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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Kook Left Klan Attacks Again!

Silverfiddle Rant!
The Kook Left Klan (say it real fast) is after Tom Brokaw...

Appearing as a panelist on the Sunday morning show (see video via Twitter below), Brokaw said when he “pushes” Americans on the subject of immigration, “They say, ‘Well, I don’t know whether I want brown grand-babies.’ That’s also a part of it, the intermarriage that’s going on and the cultures that are conflicting with each other. I also happen to believe that the Hispanics should work harder at assimilation. … You know, they ought not to be just codified in their communities but make sure that all their kids are learning to speak English and that they feel comfortable in the communities. And that’s going to take outreach on both sides, frankly.” (Deadline)

I also take issue with his comments, but for different reasons...

Did Brokaw smear us? US citizens (presumably white) are worried about "brown grandbabies?"  Really? In my experience, the culturally insensitive usually just carelessly slap the "Mexican" label on all those people to south of us. "Brown people"  is a favored term of the Taco Bell University left.  All Hispanics are not "brown," people south of the border do not call themselves "brown," and Hispanics are not homogeneous--they hail from varied and diverse cultures.   

Brokaw is Wrong:  Hispanic Assimilate -- to the point of no longer being "Hispanic:" Back in 2014, progressives began handwringing over Hispanic's increasingly checking the 'White' box on census forms. Hispanics and Asians lead the way in intermarriage, blending into the larger melting pot culture of our nation.  All over America, you can find people with Hispanic last names who don't speak Spanish, fly no foreign flags, and who retain no cultural vestiges from whatever nation their ancestors came from.


Finally, I love it when a snotty prig tweets out an unintentional self-condemnation. Check this Kook Left Klansman's attack on Brokaw, after he apologized for insulting a "proud culture:"

“Also we aren’t all Hispanics,” another person said. “‘That proud culture’? It’s not just one culture, you definitely need some history classes because you’re talking about many people from many places/countries and diverse backgrounds.” (NY Post)

I wholeheartedly agree. Let me add, mutatis mutandis...

"We aren't all white people. It's not just one white culture.  You unhinged haters screaming about "white people" definitely need some history classes because you’re talking about many people from many places/countries and diverse backgrounds."

Hell, I don't have one drop of English blood in me, so while you're at it, stop calling me an Anglo.


  1. No English blood? Blimey ... how ever will you survive in racist America?

  2. Bwokaw doesn't speak engwish either . Wisten to him tawk

    1. YES. I've called him Tom Brokenjaw for several decades. He has always spoken with a definite, definitely annoying "WISP."

      I've felt the same way about Bawbwa Wawtews, wembew hew?

      I was surprised to see Brokenjaw's name in the news again. I didn't even know he was still alive.

  3. Well, there are HISPANICS –– a term that the Mavens of Political Correctness now spurn. The PC Police would prefer us to call them La-DEE-nawce (spelt phonetically to indicate the heavy foreign accent the PC-Police would have us affect whenever we utter ANY name or term of Spanish derivation.)

    That might not be a bad thing [I, personally, have always been a stckler for correct pronunciation, and frankly resent the way Americans hideously MANGLE and DISTORT Italian, Polish, German, Russian and French names]. So I'd favor a more educated approach to pronunciation of non-Anglo-Celtic names, if only it hadn't been POLITICIZED, which means it s now used as a WEAPON to insult and bully ordinary, natural-born ,still-mosly-white Americans into CONFORMANCE with politically motivated DICTAtES from the power-hungry LEFT whose TRUE ambition in all their Do-Gooding Machinationshas always been to jockey themselves into positions of ABSOLUTE, TYRANNICAL POWER.

    No one could be more anti-democratic than a true, dyed-in-th;e-wool LEFTIST. Marxian thinkers have always been natural-born BULLIES, which is why I, personally, DESPISE and REJECT them as I have always done.

    CRIPES! One of my classmates –– whom I've known since 1947! –– married a thoroughly American guy with the last name of MARTINEZ. During 45 years of mattiage they prono\unced their name as Martin-EZ.

    In lstter years my old friend has often felt "OFFENDED" when PC-types dare to CORRECT her on the prounciationof her OWN married name insidsting she should use the (correct) Spanish promuncitian Mar-TEE-nez complete with characteristic "soft" dentalized-T and all to show proper respect for our Latino minority..

    I'd be pissed off too, if some smug, self-righteous meddlesome SOB half my age tried to tell ME how to pronouce MY name, wooden shoe? };^)>

    1. Yeah, I chuckle at the over-pronouncing PC prigs as well. And I agree with you: Why don't they over-pronounce other foreign origin words?

      SpaGHETTi! should be pronounced with the gusto of an Italian, or not at all.

      We should be calling wieners "Veeners," we'r pronouncing "angst" all wrong, we've totally screwed up brot, nudeln, leberwurst, blutwurst und bretzeln,

    2. I had a British friend once who insisted in calling it SPOG-hetty! Sh'd never admit she liked it, but every ince in a while she'd suggest going out for a PITTS-uh!

      The Brits are even worse than we about such things, if that's possible, but at least they're CONSISTENT about it.

      They systemtically ANGLICIZE foreign terms, while we just MANGLE 'em willy nilly. ;-) When going out to dinner, do you enjoy partaking of a BUFFY?

      That's what they call a BUFFET in case you didn't know.

  4. As someone with a ton of Rodriguez's for nieces (one of whom I adopted), nephews and sister-in-law, I take umbrage at being miscast as a racist.
    And if they speak any more Spanish than I do, I'd be surprised.

  5. There is no shortage of minority movements in our country today railing against the past. The La Raza group want the US to return huge swaths of territory “taken” from New Spain/Mexico. The US isn’t going to give Colorado back to Mexico, and the entire issue about Columbus, if you understand history, is patently stupid. You can’t change history. Black militants want ... actually, I’m not sure what they want; maybe to return to the good old days of tribal warfare. And then the perverts blather away at us about such things are respect and tolerance —as if anyone really cares what these nut-balls do in the privacy of their homes.

    If the “white majority” should be upset about anything, it is in the brainwashing of our children in schools, whose teachers and administrators somehow believe it is their duty to teach toddlers tolerance toward alternative lifestyles. In my mind, this isn’t about conveying respect and tolerance; it’s about pushing an immoral agenda; making decadence acceptable. In any case, if there is a responsibility in this regard, it is one for parents, not teachers.

    I’ve never personally had concern about “brown babies.” Anglo-Americans have been “mixing” with other cultures and ethnicities for a long time. Why is this suddenly a social issue? Either cross-cultural relationships work, or they don’t —and the same can be said about same-culture relationships ... and if they don’t, then it’s the children who suffer, not their parents. It does seem to me that if we took better care of our children, we’d have fewer social issues to deal with over the long-haul. Parents should take back their traditional responsibility and roles toward children and tell the social-warriors to butt out.


    _________ Time to Maintain _________

    The time to wrap and hold it has arrived.
    It looks as though expansion’s at an end.
    Maintaining what we have is now contrived
    Earnestly our assets to defend.
    Taking stock we should feel gratified.
    Our catalogue of battles lost and won
    Mostly leaves us feeling satisfied.
    At least we did our best, and had some fun.
    I think ‘tis better that than Grand Achievement ––
    Noble efforts –– Nobel Prizes gained ––
    Taken in perpetual bereavement ––
    A life by constant criticism stained.
    If living just to live our time employs,
    Now’s the time to savor all our joys.

    ~ FreeTthinke


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