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Monday, June 15, 2015

Voter Remorse

The article excerpted below appeared on the front page of the Washington Post on June 9, 2015. 

If the article in indicative of a trend of voter remorse, many in Obama's voting base may sit out the 2016 election.
Disillusioned black voters ask: Is voting even worth it?

Jacksonville, Fla. — During those two electric Novembers, the chance to elect a black president, and then keep him in office, seized Regenia Motley’s neighborhood.

Nightclubs were registering voters. Churches held fish fries after loading buses that ferried parishioners to the polls. A truck hoisted a big sign that said “Obama.” And residents waited in long lines at precincts across the community.

But as Motley and some friends sought shade recently under a mulberry tree and looked across the landscape of empty lots and abandoned houses that has persisted here, they wondered whether they would ever bother voting again.

“What was the point?” asked Motley, 23, a grocery store clerk. “We made history, but I don’t see change.”

On Jacksonville’s north side and in other struggling urban neighborhoods across the country, where Barack Obama mobilized large numbers of new African American voters who were inspired partly by the emotional draw of his biography, high hopes have turned to frustration....


[A]s [Hillary Clinton's] allies prepare to register voters and expand the black electorate, her candidacy presents residents here with a question: If Obama’s presidency didn’t do more to help African Americans, then how could hers?


Clinton’s early moves are designed to signal that she can speak out and act more boldly than Obama, who felt political pressure as a candidate to tread lightly around race issues. Her campaign officials say she has enlisted a number of African Americans in top positions and plans on finding local leaders in cities who will advocate for her.

Still, polls show a gap between the positive feelings black voters have for Clinton and those they hold for Obama.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll released last week found that 75 percent of African Americans thought that Clinton understood the problems of “people like you,” as opposed to 91 percent who felt that way about Obama in a survey last fall.....
Read the entire article HERE.

What will low-voter turnout from the African-American voting bloc mean for the 2016 Democratic Party candidate? For the outcome of the 2016 National Election?


  1. It might mean that the GOP has a chance to regain 1600 Penn. As it currently stands with the previous electoral demographic breakdown, I don't think anyone in the GOP stable can upset Hillary.

  2. HOPE has DIED. Face it. We are done and we might as well be dead.

    Hillary will reign as Queen of the Dunghill, then we will go the way of ancient Rome.

    Why would any WHITE person vote? There is NOTHING and NO ONE to vote FOR.

    Republicans play strictly to LOSE. God only knows why.

    Prepare to become a galley slave in Trireme America.

    Kassandra Kaputski

  3. Obama was a high-water mark for the Democrat party, but that doesn't mean the morally- and intellectually-bankrupt GOOP has any kind of advantage.

    WaPo wrongly spun this as a negative:

    "75 percent of African Americans thought that Clinton understood the problems of “people like you,”"

    75% believe the filthy rich Hellary Rotten Clinton, who rode her pedo-rapist husband's coattails to power and fame understands and cares about them?

    This is what we are up against.

  4. "What will low-voter turnout from the African-American voting bloc mean................ For the outcome of the 2016 National Election?"

    Well, based upon what it's done in the last two elections I sure don't see how that will hurt!

  5. Obama's "coalition" is DEAD until there's another black candidate. Only Democratic "machine" (ie - Unionized/NAACP) blacks will be turning out in 2016. Average/poor blacks will stay home. And if Rubio is the Republican nominee, the Dem's won't be able to count on Hispanics, either.

    Democrat's are "toast" this cycle unless "Jeb" is the nominee. And even "Jeb" drains "Hispanics" from the former Obama coalition.

  6. The Presidency has become dynastic in America.

    Who do we want? Another Clinton or another Bush?

    I do not believe our vote affects presidential outcomes at this point. The dye is cast long before we had to the polls. Super PACs rule the day.

    The Last English Prince




  8. Other than an Obamaphone, what does the black community have to show for 7 years of Obama? Safer neighborhoods? More jobs? Higher pay??

    1. More Burnt down Cities?

    2. Proof: Under Reagan and his policy of cutting taxes for average people and not punishing businesses for doing well, the black middle class grew tremendously. Under Obama, black poverty instead grew tremendously. While at the same time his "stimulus" rewarded his rich friends.

  9. How to take over a country in 4 simple steps:

    * Step 1: Demoralize the people
    * Step 2: Destabilize the country
    * Step 3: Cause rebellion
    * Step 4: Take over

    Sound familiar?

    With credit to Pastor Joe Schimmel.

    1. And Ex-KGB Agent Brezmanov. (Youtube)

    2. Thanks Kid! Now I know his name. (adding it to the notes)

  10. As you all know, according to statistics, if all Christian voters had voted, Romney would have won. But, nooooo...he was MORMON and "Not Conservative ENOUGH" (don't get me started...I already have one reader of my blog saying none of these candidates are CONSERVATIVE ENOUGH....gad).. To me, that CHristian demographic is a big enough contingent that it deserves to be addressed quite specifically with their concerns at heart. (Jeb just did that, by the way, in his announcement speech). Add Black Christians into that. Star Parker's wonderful organization dedicates itself to contacting Black pastors across America and reminding the Black community of the wonderful values they had until fairly recently; family, hard work, self reliance, etc. When they agree with her, she reminds them that it's the Left that's pulled them away from that and escorted in the era of such welfare that people have forgotten it's welfare and feel entitled to the goodies..
    And they can't help but see that when it's pointed out. Please pray Star gets busier and busier this year. We need those votes; we need those good people with US.

    Alec, that's exactly what many of us have been saying...Pastor Schimmel is 100% correct. I still don't think it'll get that bad, but it's pointed in that direction.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. CI,
      Would you vote for an Agnostic who was actually a true Conservative [unlike current the GOP clown car]?

      I cannot answer for Z, of course. But I certainly would!

      The above said, I'm not sure that your definition of true Conservative is the same as mine.

      So, let me ask this question of you: Would you vote for an opponent of same-sex marriage? Perhaps you would not call an opponent of same-sex marriage a true Conservative.

    3. Z,
      As you all know, according to statistics, if all Christian voters had voted, Romney would have won. But, nooooo...he was MORMON and "Not Conservative ENOUGH"

      We see where we are now as a result.

      Look. I didn't like Romney all that much. I remain convinced, however, that two terms of Romney would have been infinitely better than these two terms of Obama.

    4. AOW - All other facets being pro-liberty....I would. I could consider giving Rand a nod, were he to win the nomination.

      But I don't consider a position that is unnecessarily restrictive of civil liberty, to be Conservative.

      I had deleted the comment, as I had probably asked Z a similar question in the past.

    5. So much of the time, I have to vote for one of what I consider a bad choice because the other choice is untenable. **sigh**

      Thanks for asking my question.

    6. AOW, I have a question.
      Do your students "jump" grades?

      We recently decided that my grand niece would continue in private school because Virginia would not let her skip first grade.
      She's almost six and is currently reading. the first Harry Potter book independently. Her arithmetic is also very advanced.

      She can name all the countries of Africa and their primary exports and has taken up violin (I hope it goes where I hope it goes).

      Do your parents hire you to deal with situations like that?
      I don't understand why the school system would want this kid sitting around bored out of her mind.

    7. Z, you said... "As you all know, according to statistics, if all Christian voters had voted, Romney would have won."

      Could you please provide the link to that information. Is that assuming all Christians are voting the same, or does it take into account the voting patterns we saw in the last election?

    8. I would urge you to keep your niece in , private school. You care about that child. The government does not.

    9. Duck,
      AOW, I have a question.
      Do your students "jump" grades?

      Yes. Students take the classes which are the best fit -- based on their level at the time of placement, of course.

      I have one 10-year-old that I've recommended go to my high school classes in 2015-2016. The 2014-2015 term, she read the unabridged translation of Les Misérables for her independent reading assignment.

      Other students have skipped grades, but not to the above phenom's extent. We have also kept a few students back so as to do another year of high school work -- all of those were boys who simply weren't ready to move on to college work at the age of 18.

      If you wish to discuss this matter in more detail, contact me via email.

    10. Of course not all Christians vote the same; the talk of that day was that many Christians had stayed home because Romney was Mormon. We all heard that; I had a few on my blog, we all did.
      But Christians against abortion and pro traditional marriage did stay home, many of them. Christians generally don't vote against their beliefs and they say the number was enormous. bad stuff.

    11. Z,
      I wonder how those vote abstainers feel about their decision now. Do you know? I haven't heard anything in that regard.

    12. Mustang said: "I would urge you to keep your niece in , private school. You care about that child. The government does not. "

      That's the best idea. The public schools are held in thrall by the teachers unions, who try to keep incompetent teachers, teachers who rape children, and teachers who are drunk on the job in the classroom. I can document all of this extensively.

      Private schools tend to put kids first (instead of putting getting bad teachers rich first) and and fire the bad ones.

    13. Actually, dmarks, I've known a lot of very good dedicated public school teachers.

      Why does Massachusetts with a strong public teachers union consistently rank in the top handful of states for educational achievement? Just curious.

      What does concern me about this decision was that putting her in first grade would have been a problem for the teacher. This child gets very antsy when she's bored and she's very strong willed.
      It just made little sense.

      As for teachers raping children. It doesn't happen in private schools? Don't be a moron.
      Drunk on the job? Alcoholics don't teach in private schools? Don't be foolish.

      Public schools have short comings but joining the Bill Gates foundation to defund them and funnel more capital to private corporations when the charter movement is showing no clear cut advantages is foolish.

      Where are all the original ideas that charters were supposed to develop? MIA.

      Oh, by the way, her school is very liberal and draws heavily on Dewey and Montessori.

    14. AOW said: "Look. I didn't like Romney all that much. I remain convinced, however, that two terms of Romney would have been infinitely better than these two terms of Obama."

      I think so too. On pretty much every issue.

    15. Ducky said: "As for teachers raping children. It doesn't happen in private schools? Don't be a moron."

      I'm not a moron: that is why I oppose the teachers unions. Time and again. teachers get caught raping kids. The unions right to give them rewards for it. Non-unionized private school teachers who rape kids don't have this kind of support.

      "Drunk on the job? Alcoholics don't teach in private schools? Don't be foolish"

      We had a major state initiatie pushed by the unions, that included a line item to prevent schools from firing union members who were teaching while intoxicated. It went down by a huge margin. Thankfully.

      Again, like with the rapists, the drunk teachers in non-unionized schools don't have a powerful special interest to support their assault on kids.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Completely OT (well, maybe not totally)...The IRS has now found 6,400 Lois Lerner emails...but "you can't see them..." They're playing against the presidential clock. Remember they couldn't find any emails at first? They're saying they don't want to bother us with 'repeat emails' :)
    Can you imagine if a Republican administration tried this?
    And they called REAGAN the 'teflon president' Obama and his admin put new meaning to TEFLON, don't they

    1. Z,
      What can I say? Other than to say that I'm not surprised that (1) emails have now been located and (2) they are designating the matter as 'repeat emails'.

      Will Americans notice? Some, surely. But most? I doubt it. As far as most Americans are concerned, IMO, Lois Lerner is old news.

    2. Abusing the power of the IRS should concern all Americans. "First they came," etc.

    3. Yeah it should.

      Allowing the IRS to execute it's lawful function of determining tax exempt status should not

    4. Duck,
      Well, whom IRS targets today may shift tomorrow.

      Let us now forget that in "the court" of the IRS, the one being targeted is assumed guilty until the targeted one proves innocence. Have you ever gone through an audit? It's a nightmare, I tell you.

      The IRS wields entirely too much power.

  13. Sadly, I say it does not matter. Some number of states(same as every election will be Blue. Some number Red - same as always. There will be 5-7 "Swing States" (You know states full of people so stupid they can't decide on a party) and the election results in those states will be fraudulent. Bing - a democrat gets elected again. Well Gooollllllooolllooollly says Gomer Pyle.

    1. Kid,
      I'm feeling cynical, too.

      Not looking forward to the next 17 months and the aftermath.

    2. You know states full of people so stupid they can't decide on a party

      You surely also meant, states full of people disgusted with both major parties, no?

    3. "You know states full of people so stupid they can't decide on a party"

      That's one of the silliest things that's gotten posted. As I learn more and more, I found that the blind partisanship of "choosing a party" looks more and more "stupid"...

    4. The rethugs could run a trained seal and kid would vote for it if it came out against gay marriage.

    5. Ducky: If Kid is what he implies, completely locked up in blind party loyalty with his mind shut off when in the voting booth, you might be right.

  14. PS - If elections were about 'the issues', obama would never have been elected twice.,

    1. Kid,
      Our election process has sunk to the level of the Cult of Personality -- a cult which the media promote.

  15. I know Star Parker is out there working with Black pastors to remind them of the Black roots of good character, family, hard work; and her organization is reminding them that welfare did terrible things for those families...She's reaching out and being very successful, so let's see what happens with that. Black churches can't have her in there talking politics, but she does meet with them.
    Odd that during the Dem primaries, the libs were so against anybody mentioning Geo. Bush in a church, and the very next Sunday CNN had split screen shots of Hillary and Kerry on Church steps talking to the willing. That is something I won't soon forget.

    1. Z,
      We both know that the media have different standards applied to liberals as compared to conservatives.

      Star Parker is very persuasive, I think. But can she reach the audience whom she needs to reach?

    2. well, she's reaching Black churches without going into Black churches (since the gov't finds that so abhorrent and threatening )..I'd say she's making headway. Big time.

  16. And how about this one!!
    More than 100 immigrants whom the Obama administration released back into the community went on to be charged with subsequent killings, according to government data released Monday that raises more questions about whether immigration authorities are doing enough to detail illegal immigrants awaiting deportation.

    In one case, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement acknowledged that its agents didn’t find out about an illegal immigrant’s death threats and court injunctions against him — which should have put him back in detention — until after the man was accused of murder.

    That case, involving Apolinar Altamirano, is the latest instance of someone who went through the Obama administration’s deportation system and was released, only to go on to be charged with major crimes.

    Just another disaster in a long list of complete disasters of this administration. Makes George W Bush look like George Washington!

  17. __ To A Freedom Fighter __

    You drink a bitter draught.
    I sip the tears your eyes fight to hold
    A cup of lees, of henbane steeped in chaff.
    Your breast is hot,
    Your anger black and cold,
    Through evening's rest, you dream
    I hear the moans, you die a thousand's death.
    When cane straps flog the body
    dark and lean, you feel the blow,
    I hear it in your breath

    ~ Maya Angelou

    ________ TO WHICH I SAY _______

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    Everything about it is appealing ––

    The world must stop to sooth my fevered brow.

My pathetic state lets me keep stealing ––
And then demanding you to me must bow.

    There're no artists like con artists
Who want you to feel low. 

    They use their pathos to make slaves of us to hold

    Thentoss our naked butts in the cold

    And they'll never cease till they've got all our gold

Let's get on with the WOE!
LET's get on with the WOE!

    ~ Oivingk Boye Lynne

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


    2. Hey Look! It's a red howler monkey spouting gibberish!

  19. Some messages that ended up in email to me, but got deleted here because the sender spammed them and appeared to have broken down into a drunken profane tirade, were interesting...

    In that they showed the bankrupt ideology of the rock ribbed hard Left.

    I will address a couple of the points:

    "Many Liberals dislike Obama for being right of center"

    Those individiduals are deluded to dislike Obama for something he is not. Obama is left of center. He might not be as hard left as some leftists, but he is still left of center.

    "The alternative (Romney/McCain) would have been absolutely disastrous and everyone knows this."

    Not really. Romney's popularity went up after Obama was relected. Obama won re-election by a very slim margin. If the election were held a year lafter, Romney might well have won it.

    "More people are identifying themselves as 'liberal' while conservative are (thankfully) dying off. The Dems have nothing to worry about.
    Record Number Of Americans Identified As Liberal In 2014

    The site he links to shows that there are far more conservatives than liberals, and the trend is strong and steady high proportion of conservatives.

    That is my perspective on some bonkers comments by a drunken profane ranter. for what it is worth.

    Post a comment.

    1. Let me know what policies of his are left of center.

      Please remember that the affordable care act follows a model adopted by The Heritage Foundation (Marxist/Leninist) when forming your answer.

      If you are going to pull some stunt using gay marriage please remember that he gave no support until the will of Americans became too strong to ignore on Don't Ask Don't Tell and similar matters.

      Try to be precise.

    2. Liar, Liar pants on fire! I call you a bald-faced liar, Ducky, because you are too well-read to be ignorant of the subject.

      A leftwinger (who believes Obamacare did not go far enough) explains:

      "he assertion that the ACA was "conceived" at the Heritage Foundation is simply false. I say this with no little humility—since Republicans at the national level have never actually favored any significant plan for health-care reform, I thought the content of the Heritage Plan was irrelevant, but didn't think to question claims that it was fundamentally similar to the ACA. When I actually took the time to read the Heritage plan, what I found was a proposal that was radically dissimilar to the Affordable Care Act. Had Obama proposed anything like the Heritage Plan, Moore would have been leading daily marches against it in front of the White House—and I would have been right there with him."

      "The presence of a mandate is where the similarities between the ACA and the Heritage Plan end, and the massive remaining differences reveal the disagreement between Democrats and Republicans about the importance of access to health care for the nonaffluent. "

      Now Ducky, here's a homework assignment. Do as the author of this Fine American Prospect article did and go read the actual Heritage document and remove your veil of ignorance.

      Don't you get tired of being owned by people who call you on your facile BS?

      You've gorged on red propaganda and given yourself intellectual acid indigestion. I recommend you expand your information sources.

      Too much red can leave you mentally dead.

    3. Here's another far left opinion

      The wonderful thing about the Internet is that you can always find some clip that supports your opinion. Much has been written about the origins of ACA and it is undeniable that it is structured to keep monopoly private insurers in control of insurance costs.

      So believe what you will but someone who compares democratic socialism to Cambodia should really be careful about assuming he's open minded.

    4. Ducky,

      How about reading the source documents themselves and forming your own opinion?

      The Heritage plan recommended mandating people have health insurance just like states make people buy car insurance. That's where the similarities end. That's a far cry from the medical politburo Obama and the Democrats set up.

      You've got egg on your face. Again.

      I believe the Cambodia comment referred to government control and demonization of government 'enemies.' Cambodia? Democratic socialism? Are you that big of a fool?

    5. Socialism is the economic part of fascism. Where the rulers control the economy (instead of the people).

      Democratic socialism merely means that the tyrants who control people's personal affairs to the tyrant's own benefit have some sort of supposedly democratic election to justify their power.

      Non-democratic socialism is no different. Except there the tyrants have little if any election justification for their undue power.


      Silver: Mandating health insurance is a LOT different from car insurance. Car insurance is not mandatory. Most in NYC don't even have it, for crying out loud.

      Forcing people to buy a commercial product as a punishment for merely living is another form of tax. I oppose any such Heritage plan, as it smacks of socialism (undue state control over people's personal lives).

    6. And the ACA was not crafted with any other monopoly control in mind other than the state monopoly of control: "single payer" where the rulers control every single healthcare decision of ours.

      Obama could not get away with that, So there is some freedom in the ACA, begrudingly. Having popularly-controlled non-governmental organizations such as insurers be involved is a lot better than state control of everything.

      But how soon we forget: Obama's failed and wildly unpopular "public option" that he fought so hard for: through which it was planned that the federal government would eliminate all competing health care options. And remember... Obama was indeed quite clear that his preference was complete federal control of healthcare.

    7. Dmarks,
      And the ACA was not crafted with any other monopoly control in mind other than the state monopoly of control: "single payer" where the rulers control every single healthcare decision of ours.

      If Hillary is elected, we will indeed be under the boot of single payer.

  20. Try, all of them. He even admitted that his preference was absolute government control of healthcare ("single payer") and that ACA is a stepping stone for that.

    Yes, he opposed gay marriage until recently. But most on the left did, including Bill Clinton during his Presidency.


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