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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Red October" 2011

From this source:

In 1917 Russia’s “Red October” shook the world. [meaning of the phrase "Red October"]
In 2011, the US left plans to create their own “Red October” – the first shots of a major nationwide campaign to create chaos and a fear across America.

Communist Party USA leader Joe Sims writes in the latest People’s World:
Energized by President Obama’s bold call for passage of the American Jobs Act, civil rights and labor groups are calling for a national march in Washington, D.C., on October 15 to support it. The following day Obama will deliver remarks at the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial…
The Left's mask is coming off. They know that Obama has empowered them.


  1. Like all of Obamas plans this will hurt the middle and lower class and ultimatley fail.

    My concern is America the Nation. One of geniuses find this article for me. It was written by a Russian just prior to Obama being immaculated. Of course many Russians hate us so take it with a grain a salt but the opinion essay suggested the US would break into 5-6 regions as a result of the failed Obama Presidency...

    The good news is that we are too big a country to go for Communism all at once. The bad news is why are too big a country to go for communism all at once.

  2. Remember when people would deny having communist sympathies? It's now out in the open.

    Carol Browner and other Clinton holdovers advising Obama now openly admit they are socialists. This "mainstreaming" is disturbing...

  3. The message of these demonstrations: "Revolution, not reform."

  4. And Frances Fox Piven rises again to visit the so called "demonstrators". I thought we were done with her. They have never been shy about their agenda. We just cannot get folks to hear.

  5. It will take more than the American "Tax" Act and the unwashed on Wall Street to over come "Bubba". We "Bubbas" well bring this country back to its greatness, and the unwashed had best go back home to mommy and daddy.

  6. "The Left's mask is coming off. They know that Obama has empowered them. "

    They will be disapointed, Obama is not a very good socialist in any form of the word. His agenda has always been to be middle-of-the-road and impress everyone which results in impressing no-one.

  7. D Charles,
    His agenda has always been to be middle-of-the-road and impress everyone which results in impressing no-one.

    I could argue the middle-of-the-road portion of your comment.

    But the reality doesn't matter one way or the other. We are living in the Age of Perceptions.

    Obama is like a chameleon. He blends into so many groups and SEEMS to support each of them. Witness his recent support of gay rights and his speech at the Congressional Black Caucus. The chameleon in action!

  8. This may have been timed for the October connection, but I love to point out the total irony of this situation:

    It was Wall Street who financed the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

    "I am in sympathy with the Soviet form of government as that best suited for the Russian people...
    Letter to President Woodrow Wilson (October 17, 1918) from William Lawrence Saunders, chairman, Ingersoll-Rand Corp.; director, American International Corp.; and deputy chairman, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

    "Marx's great book Das Kapital is at once a monument of reasoning and a storehouse of facts."

    --Lord Milner, member of the British War Cabinet, 1917, and director of the London Joint Stock Bank

    Trotsky actually lived in NYC prior to Red October in style, despite not having a regular income. The President of the NYC Fed, wired one million dollars to the Bolsheviks.

    The motive: a humongous country with a totally captive market. The elites love to use Marxism to control an economy, of which they take the lion's share of the spoils.

    I have been doing a series on my blog called Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution where I am going through all this history with a fine tooth comb.

  9. Ironically one of the targets of the Marxist protesters are the Wall Street bankers. What they don't seem to realize is the progress of socialism in Europe and America was achieved with the cheap credit policies of the bankers. Now that Europe and the US are broke, they want to go all the way; but there is no way to pay for their programs. They only need to ask the Greeks.
    There is no cure for STUPID!!!

  10. Red October indeed...

    The "Occupy DC" movement and "October 2011" movement plan on taking over Freedom Plaza in DC on Oct. 6

    This is all in conjunction with the "Occupy Wall Street" group to generate an "impression" of a "growing movement" on the belief that the MSM will start lapping it up as a Tea Party equivalent "grass roots" movement.

    In reality, the Left has been planning this whole "political theatre" charade for months (since Wisconsin).

    *shakes head*

  11. Speedy G,
    Thanks for that link to October 2011. Valuable information there.

  12. Republican Mother,
    Thank you for taking time to comment.

    You make an interesting point that I hope that all people who stop by here will read:

    It was Wall Street who financed the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917....The elites love to use Marxism to control an economy, of which they take the lion's share of the spoils.

    I'll try to stop by your web site to read your series.

  13. Bottom line, it will hurt the middle-class more than anyone else. We are always getting stuck with the bill.

    As for Obama, he is nothing but a flim-flam. He changes his views to fit any occasion and to placate the people.

    "Can't fix stupid." Agreed.

  14. Calling for a jobs bill to put average Americans back to work while the corporate right screws us all is 'going to hurt the middle class,' or is 'communism?'

    Lol! YOUR mask AND wheels have long been off!

  15. There's only one antidote - Herman Cain.

  16. Antony Sutton strikes again.

    He's been pretty well debunked republicanmother. Try a wider variety of texts before drawing a conclusion.

    Glenn Beck pushing him when he gets tired of Cleon Skousen?

  17. It'll be interesting to see if the unions flexing their muscle will backfire on them. I'd like to think that it will, but i won't be rushing out to put money on it.

  18. Why would it backfire on them?

    While you're paying attention to this columnist who's a freak cultist that follows a splinter Scientology group joined with the Birch Society like a good little Bagger, the demonstrators may be taking their cue from the demonstrators in Israel who are having quite a bit of success.

  19. Duck,
    The body of the post doesn't cite Antony Sutton.

    BTW, the majority of Tea Partiers with whom I've personally spoken don't know anything about the JBS.

  20. AOW what is JBS? I guess I missed that at the Tea Party meetings because I have o idea even after reading this thread what you and Ducky are talking about.

  21. to Bd: I try to reserve comment on people but clearly you are niave and ignorant.

    Just because it says its a jobs bill doesnot mean that it is. Have you even read the bill? I know I am asking a lot since the representatives from the communist party will not read it either.


  22. fyi - JBS - John Birch Society.

    Whenever ducky wants to discredit the right, they're either Ayn Rand or a JBS member.

  23. What the JBS and Antony Sutton have predicted is coming true! How is that discrediting?

    Always remember to verify facts for yourself- a rule I try to apply to everything I write. I can get passionate, but always try to make sure I don't get carried away, trying to link into as many primary level sources as possible.

  24. I won't get into debating the merits or the faults of the JBS.

    That said, the JBS wasn't wrong about everything.

  25. I see that the labor unions are opening joining the demonstrations.

  26. Ducky's here said...

    There's only one antidote - Herman Cain.

    Dang Duckbutt , are you waking up to reality or just being your typical smartass self?

  27. blogginator; you want ignorant, just look in the mirror, lol!

  28. What's funny is that the Obama Administration is trying to tie Wall Street around the necks of Republicans. Sadly, the idiots protesting don't know that it is Obama and the Democrats who are the biggest recipients of Wall Street campaign cash and have worked hand in glove with the mega banks and brokerage firms at the expense of smaller businesses.

    I don't imagine any of these idiot protesters have ever heard of the Dodd-Frank bill.

  29. "blogginator; you want ignorant, just look in the mirror, lol!" Bd

    Wow, truly you are genuis among men you logic and wit are unmatched........

    if we were in kindergarten.

    This is what we call victory, the liberal has reached the point where he/she has nothing intelligent left to say.

    And I repeat my point, this so called jobs bill have you read anything about it? or are just repeating what your masters have told you the bill is about? Have your democrat corporate bedmates read the bill? What really makes you think this bill will have any different results than the last 12 so called jbs bills? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

  30. Mike,
    I don't imagine any of these idiot protesters have ever heard of the Dodd-Frank bill.

    Seems that way to me, too.

    I did read yesterday, however, that some of the protesters were objecting to Obama. Huh?

  31. So far these are harmless idiot protestors but if one of those anarcharist groups were to get involved this could get ugly really fast.......

    troubling because it will be the poor and middle class that will bear the brunt of riots.


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