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Monday, October 26, 2015

Modern Life

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Biting satire

Phone Slaves by Steve Cutts

Evolution by Steve Cutts

More illustrations by Steve Cutts HERE. Yes, Cutts definitely leans Left, but some of his critiques have validity.


  1. I don't think I saw one that doesn't resonate with how our society has devolved.

  2. Phone Slaves

    I once envisioned something like this which I would title: LIFELESS.

    1. _______ An Ironic Truth _______

      Cawing, yapping, droning everywhere,
      Enrapt with Unreality they're blind.
      Looking blankly into space they grind
      Loose lips ludicrously in mid air.
      Packets clasped to ears their elbows bend,
      Holding haplessly to each connection ––
      Oblivious to tangible affection.
      Nothing could this misdirection end,
      Except the advent of a cataclysm ––
      Annihilating new ways warped and curled ––
      Built denying truths the catechism
      Used to keep our wayward notions furled ––
      Stifling acts and impulses towards schism ––
      Enabling more delight in Nature's world.

      ~ FreeThinke

  3. Good stuff! And excellent selections.

    The sad thing here is that many in Right Blogistan have awakened to the ills of rampant consumerism, the dark aspects of globalism, and the grotesque abuses in the name of "free trade."

    Unfortunately, many on the left would rather sneer and spit than welcome some agreement and try to build some common cause.

    Also, it does not follow from these abuses that some brand of socialism is the answer. History burgeons with death, starvation and societal decline under socialism's banner.

    We are stuck in a bad place, and I don't know how we get out of it.

    1. ... and who would you suggest we partner with, Ted Cruz? Maybe Ben Carson or Mike Huckabee?

      Maybe another hearing on the doctored Planned Parenthood tapes will do the trick?
      Maybe packing the court with corporate pimps is the answer? They sell us out to kapital and everyone rolls over.

      Don't worry Silver, you've still got the 2nd amendment and the perception here is that's all a lot of you care about.

      Now I accept that my perceptions are clouded but until there's a move to purge the batshit crazy Tea party wing of the Republican party we are stuck. I know that much.
      Until Faux Snooze is smashed as the right's propaganda organ progress won't happen.

      Meanwhile, thanks for the bollocksed Benghazi hearings which just handed the presidency to another corporatist.
      You want to make progress? Purge your damn house of these freaking lugnuts.

    2. Backatcha, Ducky.

      You cannot see the log in your own left eye of batshit crazy OWS types and propaganda outlet screamers like msnbc, so we have problems of both fringes.

      Also, thank you for a realworld example of those on the left who would rather spit in our faces and sneer than engaging in conversation about our shared concerns.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. SF,
      I'm sure that you're not surprise that the Left would rather spit in our faces and sneer than engaging in conversation about our shared concerns.

      It is just that type of reaction that has driven me away from reaching out to the Left. I earnestly tried to do so for a while; what I got in return was derision in the extreme.

    5. Ducky spits on his only allies on the Right, the Tea Party. That's what I like about Commie wannabes, when they're wrong, they're 180 degrees wrong.

    6. SF and AOW, sadly, you'll not get any liberals who can actually engage; they're too afraid that engaging might actually mean an attempt at understanding our point of view and then, once they're through insulting it, realizing they hold the same viewpoint. Too scary for them. It's up to us..
      WE're the ones who must:
      -ignore the Clinton lies about Benghazi
      -ignore the fact that Obamcare's falling apart
      -ignore the fact that climate change needs to be approached not from an angle of killing our economy but working within it
      -ignore the fact that patriotism can actually be a good thing, particularly for our children
      -ignore the fact that Lois Lerner's got completely off the hook...except for all of those she tried to screw and who are still pursuing their lawsuits
      etc etc

      WE have to ignore, the Left is happy, and the country should just move on to Socialism. Period.

    7. Z,.
      I've just about had it with the insults I've had to endure. Even from my longtime liberal neighbor! What is WRONG with the man? We used to be able to engage in civil discourse -- even when we disagreed. No more! His sneering and stalking off are infuriating. It is a testimony to my Christian walk that I haven't blown my stack!

    8. You don't deserve that treatment....and I've got to say it must be awful because you are FAR FAR FAR more patient and ready to try to understand the lefties here than I am, or most others are.
      I'm convinced they won't engage because they just plain can't talk the talk...they don't have facts, it's all emotion and they sound like dopes. Sad, but true. Oh, and then calling US names and ridiculing and belittling makes them feel good and is very convincing. Alinsky at his best....that guy Hillary wrote a dissertation on, remember?

  4. #OWS may have been a little "outside" for your tastes but you must give them credit for trying to draw attention to the issues of corporatism.
    Makes a lot more sense to protest what's happening in the financial sector than to go gaga trying to block gay marriage.

    I don't know how far left MSNBC can be when its flagship program is Morning Joe .

    1. So you're one-eye blind, you traffic in false dichotomies, and you cherry-pick. There are millions of you out there on both end of the spectrum.

      OWS (their raping, vandalism, militant marxism, crapping in parks and drug us aside) got it half right and attacked half the problem. The nexus, fulcrum, or whatever you want to call it, is between government and Big Biz/Big Finance.

      So, see? I reach out my hand to you. I agree we have a crony crapitalist problem, but government is also to blame for it.

    2. I think you're a little harsh on #OWS. That many people in a cramped space around the clock was bound to generate some crime and it was pretty sparse outside Oakland which is always an outlier.

      I think our rift is primarily because I don't much believe in limiting government (not that it wouldn't be beneficial in some areas) but in making government properly perform its function.
      One important function is tax policy. I believe a graduated tax is beneficial but you are for a flat tax.

      It's a struggle.

    3. Ducky,

      Yes, it is a struggle, but we've all descended into buzzwords. I hate hearing people on the right screaming that the answer is to lower taxes.

      When top tax rates are 80%, sure, lowering them could stimulate the economy, if other economic factors are sound. Once you continue lowering them, you reap diminishing returns. Art Laffer told us that with his curve, so even he was not for continually slashing taxes. His hated curve was all about finding the taxation sweet spot.

      "Less government" is also a bad buzzword. Some arenas need more policing ( and government 'cops' who don't take bribes disguised as campaign contributions). But in our personal lives, government needs to call off the dogs, at all levels.

      I know the left hates Scott Walker, but can't you agree that the SWAT raids on his supporters was a horrible, politically-motivated abuse of government?

    4. Actually, Laffer didn't show us anything new. The curve was suggested by a 15th century Muslim philosopher.

      Keynes had a similar idea and warned about counter productive tax increases.

      But enough history, we agree that taxes can be too low as well as too high, no?

      Private life? Me, I'm most concerned about freedom of expression.
      The security state scares me and I do not see the 2nd amendment as useful protection.

    5. "There is nothing new under the sun."

      Can't resist slipping the knife in, can you?

      Of course taxes can be too low. Are we there yet? Well, we have to look at the other side of the equation: Is government spending too much?

      Back to Wisconsin. You're OK with government officials using the power of the state to launch armed raids on their political enemies, whose supposed 'crimes' were non-violent>

    6. Wait... I thought Rachel Maddow's show was the flagship of MSNBC. He's going to be quite upset that you're saying Joe Scarborough is upstaging him.

  5. Auralee Lichtnigger said


  6. Katie Scarlett Shalikashvili said


  7. On the "truth" behind a Freudian slip...

    o/t - When in doubt during a Final Jeopardy response, most Jeopardy! contestants may take the easy route out and leave their board blank or write in a message to their parents. Instead, Becky Sullivan decided to have some fun with her answer, even if it unintentionally insulted any liberals who may have been watching.

    The final question asked the remaining two contestants to identify the name of a flower by its picture and by its name also being “a disparaging term for people on the political left.” Sullivan, unsure of the answer, wrote “pansy” as her response.

    “I think you may have found a way to insult liberals in this country,” host Alex Trebek said before (and, oddly, after) revealing her response, which cost her her $6,000 cume. Fellow contestant Sean Anderson answered correctly and won the night.

    btw - the correct answer was, "What is a bleeding heart?"

    1. Joe,
      I saw that! Alex Trebek's response was interesting, huh?

      Read again. A flower was pictured.

    2. Duck's comment puzzles me.
      What do I know? I'm a "gun loon".

    3. I get carried away, Ed.

      Yes, I'm soft on the 2nd.

  8. Meanwhile, the internet is on fire with cell phone video of a black girl being bodyslammed and thrown from her school desk for having a cell phone in class....

    1. Why did the situation escalate to that point?

    2. Beamish,
      I've now caught up a bit on the story and watched the video. It is strange that, from what we can see of the rest of the class, nobody else moved during the altercation or, apparently, said anything.

      There is a rumor that she slapped or punched the officer in the face before the situation escalated. Did she?

      I've also read that Deputy Fields has a black girlfriend -- not that his having a black girlfriend proves anything.

  9. Fields has been involved in such incidents in the past, but I am withholding judgment.

    I happened upon a scene yesterday, county cops in front of a small house facing onto an alley of mechanic shops, gas stations and a car wash.

    They were trying to get a black man to comply and he shouted them down, went into the house, and slammed the door. They tried to go in after him, but he pushed them out with the door and slammed it on them as they stood helpless on his front yard.

    First, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I couldn't believe he got by with that.

    Secondly, it must be really difficult to be a cop today.

    We've passed some kind of line.

    The state has discredited police by siccing them on innocent citizens, and sending them in gangs to violently take down non-violent offenders (think the SWAT raids against Scott Walker supporters in Wisconsin).

    So, we pretty much have a big, stinking mess on our hands, and people can now shout at police officers and slam the door in their faces, and based on the past actions of a few, the cops are losing credibility and don't want to lose their jobs because somebody filmed the tail end of a bad situation where they had to end it.

    1. It's tough to be a cop today, but's even tougher to be nigger.

      Rastus Pickett- Fence

    2. SF,
      Quite a situation you've described.

      Is something similar happening in some schools and classrooms? That is, a lack of compliance when compliance is what is needed.

    3. An incident in a Sacramento high school seems to show why police are needed at some high schools:

      School principal thrown down in cafeteria brawl.


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