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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Sacred and the Profane

Silverfiddle Rant!

Leftwingers are good at agitprop, framing the issue, and leveraging sacred symbols for propaganda victories, but praise Allah, they also end up profaning those same symbols, draining them of their power to browbeat.

Progressives Profane Sacred Symbols

Hoopla-powered Democrats presented sanctimony-draped women and demanded we stop mansplaining and listen to their timeless wisdom. Our obedient attention was rewarded with vulgar outbursts about nasty women, blowing up the White House, and impeaching the mother******.

We are shushed and told to heed the sacred children who endured a school shooting, only to have the reverent silence shattered by foul-mouthed hellions spewing profanity at us.

Last Weekend: The Perfect Sturm und Drang

Privileged Catholic bros in MAGA hats mocked a sacred Native American Vietnam veteran who responded by continuing to peacefully chant and drum, and the Social Media Pogroms raged, with pusillanimous conservative outlets and the kids' own Catholic diocese joining in on the digital beatdown, resulting in death threats to a young man and the closing of his school for safety reasons. 

Oh! How the high dudgeon and scolding sanctimony poured forth from the unctuous Infotainment Media Complex! And it fomented an orgy of flamboyant self-righteousness that put the Bacchae to shame.

Now, the hangover...

Subsequent video revealed the MAGA bros had taken over an hour of abuse from a crowd of African American religious kooks who think they are the lost tribe of Israel. The Catholic boys responded with school chants.

The sacred Noble Savage is a member of the Stolen Valor Tribe: He never served in Vietnam. The Peaceful Native American also lied about being surrounded by the boys. Video shows he walked into them pounding his drum in their faces.

There is a mile-high stack of lies from progressive people of color claiming they saw the whole thing. All lies, revealed only when the rest of the video came out.

The left has taught us a few lessons:

Lesson 1 - Don't believe everything you see from the left and their enablers in the Infotainment Media Complex:

The left provokes such incidents all the time, tells bald-faced lies, and uses their premeditated kabuki to further their agenda.

How many hoaxes, false flag hate crimes and ginned up racial incidents have been perpetrated upon this nation? And yes, those are attacks against us all and our social cohesion, perpetrated by angry wanna-be victims outraged that there are not enough actual attacks against Muslims and people of color.  Jewish people are the targets of the the greatest percentage of hate crimes.  How unfair!

In the Judge Kavanaugh hearings, Democrats slanderers got caught red-handed.

This weekend, progressive activists got busted. Hard. So hard even The Atlantic and CNN came out in defense of the schoolboys and joined the avalanche of apologies and retractions.

Lesson 2 - No person is more sacred than another based solely upon the category she occupies

Being a veteran, woman of color, poor, undocumented, or any other category confers no special moral authority on a person. I hope recent events have busted this overused tool of the left.

This is why at least half of us despise the press and the left. They cannot be trusted to give us the straight story.

So, self-righteous people of the left, including those of you with politburo-assigned special status: Get off your high horse. You're no better than the rest of us, and we're tired of your smug sanctimony and scolding lectures.


  1. Good rant about the Covington boys.

    Brief excerpt:

    ...This is not how you teach children. This is how you abuse them.

    You are not a decent person if you are doubling down on this harassment. You are the dad beating his son bloody with a belt. And I see you.

    And you know what I also see? I see a bunch of supposed "adults" acting out their unresolved adolescent resentments....

  2. I myself am more than peeved about this persecution of the Covington boys. In fact, I haven't been this angry in a long time.

    Personal story....

    Years ago, I was having a feud with a fellow-teacher at the small private school where I had already worked for 15 years.

    For whatever reason, this newbie decided to go after me, an assistant principal and classroom teacher for 6th grade, and get me fired. She went to the principal and lied: "[Mrs. AOW] is picking on my daughter because we're having a dispute."

    Fortunately, the principal and I had 15 years of history together at the school and knew better.

    You see, a master teacher whom I greatly admired when I was growing up did one thing that made me despise him: he bullied students (for various reasons).

    I promised myself when a teenager that, once I became a teacher, I'd never do such a thing.

    So...this Covington thing lights up my board. I'M STEAMED!

    Oh, and guess who got fired at the school where I was teaching? Not I! I continued working there until the school was closed (directors/owners aged out).

  3. That clown Phillips is from Ypsilanti.
    He successfully annoyed (A mild term) everyone here when he fomented the Eastern Michigan University to change it's team name from Huron's to Eagle. Ypsi is on the Huron River. The logo was noble.
    Nick Sandman amazes me with his maturity.
    Had it been me, Nathan Phillips would never again wonder how his drum tasted.

    1. Ed,
      Love that last sentence! Up votes!

    2. They were there waiting on their bus to go back home. Then some feral negros started some trouble. Then a racist indian figured he would start some trouble. Now they are gonna get sued as they should. Can't you guys pick on adults, instrad of picking on children?

  4. Nyssia, the naked queen, is not supposed to peek behind Gyges cloak. She's supposed to stand there, naked, and let King Candaules show off her naked beauty to all his good friends.

    1. ...the rest of the story:

      “It is not easy for us, who have used coinage for some twenty-five hundred years, to imagine the impression it made on the minds of those who first used it in their city-states. The introduction of money to Greece has few useful analogies. Tales of Gyges associate him with founding a tyranny in Lydia and with a power of being able to transform visibles into invisibles and invisibles into visibles. This power, as we shall see, is associated with new economic and political forms that shattered the previous world and its culture.”
      --Marc Shell, "Economics of Literature"


  5. There have been several false things come to light lately like a black man who set his own black church on fire after spraying racial slogans on it -- and claiming it was Trump supporters. They can't get over that Trump Supporters (the majority) do not do these things so they think we'll do them and blame them -- and where do they learn it .... from their leaders....
    And as for the “man” who accused the MAGA hat wearing high school teens of “disrespect” and “racism” has been identified as actor Nathan Phillips, aka by his enlisted name - Nathaniel Richard Stanard who went AWOL 3 times, never saw Vietnam, he was only a mechanic and he is heavily involved in far leftist SJW groups. He has a history of falsifying situations in order to raise money from sympathizers. He is an anti-white racist opportunist.?

  6. BRAVO, SilverFiddle! A great piece of colorful writing full of individual character! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Not only that but you even seem to KNOW what you are talking about. (All too rare these days! ;-)

    "Reportage" reaches the level of art when the writer manages to be both informative AND entertaining –– the best of all possible worlds in my never humble opinion.


    1. Thank you. A little verbose, but it got the job done.

    2. We need MORE words, and MORE colorful inventive c
      images, not FEWER.

      READING good, old-fAshioned BOOKS has given me –– and cuontless millions of others –– far greater pleasure the movies, television or computerized videos ever have or ever will.

      The saddest part of my becoming legally blind ten years ago has been my being deprved of that enormous pleasure. Yes, I can stiil read –– on the computer –– but it's not the same as curling up with a good book in a favoirite chair in a beloved corner of the house on rainy day, or reading myself to sleep in bed.

  7. Coincidentally, I concocted a more generalized broadside against the Left, myself, earlier today at Who's Your Daddy? –– probably the roughest, readiest, most overtly vulgar, mean-spirited and splenetic conservative blog in our purview. The Covington Boys served as the springboard for discussion there too, although the conversation, such as it was, quickly degenerated into the usual Feces Festival cum Carnival of Contempt featuring unbridled insolence, dreary mindless negativism, name-calling, etc. –– a regular Burlesque Show of grotesque, unparalleled nastiness that reads lie self parody in most instances.

    At any rate, here's what i wrote there; I believe it may dovetail fairly well, despite it lack of specific references with what SilverFiddle has said here:

    Someone there mentined the "Indian" Mr. Phillips. I responded sayng, "I'm not even sure he IS an "Indian," ...

    The only thIng I AM sure about –– and this is the ONLY part that MATTERS –– not his "RACE," his "RELIGION," his "CULTURE," or his SEX, his "SEXUAL ORIENTATION" or his "COUNTRY of ORIGIN" –– the ONLY thing that matters is that this older guy is OBVIOUSLY a LEFTIST, and is, therefore, either a professional or a semi-professional TROUBLEMAKER.

    The LEFT is all about TROUBLE. They THRIVE on it, they WORSHIP it, they LONG for it..

    TROUBLE is MEAT and DRINK to the LEFT. Without TROUBLE the LEFT would have NO IDENTITY –– no FUNCTION –– NOTHING to LIVE FOR.

    Consequently, if a leftist can't find anything to BITCH about, he will soon CREATE a phony "CRISIS" to feed their desperate, gnawing HUNGER to be considered IMPORTANT and worthy of assuming AUTHORITY.

    In this regard leftists are a lot like PYROMANIACS –– those demented individuals who DELIBERATELY start FIRES so they can take GLORY in making a HOLY SHOW of themselves trying put them OUT –– or MOTHERS who DELIBERATELY injure their children, so they can get in the SPOTLIGHT with their efforts to "HELP" the child they have injured –– often severely.

    The LEFT loves to PRETEND they can SOLVE serious problems, but in TRUTH they can only EXPLOIT them at best,or CREATE them at worst.

    In my way of looking at things this is really ALL we need to know about the Left:

    Simply put the Hegleliin-Marxian, Socialist-Statist-Progressive point of view is ANATHEMA to any and all who appareciate, love and understand the supreme virtue of LIBERTY.

  8. "Go f--k yourself"
    -- Dick Cheney to Senator Leahy on the Senate floor.

    1. BRAVO for Dick Cheney! There are few lice lousier than Loathsome Leahy.

      Who I am you'll never know.
      ___ Your head can't recognize
      Anything of virtue. All you see
      ___ is your own lies.
      You're trapped in the cocoon you made
      ___ with strands that Karl Marx spun
      And so you've been perverted ––
      ___ live in darkness, see no sun.
      Your case is beyond sad
      ___ though none could call it tragic,
      Instead you're merely tedious
      __ devoid of charm and magic.

      ... Anne Imus in Mourning

  9. You've done a fine job spinning the story in your favor, Silverfiddle but there are some issues.

    1. Nathan Phillip stated he was a Vietnam era vet. He never stated he was a Vietnam combat veteran.

    2. The black Israelites have been around forever. They are non-violent (I can take you down to Central square Cambridge to meet a few). The idea that a group of 100+ adolescents felt threatened is foolish.

    3. Tapes exist of the crowd acting out and shouting at passing women just earlier. Nothing serious but enough that their chaperones should have stepped in.

    4. Phillip's account holds up. The question is again why the chaperones didn't have the crowd under control rather than contributing to the formation of future Bret Kavanaugh's.

    Where was th adult authority tehing these young men how to behave?

    1. You are so like the playwright Lillian Hellman it's uncanny, Canardo.

      EVERY word that you write is a LIE, including AND, THE. and BUT.

    2. Ducky, have you ever had to entertain high schoolers for hours while they waited in line for a bus?

      There don't need outside "agitators" stirring up trouble. It's not a very "grown-up" thing to do.

    3. Ducky, you are a bald-faced liar. But we knew that already.

    4. If I live to be a hundred, I will NEVER understand why YOU –– and the OTHER decent people at this and other blogs –– INSIST in engaging this caustic, thoroughly disingenuous CREEP in conversation when you KNOW, as sure as you're born, that you will NEVER achieve ANYTHING worthwhile. All you do is ENCOURAGE further calumny and inflammatory Communist propaganda, and you KNOW it, so what's the point?

      Please don't take this as an attack, old friend, I'm just honestly curious because i simply do not GET it.

    5. Franco,
      Two words: entertainment and foil.

  10. Now the Bishop - Diocese and school- have ordered the kids not to speak to the media. This after throwing the boys under the bus without any investigation and deemed them of possible expulsion. Apparently not even asking the chaperones.

    Too bad the Catholic school didn't defend these innocent kids with the same gusto they defend pedophile priests.

    1. Bunkerville,
      Too bad the Catholic school didn't defend these innocent kids with the same gusto they defend pedophile priests.

      No kidding!

  11. Replies
    1. Sounds like we all need to make a fashion statement...

    2. The MAGA hat elicits some pretty strong feelings . The feelings may be expressed with hyperbole but they are rooted in valid concerns.

    3. Can unhinged leftwing kooks rabid with hatred have valid concerns?

    4. Of course not. Only the privileged like Nick Sandmann whose parents can afford to hire an expensive firm like Runswitch PR to author little Nick's statement have valid concerns.

    5. I can tell it really hurts when your lying leftwing confreres get caught in another manufactured racial incident.

    6. Nostradumbass, that brown shirt you wear is getting awfully frayed around the collar. Of course, I can see how it matters --to you-- how much money his parents have. How dare that white boy expect not to be smeared, attacked and have his life threatened or ruined by a bunch of your fellow traveler brown shirts. What idiots his parents are to believe the whole family will be targets.
      If that "professional grievance Indian" had got in my face and started beating his little drum, I'd have shoved it up his ass!

    7. The valid concern being that Trump is bringing the light to expose the darkness that is the left.
      That in him, the presidency will no longer be compliant to their globalist agenda.

    8. Ed,
      the presidency will no longer be compliant to their globalist agenda.

      I hope.

      The pro-globalist agenda has so many promoters and adherents.

    9. No Warren, it's got nothing to do with his parent' money but the need to hire Mitch McConnell's PR firm to defend the meaning of the MAGA hat.



      You are so like the playwright Lillian Hellman it's uncanny, Canardo.

      EVERY word that you write is a LIE, including AND, THE. and BUT.

    11. Duck,
      I'll almost feel sorry for you when Warren gets back here to respond to you.


    12. You're going to have to move in pretty mysterious ways, AOW, to avoid acknowledging that this minor dustup isn't about the meaning of the hat and how it has grown to be a symbol of exclusion despite whatever policy meaning it might, zi stress might, have had in the beginning.

    13. Video of Nathan Phillips lying about this military service?


    14. Duck,
      Whatever. Freedom of expression, something that the Left USED TO support.

    15. There's no denying expression, AOW. But this has come down to a standoff between those who see it as Phillips drumming in Sandmann's and those who see Sandmann sticking a MAGA hat in Phillip's face.

      The question is what's being expressed.

    16. The fragile whiny left unhinged by a hat...

      Your mental bugaboos are not our problem.

    17. @ Nostradumbass:
      "Only the privileged like Nick Sandmann whose parents can afford to hire an expensive firm like Runswitch PR to author little Nick's statement have valid concerns.
      Don't you hate it when your bullshit comes back to bite you in the ass!
      "No Warren, it's got nothing to do with his parent' money but the need to hire Mitch McConnell's PR firm to defend the meaning of the MAGA hat."
      Maybe they wouldn't have to if you "Progressives", or whatever you Fascists call yourselves this week, didn't foam at the mouth every time someone doesn't toe the party line. You're a bunch of moralless assholes, cowardly, except in mobs, who must lie and slime everyone that you disagree with. To paraphrase SF, your mental aberrations are not "our" problem.

      Your two-bit cigar store Indian is nothing but a grievance mongering SJW for hire and you've been little more than a gas station restroom dispenser for cheap agitprop in the entire time I've know you.

    18. You didn't address the question of the symbolism of the MAGA hat.

      Try to keep your emotions under control if you chose to answer.

    19. @Nostradumbass:
      The symbolism?
      Oh, you mean the false "symbolism" you attach to it. Perhaps you could share your symbolic fantasies on the subject of the hat with us with us and explain how it entitles you to torment and threaten children and others with your roving bands of psychotics and thugs.

      Last year while on vacation I took Mr AOW to a coin show. Mr AOW is disabled and uses a Mobility scooter. He, Mr AOW, was looking for specific coins to complete his collections, he was also wearing his MAGA hat. I was standing about 5 feet back to give him room and casually looking at some of the coins when I noticed some pasty rotund geek give his hat 'the eye' and approach him. The geek approached not realizing that I was with him. I moved up behind Mr AOW. The geek bent over and said, "You're brave wearing that hat around here!" --Northern Virginia is a very "liberal" place.-- Mr AOW didn't hear what he said, he's deaf in one ear, so he looked at the guy and said, "What?" Before the geek could say it again I chirped in, "He has a body guard." The geek was startled and looked at me realizing that I was with Mr AOW. the geek said, "Excuse me?" I said it again, "I said, he has a body guard!" The geek gave me a startled look and hurried off, fast.
      It seems to me the "Symbolism" of a MAGA hat --to you "Progressives"-- is feel free to try and intimidate the wearer of this hat.
      Do so at your own peril, geek!

    20. Warren,
      I'd forgotten about that incident. Probably because I wasn't present because I was working.

      Real classy trying to intimidate a severely disabled man, who, although he's in his 60s, looks much older, huh?

      So glad you were there, Warren! Otherwise, Mr. AOW might have been waylaid.

    21. BRAVO Warren. The Brown Shirts are too used to getting away with gang-style intimidation. It is bullying, pure and simple. More people need to stand up to them. It will be far better for each of us to undertake a firm stand now before someone implements the Castle Doctrine.

    22. I'm not looking to intimidate anyone but if you're honest you'll admit that two years into MAGA you've had enough time to figure out it's a con and whatever hopes you had early on have been coopted by nationalists.

  12. Great post SF! Thanks for straightening out context of Covington boys. Somehow CNN missed that part.

  13. Good point, SF. The left engages in a kind of diabolic transubstantiation, the accidents remain the same but the substance has changed out of all recognition.

    For example, "Women's Healthcare" means "killing your baby in the womb."

    Profane ain't in it and let's remember the Father of Lies.

    So, call out their deceit, insist on the truth, fight their lies without ceasing and in the end they'll dissipate like smoke before the wind. No wonder, they're unreal.

  14. Meanwhile, the "tribal elder" never served in Vietnam.


    1. I wonder if he's really a "tribal elder."

    2. He went into the service as a private, and left as a private four years later. That says a lot about what kind of a citizen-soldier he really was. He ranks right down there with Blumenthal, IMO. Nathan Phillips wouldn't make a stain in Ira Hayes' skivvies.


    3. Anonymous,
      He went into the service as a private, and left as a private four years later.


  15. Keep digging, lefty liars!

    Quote from the "elder" of the Stolen Valor Tribe:

    "I'm a Vietnam Vet. I served in Marine Corps 72 to 76. I got discharged May 5, 1976. I got honorable discharge and one of the boxes shows peacetime or, what my box says is that I was **in theater**. I don't talk much about my Vietnam times."


    Thanks AOW for posting the link.

    It's fun watching the deranged progs dig that hole deeper.

    It's hilarious how they turned a blackout game into "blackface" as if anyone anywhere in the US could get away with that undetected. LOL!

  16. I'm reminded of the Claremont Review of Books assessment of the current "cold civil war" in America. Kessler lays out various solutions to the extreme divisions in American politics, then explains why each Nobel approach would fail except for one:

    A hot civil war.

    No one wants the only solution we are not really locked out of. The unthinkable is on a lot of our minds.

    1. TC,
      I don't get those rumbles here. Are there many such rumbles where you are?

  17. Replies
    1. Duck,
      Conclusion of the above link:

      An ugly confrontation occurred, and for all our camera angles and polarizing debate, it will be impossible to truly know who, exactly, was most at fault.

      Well, Sandmann is 16 years old. Phillips was the adult -- or was supposed to be the adult, anyway.

      Generally, our culture typically deems that the adult is supposed to be the adult -- and the wiser one, the one to walk away, not demand the forever punishment of the child. Yes, Phillips demanded forever punishment: expulsion from school and barred from attending college.

      Today's culture via the media seems to take the side of "the brown skin" as the default position for deciding who is the more responsible party.

    2. I place a lot of the onus on the chaperones.


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