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Monday, March 20, 2017

So Sick Of The Blame Game

Such as what the placard in this graphic expresses:

The legacy of Howard Zinn, who, among others, made the term "American patriotism" a dirty word.

See THIS and THIS about Howard Zinn.


  1. Pack 'em up and send them to the nearest third world toilet.

  2. Little snowflake has a Keffiyeh around his neck.
    Bet he supports "Palestinians" who want to kill all Jews.

  3. Micturia Gabinetto said

    Howard Zinn - an FJB whom God thankfully removed from our presence - but nowhere near soon enough. FJB's have done incalculable harm to Western Civ. So much so it would be all-but impossible to count the ways.

    1. FJB? Fender Jazz Bass?

      You're obfuscating again, FreeThinke.

    2. Quit playing your stupid guessing games, Canardo. You are ALWAYS wrong.

      FJB obviously stands for Foulminded Joking Bostonan.

      What else could it be?

    3. What else could it be?

      Fuse Junction Box

      Freelance Job Bank

      Federal Judicial Building

      Finnish Jail Break

      Friends of Jupiter Beach

      Franz Joseph Bahn

      Folsom Junior Bulldogs ...

      ... lots of possibilities.

  4. Our kids are SO SICK, thanks to people like Zinn, Alinsky, and all the liberal profs who idolize them in the name of "KINDNESS" and "FAIRNESS", not knowing they'll be the first whose lives are destroyed due to what they've been taught and champion. "What happened? This isn't America anymore! OMG, MY rights are gone, MY money's gone...what the...?"
    How perfectly disgusting and it must change, and soon..
    But it will not.

    1. Z,
      I'm not sure that they will notice as long as their digital devices are functioning so that they can update their social status.

    2. The sixties certainly were insidious. They hit you from all angles:

      The Other America

      The Feminine Mystique

      Growing Up Absurd

      The Life and Death of Great American Cities

      Silent Spring

      Seems that back in the day we understood that, indeed, our rights were disappearing and despite the warning they became more and more irrelevant to the desired role of the trained consumer.

      You're right, AOW, we didn't notice though some tried to sound the alarm.

    3. I can agree with you that some of the destructive things started in the 60s, Ducky.

    4. We gave them what we thought they needed which was a live without sound judgemnt built on cautious research of topics and issues. Now the cruise the internet on their i-phones and know all about the world in under 60 seconds. It will be a hard and cold day when they really have to face the real world with all of it's long standing attitude of 'to hell with you'.

  5. I'm no fan of Howard Zinn but some things he says about 9/11 have much more support now than they did back on 9/12/2001. Today even Donald Trump wants to look into what the hell really happened and as he said shortly after the event those buildings could not have fallen because of the way they were constructed, they were designed to survive this sort of impact from airliners. He knows construction and architecture.

    I'd really like to know exactly how it could be that terrorist hi-jackers would choose exactly the time and day on which American air defence would be stand down because they were undergoing a mock terrorist drill that particular day. Maybe GWB and Cheney could answer some questions.

    I'd like to see Donald trump re-open investigations into 9/11. He's had pressure exerted upon him for his earlier observations but if this can be planned and executed in broad daylight and and then covered up by compliant media, that is something with which Donald Trump has immediate first-hand knowledge, from his recent political campaign.

    1. Waylon,
      I don't what to make of all the claims about 9/11 and building construction.

      I did, of course, refer to Howard Zinn in the body of the blog post because of his book A People's History of the United States. Have you ever read it?

    2. KOO KOO!!! KOO KOO!!!

    3. I haven't read the book, AOW.

      There's way more involved that building construction not he least of which is how foreign born terrorists could be privy to such sensitive military info to choose t date and time in which the American air defence was going to be testing the readiness of the system to handle exactly what happened.

  6. David Rockefeller (1915-2017) Conspiracy Theorist (RIP)??

    Apparently after receiving his seventh heart transplant David Rockefeller has finally succumbed to surgical complications ...

    Light your candle

  7. The Palestinian woman-hating terrorists would love that little twinkie wearing the Keffiyeh

  8. Some people just like to be mad and unhappy all the time. To them I say - LOL !

  9. These are children of Zinn, who took a proctologist's view of America. He HATED the country, and said clearly that the world would have been a better place had America never existed.

    1. Baysider,
      said clearly that the world would have been a better place had America never existed

      That was his belief.

      That idea has been driving curricula since A People's History of the United States was published in 1980. A version for younger readers was published in 2007. The Zinn Education Project was launched in 2008 and offers materials for teaching in middle and high school classrooms across the U.S....With funds from an anonymous donor who had been a student of Zinn's, the project began by distributing 4,000 packets to teachers in all states and territories. The project now offers teaching guides and bibliographies that can be freely downloaded.

    2. Addendum: The critical reception section of the Wiki entry for A People's History of the United States is interesting. Excerpt:

      In the Washington Post Book World, reviewer Michael Kammen, a professor of American History, wrote:

      I wish that I could pronounce Zinn's book a great success, but it is not. It is a synthesis of the radical and revisionist historiography of the past decade. . . Not only does the book read like a scissors and paste-pot job, but even less attractive, so much attention to historians, historiography and historical polemic leaves precious little space for the substance of history. ... We do deserve a people's history; but not a simpleminded history, too often of fools, knaves and Robin Hoods. We need a judicious people's history because the people are entitled to have their history whole; not just those parts that will anger or embarrass them. ... If that is asking for the moon, then we will cheerfully settle for balanced history


      Writing in Dissent, Georgetown University history professor Michael Kazin argued that Zinn is too focused on class conflict, and wrongly attributes sinister motives to the American political elite. He characterized the book as an overly simplistic narrative of elite villains and oppressed people, with no attempt to understand historical actors in the context of the time in which they lived. Kazin wrote:

      The ironic effect of such portraits of rulers is to rob 'the people' of cultural richness and variety, characteristics that might gain the respect and not just the sympathy of contemporary readers. For Zinn, ordinary Americans seem to live only to fight the rich and haughty and, inevitably, to be fooled by them.

      Kazin argued that A People's History fails to explain why the American political-economic model continues to attract millions of minorities, women, workers, and immigrants, or why the socialist and radical political movements Zinn favors have failed to gain widespread support among the American public.


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