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Friday, March 3, 2017

Stats For Trump (With Addendum)

With a hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance:

A difference of more than ten million viewers between Trump's speech of February 28, 2017, and the Academy Awards of February 26, 2017.


Shamelessly taken from When #THELEFT RESISTS, who are they resisting? Who are they trying to overthrow? by Epaminondas of Infidel Bloggers Alliance:


We Voted.

When the #THELEFT calls for obstruction of justice special prosecutors what are they trying to stop?

Make no mistake.
They believe THEY MUST RULE.
REMEMBER what happened at the end of the civil violence..~81BC

Today the YMCA banned 24 hour cable news from it’s workout rooms. It is easy to understand why.
Convincing will be a forgotten thing, an idea held by unicorns.
Schumer, Perez, Schiff, Pelosi … these people are monumental fools. There is ALWAYS another election to make your case, but this effort will establish precedent.


History will be vengeful and cruel.


  1. I wonder if that figure includes all the live feeds. I bet the figure is way higher.

  2. I especially like the demand for a plan to defeat ISIS in thirty days.

    ISIS is already contained militarily and is planning to reconstitute itself s a counter insurgency. It's taken us over ten years in Afghanistan to get nowhere.

    Has Epaminondas reason to believe the impetuous Trump administration figured out how to fight counter insurgencies?
    30 days? Absolutely laughable like most of Trump's pronouncements.

    1. It's taken us over ten years in Afghanistan to get nowhere.

      And I haven't heard a peep from POTUS, as to what he intends to do about it.

    2. St. Clair Weatherley III said

      You have. He's said plainly in several public statements that he doesn't believe in disclosing his plans to an enemy.

      You may choose to give that a dismal interpretation, if you like, of course, but it makes good sense to me.

      Maintaining the element of surprise is usually regarded as advantageous in military campaigns, is it not?

    3. Well aside from stating something-as-fact, but conveniently not even paraphrasing what you think you heard, much less providing a quote......you contradicted yourself nicely. According to you, Trump has stated what he's going to do about Afghanistan......but is maintaining the element of surprise?? That dog doesn't hunt.

      But you're correct in part, the element of surprise is advantageous and pursuable....Tactically. Rarely Operationally. Never Strategically. POTUS doesn't make statements regarding Tactical planning....and usually never on Operational planning.....but rather Strategic planning...which of course, is Policy.

      At least we can thank Trump for not showing his arse as he did with regards to the lead -up to the liberation of Mosul.....where he attributed an Iraqi planned, Iraqi led and Iraqi disclosed plan....to Obama; and assumed that his sycophants were ignorant enough to believe that on today's battlefield, one can disguise the methodical march up the Tigris River Valley, towards Mosul.....and the subsequent buildup of the assault and support forces around Mosul....claiming that he somehow knows something about the 'element of surprise'. Though, since he said that he knows more about ISIS than 'the Generals' [the same Flag Officers that he speaks about glowingly]....it's entirely possible that he actually thought that. That should concern every citizen.

      But for your reading enjoyment, from Fox News last month:

      Afghanistan, America's longest military fight, is getting little attention so far from the Trump administration despite the protracted struggle to rein in the Taliban and battle a stubborn Islamic State affiliate there.

      I'll leave it to you to decide if it's 'fake news' or not.....

    4. St. Clair Weatherly said

      All of that is a holdover from the idiotic policies of GWB and Obama.

      President Trump has been in office less than two months, has acted as swiftly and decisively to fulfill his campaign promises as any one person could hope to do, and has been met with a barrage of bullsh*t like no other I've ever seen before in a lifetime of observing congressional antics.

      The support he's gotten from a congress ostensibly controlled by Republicans has been lackluster to give it the most generous interpretation possible.

      We didn't elect a GOD, we elected a PRESIDENT. Persistent negativism on the part of those who ought by rights to be supporting him very frankly is as IGNOBLE as it is UNWISE.

    5. He had the entire campaign to give the citizenry, who have their sons and daughters in harms way in Afghanistan......some indication of what he intends to do.

      He has thus far....declined. But hey, he has time for golf.....so there's that.....

  3. Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton?

    Someone should inform Epaminondas that the only talk of a special prosecutor is for an investigation into Trump's Russian connection.

    1. Duck,
      Go over to IBA and tell Epa yourself. He's fond of engaging.

    2. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

      Wake up us normals when it rises to the level of a President getting caught sneakily telling a high Russian official "Pssst. Tell Vladimir I will have more flexibility to cave in to him after my reelection."

      Or perhaps when an attorney general lies to the public and his charged with contempt for failing to be open and truthful with congress, like Eric Holder did.

  4. "Schumer, Perez, Schiff, Pelosi … these people are monumental fools."

    Just think of the US as your house and the above named as termites!

    1. FreeThinke in mufti said

      Not FOOLS, Jon. They are DEVILS –– FIENDS –– TRAITORS –– MONSTERS.

      The concept of a LOYAL OPPOSITION has been THROWN AWAY and replaced with out-and-out INSURRECTION.

      This is what comes from TOLERATING the presence of LEFTISTS –– i.e. professional TROUBLEMAKERS –– advocates of PERPETUAL TURMOIL –– Alienation, Sedition, Revolution, and ANARCHY.

      Once upon a time, and not-so-long-ago, the Establishment would have had the courage to deal HARSHLY and CONCLUSIVELY with intolerable dissident elements of this ilk.

      Sadly, we are now too much like the SWEDES who would actually PREFER to see their IDENTITY –– their heritage, their culture, their customs, their mores, their COUNTRY –– utterly DESTROYED rather than ever to ADMIT their oh-so enlightened notions of "EQUALITY" have been DEAD WRONG.

      Could anything be sadder –– or more horrifying –– than to have reached the point where whole populations prefer to commit SUICIDE just to avoid being called RACIST?

    2. Jon,
      As one who has had to deal with a termite infestation on this old property, the metaphor termites fits those Congress critters perfectly!

    3. That is precisely what DEMOCRATS really ARE, AOW.

      I have often referred to them as "Termites chewing away the foundation of our Liberty –– as defined and guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution."

      I first heard the simile during the Iran-Contra brouhaha, when one of the Conservative pundits of the day referred to Massachusetts Democrat, Edward Boland, the author of The Boland Amendment* as a "TERMITE."

      * "The Boland Amendment" is the generic used to term describe three U.S. legislative amendments between 1982 and 1984, all aimed at limiting U.S. government assistance to the Contras in Nicaragua. WIKI

  5. I'm hoping that he [or the majority controlled Congress] fixes the VA, soon....as in with fire and brimstone.

    1. Your comment is not relevant to the topic of this thread. The concerns of veterans,, while important, should be the least of our worries right now with a full-scale insurrection going on determined to overthrow the current, duly elected administration.

    2. From the exact link shown above [Trump's promises]:

      "I will create a private White House hotline – that is answered by a real person 24 hours a day – to make sure that no valid complaint about the VA ever falls through the cracks. I will instruct my staff that if a valid complaint is not acted upon, then the issue be brought directly to me, and I will pick up the phone and fix it myself, if need be."

      "We are going to make sure every veteran in America has the choice to seek care at the Veterans Administration or to seek private medical care paid for by our government."

      Now, go sit in the corner and color.

    3. CI,
      For as long as I can remember, there has been trouble with getting care at the VA. Why is that?

      What do you think of the proposal to have private medical care paid for by our government?

    4. Anonymous,
      There is indeed afoot a full-scale insurrection going on determined to overthrow the current, duly elected administration!

    5. AOW - I can't answer why those who have a contractual benefit of medical care, for their service to our nation....have consistently been denied quality and timeliness.

      I concur with private care plan. It's been raised numerous times before, but never comes to fruition. Could be because as 'anonymous' illustrated, people would rather engage in political theater. It's easier.

    6. CI,
      Does the military still offer the CHAMPUS plan? I used it when Mr. AOW was in the service (active duty). The military picked up 95% of whatever my private doctor charged me.

    7. It's TRICARE now, with varying levels of service. I have $12 co-pays for most routine visits.

    8. FreeThinke in mufti said

      Please tell us more about CHAMPUS, AOW. I'd never heard of it. Sounds great.

      I stink at acronyms and initials, so please tell us what the letters stand for.


      ~ FT

    9. CI,
      Ah! Tricare! I've heard of it. Mr. AOW and I didn't have that particular plan back in the day (1972-1973).

    10. FT,
      I have no idea of what CHAMPUS stands for. I only know how the play worked: 5% copay. Period.

      And I went to my family doctor instead of trudging into a military clinic on the base.

      CHAMPUS was available for those on active duty -- not for veterans.

    11. FT,
      Google informs me of the meaning of CHAMPUS:

      Civilian Health And Medical Program of the Uniformed Services.

    12. AOW - There are TRICARE levels available for non-Retirees....though I think one must either be Retired or have a combat-related injury to qualify for TRICARE Prime.

    13. CI,
      That is my understanding of TRICARE. I don't know what TRICARE's parameters are for a disabled veteran whose disability isn't related to combat/service.

  6. Karen at Lcom said

    On the overwrought, partisan allegations that Attorney General Jeff Sessions committed perjury in his confirmation-hearing testimony, let’s cut to the chase: There is a good deal of political hay to be made because Sessions made a statement that was inaccurate — or at least incomplete — especially when mined out of its context. But the claim that his testimony was perjurious as a matter of law is wholly without merit. Perjury is not inaccuracy. It must be willfully false testimony. Willfulness is the criminal law’s most demanding mens rea (state of mind) requirement. Prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt

    So are all the other lies and allegations the filthy Democrats are throwing out there to see if something will stick. I despise those evil, evil destructors who are ripping us apart. They are the ones who are WILLFULLY lying, misrepresenting and distorting facts all in order to bring down Trump and his administration.

    I can´t help but think of Watergate during all of this insanity. The Democrats (and that would include Obama and his pawns) are doing things a thousand times worse than Nixon ever even thought of.

    The Democrats (and that would include Obama and his pawns) are doing things a thousand times worse than Nixon ever even thought of. I wish the Republicans would all band together instead of attacking each other and fight those vicious hacks with all their might. They need to investigate Obama and his criminal hacks in the intelligence community who started this entire mess. What they have done and continue to do is worse than any president in American history.

    The Democrats so far have succeeded in not allowing Trump to fully staff his administration. If McConnell was the leader (that´s a joke) he would start raising hell and set hearings for every one of those people and get it done! Now all their energy is focused on Sessions and meanwhile Trump is limping along without a full cabinet. It´s totally outrageous!!

    1. Karen,
      Assuming that you are not a drive-by commenter, I advise you to read this...

      The Attack on Sessions: Is This How It Happened?

  7. Plantagenet Patroon said

    It never ceases to amaze me how stupid and how spineless the Republicans are. Don´t they ever learn? Haven´t they been given enough examples of how the Democrats in co-conspiracy with their enemedia collaborators take down Republicans with barely a hint or innuendo of wrong-doing? Have they have no clue how to refuse even to let such nonsense get started and simply roll over these attempts when they hold ALL the power?

    Look at the wayDemocrats ignore accusations even when there is evidence of serious wrongdoing. They blow off subpoenas. They DESTROY computers/documents/evidence. They take the fifth. They refuse to answer or simply say, "I can´t recall" hundreds of times. And in the end...they walk...guilty as sin ... free as a bird. Lois Lerner. Eric Holder. Bill Clinton. Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, etc., etc. Did ANY of them resign?

    Good grief, you fools. Grow. A. Spine. Stop tossing your best people into their shredders. Shut the Democrats down, and get on with helping the president implement his agenda.

    1. Plantagenet Patroon,
      Apparently, the Republicans refuse to understand that they need to grow a pair.

  8. PapaBear said

    Sessions story pushes Justice Dept slush fund story out of the headlines. Coincidence? Maybe.

    This whole ´Russia did it´ story line is sickening. In my opinion, it is a lie made credible by the media. It is being used to bring down the Trump administration. I do not believe any of it. And, it is a bit curious that all of the accused (so far) seem to have in common the one Russian whose request for a meeting would never be considered suspect - the Russian ambassador.

    Anyone in Washington politics would meet with him as a courtesy not thinking it could later be used by the democrats and the mainstream news media to cast them as secret Russian collaborators.

    Was the ambassador followed around Washington? Did someone keep a list of the people with whom he met? Is he part of a paid conspiracy targeting Trump advisors/staff? Or was it just a lucky break for the opposition and the never-trumpers?

    Trump should immediately demand that everyone on his campaign staff, the transition team and all cabinet appointees check their schedules for a meeting last year with this ambassador. Then call a news conference, have all who did state the dates and times of the meetings, who was there and what was discussed. The sooner he takes this story (weapon) out of the drip, drip, dripping of the news cycle, the sooner he will neutralize the damage the opposition is hoping to inflict.

  9. From this source:

    President Donald Trump has been taking heat for not filling hundreds of appointed federal government jobs, but he recently revealed the true reason why he hasn’t done so — a reason conservatives will love.

    In an interview with Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” that aired this week, Trump explained that his administration’s seemingly lack of political appointees has been an effort to shrink the size of the federal government.

    “When I see a story about ‘Donald Trump didn’t fill hundreds and hundreds of jobs,’ it’s because, in many cases, we don’t want to fill those jobs,” he said....

    More at the above link.

    1. He does so at his own risk. Thus he leaves in place Obama's minions who fill whatever roles are left vacant with this decision. He needs a counter balance. As Obama was leaving, he turned many of these appointment jobs into civil service. What is left are the scraps for replacement positions. Do so and do it now.

    2. DJT hasn't filled those positions for one reason and one reason ONLY. DEMOCRATS have been systematically BLOCKING his every attempt to do so.

      I think your "source" may be another provider of more FAKE NEWS.

    3. Anonymous,
      Ahem. Watch the video of Trump saying what he said. He is deliberately reducing the size of the federal bureaucracy.

    4. Yes, but the primary FOCUS of present discussions regarding the confirmation of President Trump's nominees has been on the extreme SLOWNESS with with congress has chosen to act –– NOT to act rather.

      The DEMOCRATS have been making a Holy Show of themselves in their fierce, irrational determination to BLOCK and BALK Mr. Trump's nominees at every turn, and thus frustrate the president's agenda as much and as long as possible.

      I thought that THAT was the main point of this particular thread.

      Sorry if I was mistaken.

    5. Bunkerville,
      I agree! Those left in place are working against Trump's plans for governance and are, sooner or later, a danger.

  10. Cassandra Wails said

    Eric Holder lied to Congress and was Held In Contempt of Congress. Never paid the price. He just gave The People the middle finger.

    A couple of questions:

    What was young Bill Clinton doing in the USSR during the Vietnam War at the height of tensions?

    What did BO mean when he whispered to Medvedev that he would "have more flexibility after [he] was re-elected"? (by the way, not IF but when!)

    Remember the articles during the "lame duck session" that BO was rushing to fill up slots with with HIS people?

    Finally, never, ever forget that BO´s mission was "to fundamentally transform" the USA.

    TRANSLATION: BO was enacting the Left´s dream: a revolution... a "soft" revolution, but a revolution nevertheless.

    They felt they´d made so much progress. They were, and ARE, mad as heck that HRC got trounced.

    HRC is a leftwinger. Don´t let Granny Clinton fool you. She´s hard core.

    So our Government is interlarded with leftists who know how to "resist from within" IN COLLUSION with the BO call-it-what-you-will Shadow Regime.

    We have the radicals STILL in full operation.

    They do not intend to allow a "peaceful transition" or for our Constitutional Republic to be restored.

    Subversive activities are on-going.

    I believe this conforms to the classic definition of SEDITION.

    1. Casandra: Democrats are NEVER held to the same standards they daily demand of conservatives and Republicans. I would say their hypocrisy is laughable except that the liberal media will not report these facts in the context of current news so most people are not aware of the problem.

    2. Cassandra,
      Eric Holder lied to Congress and was Held In Contempt of Congress.

      I believe that the contempt order still stands -- not than anything will ever be done, of course.

      They do not intend to allow a "peaceful transition" or for our Constitutional Republic to be restored.

      What you have described is indeed sedition. But their supporters think that they're saving the country. I don't know how we convince them of the error of their ways.

  11. "They are BOLSHEVIK."

    Yes they are!They believe in a one party state with them in charge. Anything else must be destroyed.

    1. Mike,
      They believe in a one party state with them in charge.

      And everybody else must sit down and shut up.

      I've never seen America in such a sorry state.

  12. Replies
    1. To quote from the comments:

      "Throw Chuck in a cell full of horny muslims with his hands tied to his ankles"

    2. Great idea, but please don't forget to strip Chuckie boy naked before you do.



    3. FT,
      "Great idea, but please don't forget to strip Chuckie boy naked before you do."

      Absolutely, I thought that was a given. Those filthy scum, who don't even know how to use bathroom tissue, will have no problem giving Up-Chuck his just rewards. OMG, if that could only happen!

  13. What outrageous fake news smear do the un-American alt-reality DemonCraps have on-deck for when the Russia hysteria inevitably collapses in on itself?

    1. They'll dream up something vile and smelly no doubt.


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