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Monday, October 8, 2018

The Left Drops The Mask

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From Powerline Blog comes this (hat tip to Warren for alerting me to this information)...
One can hardly write a post on the mean-spiritedness of today’s liberals without mentioning the fallout from the Democrats’ failed effort to bully Brett Kavanaugh out of a seat on the Supreme Court. Here the choice is almost limitless, but let’s go with this one: a writer for the Stephen Colbert show seeks solace in having ruined Judge Kavanaugh’s life:

The hatred will intensify. Watch for it.


  1. It occurs to me that the lefties have now forgone all pretenses as far as being “moderate” for want of a better word. Their hatred of this country, it’s ideals and worse are now brazenly out in the open. It's not a secret anymore. These are not just “Socialists”, but in fact treasonous scum that are out to destroy this country as we know it.

    The funny part is if they succeed, they will be shocked as the "Rulers” they install then go after them, just as Stalin, Hitler, Castro and Mao did because that is always the end result.

    1. Joseph,
      Thank you for that important comment, my friend. It is the unvarnished truth!

  2. One spiteful and hateful woman does not define all liberals. Just like one conspiracy theorist (think Alex Jones) doesn't define conservatives.

    I did not support Kavanaugh for several reasons. But being glad for ruining anyone's life just seems trite and pathetic.

    Justice is not always right. Sometimes it just makes sense to move on to the next battle. Increasing awareness is a win in and of itself.

    1. RN,
      It's not just a single spiteful and hateful woman. Not by a long shot.

      Take off your blinders -- if you are capable of doing so.

  3. Your sarcasm is so noted. I have no further comment. BTW, I do not wear blinders.

    1. RN,
      Your notation is in error. I didn't make the comment in sarcasm.

  4. Replies
    1. I at one time had respect for you Silver. No more. Not that it matters. But it is clear there is a ciil war coming. Perpetrated by the right. But bye.

    2. Compliment and criticism from the left go in the same crap pile.

    3. "Nursie" got BURRRRRRRNED! And I'm being as polite as possible, restraining myself to the limit.

    4. and the Beantown Quacker hasn't even shown up. He must be nursing his singed tail feathers.

    5. I'm watching the Sox/Spankees game.

  5. Replies
    1. If Fred Thompson were alive today, he would Tweet this: @FredThompson "Liberals throw a tantrum at the SCOTUS building. Their diapers must need changing." By the way, Fred Thompson was one of my followers before I followed him on Twitter. He's watching over us in Heaven, rooting for our reform.

  6. Meanwhile, over at my Facebook page, I got this comment to the same post:

    I'm glad he go exposed for the piece of crap he is. He does not deserve that seat and I'm not sure why one Republican couldn't come up with another judge worthy of the seat. There's a reason, and I bet it has to do with Trump being investigated and hopefully convicted of treason, bank fraud, money laundering, collusion and tax fraud. Kavanaugh has a debt to pay to Trump, and I'm sure Trump will want to collect.

    There is no reasoning with Leftists.

  7. I don't know if you've seen the prophecies given to a firefighter named Mark Taylor about Donald Trump and his terms in office, AOW. God is using him to clean up the corruption on both sides of the aisle. God has told Taylor that Trump will be appointing 5 Justices to the court: 1 to replace a dead (murdered) justice, 1 to replace a retiring justice, and 3 to replace justices caught up in scandals, being forced to resign. Taylor said that the scandals might not be publicly exposed, with the justices looking like they decided to retire, but it could also go the way by being publicly exposed. Also, Roe vs Wade will be overturned, making abortion a state issue. The things Donald Trump does will cause a spiritual revival. What we are seeing is a fight between God and Satan. Satan is throwing a temper tantrum through the left wing extremists.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. What scares you, Les?

      President Trump's "reckless" job growth?

      President Trump's loudly booming economy?

      All those hard working men and women out there in the heartland who reject your extreme leftwing orthodoxy?

      The Rule of Law triumphing over emotional histrionics?

      Facts, logic and reason beating back the frontiers of progressive-fueled ignorance?

      Dr. Ford's allegations were out there for a month, blasted worldwide by the Infotainment Media Complex. Don't you think a corroborating witness would have come forth, if one existed?

      Finally, ask yourself this question: Did the dirty Democrats' arrogant and hamfisted propaganda smear of Kavanaugh and exploitation of Dr. Ford harm or help the cause of sexual abuse victims?

    2. All those hard working men and women out there in the heartland who reject your extreme leftwing orthodoxy?


      A) Nothing scares me, NOTHING.

      B) Think about this Sliverfiddle... Why would a mnanufacturing manager who spent his entire aldult life save three years in supervision and management fear tRump's :reckless" job growth? Your hyperbole is apparently getting the better of you.

      C) America's loudly booming economy is good. Thankfully Prsident Obama had then ability to start and sustain a growing economy to hand over to tRump.

      D) The rule of law IS what made this nation unique and exceptional. So did the ability to adapt to changing cultural trends while maintaing the rule of law. Emotional histrionics are MOT limited to one political ideology as you are imnplying.

      E) Facts, logic and reason beating back the frontiers of progressive-fueled ignorance?

      LMAO again. The Fact IS rightwing ideology does NOT have a lock on any of the three. Neither does leftwing ideology. The challemge is recognizing what's right given evert individual circumstance.

      F) Perhaps, Perhaps Not. Perhaps we'll never know beyond the shadow of doubt. But one thing is CERTAIN, Kavanaugh was not proven innocent as tRump falsely claimed.

      G) Raising awareness, regardless of method, is good and helpful. Dr. Ford was not exploited, she made the decision of her own free will. Rather or not you or anyone else believes it to be so.

      I) ... dirty Democrats' arrogant and hamfisted propaganda smear ... This really is not deserving of a response. Why? Because republicans have acted just as dirty and arrogant while spewing propaganda as democrats ever have. THAT and their HYPOCRISY is why I CHOSE, of my own rational and free will to leave the republican party 12 years ago. Damn glad I did as it has CONTINUALLY gotton worse since.

      BTW Silverfiddle, I am NOT a democrat. I am NOT republican. I am NOT a socialist. I am NOT a commie. I am NOT a facist. I am in fact an INDEPENDENT that like Ayn Rand has little to no longer has any use for a party. Which leave me in the position to vote to support and vote for whomever I believe is the best candidate. I love the feeling of not being a sheeple to ironclad rifgid ideology.

      Toodles Silverfiddle. Its been real and its been fun, but, It sure as hell hasn't been real fun.

    3. Interesting... Not to worry, Les. Democrats can continue digging and bringing forward "witnesses" willing to make brazen statements to the Infotainment Media Complex, only to back when asked to make sworn statements.

      Maybe you guys can join OJ Simpson out there searching for the real killers. LOL

      What I said earlier still stands and you cannot refute it: All accusers can file a police report in the State of Maryland. The fact that they did not--but instead invoked the FBI (for a non-federal case)--speaks volumes.

      Congratulations. You are fully indoctrinated. The Hive Politburo is pleased with you.

    4. RN,
      You keep saying goodbye, but not sticking to your farewell. Therefore, you subsequent comments will be deleted as soon as a blog administrator becomes aware of any such comments.

    5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. The inmates will be taking over the asylum in November if we lose the majority in the House. If we think what we have seen causes a shudder, think about this:

    Looking at the Dems who would be chairing various committees - Nadler for Judiciary for one-- should put more than a tingle up our spine to get us to the polls. Just imagine going after Kavanaugh and anyone else he has in mind.

    Maxine Waters is in line to become chair of the House Financial Services Committee if Democrats take that chamber — a position that comes with broad subpoena powers. If Democrats gain a majority in the House of Representatives, Maxine Waters could become chair of a committee that has the power to subpoena President Trump’s bank records and anyone else for that matter.

    Just think of trying to get a budget together. Total chaos.

    1. Totally agree.

      Also, the leftwing street fascists would be emboldened, Doxxing everybody in public life and shouting, chasing and beating their enemies in public places.

      I don't think the tide is with the GOP keeping the House. It would be historic if they did, but I continue to pray anyway.

      The only bright spot is GOP control of the Senate is not in jeopardy, regardless of the trumpet blat BS from the Infotainment Media Complex

  10. We lived to experience [A Turn of the Century].
    Do we feel the same as those who came before us-those experiencing the New 20th Century. They did not have the technology explosion as we--but the internal combustion motor car which gave expediency to travel which was a boon to information seeking it's way across this vast wide space we call The U.S.A. *From shore to shining shore*.
    But ~ the New Age of Communism/Marxism is the Apparent experience we have in common with those folks.
    The big difference between now and then is we have the History of that New Age Movement. It ain't purttty.
    The History of the New Age Movement we have seen and experienced is that those Murdering EVIL New Agers will not hesitate to Murder to Start there Social Experiment.
    Even as symbolizm to Murder someones Career, livelihood.


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