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Sunday, August 17, 2014

In Honor Of Robin Williams

(If you must have politics, please scroll down)

Last photo, posted by Robin Williams to Instagram: "Happy Birthday to me! A visit from one of my favorite leading ladies, Crystal."

First, read about Awakenings, my favorite Robin Williams film.

Then, watch the short video below particularly poignant now that this brilliant performer is gone — apparently by his own hand:

Robin Williams the performer always gave 110%.  He could make me smile and cry, sometimes at the same time.

RIP, Robin. I miss you already.


  1. There is no doubt how sick he was just by looking at pictures of him over the past few months. He looks decades older than his age.

    I always thought he was very talented.

  2. I wish we could have kept him much longer than we did. He was a good man, as well as a talented actor. I will miss him.

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    _________ Staying in Character _________

    Endearing, though preposterous, as you were,
    Real affection from persona fake
    Incredibly, for your dear children’s sake,
    Flowed naturally, –– but with a trace of myrrh.
    This bitterness directed just toward you
    Betrayed your guilt at living past the norm
    Usually accepted as good form.
    Oh how easily you’d have gotten through
    Demands domestic, if you’d just been steady!
    Sadly, however, urges wild and heady
    Remained in charge, and so your judges ruled
    Maturity you lacked. They’d not been fooled.
    Only then –– by showing some resolve
    Through queer disguise –– did you your problem solve.

    ~ FreeThinke (8/17/14)

    1. FT,
      Thanks for contributing that acrostic sonnet.

      It might not have been lack of maturity on his part. Parkinson's Disease often has an element of dementia.

      Whatever the case, it saddens me that Robin Williams is gone too soon.

    2. Please look at my blog today for elucidation on this and other points. (It's in among the comments ;-)

  5. I never find myself mourning the loss of a celebrity...until now. His contribution to the art of acting on the silver screen, will not be easily surpassed.

    1. CI,
      With you on that! Incredible talent -- now snuffed out except for this archives.

    2. I find that he is really celebrated by the newer generation of vets for his USO work. Bravo that.
      I'm sorry he checked out.

  6. He had considerable range as an actor.

    Everything from light comedy (Mrs. Doubtfire) to drama (The Fisher King) and stops in between.
    Sometimes the comics are the most driven.

  7. You might as well have this here as part of the permanent record if thoughts on on Robin's suicide.

    __________ Transition _________

    Exactly what degree of sheer frustration
    Does it take, when one reaches the top,
    Into the thorny depths of desperation
    Causing Corey-like the urge to drop?
    It seems success, applause and commendation
    Unsettle more than they could satisfy.
    Steeper grows the way toward Relaxation;
    Stifling, the climb would breath, itself, deny.
    ‘Tis not the rich reward of which one dreams.
    No no! The price of glory’s much too high.
    Inside the soul makes silent piercing screams ––
    Bursting at the seams –– longing to die.
    O, manic man, why did you fail to thrive?
    Reaching out might have kept hope alive.

    ~ FreeThinke (8/17/14)

    1. FT,
      Thank you so much for posting this sonnet. I don't know how you manage to write verse. I've never had the gift of writing poetry -- although I much appreciate and enjoy reading poetry.

    2. The secret to writing verse:

      1% inspiration, 2% determination, 97% perspiration. ;-)


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