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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Keep your eye on Senator Grassley

** Silverfiddle Dispatch **

Senator Grassley, in partnership with Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein, has been doggedly attempting to get to the bottom of the Russian Dossier and the Obama Administration's surveillance of Candidate Donald Trump's campaign. Byron York has been following the story.

The allegations of official malfeasance are not far-fetched. Remember when the criminal bunglers in the CIA were caught spying on congress a few years back?

What in the world is a US Ambassador to the UN doing unmasking people and consuming raw intelligence?

Why was Obama's National Security Advisor wading through raw intelligence? She has whole armies of intelligence analysts at her service.

The whole thing stinks, and it may be slowly unraveling, albeit slow enough for the Obamaites to control the narrative, with willing aid and abetting from The Establishment and the Infotainment Media Complex.

Lawsuits swirling around the golden shower prostitutes Russian Dossier are also peeling back the layers and endangering the anti-Trump narrative.

The Justice Department and FBI have been stonewalling Grassley and Feinstein's Judicial Committee's request for documents and testimony. They have just issued another subpoena., and Justice continues their slow roll.

A Question that goes to the Crux of the Matter:

Grassley sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray on Wednesday asking if the bureau had given "defensive briefings" or otherwise alerted Trump officials about "potential connections between campaign officials and the Russian government."
"If the FBI did provide a defensive briefing or similar warning to the campaign, then that would raise important questions about how the Trump campaign responded," wrote Grassley, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee.
 If the FBI didn't brief the campaign, Grassley wants to know why not and who was involved in the discussions and if a controversial opposition research dossier — which has been a frequent target of Grassley's — impacted the decision.
This is important. In a world of straight-up responsible government, if official government agencies detect foreign influence or attempted suborning of American citizens who are part of government or conducting a national campaign, the appropriate agency brings in the targets and gives them a secret counter-intelligence "defensive briefing" on what's going on and what the threats are so they can adjust their behavior and be aware of such attempts to compromise them.

Bottom line:
A responsible government treats them like loyal Americans, not criminal suspects. The Obama Administration actions were predicated on the premise that Donald J. Trump and/or members of his campaign were willing traitors, enemy spies working for a foreign government and against the United States.  

This predicate provided legal cover for all the Obama government police state spying directed at Donald Trump and his campaign. Manafort's "Russian connections" were a bonus, even though the Podesta's were actively doing business with Russia during the campaign (which isn't against the law anyway).

Keep your eye on Senator Grassley.


  1. Dick Morris has done some good reporting on this, has a book out about, Rogue Spooks, and some youtubes supporting it.

    1. Are you SURE, Ed? Morris is a pretty scurrilous character –– a true Bottom Feeder from what I've been able to observe.

    2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mg4YJRprqg

  2. " ... The Obama Administration actions were predicated on the premise that Donald J. Trump and/or members of his campaign were willing traitors, enemy spies working for a foreign government and against the United States ..."

    Do you honestly believe the Obama Regime HONESTLY believed that?

    All my instincts tell me the scenario you outlined was cynically fabricated to weaken and-if-possible DESTROY Donald Trump and anyone who helped him gain ascendancy.

    The idea of Trump & CO. being "traitors" is the IMPRESSION the Obamanistas –– combined with all the forces of the ENEMEDIA in collusion with the Professoriat and the Entertainment Industry –– wished to imprint on the minds of the American Public.

    Naturally, the Marxicrats who now comprise slghtly more than half the nation, desperately want to believe that our president has, indeed, committed "impeachable offenses," so they can establish a mechanism through the predominantly Left-leanung Federal Courts to get RID of Mr. Trump.

    As you may have noticed, the RINO-RUINO Establishment has not lifted a finger to help President Trump fulfill the promises he made when he outlined his agenda during the campaign.

    The whole thing is a PUT UP JOB with both parties working in a de facto conspiracy toward the same ILLEGITIMATE ends –– i.e. the OBLITERATION of the results of the last presidential election.

    Our government does NOT represent OUR interests. Our government has become to all intents and purposes a lunatic FARCE.

    1. Yes, that is what I am saying. The Obamunists n government fabricated the pretext to do all that spying, accompanied by a leak campaign designed to destroy Donald Trump.

      More importantly, the factors I cite in this blog post should bring all this to the surface. It is already starting to stink, and the Dems won't be able to contain it.

      The Dems may be able to control the fallout and explain it away via their propagandists in the Infotainment Media Complex, but the truth will out (and that truth may indeed include prosecutions of Manafort and others).

    2. Clarification: The Obama gang did not really believe Donald Trump or any of his inner circle were traitors spying for Russia, but that is the narrative they fabricated.

      They had to in order to get so much US intel collection focused on them, so they could subsequently unmask names to be leaked to the press.

      A diabolically brilliant scheme.

    3. FT,
      both parties working in a de facto conspiracy toward the same ILLEGITIMATE ends –– i.e. the OBLITERATION of the results of the last presidential election

      We have a uni-party, and their aim is to feather their own nests and/or shred the United States Constitution -- not to serve as public servants.

    4. Thank you both once again for supporting my stated position. I'm glad we agree.

    5. Silver Fiddle said regrding the Obama administration's subversive machinations: "A diabolically brilliant scheme."

      For years and years whenever anyone purporting to be on "OUR SIDE" –– if such a thing could be said to exist ––, called prominent members of the Left "idiots," "numbskulls," "birdbrains,"a "REEtards," and the like I alway counter them by saying," NO! The Left has been directed by "EVIL GENIUSES," –– demonicaly clever, anti-social PERVERTS with high IQ's who possess neither heart nor conscience."

      It is only their FOLLOWERS who could properly be said to be STUPID.

  3. What are the odds that the narrative will simply vanish and the Infotainnment Media Complex will then drop the story of Trump's collusion with Russia?

    Americans have short memories, and most are not political-news hounds.

    That said, most Americans have come to recognize the lying Infotainnment Media Complex as propagandists and are "tuning out."

    At the same time, about half the country are convinced that DJT colluded with Russia to steal the election from HRC.

  4. Are we supposed to just not notice the shift in the Trump-worshipping chorus from "there was no collusion with the Russians" to "our collusion with the Russians wasn't illegal."

    Why am I supposed to pick a side when two far left liberal idiot groups trash each other?

    1. How do you define "collusion with the Russians?"

      Collude to do what?

    2. btw, I am on the Reason Magazine and Glenn Greenwald side that says the administration in power/government bureaucracy shouldn't be used to punish people via the IRS or use the police state apparatus to spy on them and smear them, regardless of party in power and party of the targets.

    3. Beamish, Hillary was behind the Las Vegas shooting.

    4. NO! Everyone KNOWS that Paddock was working for RUSSIA, RED CHINA and NORTH KOREA. They're just too frightened to ADMIT it, Stupido.

      Did you not know that Paddock's REAL name is ROSENBERG?

    5. Silverfiddle, check your premises. We're not in the universe where Trump isn't retarded. They colluded with the Russians for "opposition research on Hillary" because 25 years of it didn't turn up anything damning. ;(

    6. That meeting with the Russian agent where they hoped to get dirt on Hillary was sleazy (imagine that... sleaze in politics!) but not illegal.

      Indeed, the GOP, and later Democrats, did the same in getting that Russian dossier, albeit from a Brit instead of a Russian. In this context, doesn't matter. Both are foreign agents.

      Now, if Trump was aware of illegal Russian activity or hacking, or if his team helped Russian agents "get inside," that is criminal and potentially into espionage territory, depending on circumstances.

    7. Trump hires the best people, eventually. LOL

    8. FT,
      Did you not know that Paddock's REAL name is ROSENBERG?

      Link, please. I cannot find any such information.

  5. FYO" WIKI on Senator Grassley:

    Charles Ernest Grassley (born September 17, 1933) is the senior United States Senator from Iowa, serving since 1981. A member of the Republican Party, he previously served in the United States House of Representatives (1975–1981) and the Iowa state legislature (1959–1974). He was chairman of the Senate Finance Committee from January to June 2001, as well as from January 2003 to December 2006, and is now the current chairman of the Judiciary Committee of the 115th congress.

    Early life and career
    Grassley was born in New Hartford, Iowa, the son of Ruth (née Corwin) and Louis Arthur Grassley. He graduated from the town high school. At Iowa State Teachers College (now the University of Northern Iowa), he earned a B.A. in 1955 and an M.A. in 1956. During his time as a student, Grassley joined the social-professional Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity. Also during the 1950s, Grassley farmed and worked in factories in Iowa, first as a sheet metal shearer and then as an assembly line worker. He studied toward a Ph.D. in political science at the University of Iowa. In 1967–1968 Grassley taught at the now-defunct Charles City College.

    Grassley represented parts of Butler County in the Iowa House of Representatives from 1959 until 1975. He then served in the United States House of Representatives from 1975 to 1981. ...

    1. Nothing on his noble efforts to get tax payers to subsidize high fructose corn syrup and ethanol?

    2. Ducky has just committed a "category error." Go look it up. "four out of five college professors recommend the Huffington Post!"

    3. Anything FDR said or did is invalidated because he interned Japanese Americans.

    4. Oh my, ultra serious today. I simply try to fill out FreeThinke's knowledge of Grassley and down it comes.

      That said, FDR did indeed harm his legacy with that disgrace but he initiated quite a bit that was good.
      Grassley is known for toeing the fringe right line and his one initiative was to stick corn subsidies up your arse. So I wouldn't point to him as equivalent to FDR.

    5. Just because someone is venal or wrong in one area does not invalidate their work in another area.

      Grassley and Feinstein are holding Justice and the FBI accountable. Good liberals used to cheer that on.

  6. So how should we look at this, Silverfiddle?

    It's been known for some time that Manafort was under investigation. Somehow the right has put up little resistance to that morphing into an investigation of the Trump campaign.

    Grassley seems to be grasping at straws trying to show that the investigation of Manafort was part of an overarching Obama conspiracy.
    I call the pure stinky cheese but really, I ask you if there i a reasonable alternative.

    I'll wait for Mueller myself.

    1. Robert Mueller is an Agenda-Driven partisan political HACK who has been ASSIGNED through the devious machinations of bitter, disgruntled Marxicrats –– and treacherous members of the depraved RINO Establishment (!) unable to accept the resounding DEFEAT of H. Rodham Clintoon ––, the task of DESTROYING the administration of Donald Trump, Canardo.

      There is NO OTHER WAY to look at it, IF one is sane.

    2. Grassley is asking for information so they can establish some legal facts. He is no Trump fan, and has been very critical of the President.

      I thought liberals were all for open, transparent government and full disclosure?

      You must still have visions of Russian golden shower hookers dancing in your head.

    3. It's going to be bad when the videos come out and the hookers aren't even attractive.

    4. How many more Trump-approved sanctions and adverse actions against Russia will it take for Putin to release that video?

    5. Manafort is an ass who served a purpose during the campaign...what, I don't know and don't care; couldn't stand him from the start, myself.
      He doesn't reflect on the Trump team now and to suggest it is silly.
      What it did reflect was bad judgment on Trump's part.

  7. Excellent piece and links, SF. I see further that the FBI warned the McCain campaign of the same situation in 2008, and they took 'defensive measures.' It's chilling to think the Justice Dept. and FBI could wheel around so rapidly so as to refrain from alerting any candidate 8 years later when they had the intelligence available to do so. Grassley has kicked over a hornet's nest!

  8. Sure do like soap operas. And the American political stage has become one giant soap opera.

  9. Here's what I find interesting. In 11 hours or less, the FBI can conclude the Vegas shooter has no ties to islam, yet after 11 months or more without a single stitch of evidence, they still can't conclude there is no Trump Russia collusion.

    1. George P. Davenport said

      At last a truly intelligent remark. Good for you, Kid.

  10. Replies
    1. Yes indeedy, and related to this post. If it comes out the FBI paid for any of this, or paid the British muckraker,all hell will break loose.

      Hold on tight. There may be some blowback, chickens coming home to roost, unintended consequences, etc.

      Libs have been screaming for decades that the CIA and other agencies were out of control...


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