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Saturday, February 9, 2019

About Those Covington Boys (With Addendum)

A must-watch video:

Article "If You Still Think 'MAGA Hat Kid' Nick Sandmann Did Something Wrong, Watch This Video" HERE.

It really does look as if the mainstream media are the enemy of the people in that the mainstream media deliberately spread lies!


Covington Catholic Teen's Lawyer: Hundreds in Media Will 'Pay a High Price' for Defamation.


  1. I agree. Anyone who deliberately spreads lies, can be considered an "enemy of the people". The metric should be applied equally and fairly.

  2. “Enemy of the people” might be a bit strong, but I see your point. I think that the media is rather an advocate of an agenda, which makes them less about reporting the news, and more toward maintaining a propaganda machine. Neither of these are beneficial to the people (treating them as if they require someone to do their thinking for them), but it is up to their consumers to make that call. I limit myself to no more than 15-minutes of televised news each day since beyond getting the gist of it, what more is there to add? I do have to say that Fox News is a bit more clever than its competitors. FN touts “fair and balanced,” and it does give air time to the leftist view of the world. The clever part comes in where they select from the left only those spokespersons who mouth the most extreme views, the effect of which convinces viewers that the progressive agenda is utterly nonsensical. The coverage given to AO-C would seem to underscore this point.

    1. Sam,

      I had prepared a similar set of questions to those I sent to CI earlier today, but specifically tailored to your statement, and expressing other cincerns as well. . Unfortunately, I got caught up in an electronic SNAFU before I could either post it, or copy and paste it into Word to use later. So the comment is forever lost.

      Therefore, since C gave me the proverbial back of his hand, accused me of "playing games," and refused to address the issues I respectfully set before him, would YOU please be good enough to explain WHY you believe the best policy would be to be "fair" to our sworn enemies –– namely the increasingly strident, moronically fervid advocates of SOCIALISM in this supposed "Land of the Free?"

      From where I sit being "fair" to a deadly enemy is tantamount to being considerate of the needs and feelings of bubonic plague, infantile paralysis, an intestation of termites, carpenter ants, cockroaches, killer bees, the many foms of cancer, or of wild beasts that would gladly eat you alive if given half a chance.

      If I am wrong in using those parallels, please explain why without resorting insults aimed at my intelligence, character or moral worth, as CI did –– if you can.

      I assure you I am NOT trying to be sarcastic, I really would like you to explain the reasoning behind these, I think haughty, self-righteous views on the "proper" treatment of enemies and avowed antagonists.

      Sorry if I seem to be putting you "on the spot" as it were. If you don't care to answer, I will understand, but I hope you –– or "someone" whom we could consider an ALLY in this battle all the powers that be in D.C. on college campuses,and in the ENEMEDIA are waging against our duly-elected president Donald. J. Trump –– will at least try to answer my question without lapsing into personal antagonism and dismissive invective.

      Thank you.

    2. I didn't insult you FT, I insulted society, and spoke truth to your pretensions [now, if you aren't pretending that Trump doesn't lie, then you have my apology....but that would call into doubt why you bothered posing the question to Anonymous].

      It's up to you where you place yourself in the grand scheme. With honor and integrity.....or just like every other consumer of emotional gratification.

    3. If what you said to me was not an insult, it was an awfully good imitation of one, CI.


  3. :)

    The uncontrollable reality... "that the way you select facts to report" is what can make your report a lie. And they laughed at "alternative facts"...

  4. The media, once again, blurring the truth and making up lies to spread their hate and propaganda. Poor kids.

  5. We have reached what-my-father-would-have-called The Disgusting Limit.

  6. If it is wrong for the media to report misleading and false statements is it also wrong for the POTUS to do the same?

    1. Would you mind giving us at least TWO specific examples of where President Trump ha issued "false and misleading statements," please?

      I imagine we'd all like to have a better understanding of precisely what you mean by the term.

      Thank you.

    2. This is exactly why I'll not be responding to your query above. These games aren't even remotely entertaining, where you pretend that the media lies....but Trump hasn't. You know well of his legion of untruths....told straightfaced to the American people, Servicemen in a combat zone....and you.

      Why you waste breath gleefully trafficking in hypocrisy is fascinating, but irrelevant.

      We have become a society without honor. And that is sadly championed by the very people who actually know better.

    3. I didn't ask YOU, CI, Iasked "Anonymous," but since you chose to answer for him, her, or it, instead of addressing the questions and observations I sent directly to you earlier today, I will tell YOU what I would probably have said to Anonymous, since I am morally certain KNOW "Anonymous" and what a foul hypocrite he is, and rightly suspect his motives as being entirely disingenuous.

      People resort to insult, invective, foolish fabrication and snide innuendo when they are UNABLE to give a straight answer to a question whose premise they find disagreeable.

      It's too bad most can't seem to deal with a difference of opinion anymore without being insolent and unkind in response.

    4. You’ve already had an answer from me on this question. But I’ll reiterate: a just endeavor can be accomplished without perfidy. If it cannot, it is not just nor are it’s proponents maintaining honor and integrity. To gain a just endeavor, one must convince critical thinkers to its cause, those not already enraptured by the snake oil from charlatans of one side or the other.

      If the currency chosen is hypocrisy and perfidy, the cause is not worthy.

    5. Thats not being “fair” to one opponents......it’s being true to one’s principles and values. A dying ideal, I know....

    6. CI,
      How many critical thinkers are there? Actually, I mean—not merely those who pay lip service to critical thinking.

    7. @ CI, Having just now returned to this post I see you responded to Franco's question. It is very clear you understand the question I posed as well as the reason for my asking it. Your answer to Franco was dead on. I could not have said it as well as you. Thank you CI.

    8. How many critical thinkers are there?

      Seemingly very few, AOW. Challenging one's own biases and testing one's own premises appears to be a dead language. Most willfully pursue an intellectually disposable theme that revolves around an odd paradigm of entitlement, desire of victimhood and emotional appeal.

    9. The Stalker who dogs my footsteps everywhere I go is performing his habitual dance routine to the strains of The Refutation Waltz.

      Poor fellow has nothing better to do. Sad really!

    10. CI,
      These brain-dead people frustrate me to no end.

      Sure, all have cognitive bias to some extent. But to ignore completely and even to oneself the facts and the truths before one's very eyes? Drives me crazy! Hence, my spending not too much time in front of this computer screen.

    11. Running the risk of oversimplification, I largely blame social
      Media. The current paradigm is not new, to be sure.......but the willful ignorance always present across the electorate, seems to me to have cascaded ever more since the introduction of these platforms.

      - CI

    12. "There is nothing knew under the sun."

      ~ Ecclesiastes

      If Solomon said it, i must be so,
      Even though thousands of years ago.
      Things stay the same the more they change
      More knowledge than that is out of our range.
      Costumes may change, new gadgets emerge
      But history remains just one long dirge.

  7. Ideals and values are not relevant in the deadly game of politics. "Politics", can best be described by the satiric breakdown of its roots. --Poly, meaning many, and ticks, meaning blood sucking parasites.--
    Don't kid yourself, Political opponents are from the same Party and even they become enemies.
    Political enemies are from different Parties and they play a game of conquest to gather power and wealth to themselves. Their ideals are ephemeral at best.
    We find ourselves choosing the lesser of evils.
    That's why Trump was elected.

    1. I don't know about deadly, but that's a somber outlook, given how we've allowed politics to invade every corner of our lives.

      If we as a species are unwilling to rise up and overcome this, we deserve what we get.

    2. Thank you, Warren.

      I see President Trump as a consummate pragmatist.

      He has set any number of thoroughly worthy aims and objectives –– all favored by the voting pubic in the 2016 election –– and he's been doing hs level best to fulfill his campaign promises, despite daily tidal waves and typhoons of ugly, spiteful, highly personalized, politically-motivated opposition from The D.C. Establshment [aka The Swamp], the ENEMEDIA, the worse-than-useless RINOs, and the crypto-Marxian, frankly unhinged Professoriat.

      I don't think the president is particularly fussy about HOW he achieves his goals; his only real interest is in doing everything possible to FULFILL them. For this I applaud him.

      Since I am as certain as anyone could be that based on his performance thus far President TRUMP'S goals would be aure to have a salubrious effect on the nation at every level of society I think it's needlessly captious –– even prissy –– to try to pick apart his every thought, word, and deed as though it automatically deserves to be regarded with utmost suspicion.

      There's a remarkable element of PERSONAL dislike and disdain for President Trump that seems petty, irrational, poorly motivated, disingenuous, and rooted in a particularly nasty form of bigotry, which I think ignoble..

      I believe that abysmal level of nwarranted negativity is both harmful to our country and frankly contemptible in and of itself.

      You don't have to accept my analysis, but you must accept my right to express it, whether you like it or not..

    3. @CI,
      "I don't know about deadly,"
      Yes you do. How many of our Brothers in Arms have you seen laid to rest for political considerations or persecuted falsy by their own country for "war crimes" or following specious ROE enacted for political reasons?

      "... but that's a somber outlook, given how we've allowed politics to invade every corner of our lives."

      Yes, it's somber.
      I'm not responsible for what other people do. They do what they "think" is best for their own personal lives just as you've chosen to work for a government contractor. In your own way you have chosen to work for a government and it's politicians which you despise. In my own way, I've chosen to do the same thing. Although I refuse to work for the government directly, the company I work for has taken a small DOD contract and have worked for companies that have done similar in the past. What's my other option, starve to death, refuse my Medicare and do without my medicine?

      I can only go on from this point in time, the past is immutable. You can only go to war with the weapons you have.

    4. @ Franco,
      You're a crotchety old fart but I love you anyway. :^)

    5. Warren, mich of that is fair.....though my comment was oriented specifically to the tone of this post, which is how the general public treats political theater, and less the results of policy.

      I’m not sure that I despise the government, as much as I despise how We The People have surrendered our rights of oversight and sovereignty.

    6. @ CI, I should have said "Government as represented by politicians which you despise."
      I didn't mean to question your patriotism, it was a clarity error on my part.

    7. No worries, I didn’t take it as such. Thanks!

  8. We can all agree that our society and our nation suffers from a disregard for truth, honor, principles and values. Most of us still live by those lights, but the political class and the Infotainment Media Complex sneer at them and trample them daily, and that has damaged the integrity of those individuals who play fast and loose.

    This is the best take ever on President Trump's free-wheeling artistry with facts:

    "When he makes claims like this, the press takes him literally, but not seriously; his supporters take him seriously, but not literally."

    President Trump has also diligently worked to follow through on his campaign promises, which is a refreshing change.

    So, in the broader landscape of politics and mass media, I do not see President Trump as a singularly unique liar.

    So the TDS sufferers' rote recitation of his 10,345 "documented lies" is pedantic, tendentious, tedious and boring.

  9. Franco asked how we should treat our enemies, and enemy is not too strong a word for many not only hate our values, but hate us for holding them. The Infotainment Media Complex is the enemy when they rush to judgment and smear people as they did Justice Kavanaugh and the Covington Boys. Once the false narrative has taken hold, no amount of retractions can erase it from the collective consciousness.

    How to fight it? Not with personal attacks.

    Look at rightwing boobs attacking AOC. The pea-brains set out to damage and defeat her, but they ended up being her rocket fuel. They are the wind beneath her two left wings.

    Keep it focused on facts and easily-verified observables.

    The press does the same for their hated enemy, President Trump. If the press had merely played it straight up, provided dispassionate fact-based analysis, the president would be much worse off. Instead, "respected" institutions like the major networks, NY Times, WaPo and CNN engaged in emotional diatribes and visibly rabid revenge against the President, going so far as to "fact check" rhetorical glosses and statements of opinion, all the while vesting those absurdities with the royal robes of serious news, defending democracy, fighting fascism, etc.

    It's ludicrous, and honest people with open eyes see it. The attackers end up damaging themselves.

    1. Yes, but Satire, Burlesque, Mockery couched in terms of eloquent sarcasm and biting wit can be so much fun –– especially in the grim, tight-lipped, lock-jawed, tedious, humorless narrowly literalistic atmosphere that dominates the political climate today.

      Where would we be without the brilliant cartoons portraying AOC unmistakably as a pop-eyed, buck-toothed jackass?

      Besides, every word that emenates from her fatuous face sounds for all the word le self-satire at best.

    2. We could do without the cartoon caricatures. Such personal attacks engender sympathy for the target and provide fodder and defense by distracting from her horrible, ignorant ideology.

      I agree that well-executed Satire, Burlesque, Mockery are effective, but nobody in America is producing any of that.

    3. Keep it focused on facts and easily-verified observables.

      Exactly. Nothing upsets a Leftist more than a measured and reasoned, factually based message. They want to provoke an emotional response, as that is where the message goes off track, and egregious rhetorical errors are committed.

    4. I think both of you vastly overestimate the way most fellow human beings perceive and process their limited understanding of Reality –– limitations every one of us has, –– whether we like to think so or not.

      Just as "The Thought is Father to the Deed," so I believe FEELING is the PARENT of THOUGHT.

      Or as the Scottish philosopher and mathematician David Hume put it far more elegantly than I:

      "Reason is but the Slave of Passion."

      We use our brains to try to justify or feelings.

    5. SilverFiddle, I'm surprised for an intellectully accomplished world traveler of your broad experience in many different corners of the globe, that you seem to have litte awareness –– or is it appreciation? –– of our long tradition of political cartoons and satirical essays mocking politicians and society, itself.

      We did not used to be so dour, dreary, narrowly focused, and hopelessly literalistic.

      Are you unfamiiar with the plays of Richard Brinsley Sheidan, creator of Mrs. Malaprop, Oscar Wilde and The Importance of Being Ernest, the comic operettas of Gilbert and Sullivan, the essays of Charles Lamb, and Jonathan Swift? Have you never heard of PUNCH? The Cartoons of Thamas Nast?

      Poking fun at public figures who displease us is a long estabished tradition in the [formerly] civilized world.

      Alexandia Ocasio-Cortez is a natural-born CLOWN –– a living JOKE, a hideous TRAVESTY of what an educated young woman OUGHT to be. That far too many fail to see that at a glance, as I certainly do, shows just how sadly "dumbed-down," witless, and deracinated we have become.

      What good is a bottle of vintage Champagne after all the bubbles have gone out of it?

      "Life is much too serious, and much too important a matter to be taken seriously."

    6. I'm aware of it, and if you page through historical representations, you can easily see they were much wittier, much less personal attack and diatribe.

      So much of it today is hate-filled, and not funny.

      Yes, and emotional argument (pathos) is more effective than a rational fact-based one (logos), but that also goes in reverse. Launching personal attacks on people only motivates those who like her to shut their eyes and ears to all facts, to burn with hatred against the attackers, and further entrench themselves in their failed ideologies.

      To prove my point: How many liberal Democrats has Ann Coulter (the worst of the worst, imo) converted over to the conservative side?

    7. Ann used to be fun. Lately she's becomse just another bitter old bitch. She lost me when she started attacking President Trump for being a "wimp" when he reopened he government for three weeks.

      May God damn her snotty, hubristic, traitorous soul!

      I'm too damned OLD to mince words, play games or pretend to be "diplomatic" anymore.

      I'm not out to "convert" anyone. As I keep saying in a hundred different ways, lions, tigers, bears, hippopotamuses, monitor lizards, venmous serpents, tarantulas, scorpions, boa constrictors, Muslims, and dark-skinned Cannibals in the sub-Sahran jungles are IMPERVIOUS to Reason and totally immune to Politeness and Charm Offensives and the like.

      If these wild, wayward entities cannot be avoided, they must be ANNIHILATED.

      Sorry, but I can't see any other way to reclaim Civiliziion, which is probably a Lost Cause no matter what we do anyway.

      We've let things SLIDE DOWNHILL too far for MUCH too long.

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    Behold the fiercely arrogant, neo-puritanical, self-righteousness of the Left naked and unashamed in all its would-be despotic vainglory. 

    1. That was a response This One's SECOND attempt to heap his evil smelling compost on this thread.. It was certainly not directed at anyone else here present.

    2. I'll save AOW from having to issued the friendly reminder:

      Please Do Not Feed the Trolls

      We gleefully exterminate their comments when we see them.

    3. I don't FEED them, I SLAP their snotty faces, KICK their bloody shins, and SPIT in their vicious shifty eyes.

      If only I had the power now vested in YOU, I'd joyfully ZAP them out of existence wthout so much as an ASH left to show they'd ever existed.


    4. These sadistic and masochistic trolls crave attention -- just like the third grader who considers any attention, even negative attention, a reward. Just like obscene phone callers.

      There is seriously something wrong with someone who goes somewhere he is not wanted.

    5. Women forcing themselves inot formerly all male precincts?

      Blacks and Jews pushing their way into formerly restricted all-white clubs?

      Thuggish Unions forming to molest, castrate and rob the owners and executives of the industries that made it possible for them to earn a living?

      Just raising provocative questions abut the fundamental issues that defined mos of the last century.. Not trying to start a riot.

      As hs often been said, "On man's "terrorist" is another man's "freedom fighter."

      Which raises the question of our Founding Fathers? How should THEY be defined in the Ultimate Schme of things?

  12. ________ A Backward Glance ________

    I gaze now in perpetual wonderment, grief 

    And sorrow at the jagged, rotting stump 

    Of the once-vital, arcing grandeur
Of the dear and familiar tree 

    That gave me shade and comfort, 

    While all around me weeds, thorns 

    Strange, stunted saplings, and bitter fruit
Litter the parched stony soil
Beneath a pitiless, gray wintery sky.

    ~ FreeThinke


  13. God Is Love.
    The Left Is Hateful.
    Hate Their Hate,
    And Then be Grateful.

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    Hate Rules This
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    Don't Agree?
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    God Is Love.
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    And Then be Grateful.

    ~ Imperator Saggio