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Thursday, October 26, 2017

FBI Informant To Speak To Congress On Alleged Clinton Uranium One Corruption

With a hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance:
Money quote: "[Trump] says wacky things from time to time, as we all know. But nothing is as wacky as the truth....Everyone is colluding with Russia except Trump."

And, then, there's this, about the Fusion GPS dossier: Congress Probes Whether Obama DOJ Used The ‘Trump Dossier’ Before Surveillance Court (dated October 18, 2017).

Washington isn't a swamp. It's a cesspool!


  1. I am reminded how many times I’ve read comments here asserting that those of the left provide us with alternative points of view, that they are intelligent, well-spoken, and insightful. No, they are not any of those things. Yes, they do provide an alternative point of view but it is one from an alternative universe where corruption is unobjectionable if it comes from the left. I actually think that people like Ducky, for example, are among the least intelligent of the lot (albeit there are others who compete for this prize) because in order to think that progressive ideals are good for any free society, you either have to be a moronic zealot, or brain dead. There is simply no other possibility.

    1. And here I had enjoyed my brain dead morning.
      Went down to Dunko's for a large iced coffee with a toasted onion bagel and butter. The store was relatively empty so I just relaxed and listened to the MJQ ( can't decide whether Django or Fontessa is their top album).
      I still marvel that I can carry a fairly comprehensive music library in my pocket.

      Life is good in my alternative universe.

    2. As I've said cointless times Sam, INTELLIGENCE is like Fire, Water, Gunpowder and Food in that it is only as good as the USES to which it is put.

      The concept of COLLECTIVISM was dreamt up and vigorously promoted by extraordinarily intelligent men. I've often called them Evil Geniuses.

      What I'm trying ti say is that we too often make the mistake of confusing or equating INTELLIGENCE with WISDOM.

      There are a lot of very smart people who have no moral compass, just as there many more who possess only average or below-average intellligence yet contribute mightily to the strength and well-being of the nation and the communities they call home.

      I put it this way a few years ago to honor the dignity of labor:

      ______ TO THOSE WHO HELP ______

      May God bless the practical women and men,
      Who rise from the hay every day, and then 
      Produce what we need 
      Without rancor or greed, 
      Make things run, 
      Get things done, 
      Keep things clean, 
      So they're fit to be seen, 
      And continuously smooth the way 
      So that we may live decently every day.

      ~ FreeThinke

      If we would stop to think for just a moment each day what life would be like without the services of those who do what-is-disparagingly-called Common Labor, we might come to a new appreciation of so-called ordinary men and women.

      It is much too bad that these to whom we owe so much are too easily led by Sophists who use their intellect to conjure up wicked schemes encouraging and fomenting Envy, Resentment, Resitance, Rebellion, Clamor, Dissension, and violent Destruction of the very things that make Abundant Life a real possibility for the greatest possible number.

      Meanwhile, I believe we would be better served to pray, as Jesus told us, not to be overcome wit Evil, but to overcome Evil with Good than to indulge in the railing, raging, backbiting, harsh criticism we routinely visit on one another because we have moral and philsophical disagreements.

    3. Which is why, in my view, humans should cease their March to AI, artificial intelligence. Th e social as well as ethical issue are numerous. AI ultimately will change human existence in ways not in our interests.

      This is not intended as anything other than in support of what you wrote FreeThinke. Just something I, and probably others have thought about as we hear and read about AI.

    4. Though I did not refer to Artificial Intelligence, Les, I have to say I agree with your view of the subject.

      I'm not a Luddite, but I think we long ago reached a point where the machines and electronoc devices we've invented, which were INTENDED to make life easier, more pleasant, and to give us more time for pursuing more artistic and creative endeavors have somehow become our MASTERS instead of the SERVANTS they were supposed to be. The effect has been dismal.

  2. Dems will work overtime to cover this up with help from the news media that will pretend it never happened... Newsbusters keeps track of media coverage and describes the amount of time networks used to discuss Don Trump Jr.s meeting with a Russian compared to the time spent talking about Hillary's bought and paid for Fusion GPS smear against Trump: https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/nicholas-fondacaro/2017/10/25/nets-downplay-clintondnc-using-foreign-agents-oppo-research

    Anything critical of Trump gets covered over and over and over on all the various networks news outlets including morning shows. Anything revealing about Hillary or Obama MIGHT get a brief mention on the evening news but will be quickly dropped.

    1. If it where me, I'd pay attention to the current actions of the tRump administration.

      If you were a victim of the recent Wells Fargo or Equifax scandals you just lost the ability to bring a class action suit and are relegated to arbitration by a hand picked finance industry representative.

      But you'd rather concentrate on a ginned up story that is going to get as far before Congress as Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi (did that non story get exposure).
      Although there will be lectures about freedom and the "libtards" alternate reality.
      If it weren't so damaging it would be intensely sad.

    2. Go back to Dunkos and have another coffee wth a buttered onion bagel, Ducks.

      It seemed –– all too briefly –– to have improved your disposition –– somewhat .

      The courts have been choked with far too many lawsuits for too any years. It's time we gave the Victims of Legal Terrorism a chance.

      The only kind of "RESTITUTION" I would support would be legislation providing Just Compensation for the Vctims of VIOLENT Crimes from the Public Till.

      There could be no just compensation for Murder, of course, but victims of Mayhem, forcible Rape, Kidnapping, Arson, Vandalism, Mugging, and organized campaigns of Harassment and Bullying SHOULD receive compassionate assistance.

      As for the rest, well, as Kennedy said, "Life is not fair ... Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."

      Putting it differently old time New York radio personalities Goodman Ace and his wife Jane were famous for saying, "You've got to take the bitter with the better."

      In other words Learn To Be A Good Sport, and Take Your Lumps With A Smile, A Shrug, A Sense of Humor, and an Awareness that YOU are not the ONLY Person to Suffer from Bad Luck or You OWN Lack of Wisdom and Foresight. Think of the people in the Midde East, Southeast Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, places like Cuba, Venezuela and Central America. That alone should make YOU feel GLAD and GRATEFUL to be where you are.

      The crazy notion that the forces of GOVERNMENT should Bathe You, Dress You, Feed You, Change Your Diapers, Wipe Away Your Tears, Chuck You Under The Chin, Hug You, Kiss You, then Take You by the Hand to the Nearest Candy Store, or Buy You a Shiny New Toy Every Time Someone Hurts Your Feelings would succeed ONLY in keeping you in a state of permanent, helpless INFANCY –– an actual PRISONER in a GOVERNMENT RUN DAYCARE CENTER –– i.e. a Fate Worse than Death.

      As Noel Coward put it –– brilliantly, succinctly and with wry good humor –– as far back as the 1920's: What's Going to Happen to the Children, When There Aren't Any More Grown-Ups?

      President Trump is no more responsible for the failure of Equifax than you or I, and it is NOT –– and should not BE –– up to HIM to make restitution to the victims of that fiasco.

      The brand of perpetual moaning, whining, sneering, sniping belly aching and agitation you advocate, Ducks, does nothing but ADD to the misery by stoking the fires of bitterness, anger, and resentment, as it WEAKENS Confidence, and makes Hope appear to be an ever more distant dream.

    3. Let me get this straight.

      If you had your bank account drained due to the Equifax hack and coverup or you suffered a financial loss and had your credit score lowered due to the Wells Fargo fraud you should just grin and bear it and let them do as they please?


    4. I am well protected by the excellent financial institutions who invest and manage my small fortune, and by the local bank who promises immediate RESITUTION should any malfeasance of the sort you describe should occur.

      I've asked my accountant –– a veteran of of over forty years and one of the best in the business in this pleasantly upper-class area where I'm privileged to live –– whether I ought to buy the much advertised services of LifeLock, and he advised against it.

      Your perennially irate, bitter, denunciatory, forever disparaging attitude does NOTHING to IMPROVE anyone's prospects, Ducks. ALL you ever do –– and I suspect ALL you hve EVER done –– is ADD to the Clamor, Din, Rage, Confusion and aura of Desperation that cripples us all with your ceaseless sniping.

      "He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind."

    5. The left assumes that everyone experiencing an unfortunate incident is a victim —except for the pioneers, who were just asking for it. Given the fiasco in 2006 involving Wells Fargo, my assumption would be that a responsible citizen would choose his or her bank wisely. My guess is that every bank or financial house is susceptible to IT hacking, which means that we all take our chances. If it is true that anyone lost money out of their account owing to computer theft, then I would assume the FDIC would guarantee those funds. Where am I wrong?

    6. Yes, Mustang.

      To LIVE is to RISK.

      That would make a good bumpersticker, don't you think? ;-)

      There could never be any such things as Risk-Free Society. Pretending otherwise is the favorite delusion of those who advocate CENTRALLY PLANNED ECONOMIES and mandatory uniformity of conduct in every area of society.

      I thank God every day for the beautiful care He has graciously taken of me. I don't believe I deserve my good fortune, but at the same time I have tried always to give credit to Him, the Author of Life, who works in mysterious ways it's not gven to us to comprehend.

      I've had my share of Anguish and Hard Times, believe me, but somehow, I've always been able to keep my faith in Almighty God, and He has ALWAYS led me out of the wilderness.

      If I had not had wonderful churchgoing parents who sent me to Sunday School and made it possible for me to become a member of an Episcopal Boy's Choir at the age of eight –– and if that religious training had not been gently reinforced every day in the public schools I attended, I shudder to think what I might have become without those beautful, strengthening influences.

      Faith breeds confidence; confidence makes constructive action possible.

      As Jesus said, "If you would have your life, you must be willing to lose it."

      The Marxian Ethos DESTROYS faith, glorifies Selfishness, and therefore, produces litlte but anxiety, cynicism, anger, resentment, discontent, envy and despair.

      "By their fruits ye shall know them."

    7. I get it, mustang. Suppose you're a customer of Wells Fargo and the bank has been fraudulently manipulating your accounts.
      You have no right to effective legal recourse because ex post facto you should have known that Wells Fargo would act fraudulently.
      To think otherwise, FreeThinke calls it marxian. That makes perfect sense.

      By the way, what choice did you have in credit reporting agencies that would have allowed you to avoid the Equifax hack?

    8. I agree with you about the credit reporting agencies, Ducky (please write this down), but I think it is fair to say that every citizen has legal recourse; it is only that he or she may have to pay exorbitant attorney’s fees to see justice. I seem to recall one case in the past where a lady successfully sued McDonalds because the coffee was too hot; she's a millionaire today. By now, all of us should accept that life isn’t fair ... and because we are bright, should never presume that government or any corporation has our best interests at heart. Beyond this, I keep wondering why any financial institution is able to be hacked —and for the same reason I cannot understand in this modern day, how anyone can get away with voter fraud. Do we ever learn anything?

    9. first off, the banks all make you sign a standard form full of obtuse phrases that state you give up your right to sue and substitute arbitration. The professional arbitrator is aligned with the financial institution.
      So you have no effective recourse. That clause was voided by an Obama administration order which was recently voided by the tRump administration.

      The McDonald's suit occurred after there were several complaints about burns do the temperature of the coffee. The suit did have a large initial judgement which was significantly reduced on appeal.
      McDonald's has reduced the serving temperature of their coffee.

      I don't think the problem is that the financial institutions don't learn anything. Rather they don't care.
      They should have done jail time after the frauds that caused the recession but they had too many friends in government.

    10. When things go wrong, as they always do,
      And the one who's getting screwed is you,
      When funds are low and debts piled high,
      And you want to snarl, but instead you sigh,
      When the bastards press you down in grit,
      Just tell them, "I don't give a sh-t."

      Life is queer with its twists and turns,
      As every one of us too soon learns,
      And much frustration turns around,
      When you chase your enemies to ground.
      Don't give up though the job seems slow,
      You might come yet, so let him blow.

      Often the struggler just gives up,
      When he might have filled the slippery cup,
      And he learned too late, as he wilted down,
      How close he was to world renown.
      Success is failure turned inside out,
      When creamy juice fills the Cup of Doubt,

      And you never can tell how close you are,
      Joy may be near when it seems so far,
      So stick to the fight with fierce barbed wit,
      You can't afford to give a sh-t.

      ~ Edgar Allan Phew

    11. I'm with you Ducky!
      If it wasn't for those fine lawyers, that $0.38 postage stamp, (postage went up and I can't use it now) the $1.46 from Amazon and $0.67 from Apple, I wouldn't be living so high on the hog /SARC.

      Note: The three Class Action Suits, the stamp and monetary recompense are factual (as store credits). I'm sure the law firms involved did much better for themselves.

      Nothing keeps the individuals involved from hiring a lawyer, even if on a contingency basis, and filing their own law suits. Of course they would have to suffer actual damages.

    12. The primary reason I despise and categorically reject Leftist ideology is because it discourages, –– and eventually destroys –– our capacity for –– individual initiative.

      The Socialist State is a SLAVE state any way you slice it.

    13. ALSO, the idea that GOVERNMENT is somehow possessed of greater Honesty, Integrity, Efficiency and Benvolence than PRIVATE INDUSTRY is patently absurd.

      GOVERMENT is inherently tyrannical. It is also a de facto MONOPOLY. It doesn't have to produce anything in a competitive arena, and it gives nothing but endless, increasingly burdensome RESTRICTIONS that impede our ability to profit from our efforts, and to innovate freely allowing natural MARKET FORCES to decide whether our products, inventions and developments will "sell" of fall by te wayside. Governmnet is also antithetical to the accumulation of personal wealth and the unfettered enjoyment of Private Property.

      I also want to say –– again for the umpteenth time –– that much of the sharp practices and corruption we find in Big Business developed as a DEFENSE against the hobbling, crippling, blood sucking government regulations that welled up against Private Industry in the so-called Progressive Era.

      Any fool should be able to Government is also the primary force that drives INFLATION.

      TYRANNY eventually begets REBELLION, and of course the latter foments UPHEAVAL and DESTRUCTION.

      So The People suffer horribly from the machinations of Big Government designed ostensibly to HELP The People. The irony hangs in the air so thick you could cut it with a knife.

    14. @ FreeThinke: ALSO, the idea that GOVERNMENT is somehow possessed of greater Honesty, Integrity, Efficiency and Benvolence than PRIVATE INDUSTRY is patently absurd.

      AMEN! and a thousand upvotes

    15. Thank you, sir! And a great good refreshing weekend to you and yours.


    16. Definitely warrants a multitude of upvotes.

    17. Thank you too, M'a'am. But here again is the part I want most to emphasize, because we don't don't hear it from many, and don't see it often enough:

      [T]he sharp practices and corruption we find in Big Business developed as a DEFENSE against the hobbling, crippling, blood sucking government regulations that welled up against Private Industry in the so-called Progressive Era.

  3. "Washington isn't a swamp. It's a cesspool!"

    Hey! that's MY line. I've been saying it for YEARS.

    Guess I should have had it copyrighted, eh?


    1. Who cares who said it first. The fact it is true, and is currently getting much worse, is all anyone needs to know.

    2. Tut Tut, dear boy! Your sense of humor is sadly deficient –– a characteristic of every leftist I've ever known.

      Did you know that in most of the circles in which I've been privileged to travel a highly developed sense of humor is considered a sign of high intelligence? Of course that may no longer be the case since we've experienced the systematic "Dumbing Down" of America over the past sixty years.

      What a pity!

  4. HEADLINES LINKED THIS MORNING at Lucianne.com New Forum Homepage

    Here Are The 10 Most Important Reported
    Claims About The Steele Dossier On Russia

    POTUS probably whispered into his mirror this a.m. "winning."

    Dirty Hillary, Hoist by Her Own Petard

    The worst type of hoisting and well earned.

    Gag order lifted: DOJ says informant can speak to
    Congress on Uranium One, Russia bribery case
    with Clinton links

    Freelance body guards take note.

    Watch: Confidential Informant Was Told Obama Received FBI’s Report On Russian crimes. Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, James Comey, Barack Obama, and Eric Holder all knew about the FBI evidence that Russian officials were engaged in criminal activities to corner the market on uranium.

    Jesus Campos reportedly left the country
    days after Vegas massacre

    A week in Mexico with a shattered leg. Hummmm?

    1. Here's the court docket ...
      "Transport Logistics International, Inc. ("TLI"), headquartered in Maryland, was in the business of providing logistical support services for the transportation of nuclear materials to customers in the United States and to foreign customers.

      Daren Condrey was an owner and executive of TLI from about August 1998 through about October 2014. Condrey was the co-President of TLI from about January 2010 through about October 2014.

      JSC Techsnabexport ("TENEX") supplied uranium and uranium enrichment services to nuclear power companies throughout the world on behalf of the Russian government. TENEX was indirectly owned and controlled by, and performed functions of, the Russian government. TENAM Corporation was a wholly-owned subsidiary of TENEX and was TENEX's official representative in the United States.

      Between about 2004 and about 2014, Condrey and his co-conspirators agreed to make payments, and caused TLI to make payments, to Vidam Mikerin, a Director of TENEX and President of TENAM, in order to obtain and retain business with TENEX. Further, in order to effectuate the bribe payments to Mikerin, Condrey and his co-conspirators obtained the money used to pay the bribes by inflating the prices TLI charged TENEX for services, thereby depriving TENEX of money and property.

      The case against Condrey was initiated under seal in the District of Maryland on October 29, 2014 by the DOJ. On June 16, 2015, the DOJ filed a sealed information (unsealed on June 17, 2015) against Condrey alleging conspiracy to violate the FCPA and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. On June 17, 2015, Condrey entered into a plea agreement with the DOJ in which he pleaded guilty to both conspiracy charges. Condrey was scheduled to be sentenced on June 1, 2017. However, the docket has not had any new entries since May 25, 2017."

      Now your job is to determine who was being extorted and just where the Clintons are involved.

      Hint: Good luck involving the Clinton's or linking this to the Uranium One sale.

    2. Where do you obtain your copious fund of turgid propaganda, Canardo, BUZZFEED? Or is The Nation, The New York Times and the New Yorker Magazine or maybe The Guardian?

    3. In other words, you realize the Clinton's weren't involved.

    4. It's especially tragic watching the proles carry water for the rich and powerful...

    5. Repubs and conservatives have been doing it for decades. So yes, looking at from your perspective it is. If truly principled government ever really existed here it is long since dead.

    6. Nostradumbass says: LOOK A SQUIRREL!

    7. YUP! Whenever things get a little too hot or too close for comfort, leftists will always loudly create a DISTRACTION or DIVERSION intended to derail the discussion.

      It's a bit like shouting "FIRE!" in a crowded theater, but when leftists do it, they are NEVER held accountable.

      Street Urchins Out of Order is what they are.

    8. YUP, childish indeed! That's, of course, a common denominator of the Left.

  5. Replies
    1. "ARKANCIDE" I believe is the term currently in vogue for that, Ed.


      Many are already speculating on the likelihood that his body will be found in Fort Marcy Park under mysterious or dubious circumstances another suicide by a gunshot wound to the head were the victim managed to dispose of the weapon completely before he breathed his last –– or something of the kind.

      The Washington Cartel NEVER gives up any of its secrets willingly. Even after FIFTY-FOUR YEARS we are STILL being deprived of documents long held in secret on JFK's Assassination.

  6. Why is Sheila Jackson/Lee avoiding the CAMERAS?
    In 1997 after Bubba's re-election brought all kinds of heat on the Dems for Chinese Campaign Funds.
    Jackson/Lee was interviewed on the local TV station here. A Fox Station. Can you believe it?
    And was ask about the Chinese Connection. Her reply was distant (tried to link to the right to hold office).
    Jackson/Lee said something like this: The Republican Party received the majority of the campaign funds.
    The Dems did not have that base, so, outside sources had to be sought for the Democratic voice to be heard.
    Wait a minute-if the Republican Party received the majority of support-then that was the Democratic Voice and it was HEARD.
    The Dems are not guaranteed a election to some seat of power. If the American People want someone to hold a office then support will be given.
    But that doesn't mean the Dems can seek outside sources for their support.
    That statement by Sheila caused Al Gore to be defeated.
    Now with a different twist no money (as noticeable) was sought-but, a Made Up Dossier about their opposition. And the web is dry-rotting. All kinds of stuff are falling out of that tangled web.
    Wassshername Sultz is crying---I didn't know, I didnt't know.

    1. Sheila Jackson Lee CAN'T look directly at a camera, because she has learned to her chagrin that the LENS will SHATTER, if she does.

    2. "Sheila Jackson Lee CAN'T look directly at a camera, because she has learned to her chagrin that the LENS will SHATTER, if she does."

      WOW, just imagine what would happen if she looked in the mirror!

  7. Hillary Clinton and just about the entire big wigs of the Obama administration find themselves right smack in the middle of one of the biggest scandals ever, involving the transfer of 20 percent of all U.S. Uranium to Russia through the sale of the Uranium One company the deal funneled $145 million to the Clinton. Breitbart has a post of important facts called “7 Uranium One Facts Every American Should Know”.
    .Meanwhile Hillary is blaming “That Vast Right Wing Conspiracy “ And her is still hopeful that dimwits on the left will still be on her side .

    Sorry Crooked Hillary, there’s not enough bleachbit, and “Rags’ in the world that’s going to make this one go away. So far, the sleazy Clinton’s have avoided any indictments for their sleaze... And our corrupted DOJ, and our corrupted FBI have been unable to provide evidence of corruption to put tose CROOK where they belong ( in Jail). . We are only left with “indications” of corruption, which is never good enough to secure a conviction.
    Maybe it’s because our Investigators and Prosecutors know that if any one attempts to gain an indictment on insufficient evidence they will be made an “Offer that they can’t refuse”
    And look for Jeff Sessions to accuse himself form this one. Sessions must be relegated to other tasks like the MS-13 problem, and Gowdy must become the new Attorney General. If a scenario something like this doesn’t play out we can kiss our Constitution goodbye!

    1. Sessions does, indeed, appear to be a Weal Sister. He's either a fool, a snake-in-the-grass, or in great fear for his person safety.

      So far as Attorney General Sessions has finctioned as little more than a CIPHER.

      President Trump may have made a mistake in appointing him. He's been part of the Deep State too long to be trustworthy.

      Washington is in desperate ned of a long series of High Colonics.

  8. FRIDAY'S LINKED HEADLINES at Lucianne.com News Forim Homepage

    Hillary Clinton Colluded with Russians
    to Rig Election Against Trump

    A headline to be read at least twice before closing jaw.

    Russia ‘Collusion’ Story Is
    Blowing Up Like the Hindenburg

    Comic book captions (Kaboom! Splat!) will do for now.

    More Explosions From That Cigar?

    The bomb throwing isn't over.

    How Team Hillary played the press for fools on Russia

    What REALLY happened.

    Delayed release of JFK records causes backlash

    Fifty years to get a roll out right wasn't enough?

  9. Hillary Clinton: Undeclared Foreign Agent on U.S. Soil:

    Hillary Clinton took an oath when she stepped into her role at the State Department. But her only true allegiance was not to the United States but to the soil of a nation known as “The Clinton Foundation”.

    1. Going all the way back to that Arkansas Land Deal, the Clintons have always been political grifters.

      They went into public service to "do good," and tens of millions of dollars later, they did very well indeed.

    2. Monday, Monday

      CNN: Mueller has filed charges
      MSNBC: Mueller has filed charges.
      Literally everyone: Mueller filed charges
      Fox: Mueller should resign.

      Now the recent flap makes more sense.

    3. Duck,
      I saw that news this morning. We'll be held in suspense till Monday, IMO.

      Now the recent flap makes more sense.

      I see that you're back on the bong.

      FNC is not speaking of the present Mueller investigation.

      Here is a reality check for you...

      Confused? Here’s This Week’s Russia/Clinton/DNC News Distilled Down to Bullet Points. The author therof is not a Trumper.

      Here's another reality check (adult graphic) -- spew alert:

      Hillary Paid For It, McCain Delivered It, and Comey Used It To Get A FISA Warrant.

    4. All any of this proves is that those of us who are absolutely POSITIVE that The Washington Cartel –– and all the Farces of Darknes that function as its army of Handmaidens, Lackeys and Lickspittles, namely the ENEMEDIA and the RINOS in the GOP –– have formed a de facto CONSPIRACY to move heaven and Earth to NULLIFY the result of last year's presidential election –– are CORRECT.

      YOu'd have to be deaf, dumb, blind and mentally retarded –– or am Islamist or a committed Marxist –– not acknowledge that obvious truth.

      In this singular case "Everybody" really IS "out of step" but The Donald and his supporters.

    5. The USA is the only nation in the civilized world where it is possible to indict a ham sandwich ...

  10. ___ The Arkansas Power Broker ___

    Oh, once upon a time in Arkansas,
    A Redneck Sharp lived with a Power Whore
    They fiddled with a theme they liked to hear,
    A jolly old meme that they knew by ear.

    It was raining hard, but the couple didn't care,
    They played at being a popular pair,
    They had no dough, but they hatched great schemes
    Sure to help them realize their wildest dreams

    A Power Broker paid a call that day,
    And told them he could make their prospects bright and gay;
    Their eyes shone bright, as their mouths grew wet,
    The Broker said they'd soon have no cause to fret.

    "All you have to do is sell your souls to me,
    Then tell the voters you'll provide their needs for free,"
    But the couple said when he'd had his say,
    "We couldn't do it now, it's a rainy day."

    The Power broker said, "That's all quite true,
    But here's the thing, I think that you should do;
    "Get busy when the weather gets clear and bright,
    The hit the trail and fim flam with all your might."

    The Power Whore leapt at the chance to feel,
    She soon could grind the whole world underheel
    "Just show us where to sign and our souls are yours;
    We know you have the power to open all the doors."

    And so began these four-flushers' sad career
    With The Broker as their Guide they'd not a thing to fear,
    They soon rose high to positions grand
    From where they soon could pillage and loot the land.

    Where their story ends we dont yet know
    But I'll bet they spend Eternity Below
    For Grifters too must learn what their schemes brought to pass
    Is sure to turn around and bite them right in the ass!

    ~ FreeThinke on a Lark

    1. Bill & Hill, we barely knew ye......re absence.

    2. It all hinges on the identity of "The Power Broker." You do know who HE is, don't you?


  11. Are we sure it's a he? As in absolutely positive without a doubt? 😉

  12. http://www.fcpablog.com/blog/2018/3/13/nuke-transport-company-pays-2-million-to-settle-fcpa-offense.html


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