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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weekend Humor (Or Not)

Put together a demonstration, and the strangest people show up. Video below the fold:


  1. *thud*

    That was the sound of my head hitting the desk.

    If that's the outcome of a college education then she did not get her student loan's worth.

    That blank look in her eyes really got me, too. Zombie-like!

  2. I must admit that I have never heard "Uproar" used as a verb before...

    Are you sure this wasn't a SNL parody???

  3. If she is in college or has a college degree, what studies did she enroll in?

  4. I'm guessing womyn studies or Afro-American studies.

    I'll give her credit for being "afraid of the government" ala Homeland Security.

    I always try to believe the best about people, even if they appear dumb, I still have hope that their heart is in the right place.

  5. I thought it was an In Living Color skit.

  6. Wow! Her professors must be proud. This poor young woman believes she is supposed to be upset about something having to do with our government; she just doesn't, YOU KNOW, know what it is.

  7. I still say it's a combination of Drugs and Stupidity.

  8. I doubt a clear minded person like her would use drugs.

  9. Unfortunately there are many just like her who are attending Georgia State in downtown Atlanta. You don't have to do anything except show up and then only occasionally. The rest of the time you wander around campus and town(which is basically the same thing) texting, yakking on your cell phone and then parteee-ing at night and the entire weekend.
    Most can't spell "GED" much less any thing else. They do not speak English nor is it Ebonics, it is 'galantablack and almost impossible to understand at times. Yes, staying stoned is part of the curriculum at Georgia State
    If your name is not Marquesha, Terkquyose or Shavonda(or at least something similiar ) don't apply.
    The worst part about all this is...they vote.

  10. In all the interviews I've watched of OWS protesters, I notice they fall into two groups; 1) SEIU, MoveOn, ACORN and teacher's unions "leader" types who specifically and unabashedly say they want to collapse "the system." 2) People like this lady, who cannot articulate a sensible reason why or what they are protesting, aka "useful idiots."

    Interesting bedfellows. Obama, Biden, Reid, Schumer, Pelosi, Clinton, Lewis, Sharpton and Farrakhan all the big name Democrats endorse OWS, as does George Soros, the richest and most corrupt capitalist in the world. And the Communist Party USA, Nazi Party USA, Iranian Mullahs and now (drum roll) David Duke all support OWS!

    Why if so many disparate groups agree on this protest, it MUST be right! This reminds of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of 1939. Germany and Russia were great pals and carved up Poland, then were at each others throats in 1941. If these people succeed in destroying (not reforming) the national economic system and all that means, they will turn on each other like a pack of junkyard dogs.

  11. What a rambling idiot, but a fine example of the occupy people.

    Right Truth

  12. Good heavens! This is pretty sad. You almost feel sorry for her.

  13. In Occupy America, you don't use drugs, drugs use you!

  14. sorry but that was actually hilarious! Have an awesome Sunday my friend~! :-) home land security should check her!

  15. This lady sure said a whole lot of nothing-- made no sense whatsoever.

    Seriously, it IS like that In Living Color skit where Damon Wayans plays the homeless guy who uses big words in a nonsensical way, trying to sound intelligent.

  16. Wow! Talk about a bad acid trip! That's Garbage Collage if I ever heard it.

  17. I agree completely with Alligator. I don't think this is the only university, teaching so poorly. You can't fix stupid!

  18. Ah yes. We are seeing the results of affirmative action in our colleges. Everyone vote Democratic!


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