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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Open Thread

So, what's on your mind?

A link to get this thread started: Cornell dean says ISIS welcome on campus in undercover video.

Here is your chance to opine within the parameters listed below:

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  1. I'm still shocked anyone who still stands up for Bergdahl
    These Libaturd, BoneHead’s are so out of touch with what's really going on in our country and what the Majority of the people have been saying. they don't seem to care...
    I think they're simply ashamed that they put this fool Obama in office.

    Obama should just tell the truth and say 'I really didn't care about Bergdahl, I just wanted to get those five Taliban Terrorists back in to the battlefield."

    Your liberal lame opinion is that the president just made a mistake! But mine is that he's a fool who always makes mistakes....because he was unfit to be President.
    The same applies to you voters who put him in office. And in your delusional, wackadoodle mind, you say that excuses treason!!
    Are you planning to use that on the gravestones of the six-plus soldiers who were patriotic American warriors , and who died searching for him while trying to rescue the deserter that Obama honored?

  2. Project Veritas (?) again with another heavily edited video. Who's funding this clown?

    I notice that none of the right wing blogs picked up the story of L'il O'Keefe trying to get the crowd of demonstrators to join him chanting "Kill the police."
    Fair and balanced. It would give a little too much insight into this creep's methodology.

    1. ___ KANARDO'S KREED ___

      I Just Adore Minorities

      I Also Hate Majorities
I Truly Love Our Enemies

      I Only Want the Reds to Please

      I Deify Deadly Disease
I Want No One to Be At Ease
All People Should Have Fleas
When Our Sorry Species
Kills Superiorities
At Last We'll Have Equalities
Charting Our Destinies
And No I Do Not Mean to Tease

      These Thoughts Are All Sincerities

      ~ Ann Nasse

      To which I say GOD HELP US PLEASE.

  3. A young boy's high and tight haircut meant to honor his soldier-stepbrother earned him the threat of suspension from an elementary school named for a Medal of Honor recipient, and the fallout from the incident has led a Tennessee school district to increase security measures.


    Government schools strike again.

  4. Ducky,

    What are we to conclude from so-called Americans embracing our enemies and making apologies for them?

    The self-loathing is strong among leftwing progs, but it is disguised by their loathing of American society, which they mask by pretending to be academic and open-minded.

    I wish we could gather up latte leftists such as yourself--who hate American and who hold up every rotten culture normal people run from--and dump your arrogant asses in Yemen, Iran, Pakistan, various African countries, Latin American capitals...

    I'm sure the women among you would especially enjoy living in Muslim lands. Hell, women don't even have as many rights and latitude in Europe as they do here.

    In summary, the leftwing proglodytes in this country, most especially the academic left, have no idea what the real world is like and how it operates. Every time one of you opens your mouth, society loses a few collective IQ points.

    At least there are still a few honest ones on the left: Piketty has backpedaled.

    If only even a small sliver of the left ever paused to consider the Matterhorns of bull$h!t they have produced.

    1. What are we to conclude from an O'Keefe video? Nothing until a forensic analysis of the editing is completed. He has a record and his attempts to get a crowd to yell "Kill the cops" so he could film it is indicative of how vile this guy is.
      I repeat, the right wing blogs didn't report that incident. Fair and balanced.

      From a statement suggesting we try to be a little skeptical about a man with a history of provocation you ramble on to some ridiculous crap about hating America. That one's typical.

      I don't believe Piety has issued any retraction but his book has stood fairly will against intense criticism. Oh, Hayek backpedaled a bit also. Not that the true believers can handle it.

      As for having no idea what the "real world" is, all I can say is I don't consider you capable of pragmatism.

    2. SF,
      Glad that you're speaking your mind.

      Just don't get too agitated and run your blood pressure way up.

      You'll never convince the Left of anything you're saying. But you already know that, I'm sure.

      The decline in Western society's IQ is relentless now. A juggernaut, really.

    3. I'm not agitated, and apparently I'm talking to myself, since I was addressing the topic of this blog post, and then Ducky staggers out of the old folks home with his bathrobe open talking about a whole other subject.

      O'Keefe has a record of uncovering the true mindset of leftwing progs by filming them speaking their own vile beliefs on camera. The truth hurts.

      That fat bag of sh!t 'professor' he interviewed should take some of his leftwing radical students on a field trip to the heart of ISIS held territory, since the Islamonazis are no different from anyone else, after all.

      Liberalism is a mental disorder, and it is killing Western Civilization.

    4. SF,
      I was addressing the topic of this blog post

      Oh. Thank you for the clarification. I have been quite distracted the few days because of the death watch for my mother-in-law. She passed away yesterday evening in Southern California -- advanced Alzheimer's Disease.

    5. [My mother-in-law} passed away yesterday evening in Southern California -- advanced Alzheimer's Disease.

      Hal-le-LU-jah! Hal-le-LU-jah!

      Hal-le-LU-jah! Hal-le-LU-jah!

      This IS cause for rejoicing. What a tremendous RELIEF it must be for you and everyone concerned!

      This is the best news I've heard in months. I am so happy for you I can't contain myself.

      The miserable years of PENAL SERVITUDE to LIVING DEATH are OVER at long LAST.


    6. FT,
      Yes, there is relief. Not so much for ourselves as we're so far away but for her. I must say, though, at no point did she ever seem unhappy or agitated during the long course of her Alzheimer's decline -- some 20 years. AND she danced up to the very moment that she had to go into a facility. She and her beloved were expert ballroom dancers. Name the ballroom dance, and they put on a show!

      My mother-in-law's beloved of some 25 years is going to be at a loss for what to do now. He's spent the last 5+ years visiting her almost every day so as to spoon feed her and talk to her.

      Yesterday afternoon, Mr. AOW's sister went to see her and held the phone to her ear so that Mr. AOW could, one last time, tell his mother that he loves her.

      Others gathered at the bedside, too: Mr. AOW's brother, Mr. AOW's niece, and my mother-in-law's beloved.

      In actuality, Mr. AOW's mother left us a long time ago -- at least, as far as we could discern.

  5. The loons on the Left always portray the Republican candidates as stupid, dumb, poorly informed, hollow, etc., this is something that they always do and always did. They did it to George Bush and to Sarah Palin as well. This may apply to Barack Obama but no rational person can believe such things about Cruz. Clearly, Cruz is very smart and very well educated

  6. Cruze is a lot smarted than the President of the 57 states that touts Yemen as a major foreign policy achievement?

    1. An Entemann lacking virility
Is lapsing deep into senility.
His faulty perception
Creates self-deception

      That exposes his lack of ability.

    2. And the entire loony left Dembulbocrat party is an entire circus tent.

    3. Poor Ducky. Cruz has scared the whole left to death.

    4. If Cruz is a circus, that would make you Zippy the pinhead, head freak of the left wing side show.

  7. Far above Cayuga's waters there's an awful smell.
    Some say it's Cayuga's waters, we know it's Cornell.


    1. FT,
      I wonder what the initiation activities will consist of if ISIS opens an ISIS club at Cornell.

      Not that I think that the club will actually open there. But ISIS sympathizers and supporters within the student body? Likely that has already occurred -- and not only at Cornell.

    2. Probably require prospective new members to behead a faculty member or burn Jesus Christ in effigy a the very least.

    3. FT,
      Will ostriching family members then wake up? I have my doubts. The powers of self-deception are apparently limitless.

    4. FT,
      burn Jesus Christ in effigy

      Probably the whole campus will join in for that one.

  8. Interesting article on Ted Cruz. I have some reservations regarding him. Influence pandering seems a problem.


    1. If "influence peddling" is a deterrent to eligibility for holding public office, the president, vice-president, every member of the Supreme Court, every member of congress and every local state, county and city official should be forced to resign in disgrace immediately.

      What in God's name do you think politics IS anyway? It is NOTHING BUT "Influence Peddling."

      Eliminate that, and you are immediately plunged into ANARCHY.

      What MATTERS is what KIND of influence is being offered for sale or rent?

      It's the ANTI-AMERICAN, pro-COMMUNIST, pro-MUSLIM, pro-DESPOTISM kind that worries me.

      If you have any sense, it should worry you too.

  9. It's good to see the cons lining up with the latest fascist-in-the-pan, Ted Cruz. The GOP will lose big in 2016 if they keep pulling right, and Cruz is like the inside lane of a beltway.

    I see a lot of people are put off by the right-wings rabid hatred of Bergdahl. Like the sun coming down on vampires, hissing and scratching.

    Get ready to lose big in 2016, guys. And just wait about twenty years. All the useless dead skin of today's conservatism will finally start to peel away for good.


    1. Promise to hang around and eat your words if your prognostication falls far short?

    2. JMJ,
      The GOP will lose big in 2016 if they keep pulling right

      That's what "the experts" were saying in 1980. Didn't turn out that way at all, did it?

    3. Like the Libs are lining up to support a Lying treatuous Hillary Clonton?

    4. Right, Jersey. "Pulling right" hurt them so bad this last election they took over the Senate and drove the crotchety and corrupt Old Man Reid into retirement.

      Scott Walker "Pulled right" and won reelection in blaring blue state.

      Yea, the dangers of "pulling right..."

    5. SF,
      Thanks for providing those recent examples.

    6. "hate Bergdahl?" Nobody hates him. Conservatives believe in true justice. People died looking for him.
      His parents were feted at the White House as if they were royalty and there are Gold Star families and soldiers with no limbs whose parents don't get amazing respect like that.
      We don't like lies, and the White House lie is that he served with dignity and courage.
      But hate him? No. Resent him? Who wouldn't?

    7. JMJ, predictions like that earned Nostradumbass (Ducky) his "Indian" name. Do you wish me to give you one now or do you want to wait?

    8. Z,
      I certainly do not hate Bergdahl, nor do I resent him!

      What I do hate is how the matter was handled by the Obama administration. My blog post today makes that clear, I think.

    9. Warren,
      Put on your thinking cap. I'm sure the opportunity will present itself.

  10. Well, Obamacare is working great for me. My Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas held steady for years. Now it goes up every six months. The next six months? It goes up 16.7 percent. I can't wait to pay $1,000 per month for health care in about three years.

    I think it interesting that the exchanges boast that individuals can now pay their premiums with a MoneyGram exchange. I suspect that if the individual pays one month, but does not pay the next month (or several months) they will not be dropped from the rolls.

    Those who pay like my family - holding a policy for decades now - are suddenly being sent into a death spiral and will no longer be able to afford our policies. Goods and services cannot exceed the COLA and survive the market. I certainly don't anticipate a 16.7 percent pay increase in the next six months. Yet a flawed plan is given marketability on the backs of the middle class.

    Thank you, Zero!


  11. For the Record, concerning Thomas Piketty:

    Now in an extraordinary about-face, Mr. Piketty has backtracked, undermining the policy prescriptions many have based on his conclusions. In “About Capital in the 21st Century,” slated for May publication in the American Economic Review but already available online, Mr. Piketty writes that far too much has been read into his thesis.

    Though his formula helps explain extreme and persistent wealth inequality before World War I, Mr. Piketty maintains, it doesn’t say much about the past 100 years. “I do not view r>g as the only or even the primary tool for considering changes in income and wealth in the 20th century,” he writes, “or for forecasting the path of inequality in the 21st century.”


    When he narrows his focus to what he calls “labor income inequality”—the difference in compensation between front-line workers and CEOs—Mr. Piketty consigns his famous formula to irrelevance. “In addition, I certainly do not believe that r>g is a useful tool for the discussion of rising inequality of labor income: other mechanisms and policies are much more relevant here, e.g. supply and demand of skills and education.” He correctly distinguishes between income and wealth, and he takes a long historic perspective: “Wealth inequality is currently much less extreme than a century ago.”

    This is not an indictment of Professor Piketty and his theory, but rather another case of progressives embracing something they are ill-equipped to understand and using it for propaganda purposes in a way the academic who developed the theory never intended.


    1. Who gives a damn when RESULTS are ALL that COUNT?

      There us nothing more dangerous with dismal, far reaching consequences than a BAD IDEA.

      The only way to combat ROTTEN, life-destroyng ideology, of course, is to OVERWHELM it with SALUBRIOUS, life-affirming ideology.

  12. Don't Get Spun by the Gee-Oh-PeeMarch 29, 2015 at 11:59:00 AM EDT

    I am so sick of hearing about homosexuals! Put it back in the closet, live your own lives and all will be right with the world.

  13. Marco Rubio for President


We welcome civil dialogue at Always on Watch. Comments that include any of the following are subject to deletion:
1. Any use of profanity or abusive language
2. Off topic comments and spam
3. Use of personal invective