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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Another Amazing "Coincidence"

(Two posts today. Please scroll down)

EPA Says It “Lost” Emails From Employee Who Refused To Be Interviewed By Oversight Committee

That dog eats a lot of homework, doesn't he? He gets around!


  1. I don’t know about you people but I’m tired as hell of these scandal after scanda’s bullsh!t This is the most corrupt IRS administration in the history of the USA. Nobody believes a word of what IRS commissioner John Koskinen, or that Lying SOB, Obama ass-kissing slob Lois Lerner had to say when they testified. Their arrogance was and is astounding to say the very least. Of course the dems do what they always do, apologize and defend the IRS, Obama and Koskinen. Then again, you must remember that many dems in both the senate and the house are involved in this corruption as well.

    News reports have started with headlines stating that nobody believes the White House, the O-Team or the IRS commissioner as well. You all recall when BHO stated to Bill O’Reilly that there wasn’t a smidgeon of a corruption when it comes to the IRS scandal…and of course many of us knew he was lying through his teeth then, as he still does now. And I’m not interested in hearing we can’t do anything about this lying to congress crap…..We all know damn well that destroying evidence is autamitic Jain Time, so tell me why these people are still out of Jail?
    And we all know Lois Lerner’s been lying through her teeth from the get-go too. Just how stupid do these morons think that we republicans are? We all know that all emails have to go through a server. Did the server crash too? The investigative panel needs to stop posturing and displaying false outrage. Get off their asses and start sending these scumbags to prison for the maximum allowed sentence. These arrogant IRS pukes need to be shown that defrauding the American people comes with a steep price. They all should get prison sentences, from the top down.

    I’m tired of these bastardaturds are getting away with their crap just because they are liberals, a serious message needs to be sent.

    Lady Gunslinger said: “These Obama Zombies like Liberalmann, Ducky, Jersey and the rest are all a bunch of Zombies who will believe anything the Liar-In -Chief says.”
    And I’m tired of it as well. When they comment at those LibaTurd blogs they abide by the rules, but somehow when they come over here and on other Conservative blogs they act like spoiled BRATs who need a whippin. If they don’t like the heat, then stay out of the kitchen!!!!!

  2. As we wait for the opposition party (T- partiers, and repubs) to muster the substantive and actual evidence that will allow for action of some sort to actually be taken.

    In the meantime Sam Adam Rebel has a nice ring to it as well as quenching that powerful thirst.

  3. A "fish biologist" has a hard drive crash and these guys think it's the nest Teapot Dome. This guys emails are utterly unimportant, as are all these conservative fake scandals.


    1. And your Grandma was a Orangoutang

  4. The antics at the IRS really offend me personally. Anyone familiar with the ethics training government employees are mandated to take should be outraged.

    In general one is protected from legal liability when one acts within the scope of their job. Lois Lerner and her cohorts abused their authority and should be sued
    personally and be stripped of her pension.

    The IRS should be treated with a RICO type scenario. No pay increases or new hires until people step forward and talk. It is apparent that Lerner did not act alone. The goal should be to punish Lerner personally and all those who were involved at the managerial level. Those eligible for retirement at the IRS in management should be shown the door and hiring should be outsourced for a decade.

  5. Odd it's the EPA, too. But, hey.."see, it IS the Republicans making a big deal over nothing! Even the EPA had some computers crash and lost emails...see?"
    Well done, Obama Admin. Very well done.

  6. It's fun to see the leftwingers here in overdrive ....we knew they drank Obama's Kool Aid during elections, but to believe in coincidences like these is almost fairy-esque.... Do they vote for unicorns, too:? how LOVELY to live in that rarified magical land!

    1. Z,
      Have you seen this video of Obama in damage-control mode (June 26, 2014)?

      IMO, this video illustrates why he still has traction with his base.


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