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Monday, March 2, 2015

Preparations (Video Added)

(For politics, please scroll down a bit)

This long, long winter has kept the AOW household in homesteader mode all too often.

Our "fleet" lined up on the driveway at the back of our lot and the drawbridge up, the rugs down on the wheelchair ramp:

Our driveway down the block, at the back of our property.  No garage here!

When I peel off those throw rugs, there is a clean, dry surface.  Then, down goes the drawbridge to the street.

We're expecting snow again this week.

On the other hand, some enjoy snow sports:


  1. Now that was one heck of a hill! Hang in there, we are almost through Winter! :)

  2. I am tired of snow and cold, but it's been nothing here in Colorado like out on the east coast, so we should count ourselves lucky, I guess.

    Hang in there, Spring is around the corner!

  3. I'm going to have to make these same preparations tomorrow morning and again on Wednesday afternoon.

    Even a little snow or ice on that ramp makes it treacherous! I fell on January 24 when there was barely any ice on the ramp's service and am being very careful not to do so again.

    1. Mavis Brambleby said

      Have you considered going to AA? It might help.

    2. Mavis,

      AA doesn't counsel those who are teetotalers -- or near teetotalers, which is my situation.

      Perhaps you need AA? You seem to be hallucinating, and too much alcohol causes hallucinations -- or so I've read.

  4. Where do you pour the boiling oil from? :D

  5. So, do you go sledding down that ramp?

    1. Ed,
      The slope is okay for sledding, but not ideal. ;^)

  6. Oh, that video was a lot of fun. We loved the puppy!

    We finally got more RAIN here - yipee! 7 1/2" to date.


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