationship that is the root problem

    The one thing that is very clear to me is that Our President Obama loves world peace and Bibi loves war, but he wants others to do it for him. Thats an old ZIONIST trick.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Sarah,
      Please observe the rules for commenting.

  27. I wonder how many of the people here believe that we should continue to give aid to the Arab Nations such as the Palestinians, And or should President Obama suspend giving Military aide to Israel?
    America is considered the moral leader of the world. I won’t bother to comment on the merit of that claim (either made by us or others). But it’s a simple fact that American foreign policy often has a strong moral element to it. For example, during the cold war, we promoted policies to encourage the Soviet Union to allow the emigration of Russian Jews to Israel. Furthermore, President Carter famously elevated human rights in his dealings with other nations. In fact, I believe the US always includes restrictions on the use of military aid and the weapons we supply to allies in the sense that we won’t allow them to be used except for defensive purposes
    Once America was the nation of second chances, of mercy, and forgiveness.
    America is where the first penitentiary was created. The Puritans would put a transgressor in a cell with the Bible with the purpose of him to read, reflect, and become penitent of his actions and attitudes. Once, our prisons were supposed to rehabilitate, or at least try.
    Somehow, we lost our way.

    Or do you think that because Hamas is the aggressor and a terrorist group. should we stop funding them?.
    We have become a mean, petty, vindictive society. No mercy. No second chances.
    We imprison kids for 20 years for minor drug offenses.
    We brand young men as sex perverts for life because they have sex with their girl friend.
    What has happened to our mercy? To our understanding?
    What has happened to our Christianity?

    I'd be very interested in how many people here that have commented have "found religion."

  28. I also wonder how many of us think that the USA should suspend all foreign aid to any of the Mid East Nations . For that matter the US should suspend all foreign aid period. I for one am tired of seeing my tax money being spent on other countries when the money could be better spent here at home. What say you?

    1. Public opinion polls show that despite liberal denial, at least one in five or 17% of Americans recognize that Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim. While campaigning for president in 2008, Obama claimed to be a Christian in an interview he gave to Christianity Today magazine.

  29. Shaw,, I know that you are responsible for some of these lame-brain anti Conservative comments here using those stupid made-up screen names. , you enjoy calling people "idiots" and are always saying how you hate Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Hannity, and esp. George Bush etc. and just about anyone who has a “R” in front of his name. I have been this blog of yours for about 4 years and have read all your posts as they correspond to the subject politics. i have noticed a lot of things about you, and lamely enough your no different than the other blind Liberal Idiot fruit cakes that I’ve met everyday in my life, and on these here boards..
    I couldn't care less if someone dropped you on your head an you damaged your brain as a child or an adult. But that would explain your lack of good sense and respect.
    it truly matters very little in the grand scheme of how you conduct your life. and that is what i learn about you; i learn exactly the things you yourself choose to deny from your responses to your blog. i get to see your inner working mind as you attempt to defend your position which give me a blueprint as to how you not only view problems but also how you deal with a problem and attempt to reach a solution to said problem.
    with the correct ability to view information anyone can disasseble anyone else to truly figure out how they tick. in all truth i just mess with you because i'm bored and i know how to get a rise out of you; in real life i would yawn, pat you on the head , tell you to go “F” yourself and walk away laughing.

    1. Sarah,
      Shaw,, I know that you are responsible for some of these lame-brain anti Conservative comments here using those stupid made-up screen names

      The administrators of this blog don't know any such thing -- nor do we care.

      We administrators have better things to do than hover of the site meter.

  30. What's really frustrating is when libs don't see anything wrong with say LBJ's robbing of social security and creating welfare with the proceeds, when today, 50 years later, these are some of the biggest problems for America today and they will never raise the white flag and change direction.

    PS- Add in literally Every libtard program, initiative, department, thought, and idea.

  31. Kid,

    AMEN, not to mention, specifically, the present disastrous triad + from Hell: B.O., Pelosi, Reid, et al who are bringing this Nation further down, now and for generations to come. My take on this is that Liberals bask in the dogma of their indoctrination , which they perceive as knowledge, while demonstrating no more common sense than that of the average dandelion! OK, most of us already know that and you are right; "they will never..................change. It's too bad that they are not the [only] ones who , and will continue to, suffer from their complete lack of judgment!

    1. JonBerg Thanks. Not a lot can be said about it. No solutions. These situations require experience (hand over flame followed by OW!)

      There's a good chance it will be way too late by then. I'm glad I'm not a kid today. :)

    2. Kid and Jon,
      We have more than one American generation now taking those entitlements as their inalienable rights. Therein lies another aspect of the madness that is the 21st Century.

    3. AOW, An inch a day, a foot a week, a mile a month. It's how your hardcore commie works.

  32. Kid,

    Yes, as I've said before: The definition of Hell, at this juncture, is REINCARNATION!


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