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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Comic Relief: Fractions

More at Powerline Blog.


  1. Dems have always been the racist party.
    The plantation party.
    These days they get a pass.
    You, of course, could imagine had that been seen at the White House.
    Trump bought Mara Lago integrated it, the first in it's area over protests of the other clubs.
    He's obviously a racist.

    1. A few years ago, a friend of mine had quite the collection of Negro Folk Art. For a long time, these pieces did not offend any of our friends—several of whom were black—or her liberal husband from Canada.

      Then, one day, the pieces were suddenly offensive.

      My friend, a teacher in the public school system, put the pieces into a cupboard so as not to threaten her job. Not sure about her husband’s position on the matter.

      True story.

    2. Good thing they didn't have lawn jockeys.

    3. In Dee Cee the Negroes have been paint[ng white faces on antique iron hitching posts which, of course, represented black hore attendants, for years.

      Nothimg to do at that but chuckle good naturally. After all, isn't turnabout always supposd to be considered fair play?

    4. SF,
      Some around here have painted the faces of their lawn jockeys white -- over the original black.


    5. I’ve seen the same AOW, not sure what the point is though.

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    8. CI,
      The point? I dunno.

      But if it’s an antique lawn jockey, I myself would leave it alone.

    9. Just once I'd like someone to just say, "I collect it. It's art," without offering any excuses or apologies.

    10. People are starting to encounter rhetorical assault from others, for proudly displaying the war trophies of their Grandfathers.

      It's a casualty of the social media culture, when one is judged only by the visible accoutrements instead of understanding any context behind them.

    11. AOW, I frequently hear these dog whistles that everything is racist. You can't say Oreo Cookie because it's racist or fried chicken or watermelon or even reference someone you don't know by their skin color. One shouldn't dream of a "White Christmas" because it's racist.

      I say "dog whistle" because it ultimately builds a weak tea argument that because everything is racist, nothing can be racist. One can name any of the long list of Trump's questionable deeds or statements on race and it can be rebutted with "but, but, watermelon". We evan have a so-called conservative U.S. Representative from Utah asking how in the hell has "white supremacy" become offensive. And the GOP response with the exception of a sole black Senator has been that of crickets.

      So maybe chastising the KKK of disavowing a GOP candidate for Senate who wants a front row seat to lynchings is just too liberal these days because, well, Negro Folk Art or, or something.

  2. If you insist on pinning something racist on Warren, do it with facts, not scurrilous fictions. Thanks.

    1. How interesting, Ray! I watched the video long before any “scurrilous” rumors started and saw what APPEARED to be Negro folk art (now deemed racist).

      It seems to me that somebody as “intelligent” as E. Warren would have been more aware of the optics created by the camera’s angle. On the other hand, the entire video and its pandering script were tone deaf in the first place, so....

      Anyway, please provide a link showing that E. Warren herself debunked the Negro folk art. Thanks in advance.

    2. Thank you Ray. False narratives are the currency of intellectual deficit.

    3. By far the biggest collectors of Negro Folk Art –– even in REPRODUCTION –– re NEGROES.

      I know this for a fact, bacause I dealt in antiques for years, and saw the trend for myself when visitng shops arond the country and doing antiques shows with fellow dealers.

      I never dealt in that stuff, myself. I was much more interested in FURNITURE from the seveteenth, eig;teenth and early-nineteenth centuries and the small items that tradtionnally accompany wth those styles –– Chinese exp\ort porcelain, oriental rugs, oil paintngs, old siiver, china, and glass, etc.

      I wouldm't pay much attention to Ray, if I were you. He's a well-known leftist troll from Who's Your Daddy? –– a clone of This One who wouldn't know the difference between imported vintage Champagne and used crankcase oil.

    4. Gee, a photo resolves the question. So let's see the unredacted Carter Page FISA application now...

    5. I'm surprised that they could find an urn that resembles the watermelon item so quickly :)

    6. There's a joke in there somewhere about a cigar store indian...

    7. CI,
      Well, this is a humor post. Perhaps not to be taken as seriously as a corpse?

    8. Franco,
      By far the biggest collectors of Negro Folk Art –– even in REPRODUCTION –– re NEGROES.

      That has been my experience as well.

      Thanks for the info about "Ray."

    9. Believe me, I don’t take memes seriously at all. What people do with them, is another story.

  3. Want to hear something REALLY funny?

    A lady backed into an airplane propeller.


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  5. Another lady made an appointment with her hairdresser.

    She got DISTRESSED!


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  7. What is te difference between a carthorse and a warhorse?

    The warhorse DARTS into the FRAY.

    The carthorse ...

    Wel I'm sure you can figure that out for yourself, can't you?


    Spoonerisms can be a lot of fun. but you have to be careful when in mixed company like the day i was riding with some ladies, and one of them said. "FOLLOW THAT TRUCK," Without thinling I let out a Spoonerism that was VERY embarrassing to all in the car espcially me. My face turned beet red, I know. The ladies however, pretended not to notice, bless them!

    But that happened long ago in a more decorous age.

    There are no "LADIES" anymore only FEMALES who can talk as dirty as any sailors, truck druver or stevedores these days.

    Try to remember this anecdote the next tme you go out n search of vintage HUNT COUNTRY FURNITURE at a second hamd shop, will you?

  8. Fasle Narratives" may b several things.

    1. The sign of a vivid, fertile imagination.

    2. The official medum of exchange in the ENEMEDIA.

    3. Tales designed to help VILIFY a virtuous-but-inconvenient target, or GORIFY a favored rascal.

    I've never known of a war that was prosecuted without an active BUREAU of PROPAGANDA either for the purpose of CHEERING and ENCOURAGING it's OWN SIDE, or doing its best to MISLEAD and DEMORALIZE an ENEMY

    1. False narratives have become the realm of both parties.

    2. Especially when the facts are known, and discarded when they violate the narrative.

    3. Apparently, smeon here has never heard two thi[ngs:

      1. All's fair in Love and War

      2. Fighting fire WITH fire hs been knwn to be highly effective.

    4. Oh, they’ve been heard of. They’re usually spewed by armchair warriors and amateur propagandists.

      It’s intersting though, that you endorse fighting tantrums and lies......with tantrums and lies.

    5. "The partisan, when he is engaged in a dispute, cares nothing about the rights of the question, but is anxious only to convince his hearers of his own assertions."

      ~ Socrates (470-399 B. C. )

      UP! And I woul
      d dare add, if one is not vehemently "partisan" in support ofhis won side when engaged in a way, th;at person could be cinsidered guilty of treason.

      "Extremisk in defense of liberty is no vice."

      "Moderation in war is imbecility."

      One dare not try to be "fair" to one enemies until AFTER they've been brought so low that they are grovelling in th dirt at your feet in tears begging for mercy."

    6. Whatever works to help win the battle is AOK with me.

    7. If one places partisanship to a political party over partisanship to Liberty, Truth and Honor, they are without a doubt a traitor to the Constitution.

      There’s nothing “unfair” in having Integrity. One debases himself without it.

    8. This Mueller Witch Hunt is NOT, "politics," it is WAR –– a war Mueller, who is acting both as a lackey and iickspittle to the Forces of Darkness, MUST NOT be permitted to WIN –– no matter WHAT it costs us to defeat him.

      We are not playing a GAME. The Marquis of Queensbury Rules cannot, –– and should not –– apply in WAR.

      War by its very nature is FERAL –– a reversion to brute savagery, aided albeit and amplified with modern technology ––, and is, therefore, quintessntially INDECENT.

    9. I know war well. This is not war. But I can see why anyone who receives emotional gratification - and injury, from political theater, would seek to elevate its status as such.

      My previous comment stands.

  9. One more "funny," and then I pro]mose I'M OUTTA HERE:

    What's the difference between a drunken policeman and circumcision?

    One is CROCKED COP.

    The other is ...

    I'll let YOU figure that one out.


  10. I saw the beginning of the video. The Warren's looked like nice upper class academics inviting some working class people into their house and trying to act all cool about it but not quite knowing how to do that.

    Alternately, Warren reminded me of what it would be like if Mr. Rogers offered you a beer.

    Imagine, after donning his traditional sweater, he went to the kitchen and pulled a beer bottle out of the fridge...

    "I think I'll have a beer. Would you like a beer?"

    He opens it. "Hear that 'fsssst' sound? Funny, isn't it?"

    He takes a polite, purse-lipped swig. "Mmm. Fizzy! Do you like it when the beer bubbles tickle your nose? Me too."

    1. SF,
      The Warren's looked like nice upper class academics inviting some working class people into their house and trying to act all cool about it but not quite knowing how to do that.

      That was my take.

    2. A brilli=nt arody of Mistero]gers, Silver, but I LI
      ED Misterogers. Even thlugh he appeared too namby pmby to sme. he was gentle, soft -soke< co]nsiderate, kid, and always hd guets who had somethingworthwhile to teach th;e children.

      In this rude, militantly strident age where everyone is constantly trying OUTSHOUTt everyone else in a desperate effort to be heard above the constant roar, someone like Fred Rogers should provide a most welcome respite from the catter and the din.

      Believe it or not MARK LEVIN is playig jis such a role BRILLIANTLY with his Sunday Evening Interview show on FOX News.

      He's quickly made a fan of me.

      An isamd of calm, measured thought and consideration for the dignity of one's guests is a rare treat these days where boorishness and ceaseless tumult seem to be the fashion.

    3. Please don't take my parody as a knock on Mr. Rogers. I love him! My youngest daughter does too ever since she found his reruns on YouTube. We watched the new documentary on him last year and really enjoyed it.

      We need more Mr. Rogers today.

  11. That Warren kitchen pic for real? That's Fabulous !!!

  12. Gad, talk about getting overly sensitive and looking so HARD for things to harp on and insult people over.
    This is HUMOROUS...it's IRONIC, though wrong, who doesn't get that?
    Dems actually paint themselves as the big open minded ones when their history is SO different!

    HERE IS THE REAL JOKE...I quite literally thought AOW meant OUR WARREN, her good friend who posts here from time to time! And I couldn't put it together...why my mind went there is anybody's guess but my not realizing it was Elizabeth Warren and it was playing a joke on her probably says something, too! Not sure what :-)

    1. Just another attempted smear piece by crack reporter Tomi 'Seeds and Stems" Lahren. Although it was a little more subtle than the attempted smear of A O-C with the dance video some right winger edited in mom's basement.

    2. That's okay, Ducky, calm down....it's just about time the Right started 'smearing,' too.

      So AOW and Tomi and others 'goofed'...Hillary 'goofed' and she's been excused.
      Eric Holder 'goofed' and got an agent killed with F&Furious,
      Obama 'goofed' and jumped the gun with Henry Gates, starting a BLM movement that continues to get cops killed by overzealous nuts amongst our citizenry, Brian Edwards 'goofed', Dan Rather 'goofed'..

      Ah, HELL, and Tomi and AOW goofed. DARN ;-)

    3. Let's take these one at a time:

      1. Fast and Furious was a long running program that involved a lot more than Eric Holder.

      2. BLM was established in 2013. The Gates incident occurred in 2009.
      Nice try,

      3. I assume you mean Brian Williams who was guilty of false self promotion.

      4. That brings us to Rather who was set up but was guilty of not researching the documents. He paid a heavy price. Tomi didn't research her tweet. Shouldn't they fire her butt?

    4. all wrong...
      1. Fast and Furious was a long running program that worked. When I heard the Feds say they were shocked HOlder told them to sell the guns and leave them without surveillance, I knew that was ridiculous, as did the Fed agents, and anybody else should, too.

      2. BLM and other groups like that take a while to foment. Ferguson, Maryland...they all added up. No respect given law enforcement, just Obama going off the rail without knowing the facts...starting doubt right from the early days and never once speaking publicly to particularly young Black Americans who could have gained so much by talking against drugs, pregnancy, for going to school....never once. He had such an opportunity.

      3. Of course I mean Brian Williams....he 'goofed'? Yes, self promotion by lying about having been in Iraq in a helicopter...we don't call that 'goofs' in my circle, we call it what the Left calls EVERYTHING any Republicans 'goofs' with..a LIE.

      4. Rather was 'set up'? Hilarious. He paid a heavy price? He's actually paid a heavier price than Hillary Clinton...think that's fair? Oh, that's right...she only 'goofed.'
      No, Tomi's a lightweight who usually gets it right but you don't like it, so it's wrong.

      SO, that's 'taking these one at a time" and learning a little while you're at it, Ducky! good job!

    5. Z,
      HERE IS THE REAL JOKE...I quite literally thought AOW meant OUR WARREN, her good friend who posts here from time to time!

      That's hilarious!

    6. That's why we should ALWAYS use FIRST NAMES –– or at least INITIALS –– to AVOID SUCH CONFUSION.

      I refer to her as LIZZIE. Many call her FAUXCAHONTAS.

      As far as I'm cncerned she'D best be known as THAT G-D B*TCH from ASSACHEWSPITS.


    Thanks, Silverfiddle, for reminding me. Lots of 'em here in this rural Texan haven.


    I see that few have commented on the first graphic in the body of the blog post. No dispute there, huh?

  15. The extraordinary story published Friday night in The New York Times headlined “F.B.I. Opened Inquiry into Whether Trump was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia” tells us how deeply sick the Media is the Democratic, Progress Washington establishment has become. A group of bureaucrats elected by no one – sat in a room and decided they would investigate the new president of the United States for possible treason. Let me repeat: treason. This is, after all, the implication of this investigation.
    The entire Progressive Party has proven to be Treasonous.


    Lizzie Warren’s sharpened axe
    Waits to give Kapital forty whacks.

    And when she has destroyed the banks
    She’ll say you owe her many thanks.

    Then she will wreck th’ economy
    Reduce us all to penury

    So we’ll all grovel at her feet
    Begging for enough to eat.

    Lizzie plans to set us free
    By heavily levying on you and me


    ~ FreeThinke

    1. Good one! I can chant it with feeling.

    2. That's hogwash. Or most accurately put, gross hyperbole.

    3. NO. It's properly called SATIRE. Unfortunately, –– unlike our friend, AOW –– YOU don't have sufficient intelligence to understand and apprecuate anything, but dull, plodding, witless, literalistic "reports" filled with of facts and figures. That's because you are either very very stupid, or have been poorly educated.

      Were you born and raised in a cornfield, perhaps? –– Or could it have been BOSTON?


  17. Anyway. I'm glad you enjoyed it, AOW. I wrote it a long time ago as soon s I realzed what Lizze was all bout. She's an extremely dangerous, entirely toxic influence ad shuld never have been permitted to be in a positon to influence impressionable young minds.

    I meant to title it "Charles River Legend" –– an allusion to a source I'm sure you'd understand ver well, and find highly amusing.

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  19. We've known that about elected democrats for a long time.


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