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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Nincompoopery Poll

(Nincompoopery — and worse — abounds! This edition of "Nincompoopery" offers specific links, and readers have the option of taking a poll as to which story they find the most outrageous. Discussion available in the comments section)

Links to read:

ONE: Michelle O’s menu ‘financial disaster,’ school district says

TWO: Feds spend $200K to uncover why Wikipedia seems to be sexist

THREE: "Appalling" Military Directive Elevates Rights of Muslims Over Christians; Reeks of Political Correctness

FOUR: Inquiry by C.I.A. Affirms It Spied on Senate Panel

FIVE: $7,060,259,674,497.51--Federal Debt Up $7 Trillion Under Obama

Please cast your vote in the following poll, which closes on Tuesday:

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  1. The mear mention of Mooshells name is Nincompoopery .

  2. What the Hell Is it Gonna Take to Get These Sick DemonCratic Criminals out of Power? According to Hillary Klinton, they Created Al-ci-ada & They Created Isis. creating False Flag Attacks to Start Wars & Killing Thousands of Christians All over the World! This Is Where Are Taxpayers $$ Is Going, to Supply Weapons to Kill Innocent People.?

  3. The only reason society voted for him twice him is because they are clueless to whats going on.half the country is on welfare collecting Obama phones,why would they hate him.we are in a welfare state& now he"ll have all the illegals support,while he takes them on a ride to Disneyworld.I personally despise Barack Hussain Obama, and EVERYTHING that he stands for. As well as his Fat-Assed wife. .

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    1. My blog, my topics.

      If you want to comment about another blog post, then go to that blog post to make your comment.


  5. Nixon was ten times more honorable than that muslime mulatto commie ape who lies to the American people on a minute by minute basis every day.

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    2. I suppose AOW publishes comments such as Anonymous and Kelly Cush Vitale in the name of free speech. They indirectly discuss topics on this post and directly show disrespect for a sitting President and First Lady.

      And we wonder what has happened to civility and why. It is pathetic really.

    3. A president undeserving of respect. One who actually has no respect for the office, himself. Demonstrably.

    4. RN,
      1. You are assuming to much by speculating as to why I allow some comments to stand and not others.

      2. I don't babysit my blog.

      Indeed, this morning from approximately 8:40 A.M.-10:15 A.M., I have been out of the house with Mr. AOW to do the weekly grocery shopping. Furthermore, I had job responsibilities to fulfill as I prepare for the start of the 2014-2015 school term.

      3. Insulting a sitting POTUS and a FLOTUS has a long history dating back to at least the American Civil War.

      4. I am indeed a staunch advocate of free speech within certain parameters. The definition of the term civility has room for interpretation.

      5. If you don't like the way I run my blog, buzz off. My blog, my rules.

    5. Furthermore, even as busy as I am, I have the guts to run this blog without comment moderation.


  6. Obama can't help himself. Liberalism causes brain damage.

  7. Like most I chose Number Three, but see Number Five as a very close second.

    Number Three indicates the regrettable transformation of our military from an elite fighting force maintained to protect and defend OUR interests to some sort of effeminized organization whose primary purpose now is to placate our enemies, and promote worldwide Social Justice.

    In other words we now have a military establishment managed and manned by limp-wristed EUNUCHS brainwashed with mendacious Marxian cant a rhetoric.

    PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH was a great motto.

    PEACE THROUGH CAPITULATION is sure to bring about our undoing.

    That said, however, in the practical world of Realpolitik MONEY really IS far ahead of whatever occupies Second Place. Ergo, the soaring, out-of-contrl deficit is just as apt to bring us to ruin us as an effeminate, "socialized" military.

    Thanks to the vast inroads made by Cultural Marxism we are in DEPLORABLE condition

  8. I'm with Ed on #5 and believe me the National Debt is but the 'tip of the iceberg'!

    Check out this link.


  9. None of you "freedom lovers" voting for 4?

    Ed, I ask again, where were you when your saint was ballooning the national debt at double digit interest rates while Obama is borrowing below the inflation level?
    It's as if you don't understand that the cost of debt service is the critical element.

    If you could get a 2% jumbo on a property that will increase 3% in price on inflation alone, would you do it?

    It's not that I don't think conservatives can handle anything but very simple ideas but their thinking is very rudimentary.

  10. 5 has the worst publically seen consequences because we can count the dollars and we'll see the inflation that follows. Michelle O's lunch menus are of biggest interests to people who benefit from ag price supports.

    Very hard to choose between 2, 3, and 4. The military is an arm of government policy. It's very disturbing to see this policy trend of marginalizing Christians as policy of the US government via the US military (this story only being one example of many).

    So I voted for 3. 4 happens so much we're almost numb to the story. But I can't help being PO'd at the Wikipedia story. To quote a famous secretary of state, "what difference does it make!"

    1. Spoken like a monetrist. A pretty well failed theory.

      We spent under Raygun, Bush and Obama. Clintoon, not so much and that's when we saw some inflation.
      Monetarist theory just hasn't held up.

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    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. Any theory will fail when the beholder is blind and cannot see the light.

  11. "It's as if you don't understand that the cost of debt service is the critical element"

    It's as if YOU don't understand BANKRUPTCY!


  12. Number 4 is the most egregious on the list, but for nincompoopery's sake, the award would have to go to number 3 and the latest salvo from the Todd Starnes 'Christian victimhood' noise machine. I fail to understand how Fox News would keep on a reporter who cannot determine the difference between Policy Letters that have the actual force of a Directive [as his articles have employed], and personal correspondence to all hands.

    I guess all's fair when you're trying to frame a narrative...and hypocrisy is ignored when castigating the political opposition for doing likewise. At least Starnes is relegated to the OpEd page in the pimping of his book.

  13. ducky, if the Senate doesn't want the CIA to spy on it, perhaps they should stop stealing and leaking top secret documents.

    1. Perhaps we should live in the dark.

    2. You're right. Wikileaks has made the world a much better and safer place. Complete "openness" is the answer to all the world's problems. There should be no secrets.

      Somebody tell Adam and Eve to lose the fig leafs. The DUCK has decreed a fundamentally new order for the world.

      *rolls eyes*

    3. PS - Athena, your bath is ready. Mt. Helicon and its inhabitants look forward to staring "blindly" at your nakedness. All are invited but Tireseas. I understand that he's already witnessed the spectacle.

    4. PPS - I Iook forward to watching the next nude Olympic Games. In the spirit of your argument, perhaps we should also extend the practice of "full disclosure" at the UN and insist that the diplomats there negotiate in the nude as well. It can't hurt, can it?

  14. President Obama Lacks the class, intelligence and foreign and domestic policy mastery that Nixon had. The whiners on the Left only wish that, anti-semite paranoid Muslim creep had a fraction of the Presidential ability that Nixon had. Insted we have a lair , a cheat, and an anti American in our White house.

    Richard Nixon's great success that liberals forget:
    1.) put on a path of peace with honor in Vietnam until liberals in Congress wanted to cut off funds and let Vietnam fall under yoke of communism.
    2.) brought our POW's home from Vietnam.
    3.) used Vietnam and triangulation to have detente with Soviets and signed SALT 1.
    4.) established OSHA.
    5.) established EPA.
    6.) lowered voting age to 18
    7.) signed off on Title 9.
    8.) signed Persons With Disabilities Act

    Put that in your Marxist Pipe and smoke it. .

    1. Thom*,
      Because you made a comparison between Obama and Nixon, I will let this comment stand. However, you are straying a bit from the topics of this blog post.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Thom. 1, 3, 5, 6 = A POX UPON US. as in Not good things happening.

  15. All the above? LOL! They are all rather disturbing, and I simply cannot choose one, since they all have effected our nation with such negative results.

    The lunches are a joke and we are now packing our son's lunch.

  16. I"m going with number one because I find it UNBELIEVABLE that the whims of a 'first lady' are so IMMEDIATELY enacted into nationwide execution.

    As in "We don't even build a little bridge somewhere before we do a freakin 3 year long multi-million dollar Environmental impact study. Where was the Impact Study for trying to serve kids a bunch of crap for lunch.

    We let someone, just because the current POTUS had hot pants for her at some point in the past dictate policy and have it immediately executed? This is TOTAL BS !

    And I'll say the same thing about Laura Bush with her no child left behind. The no child left behind as turned out to be Slow the rate of education down to the speed of molasses going uphill at zero degrees Kelvin and smart kids who might have learned something are no bored out of their skulls waiting for morons to be able to and 2+3 correctly.

    Screw he morons. The world needs ditch diggers too.

  17. Here's maybe a surprise. I could care less about the national debt. It's a non-issue.

  18. Kid,

    " I could care less about the national debt. It's a non-issue."

    That is, without a doubt, the most stupid statement I have ever encountered on any blog site or anywhere else. Liberalmann would even know better ! Some one must have gotten the [real] Kid's Avatar. The [stand-up] guy that I know would NEVER make such a dumb statement! Where is Warren?

    1. JonBerg, Maybe you're right. Let's see how it goes. They could print up 10 trillion today, make the debt 7 trillion and what would be the bottom line?
      What would the effect be? You know since 2008, trillions of $ of real estate has simply been erased/bulldozed off the books. We're living in the time where numbers don't really mean anything. They're all fake. GDP, UE, Inflation, All BS. 5 trillion has been printed up by the Fed to give to the banks so they could have a do over from their bad mortgage betting through Oct 2007. National debt is a misdirection imo.

      Let's see how it comes out.

  19. "Let's see how it comes out."

    I'm glad that I won't be around and that I've not created any progeny who will suffer from the economic Hell that surely awaits! The National Debt is but a tiny bit of the impending debt that cannot and will not be paid. "We're living in the time where [numbers] don't really mean anything." Guess what, they will !

  20. I’ll bet her kids aren't eating the pathetic crap that she’s suggesting to our kids!

    Let’s place the blame where it is deserved. Was Moochele in the kitchen dishing out all that undercooked crappy looking meat, that we are seeing in the newspapers? Duh? Maybe not, but it was her who designed the menu. And why are we letting this happen?
    Isn’t it bad enough that the school lunch system is a disaster, and now they want to control what they consume by allowing Moochele control it ? Who the hell ever said that she’s an expert on nutrition? Let her give that crap to her own children.
    Why are we allowing that Moose to mess with our kids

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. These Progressives can DRAMATIZE all they want to about Richard Nixon's Resignation Speech, but the facts lie (pardon the Pun) where they are. What Nixon did FORTY years ago was peanuts compared to what Obama has done to this Nation in the past 6 years or so.

    Yes, President Richard M. Nixon may have been a bit paranoid and a complex man. His transgressions with respect to Watergate were foolish, in fact they were stupid for a man of Nixon's intelligence. But, he let is paranoia and love of control get the better of him and proved to be his undoing.

    Nixon's resignation speech was, in my estimation act of integrity, class, respectful. and concern for ultimately doing the right thing for the nation and er citizens. For this I respect the man.

    Nixon came to the presidency imminently, extremely, qualified with many years of public service under his belt. He was in office during the formation of the EPA and OSHA, agencies the left has grown to love. He ended the Vietnam Police Action, opened relations with Communist China, again all things the left applauded. In short he worked in the best interest of this nation and our people. Something sorely missing today and for some time now.

    You can say what you will about Nixon, his tapes, and Watergate, I was not particularly fond of Nixon either, but the man did much good and some not so good things for this nation he loved.
    What Nixon did 40 years ago was nothing compared to what Obama is doing now
    So, the bottom line is that I'd take Richard M. Nixon over the current officeholder in a heartbeat. If you or anyone wished to question my reasoning and play the race card and call be a racist have at it. It will sat more about anyone who does than it would say about me or anyone else who thinks as I have just enunciated.
    Although Presidents know the importance of the domestic politics of foreign policy, they often miscalculate, and they grow into the job. But unfortunately,, Obama never knew anything about the importance of domestic politics or of foreign policy, and NEVER grew into the Job. But he lied throughout his first term and continues to lie throughout his second term. .

  23. Liberals are very Silent about Obama’s shreds the Constitution.. Obama has used the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to guarantee any surveillance the government wants without probable cause. Nixon spied on a virtual hand-full. Barack Obama’ s NSA wire-taps the entire nation and monitors the e-mails of thousands.
    Richard Nixon was not interested in destroying the constitution.

    Nixon was a saint compared to Obama and his ilk!

  24. RN, your comments on AOW’s blog wass a bit over the top, IMO.
    My blog, is still MY BLOG and no one, NO ONE tells me what to write or how to write it!! Period!
    No one on MY bog ever attacks any Conservative for their opinions, or called anyone vile names. I pretty much allow comments to pass as long as those guidelines are kept.

    I don't agree with everything posted there, but I do allow a difference of opinion and I do not allow savage attacks on those who give them. I also do not like the sort of gross insults that are allowed over at the blogs mentioned.

    I'm surprised you didn't let your disgust known over at those blogs where they insult and degrade President Obama and his family, on a daily basis, with the most appalling racist attacks.

    Apparently people who criticize Richard Nixon and his presidency are more hateful than the people on those blogs who degrade, by vile name-calling the First Family and who never fail to attack everything any liberal says or does.

  25. Let me say, that staying out of politics and religion and this post is in now way related to politics. This post is a rebuttal to the left wing progressive moron’s who are sucking up to Michelle Obama as if she is a super model. (She’s far from it).
    She may be on the cover of every magazine this year and was even named one of People Magazine’s and Maxim’s ‘Most Beautiful People’. Well that’s only and I repeat “ONLY” because she’s the First lady” Being that I am an American, I’ll exercise my right to free speech and respectfully disagree. In fact I really can’t see any beauty there what so ever. In fact I’d say that she is she super ugly. I don't think she's ugly, because I am a "white supremacist." I think she's ugly, because she's UGLY! In fact she is nasty inside and outside.

    1. She can smile pretty, act pleasant, may have no fashion sense, and have the body form of a linebacker. That's external.
      She has an ugliness of the soul, born of the marxist, racist, unpatriotic character within her that she exposes regularly.

    2. LMAO
      Good comment

  26. Picture this,...... Your on a picnic in the park on a hot summers day with your family, you’re grilling hot dogs. You pay little attention to the drone flying overhead. It’s probably a UPS or FedEx drone making a package delivery. But NO! It’s not! It’s the FOOD POLICE and they are monitoring the items you brought to the picnic. The hot dogs, buns, potato chips and soda pop exceed your family’s maximum caloric allowance for the day. Besides, you have non-diet soda pop that has been completely outlawed because it contains sweetener. You are in real hot water with the food police.

    If that Orwellian view of the future sends chills down your spine maybe it should, because it is not far-fetched at all. What it really is , is a composition of Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City, combined with the menu designed by The First Lady of the United states of America, Your Highness Michelle Obama a combination of two Mental Midgets calling the limits on soft drinks and food that is allowed by rule of his kingdom!

    The food police we all had to deal with growing up were mom and dad. We don’t need to turn more parenting over to government. KING AND QUEEN OBAMA KNOWS BETTER!

  27. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Well there is your problem RN. You should instead be focusing on the disgusting and disrespectful comments leveled at America/Americans by the president and first lady.

      There I fixed that for you.- no charge.

  28. Stephanie, watergate wasn't even on par with a respectable college prank. That these pathetic libs are still yapping about it is the very definition of pathetic.

    What life sucking effects has watergate had on the country At All, but comapred to lbj stealing social security funds, starting welfare (life sucking things 50 years later) and carter creating the federal dept of education, and a person would have to be either dead or a libtard to not realize how much public education sucks and has sucked in America shortly after the dept was created.

    Truly blindingly, deafeningly pathetic.

  29. Granted some here are out of line, but like some pointed out, what about the places like AOW, Mustang, Geez, and the classic of bygone days, Malcontent...

    Sorry to say there is just not much here that even comes close to rivaling those places not just for their naked hate, but for some, their refusal to even enter into a conversation with the left.

    Shaw has never banned a conservative as long as they did not personally attack anyone... can some of those other blogs make that statement?

    I am pretty sure the people of whom you speak here today are not part of the regular crowd... and you know that...

  30. AOW thanks for telling that 2 faced fraud RN where to go.
    Indeed it's YOUR blog. & YOUR rules, if he wNts to dictate rules,et him go to the "dictator blog. Or to his own

    1. Georgie,
      I am patient -- but only to a point.

    2. The fact that no one likes or wants that two faced blogger RN around anymore is not at all surprising. This is a pattern of these liberal “ass-kissers” They kiss up to whoever will listen and agree with their BULL at the time and when they get to comfortable and say what’s “REALLY” on their mind, they get kicked under the Bus.
      Now that his Liberal friends are Outraged from his comments, he comes around here expecting us to give him some sympathy!
      It seem like the progressives have more sympathy for the 5 Taliban detainees than for poor little Mr. RN.

  31. Some days you go bear hunting and you get eaten, and some days you learn ea lesson and that’s the day you might grow up.
    RN said "It seems "hateful" is the meme that liberals assign to the motives if anyone who dares disagree with them."

    That's funny...the writer of the above called the people at Progressive Eruptions "hateful and ignorant," now he's accusing shaw of writing what he wrote?

    Mr. RN, you introduced the meme "hateful and ignorant" and labeled people who did not agree with your assessment of Nixon as such.

    Just to keep the record straight:

    No one called you any names, you told shaw's commenters that they were hateful and ignorant.

    I guess it's the same old same old with certain ideologues, accuse other people of what you say about them. One only must wonder that you say to your republican friends when us liberals are not around to read it. Personally, I hope they throw you out as well.

    There is a difference between empathy and sympathy, and that’s the difference between liberals and conservatives.

    Let them do what they do best, lie, name-call and use vile language. Nobody does it better. Conservatives are their own worst enemy.

  32. Robert D., there's a boat leaving for Russia, please do us all a favor and get on it.

  33. Like Laura Ingraham said....: 'Iraq Is Worse Off' Now Than Under Saddam Hussein”...
    Laura is right!!! Obama dropped the ball all so he could appease his far left base for the 2012 elections, there isn’t any doubt about that.

    Obama cut and run to appease his far left base for the 2012 elections.
    He did not try an negotiate, just left (also left a lot of military assets in Iraq).
    Although it really started when he drew a line in the sand, and then did it again, and then did it again.
    Well to be fair, you can say that Bush started this mess, and you may be correct, however, Obama has made a complete mess out of the whole the middle east since. Then his stance with Putin (the new world leader) really showed the whole world his weakness and the weakness in the US since..

  34. I also agree with Laura Ingraham..
    The far left Progressive bunch will never acknowledge their Messiahs illegal wars all over the Mid-East. All they know is how to Bash Bush!

  35. Mr Obama, Your Highness, if one or more of the terrorists you let go free today are the cause of one or more of our troops being killed,WHAT WILL YOU SAY TO AMERICANS THEN????????????????? Obama is the most clueless, weakest,worst president in USA history!!!!

  36. Apparently, Obama is furious with Hillary's criticism of his foreign policy: Obama Told Lawmakers Criticism of His Syria Policy is 'Horsesh*t' (in the ).

  37. Hillary should thank John Kerry , if it weren't for him, she would have been the worst Sec. Of State in history!

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    1. Off-topic comment removed.

      Save such comments for Saturday's Open Thread.

      Thank you.

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