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Monday, July 30, 2018

Trump's Tweets....

One of my Twitter finds:

Foolishness or slyness? Your call.


  1. Trump's tweeting has been a multi-faceted gift of sorts. Whereas a rationally-minded POTUS could use the social media platform to great advantage....laying out in a calm, reasonable manner…Conservative foundations for policy pursuits in the face of Leftist hysterics and tantrum-throwing....this wouldn't continue to drive the reality-TV-political-theater that both the Left and Right bases seem to enjoy [filling some emotional need in their lives?].

    These tweets give a window into who our current POTUS really is, and his emotional state of mind. Since the Republic has virtually ceased to be what it was once envisioned, there isn't any real damage, merely confirmation of what it's become.

    The social media generation [which includes all ages apparently], is a self-centered, self-affirming, drive-by, intellectually unmoored demographic....turning philosophically Conservative foundations for values, character and integrity….into disposable caricatures.

    The ultimate irony is, that shining a truthful light on what we've become…in POTUS's case...comes ensconced in pathological lying.....

    1. Take hope that the recent tanking of Facebook and Twitter stock may indicate their popularity has peaked.

    2. I wish I could get some optimism from that, but it's not so much the social media platform....as it's the social media mindset that has turned many a rational Conservative [and at least a couple of Liberals whom I'd used to regard as rational], into intellectual children.

    3. As an aside, I can't help but notice that even right wing meme's can't get gun facts straight. The M2 .50 cal depicted....is feeding from the wrong side...

  2. Checking the comment notification box.

  3. *IF* Trump is even around to run for President in 2020, at least one of the dozen or so Republican primary challengers he will face will deploy Trump's anthology of mindless tweets against him, and certainly if he makes it past the primaries his Democrat opponent will. People in all industries are being brought down in droves by their "Ambien tweets" right now (Roseanne Barr, James Gunn, et. al.) Expect the tactic of Twitter delving to become more refined and politically lethal.

    Invest in popcorn futures.

    1. Fee fie fo fum!

      I smell the stench of Les Carpenter's bum.

    2. That's how you get conjunctivitis, FT.

  4. Slyness. He loves to troll the media punks. They have nothing on him and he knows it. They'll still be talking about impeachment in 2032..

  5. "They have nothing on him."

    Except his eccentric hobby of paying out hush money.

    1. The vile odor tells me this is Rational Nation aka Les Carpenter - Site Pest Extraordinaire

    2. "hush money"...ya, I'll bet Clinton never paid any of that... :-) I'm not a big Trump fan, but the last time I checked, philandering isn't illegal, by the way.

  6. A big part of the Secret of His Success.

  7. Replies
    1. Excerpt:

      Reporter Bill Shields of CBS Boston said the woman appeared to be suffering from "Trump Anxiety Disorder," and questioned whether such an excuse would hold up in court.

      Much more at the above link.

    2. MAGA stickers on a Japanese imported car.

      Not surprised at all. Call PT Barnum, we found his sucker.

    3. Yup. How many nut cases like this are waiting to blow because they've been given permission to feel 'triggered.'

    4. Baysider,
      they've been given permission to feel 'triggered.'

      That is so true.


    Tommy Robinson Released on Bail by Court of Appeal

    Breitbart, by Oliver JJ Lane

    The British Court of Appeal has released street organiser and citizen journalist Tommy Robinson from prison on bail, pending a fresh hearing over his contempt of court charge. Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett quashed the contempt of court conviction handed to the former English Defence League leader in May, which saw the activist going from arrest to trial, and to prison in just five hours and under a blanket of enforced media silence.


    The British legal system, a wholly owned subsidiary of the British Parliament, is constantly backing itself into corners. This Timmy Robinson fiasco is one of the more explicit. The British have a Muslim tiger by the tail and do not know how to deal with it. They are not afraid of it- they are absolutely terrified of it. So, as usual, they cow-tow to it hoping to keep its viciousness bottled. But their appeasement is blowing up in their faces, as did the very British appeasement practices toward Hitler did. Tommy Robinson is now the fuse to the powder keg the British ignored for so long- their own people´s anger over their government´s Islamic quiescence.

    Releasing Tommy is not an option- keeping Tommy is not an option. Oh, my...what now? Someone is going to have to choose, aren´t they?

    1. I wonder how much he was tortured. Physical and/or psychologically. His eyes have a haunted look now.

    2. In third-world fundamentalist Islamic countries like Great Britain, English speakers are at a clear disadvantage in a court system that rules that starving a baby to death is "health care." They might as well threaten to decapitate members of Parliament for the lucrative government job opportunities such speech opens up.

      Britain is irredeemably and unrecoverably lost. May as well concentrate on relatively more civilized places like Uganda.

    3. Salty,
      Britain is irredeemably and unrecoverably lost.

      I must reluctantly agree.

    4. I thought that having been able to secure Tommy Robinson's release was a clear indication that thngs may not be quite so bad as we at first thought.

      I feel much the same way about the miracle of Donald Trump's having been able to get himself elected in OUR benighted land against all predicted odds.

      The Devil may well be in charge of the temporal world, –– there's certainly abundant evidence to support that contention. That does not mean, however, that the Fiend has managed to persuade the vast majority to turn over their immortal souls to him.

      I am sure God fully intended earthly life is to be a battleground between Good and Evil. If that were not so, we would not have been given Free Will to choose between Salvation and Perdition.

      The point, of course, is to learn to trust God always –– particularly in the face of Adversity.

      If faith were not tested by adversity, it would have no meaning –– no reason for being.


    Cure yourself of the affliction of caring how you appear to others. Concern yourself only with how you appear before God, concern yourself only with the idea that God may have of you.

    ... Miguel de Unamuno


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