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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Liar's Veto

Silverfiddle Rant!

"Prove you're not guilty!" 

Who wants to put their fate in the hands of an unhinged mob? (or a capricious government hostile to your beliefs?)

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Our justice system--as imperfect as it is--is based upon the bedrock constitutional principle of innocent until proven guilty, and indeed, that is the standard at every level of reasoned human interaction, including workplace hiring and firing and workplace and school evaluations and discipline. If you want someone punished, you must present proof.

Anything below that standard is a Liar's Veto and un-American:  Salem Witch Trials, Inquisition, Lynchings of black men, McCarthy Investigation...

Contemporary media-stoked mass hysteria brought us Court of Public Opinion false guilty verdicts in cases such as Tawana Brawley, McMartin Preschool, Duke rape case, Richard Jewell...

Here are two articles that disagree.  They are weak and riddled with conflation, lazy stereotypes, and trite clichés. Worse, they present no workable solutions for evaluating uncorroborated claims other than "Believe all women." Tell that to Emmett Till.

Why the male fear of false rape accusations should worry all of us

Rod Dreher speaks in opposition to such activists:  After Kavanaugh’s Destruction, Who Is Safe?

What's the Solution?
So, what shall we do when an accusation does not fit the bounds of facts and evidence, but takes place in the realm of intuition, emotion, and heuristically evaluating veracity?

At root of this conundrum may be the psychological theory that tells us men tend towards the logical and linear; women tend to be more intuitive and adept at detecting undercurrents and hidden connections. It is natural that so many women activists choose the arena of intuition and emotion to stage their public gladiatorial spectacles.

Having said that, how do we evaluate such accusations as Dr. Ford's?



    [hy oo- ris-tik or, often, y oo-]


    1. serving to indicate or point out; stimulating interest as a means of furthering investigation.

    2. encouraging a person to learn, discover, understand, or solve problems on his or her own, as by experimenting, evaluating possible answers or solutions, or by trial and error: a heuristic teaching method.

    3. of, relating to, or based on experimentation, evaluation, or trial-and-error methods.

    4. Computers, Mathematics. pertaining to a trial-and-error method of problem solving used when an algorithmic approach is impractical.


    5. a heuristic method of argument.

  2. Nothing is more surprising than the easiness with which the many are governed by the few.

    Reason is, and ought only to be the slave of the passions, and can never pretend to any other office than to serve and obey them.

    It is not reason which is the guide of life, but custom.

    ~ David Hume (1711-1776)

    A Scottish philosopher and mathematicn Hume was an atheist who had unusual powers of perception and intuition considerbly advanced for his time. From the little I've read of him he seemed to believe that true knowledge and understanding sprang from the individual's unique perception of the world as the individual experiences it.

    He actively despised "Received Wisdom" and seemed almost bitterly opposed to organized religion –– particularly Christianity which he dismissed as delusive.

    Nevertheless there is much wisdm in his writings, Despite his apparent rejection of the moral, philosophical and legal basis for English Common Law and all that has been good about Western Civilization.

    How does this pertain to SilverFiddle's excellent article?

    I think it may at least form a basis for understanding why raving screaming mobs increasingly prone to violence –– egged on by treacherous, power hungry sophists no doubt –– are now considered a LEGITIMATE form of political speech.

    We have reached a point where "bearing false witness" –– i.e. LYING –– to achieve a desired goal is becoming a quasi-respectable means of political "discourse."

    That we now dignify OBVIOUS, agenda-driven liars, fabulists, distortionists and insurrectionists by treating their raving allegations –– as though they are smehw worthy of due consideration by lawmakers and judges –– is one of many signs that we are experiencing a tragic Moral, Spiritual and Cultural DISINTEGRATION bound to lead to CHAOS soon to be supplanted by DESPOTISM.

    Hume's beliefs lose credibility when we realize he credits the average person with the same high level of intelligence and discernment that he, himself, possessed.

    The vast majority of human beings unconsciously long to be LED, and that means they too easily fall prey to the meretricious, superficially attractive machinations of clever, unscrupulous "Pied Pipers" who promise much but invariably deliver horrific loss.

    So, "PASSION" untempered by faith in Ultimate Wisdom and an honest search for Truth motivated primarily by Love is doomed to lead us over the Cliff and onto the Rocks.

    1. Comment of the Year!

      So much wisdom can be found in those old thinkers, and you, Franco, display a dexterity of mind many today unfortunately do not: You can read the works of someone you fundamentally disagree with on some points, but still glean knowledge from their writing, admire their works and apply points of their philosophy to contemporary events.

    2. I am also alarmed at how so many brazenly employ bald-faced lies and bearing false witness to gain some advantage.

      Most insidious is the Infotainment Media Complex's pernicious inability to play it down the middle.

      Fake News? Maybe not, but they are ALL trafficking in shady news, shading it this way or that depending on their agenda.

    3. Thanks SilverFiddle. I appreciate your compliment very much.

  3. men tend towards the logical and linear; women tend to be more intuitive and adept at detecting undercurrents and hidden connections

    I think that the above is true -- except when a mother who is forced to be a logical realist rears her daughter. Apparently that has been the case in my maternal family, who clawed their way out of Appalachia during the Great Depression.

    Today's generation -- and many of the previous generation as

    As a teacher, I must add this: the study of Latin and, to a lesser extent, the study of English Grammar force girls to abandon intuition in favor of linear logic and serious consideration of the evidence.

  4. Your first link is an editorial which contradicts your position,

    1. The first link is to Emmett Till, a victim of #Believe All Women.

      The next two links present opposing "arguments" such as they are. I state that plainly...

      Here are two articles that disagree. They are weak and riddled with conflation, lazy stereotypes, and trite clichés. Worse, they present no workable solutions for evaluating uncorroborated claims other than "Believe all women."

    2. Just wait until they claim the section on a police report requiring a time, date, and place the alleged crime occured is ruled "sexist."

    3. TC,
      At the rate things are going, it'll come to that.

    4. I'm seeing a bottleneck ahead where the Left will reach the point of outlandishness that taking them seriously will garner the same reaction from normal people that the belief that the Earth is flat does. I've been there for decades. It's nice.

    5. TC: I am eagerly awaiting the "Intersectionality" Klown Kar crash. That prog left intersection has about a thousand roads going into and its growing daily.

      Who yields, a woman of color or a homosexual Muslim man?

    6. A furry transgender anarcho-communist with "Jonestown was a CIA massacre conspiracy theories" has the right-of-way, of course.

  5. Some of the teens at the high school I'm associated with have asked me about the Kavanaugh thing...being young, I figure they're into the "believe HER, screw HIM" scene.......the thing that REALLY gets to them is when I very calmly say "I'm one of those who really loves America and believes in Due Process...we must keep believing that you're innocent UNTIL proven guilty..." Their eyes widen and they seem to understand that better than all the emotional stuff I'd LOVE to regale them with on the Kavanaugh thing (her lies, which have been proven, etc.). As an aside, I'm stunned at how many of the kids are suddenly turning away from the Left and like a lot of what Trump's doing. I was really shocked yesterday at some of their thoughts. Plus, I don't like talking politics at school because I don't believe in indoctrination, so if kids want to talk, in class while others are finishing up work, etc., I'll pull them aside...suddenly, I have a little group of kids around us listening...they'd put their finished paper on my desk and STAY. And not argue...it was a new experience. A good one. DUE PROCESS. Without that, ...wow.

    1. That IS a hopeful sign, –– and in CALFORNIA yet.

      Good for you, Z!

      Chaucer said, "Murder will out," and I'll add, "TRUTH WILL TOO –– given enough time."

  6. The Kavanaugh hearing was not a criminal proceeding and questions of criminal due process are largely irrelevant.
    Ford's testimony has not been shown to be false but neither has it been proven.
    Kavanaugh's testimony did not demonstrate a proper judicial temperament especially in his flippancy toward Senator Klobuchar.
    His invoking a Clinton conspiracy and the specter of "left wing money" (dog whistle meaning Soros) would be an embarrassment to proper thinking individuals aside from being an insult to Ford.

    1. Kavanaugh was not the judge of those proceedings; he was the accused, so that talking point is debunked. Try again.

    2. Proof to support an unsubstantiated allegation is never irrelevant, unless you're a grubby Bolshevik wanting to burn it all down.

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. A wee tip for SilverFiddle:

      Excrement smells exactly like its four-letter equivalent.

      Doesn't the SENTIMENT count more than the vocabulary?

  7. How injudicious, displaying anger when people smear you with false and unsubstantiated allegations of gang rape...

    1. How like a frickin' fringe right tool blaming it on the Clintons and Soros.

      Yeah, this hack is going to be an impartial arbiter.

    2. Since you unhinged leftwingers are incapable of truth-telling, here is the quote, from the transcript:

      "This whole two-week effort has been a calculated and orchestrated political hit, fueled with apparent pent-up anger about President Trump and the 2016 election, fear that has been unfairly stoked about my judicial record, revenge on behalf of the Clintons and millions of dollars in money from outside left-wing opposition groups."

      I suggest you take a reading comprehension class.

    3. By the way, he wasn't accused of rape.

    4. Bull. The Avenatti nutball accused him of drugging women for gang rapes. Read the adffidavit. It was all innuendo, with language that made it impossible to either prove or disprove her allegations, thereby protecting her from lawsuit or prosecution for perjury. In other words, it was one more piece of propaganda propagated by the PornHag Shyster.

    5. Leftwing strategery, Demonstrated by Ducky:

      When busted for lying, abandon the lie and move on to the next lie on your red propaganda talking points memo.

    6. Canardo,

      I wish you'd quit depositing DUXCREMENT here and elsewhere in the blogosphere.

      It BEFOULS the ATMOSPHERE to a fare thee well, and makes it hard for us to breathe.


      PS: MARXCREMENT Stinks even worse, although there's hardly dime's worth of difference between the two..

  8. Bottom Line: Democrat smear-job blew up in their faces.

    Democrats now face the impossible task of having to implement their grotesque fundamental changes to America by legislation.

    1. I'd rather put it this way, Silver:

      The DemonRat Attack Machine blew up in their FECES


    2. One fact that has not been reported is that during his appointment to the appeals bench the ABA took the unusual step of lowering his rating.
      Why? Questions about his temperament.
      But I suppose the ABA is Bolshevik.

    3. 400 out of 17,000 law professors in America (2.3%) have a problem with Kavanaugh badmouthing disbarred lawyers (the Clintons, Obama).

    4. If the ABA is serious, every member will boycott the Supreme Court and refuse to do any work before it.

  9. It is frightening how manipulable Democrat voters are. They are the type of people who enable dictators.

    1. There are two basic types of DIRTocRATS.

      The SVENGALIS –– a relatively few, very powerful, odly charismatic, very wicked schemers who sre experts in hypnotizing the masses to do their bidding..

      The TRILBYS –– those weak-minded, miseducated, sheep-like types who are too easily mesmerized to participate in deadly forms of GroupThink.

      Need i say more?

  10. ______ A HOPEFUL SIGN, IF TRUE:______

    New Book: More Than 80% Of Americans Reject PC Culture
    Daily Wire,

    by Emily Zanotti

    A new book titled "Hidden Tribes: A Study of America’s Polarized Landscape" purports to show that Americans are more politically alike than they are different, that a vast majority of Americans reject "PC culture," and that fewer people have truly radical political beliefs than it may seem.

    The Atlantic reports that the book is based on a study conducted by More in Common, an organization charged with bringing British citizens together in the wake of MP Jo Cox´s murder at the hands of a pro-Brexit extremist. The study involved more than 8,000 Americans and had some surprising results. "According to ...



    1. It's encouraging that the article admitted it couldn't produce a consistent definition of "PC".
      Eight thousand Americans doesn't sound like an adequate statistical sample but sail on.

    2. But far fewer Americans are polled to convince the left that Trump is universally detested. Selective standards suppose.

    3. That's because there is no definition of "PC". It's whatever anybody wants it to mean, and it exists throughout the political spectrum. It's 'politically correct' to allege that it only exists in one quarter.

      It's a throwaway line used in lieu of critical thinking.

    4. To paraphrase a famous Supreme Court Justice, "PC" is like pornography--everybody knows it when they see it.

    5. That certainly seems to be the only standard. Still useless...but it makes people feel better.

    6. CI: I get it. Best example from the right: Years ago, Sean Hannity used to have Col David Hackworth on. The first time Hack said something that didn't fit the rightwing frame, Hannity was gob-stopped. Commercial break. Hack never returned to Fox News

    7. I think I remember that.....I was a devotee of Hack once upon a time.

    8. "So long, O'Toole."

      Hack was THE MAN. If you don't train like you're gonna fight, it's all just a jobs program.

  11. We will never know whether Kavanaugh actually participated in the activities specified by his accuser, but the focus of Silverfiddle’s post is unquestionably relevant. The statistics of sexual assault or mind-numbing, to be sure. Among these are two that stand out: (1) 63% of all sexual assaults are never reported to police, and (2) 90% of women raped or sexually assaulted on college campuses do not report such incident to law enforcement agencies. Now, if this is true, one might argue that female victims enable their attackers by remaining silent.

    Here’s another statistic: the prevalence of false reporting ranges between two and ten percent. One study of eight American communities, which included 2,059 cases of sexual assault, found that 7.1% of the allegations were false. In Boston, 5.9% of 136 allegations were false. In the first instance, 146 persons stood falsely accused; in the second, eight. That is to say that more than a few innocent persons were dragged through the courts at considerable expense to themselves, financially, emotionally, reputationally, because of felonious false reporting. Source.

    Gender doesn’t matter: no person should have to endure sexual assault. There is a caveat, however. Every victim of a crime has a duty to report it. Beyond this, anticipate that a large number of people will call into question whether a crime was ever committed if one waits 35-years before making such allegations known to police agencies.

    If our society is serious about this issue of sexual assault —which by every measure appears rampant, then perhaps something should be done about the amount of sexual exploitation on television, films, and commercial advertisements routinely posted inside public transportation. I would even go so far as to suggest that if women do not wish to be looked upon as objects of sexual desire, they ought to dress themselves as ladies rather than as trollops.

    Let’s face it, women do spend a lot of money making themselves appear “desirable.” On this question, Chicago Tribute writer Heidi Stevens recently wrote, “I don’t think we can have an honest conversation about sexual harassment and sexual assault right now without talking about all the ways we have taken women’s bodies and turned them into vessels.”

    She then added, “We use them on billboards. We use them to sell gym memberships, plastic surgery, cars, magazines, liquor, bikini waxes, multivitamins, underwear, shampoo, perfume, bottled water and all-inclusive resorts. We use them in porn and at strip clubs to get the blood flowing to all the right places, no emotion required. We detach women’s bodies from women’s humanity so frequently and so seamlessly that we have to work backward to realign them.”

    So society has a lot of work to do, but under no set of circumstances should any person, regardless of their sex, be publicly accused of any crime when there is no evidence that a crime ever happened.

    Sam H.

    1. Sam,
      Hello, my friend.

      if women do not wish to be looked upon as objects of sexual desire, they ought to dress themselves as ladies rather than as trollops


      But it never ceases to amaze me that many parents in the homeschooling networks actively promote that their daughters dress like sluts and come to class looking like that.

    2. These are the parents not truly interested in education. I count myself lucky that my two princesses have navigated the social culture, in finding their own style, yet still valuing a degree of modesty. And their parents are certainly not prudes.

      It’s amother hallmark of what social media has done to our society.


    Christine Blasey Ford´s Bogus ´Bravery´ Award Nomination

    Washington Times,

    by Cheryl K. Chumley

    Christine Blasey Ford has been nominated for the University of North Carolina’s highly esteemed alumna award for speaking publicly about the allegations of sexual assault she hurled then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s way.

    And with that, the topsy-turvy world of truth the left already inhabits just did another somersault. Let’s be clear: Ford alleged Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a party during high school — but offered no proof, no clear memories of the incident, no supporting statements, no solid witness testimonies, no police reports, no corroborating evidence at all. ...



  13. SilverfiddleOctober 10, 2018 at 11:21:00 PM EDT
    It is frightening how manipulable Democrat voters are. They are the type of people who enable dictators.
    AMEN TO THAT....exactly.


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