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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Trump v. Corona Hysteria

Silverfiddle Rant!
‘Precautions are always blamed. When they are successful, they are said to have been unnecessary.’ - Benjamin Jowett

Always Trumper Roger Kimball has written the best summary to date of how rabid partisans have hijacked the non-partisan Corona Virus outbreak and are now driving it like a flaming crazy train aiming to damage the president.

Democrats have firmly positioned themselves to gain politically if this turns deadly, and that's not a good look.

This is a serious issue, the President took action in January, and the screamers called him a reactionary racist.  Meanwhile, the nation's non-partisan, pre-planned actions are being carried out by the CDC.  The same plans and same CDC that existed when Obama was president, but Democrats and their partisans in the press are determined to fan the flames of panic and damage the president.

Here are my favorite excerpts from Kimball's entertaining and concise statement of facts:
"...the White House press corps resembles a flock of bad-tempered schoolchildren, lazy and slightly dim, but from fancy families so firm in their sense of entitlement and outrage."

The press gaggle, desperate to find something to blame the president for, kept repeating the same questions, fighting to frame ‘gotcha’ remarks, and appearing exactly like they are: snotty, ill-prepared hacks whose goal is not to report and inform, but play smarmy partisan games. The president, just back from a trip to India, looked tired but commanding. The press looked small, sweaty, petulant.

The public saw a president who, in his concern for the welfare of the American people, communicated sober competence and steady confidence. They also saw a press swept away by extraordinary delusions and partisan madness."
What say you?

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  1. I am quite concerned about the coronavirus as it appears to hit my age group the worst -- those over 60 or 65.

    Yes, I know that my chances of catching this virus are small. But if one becomes one of the statistics, the chances don't seem very small at all.

    And one more thing....Globalization and frequent air travel have been enablers of this virus. The last major viral pandemic, the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu, didn't have those factors in play. Well, except for the World War 1 effort, which helpd to spread that particular flu all over the globe.

    Meanwhile, I'm washing my hands more often and practicing not touching my face. The latter is a problem because I have to administer artificial tears to my left eye (retinal surgery in 2013) several times a day.

    We all need to remember that medical providers of all ilks are on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.

  2. rabid partisans have hijacked the non-partisan Corona Virus outbreak and are now driving it like a flaming crazy train aiming to damage the president

    I am so weary of the Trump thumping! It's irrational!

  3. How many in the US have died of Covid-19?

  4. The corona virus is serious. Press reporting of it is not.

    1. "The corona virus is serious. Press reporting of it is not."

      Yet, Donald Trump says it's the new Democratic hoax. Last night on Hannity, he tells a national TV audience to disregard the research from the World Health Organization and pandemic experts and to even consider it the "corona flu". He encouraged people contracting the virus to go on to work. characterizing it as "no big deal" because "they will get better".

      Yes, it is serious. The bigger problem isn't the press reporting but rather the dangerous rhetoric and disinformation coming from a lying and incompetent president.

    2. Irony is, by calling it a 'flu, he's rather overegging it himself: 'flus are far more deadly. This a cold with a long incubation period.

    3. Jez,
      flus are far more deadly

      There seems to be conflicting information about that.

    4. For example:

      ...The new coronavirus is more infectious than the flu and appears to strike with much more severity in certain vulnerable groups.

      At the same time, there are no treatments on hand for COVID-19 as there are for the seasonal flu, experts added....

      Much more HERE -- and a bit complicated.

    5. Note this:

      "Influenza doesn't have the same mortality rate right now as COVID-19," said Dr. Aaron Glatt, an expert with the Infectious Diseases Society of America. "Both can be fatal. There's an awful lot more flu around, but it's thank God not as dangerous as COVID-19."

    6. Thanks! Some of this scrutiny could usefully be applied to Trump, though ;)

    7. Jez,
      I wish that the media would report more accurately -- instead of spending time and energy thumping Trump.e

      We the consumers of the news deserve better. Especially in these weeks of coronavirus.

    8. I agree with that AOW. But you could agree with the obverse as well, right?

    9. CI,
      Yes. But I do understand the concerns about panicking the markets.

    10. JEZ,



      NEVER LET A CRISIS GO TO WASTE –– especially one you've managed to generate artificially through manipulation of a complaisant media.

      Please tell me I'v misread you, because i sincerely hope I have.

    11. Please forgive me for all this CAPITALS. The shift key got stuck and I didn't notice it till I'd written too much to retype.

    12. Franco,

      The ALL CAPS are warranted in this case.

    13. Franco, no -- for one thing I find virology more interesting than politics, generally.
      I won't defend the media sensationalization of this story, but I disagree with your claim that there is no news-worthy story here. There's more to news-worthiness than counting the deaths. The goal of containment is extremely desirable, and that entails a certain level of public awareness and information. My primary interest is in limiting the spread.
      See my response to SF below: my comments are an uncalculated reflection of my genuine concern that Trump's messaging is reducing the likelihood that we will successfully contain this virus.
      I've already sufficiently expressed my feelings towards Trump, and I try not to be boring so I'm not ordinarily disposed to repeat them, but this is an important example of how electing a compulsively lying narcissistic fantasist actually has some down sides.

    14. Thanks for your honesty, Jez. I am ignorant of any serious scientific studies, so I can't comment sensibly about that, but –– as think you know –– I AM a genuine, highly-trained "ARTIST," which means I am intensely interested in Metaphysics and therefore rely more on Instinct, Imagination, Intuition, Vision, and th power of Fantasy, while exploring subtleties in human interaction and the varied expressions of human feelings.

      That may sound amorphous and insubstantial –– possibly even ludicrous or "outdated" –– to modern Men of Science, but having spent most of my energy studying the so-called "classical music" that developed over an approximately 800-year-period in what-used-to-be-known-as Christendom, I became aware that there is no true PHYSICAL basis for any of it.

      So how, where and why did music –– or anythung ELSE hat separates us from a merely brutish existence –– originate? What impelled men of unusual sensibilities and untamed curiosity to "draw" –– almost literally –– these Celestial Structures in Sound out of THIN AIR?

      Perhaps that has nohing to do with our need to fight Disase, but I suspect it may have a great deal to do with it, if we look beneath the surface to see how things are connected in ways not apparent to our physical senses.

      This may sound "daft" to you, who have given me the impression that you don't believe in the existence of anything that can't be seen, felt, smelt, weighed, measured, housed, kept in a cage, or stored on a shelf, in a closet, cabinet, drawer, or receptacle of one kind or another.

      I believe it was Goethe who said, "Die Musik ist die rein geistigste aller Kuenste," –– Music is the most spiritual of all the arts.

      To share the best of music with others we must express it tangibly –– by writing a legible score later subject to individual interpretation –– and with the human voice or through improvisation with physical instruments.

      BUT –– and here's the rub –– whatever music we write or improvise BEGINS as a product of someone's IMAGINATION, – his HEART, –– his SPIRIT, –– his SOUL. Precisely how that occurs and why I don't believe anyone has yet been able to explain satisfactorily.

      So here's what it all boils down to –– at least for me at this late stage of my development –– at BOTTOM –– at ROOT –– at the SOURCE of CREATION –– ALL THINGS ARE ONE. Everything we think of as separate and distinct is really just a PART of an unimaginably vast and complex WHOLE.

      I find that thrilling, compelling and infinietly hopeful.

      I'm very glad that our flawed, painfully limited species is not in control of the Universe. if we were, –– because of our limited vision and painfully narrow perspective ––, I'm sure we would only make things increasingly WORSE.

      I'm sorry if you can't, but I'm not ashamed to say that I TRUST GOD.

      And as Dr. Lews Thomas, prize-winning author, poet, philosopher and former Director of the Sloan Kettering Institute for Cancer Research in New York wrote in his first book The Lives of a Cell, "It's a well-kept secret in the annaks of medicine that MOST THINGS GET BETTER BY THEMSELVES.

    15. Franco,

      Yes, indeed!

      As my mother used to say: "This, too, shall pass" and "We will get through this."

  5. There once was a virus, Corona,
    Over whom the Press pulled a boner.
    To bad too few knew
    They had little to rue
    'Cause of Panic the PRESS was the owner!

    ~ Lime Ricky

  6. The panic is amazing. We seem petrified of the virus, but don’t hesitate to get into our cars —never give it a second thought. The number of highway fatalities every year in the United States ought to scare the hell out of us (37,000 in 2018). We are all exponentially more likely to be involved in a traffic accident than contact the coronavirus. But then, we wake up every morning and do as we’re told: send our kids off to the government-funded incubation system we laughingly call public education. Americans are a nation of low-IQ sheep, being led around by the nose by a dishonest, sensationalist, agenda-driven press. There is no hope for us.

    1. I believe for every drop of rain that falls
      ___ A flower grows
      I believe that somewhere in the darkest night
      ___ A candle glows
      I believe for everyone that goes astray
      ___ Someone will come to show the way
      I believe
      I believe

      I believe above the storm the smallest prayer
      ___ Will still be heard
      I believe that someone in the great somewhere
      ___ Hears every word
      Every time I hear a newborn baby cry
      ___ Or touch a leaf
      ______ Or see the sky
      Then I know why I believe!

      ~ As sung by Miss Jane Froman in the 1950's

  7. Not been paying much attention to the American response, but the context-free soundbites I have heard suggest some overlap between Trump's tendency to minimise the potential impact and hint/hope it will all go away soon, and the Chinese govt's instinct to coverup.

    1. Not sure I see “minimizing” the threat as much as putting it all into perspective. I guess you’d rather he go on camera and tell everyone they’re going to die? Crumbs.

    2. There’s certainly an interesting comparison to his attitude now and his tweets during the previous Ebola crisis.

    3. Corona Virus is a hand grenade. Ebola is a nuclear weapon.

      Our government was stupid for bringing ebola infected people here. As a military man, you know we have the capability to care for those people in a tactical field environment or temporary clinic. There was no need to make the voluntary decision to bring them here. Thank God the Obama administration's foolish action did not cause an outbreak.

    4. Mustang, don't be silly. I would prefer that Trump not contradict and/or silence expert medical/epidemiological opinion. Perspective would be welcome; lies are not.

    5. Jez,
      My good friend Mustang is not silly, nor does he make silly comments.

    6. SF - Yes and no to your first point. As an effects-based ‘weapon’, Ebola has a much faster incubation period and more pronounced symptom profile, whereas Covid-19 can be transmitted by vectors who are asymptomatic. This means that more Citizens will become infected with Covid-19 than would ever have even been exposed to Ebola. Dr. Fauci just yesterday intimated that Covid-19 could likely overwhelm our national health care infrastructure on a scale and speed that is unprecedented in our modern society. Some criticism of the Obama Administrations actions with the Ebola were well warranted....when proffered by responsible adults.

      Trump stated on Hannity yesterday that he thinks the World Health Organization published Covid-19 fatality rate is fake news...based on....a hunch. Yep, nothing irresponsible about that....

    7. CI,
      Ebola has a much faster incubation period and more pronounced symptom profile, whereas Covid-19 can be transmitted by vectors who are asymptomatic.

      I wonder this....Does such a long incubation period occur naturally? If so, I've never heard of it.

    8. PS: I guess that we could be seeing something brand new and natural.

      On the other hand, I can't get it out of my mind that there appear to be bioweapons labs in Wuhan Province, China.

    9. CI: He did not call it fake news. Please read the transcript. What he said was in layman's terms, but reasonable.

      Death rates are hard to pin down. People who are infected but asymptomatic don't go into the denominator of the equation, so the rate could be artificially high.

      Have you read or listened to any scientists? There is a wide range of possibility on this thing. It could kill a lot of people, or it could not. The president is rightly trying to put a good spin on it, but he is not telling people not to take precautions, and our government has been taking prudent precautions.

      Lets not add to the hysteria.


    10. You’re correct, he called it “false”. Distinction without a difference. Hysteria and hyperbole shouldn’t be the partisan currency where it regards public health crises, should it?

      Yet only one side is being called to account for doing just that, when it’s not limited to that party.

    11. SF, if you already know about denominators and stuff, when you read Trump's transcript you can probably imagine the conversations he had that would lead to him saying those things, but I think you're importing that menaing onto his statements -- withour prior knowledge, I don't think anyone would derive that meaning from the president himself. Rather, I think you might hear that the 3.4% figure is made up by fear-mongering scientists, and you'd hear that "...it's very mild. They will get better very rapidly. They don't even see a doctor. They don't even call a doctor." People will hear that and decide they don't need to contact health services when they get symptoms, making it harder to track this disease.

      Surely our number one strategy at this point is containment. We absolutely want to hear from potential carriers as early as possible. This interview is counter-productive in this regard.

      "personally, I would say the number is way under one percent"
      What is this, a guess? Are casual listeners going to come away with a clear distinction between official government statistics and Trump's personal feelings on the matter?

    12. Don’t worry, the outbreak will likely get better with “warmer weather”......

    13. Again, I can see how Trump would have heard that idea. He absolutely sucks at passing it on in anything approaching an informative or responsible manner.
      I find it hard to resist the idea that this suckage is a reflection of his level of comprehension. Either he really is that stupid, or he's mangling the information deliberately. IDK how Trumpeters make themselves comfortable with either option.

    14. @AoW "Does such a long incubation period occur naturally?"

      Glandular fever (mono), HIV and rabies have longer incubation periods. Kuru disease has an exceptionally long incubation period measured in decades, but is very rare (and linked to cannibalism!).


    15. I think Jez and CI need to calm down. He is saying, inarticulately, what I've heard scientists say. We don't know the real mortality rate yet; its too early.

      He did not cast aspersions on any scientists, and in the same interview he heaped praise on the CDC scientists, and when Hannity said this could get really bad according to some scientists, Trump agreed.

      Your bias is clouding your view.

    16. Calm down? Your hyperbole-sniffer needs calibrating.

    17. Interesting thing about bias.....it only seems to cloud “the other guys” view.


    18. Weird?

      Y_E_S! ISN'T IT?

      Oh wad some pow'r the giftie gi us
      To see ourselves as others see us!

      ~ Robert Burns in a mangled version of his native Scotish dialect ;-)

    19. CI: Did you see me call him inarticulate?

    20. Sf: our disagreement is over the amount of damage this president might cause through being inarticulate (if that's what's causing him to say this stuff).

      I try to be aware of my bias, and i'm trying to understand what Trump sounds like through biasses other than my own. I think you should try to hear what Trump would sound like to someone who doesn't know as much science as you do.

    21. SF: consider Franco, who holds the opinion that the entire story is a media concoction. He obviously has his own biasses, which are different from yours or mine; but how would he have interpreted Trump's interview, through those biasses?

    22. Jez, Now you're denying people agency and infantilizing them.

      The President has not denied this is a big threat, and he has never told people to not take precautions. More importantly--despite the leftwing propaganda--he has not silenced any government scientists or hindered their work.

      We all know what a dog whistle is: A politician makes an innocuous statement, but to his fanbase it has some inpolitic hidden meaning that gets them all excited.

      Trump's speech is a weird variant of that: He will say something truly innocuous, and the haters will take it in the worst way possible. The tell is always the same: They don't say what he said, no quotes, they describe what he said.

    23. Here's an interesting case study, from the other side. Is this a threat?

      “I want to tell you, Gorsuch. I want to tell you, Kavanaugh. You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price,” Schumer inveighed. “You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”

      That was Democrat senator Chuck Schumer (2nd or 3rd most powerful Democrat in government) calling out two conservative supreme court justices.

      President Trump has said some stupid and insulting things about judges, but I defy anyone to find a statement of his toward judges that comes close to being as bad as Schumer's.

    24. That is extraordinary. Or I hope it is. Is this acceptible language to a judge(s) in America?

      Of course it's a threat.

      I'm not infantilizing anyone. Every orator considers his audience.

    25. Let's consider the audience that is the united states.

      a third is on some kind of psych meds, perhaps 10 percent are on the ragged fringes of one loony ideology or another, trust in government and the press is at an all-time low, and we are a violent nation.

      Communication cannot be dumbed down enough for a crowd like this.


    26. JEZ,

      Not a Media "CONCOCTION" so much as a politically-motivated media EXAGGERATION

      The media here is NAKEDLY BIASED in favor of the eft, and bitterly OPPOSED to the Right.

      There IS no semblance of "balance" at all.

      Media here has become nothing but a source Partisan PROPAGANDA.

      You don't have to believe me, but it IS the truth.

      That's why I've been calling them the ENEMEDIA for over FORTY YEARS.

      I my no know much about statistics and th latest scientific theories, but I sure do know when I'm being MANIPULATED.

    27. I believe the exaggeration is commercially-motivated, but sure. What did you think of trump's interview?

    28. Jez,
      I believe the exaggeration is commercially-motivated

      Certainly true.

      That said, commercial testing labs are stepping up to make more test kits available. A good thing!

  8. Does anyone believe what info China gives us? Keep in mind, this is the first wave and will not end this summer, thus we are in for a second wave.
    The Spanish flu was deadly the second time around and this one is called "novel" Look, I am a Trumper and it was not his fault and may have been set up, but to think we did not have adequate test kits, Masks and other equipment. Fine. We have a couple of hospitals are set up with negative air flow to handle the seriously ill. What happens when we get thousands of cases with many needing ICU'? We allowed hundreds of hospitals to go bankrupt or otherwise decrease bed numbers. We do not have even close enough beds to handle a major viral pandemic needing hospitalization. This virus appears exceptionally contagious.
    No more bull sh** that we are all set up and ready to go. We allowed this to get lose in this country.. Yes, first we stopped China imports but then our prep went totally south.
    I worked in healthcare for Sars and 2009 H1N1..... we were totally prepared and set to roll.
    Now we are just getting test kits. Before we could test in an hour.
    Sorry but I am not buying it. Every other county has masks out the kazoo and we are told we don't need them? They insult my intelligence. Sorry for the rant but I am at super high risk

    1. Maks don't help outside the context of a surgical theatre, ie single use, sterile hands etc. Also surgical masks are made better (finer mesh) than the commercial ones.
      If you wear a mask, it *might* help protect everyone else *from* you (if you were already infected), but it won't help protect you from everyone else -- might even make it worse as you are now breathing through the warm, moist surface of the mask.
      Spanish flu was a 'flu, coronavirus is a cold. The flu generally has much higher mortality rate than any cold, and this applies to c19. It isn't even that contagious ASAICT -- the problem is it has a longer gestation period than we're used to, so people are going around infecting each other for a couple of weeks before they notice any symptoms.
      It's definitely worth containing, but it's not sars. Sars was shaping up to be another Spanish-'flu-scale tragedy, but it went away all of a sudden, I don't believe the reasons for that are fully understood.

      @Mustang, FWIW this is what my version of perspective looks. Contrast this with Trump's attempts to sweet-talk the markets into behaving themselves during an election year.

    2. Bunkerville,
      I am at super high risk

      Same here -- as is the case with the majority of my friends and family. **sigh**

      My having a pre-existing history, a history of kidney disease, doesn't help me either.

      And Mr. AOW has an even more precarious situation.

    3. JEZ you are ill informed. One needs a N95 Respirator mask. We get thousands of patients with flu in our hospitals. No one runs around in a space suit in a room with negative air flow. Why is much of the world with outbreaks wearing masks- N95's
      This is a "novel" virus which will no doubt mutate by next year... We have zero clue as to its origin. Interesting that children are not getting sick....among other oddities. Yes, Trump et al does not want to create a panic... just give me my N95's and I will be perfectly happy.

    4. Face-masks and respirators make sense inside a hospital. I can't tell whether you are recommending that the general public wear them, but I believe that would be at best worthless and possibly counter-productive.

      If hospitals and/or doctors and nurses are short of equipment, I agree that is very serious.

  9. The truth is Bernie is more dangerous than Coronavirus. Open borders and large homeless camps can make a devastating combination.

    Smokers and diabetics are vulnerable.

    Just prepared my home 50lbs of rice. 20lbs of flour. Enough toilet paper to read the entire history of Uptown Steves comments. Once I get the pet food I am ready.

  10. Meanwhile:

    A cruise ship returning to California from Hawaii that has suspected links to two coronavirus cases, one of them fatal, is being held off the coast of San Francisco as public health officials prepared to screen everyone on the ship, Gov. Gavin Newsom of California said on Wednesday.

    Eleven passengers and 10 crew members on the boat were showing symptoms on Wednesday, the governor said. “That number may significantly understate” the scope of infection, he said, or “it may indeed be abundance of caution.”

    “The ship will not come on shore until we appropriately assess the passengers,” Mr. Newsom added.


    Mr. Newsom said that about 2,500 people, more than half of them Californians, had been aboard the ship, identified by its owners as the Grand Princess, during a recent voyage to Mexico from San Francisco.

    One of those passengers died Wednesday in Placer County, Calif., the first U.S. coronavirus death outside Washington State and the 11th over all. Another passenger was being treated for the illness in Sonoma County. State and federal officials were racing to contact others who had been onboard.

    Mr. Newsom said the ship had gone on to Hawaii after its stop in Mexico, and then had sailed back toward California with some passengers from the original San Francisco-to-Mexico leg of the voyage still onboard.

    The person who died in Placer County had underlying health conditions and had been in isolation at a hospital after falling ill. Officials believe the patient was probably exposed to the virus on the San Francisco-to-Mexico part of the voyage last month....

    1. Living in a retirement community with continuing care, I am a dead woman walking if this moves in here..... But I do have my N95's plus.... yet I am suppose to drink the kool aid.

  11. ___ A HOME TRUTH ____

    Everybody's life must end.
    Acknowledge that; it's not a trend.
    Though prophylaxis may be stringent
    Existence still remains contingent.
    When suffering we cannot mend
    Then Death becomes our greatest friend.

    ~ Solonoscopy

  12. The world is filled with endless woe
    When Arrogance presumes to know.

    ~ Solonoscopy

  13. Talk Health!
    There's nothing that either charm or please
    By harping on that minor chord
    Disease! Disease ! Disease!

    ~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1850-1919)

  14. I am in no way surprised by the refrain of "Coronavirus is a serious threat because I, myself, am in the endangered group."

    This is consistent with, "I will vote for the guy who protects my Social Security check," and with, "I will vote for the woman who will eradicate my student loan debt."

    1. Human life is a bit different in my book.... but then again, we as the endangered are not really pulling our weight now are we? Are we really any benefit to society? We take more than we give now....even though we help build this society.

  15. I have noted that the recovery rate is quite slow. See this excellent interactive map from Johns Hopkins.

    Could this be one reason that the recovery rate is so slow? Chinese doctors say coronavirus ‘like a combination of SARS and AIDS’, can cause irreversible lung damage. How many of those "recovering" are on ventilators?

    1. I had read the Lancet article and it is well worth the read.

  16. Replies
    1. From the above link:

      “We believe this policy strikes the right balance during this public health emergency,” said FDA Commissioner Stephen M. Hahn of the rule change. “We will continue to help to ensure sound science prior to clinical testing and follow-up with the critical independent review from the FDA, while quickly expanding testing capabilities in the U.S.” .

    2. Pompeo was on TV this morning saying they are shipping out 30 tons of medical supplies out to countries including China. Meanwhile he might ask in return that our hospital drug shortage be helped out in return. The nasty little secret that we have known in the hospital world . We have had shortages for years and have had to shift patients off of prescribed drugs to alternatives.
      Now we get almost 80 percent from China it has been reported .Talk about a perfect storm.
      Let us take care of our own... just for once.

  17. Ronald J. Ward: I am calling you out, you propaganda manure spreader.

    You belched out this earlier in the thread:

    Yet, Donald Trump says it's the new Democratic hoax. Last night on Hannity, he tells a national TV audience to disregard the research from the World Health Organization and pandemic experts and to even consider it the "corona flu". He encouraged people contracting the virus to go on to work. characterizing it as "no big deal" because "they will get better".

    Provide the quotes and a link to them, or are you just a pathetic liar lapping up MSNBC crap and regurgitating it?

    Put up or shut up.

    1. Even though he writes in accptble English, Ward is just a leftist TROLL, Silver, nothing more –– nothing less.

      I cant understan why you allow him to appear here knowing full well that he –– like another well-knon bald irritant in a yellow shirt –– comes here ONLY to act as an IRRITANT.

      I think its even WOrSE that you give him the dignity of botering to adress him at ALL.

      I would nit.

      Were i runnng the show, I would simply DELETE all such scurrilous characters and give no them no chance whatsoever to blemish the blog with their fatuous bullshit.

      IF their opposition were SINCERE and well-gorunded in common sense and backed up by credible research that would be a different story, but when a person sets himsef up to be nothing but a PAIN-IN-THE-ASS I don't think it wise to give them ANY "air time" at all.

      Because of the First Amendment we can't stop anyone from speaking his mind, but we DON'T have to lend the bastard a PLATFORM and give him a MEGAPHONE.

      Let these pestiferous types take their BS to the nearest street corner to bray like the jackasses they are, and see how far they get.

  18. TRUMP ON HANNITY'S SHOW 3/4/2020" "Well, I think the 3.4 percent is really a false number. Now, and this is just my hunch, and — but based on a lot of conversations with a lot of people that do this. Because a lot people will have this and it's very mild. They'll get better very rapidly. They don't even see a doctor. They don't even call a doctor," Trump said.

    "You never hear about those people. So you can't put them down in the category of the overall population in terms of this corona flu and — or virus. So you just can't do that," he continued. "So if, you know, we have thousands or hundreds of thousands of people that get better, just by, you know, sitting around and even going to work — some of them go to work but they get better."

    There's your proof, Silver.


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