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Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Tragic Truth

Not that Mr. AOW and I go to the movies very often, but just sayin':

Related reading: Sony DID Reach Out To Obama, Even Though He Says They Did Not.

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  1. Who am I? I'm the guy sitting in his living room after serving in Afghanistan protecting morons like yourself!December 20, 2014 at 7:58:00 AM EST

    I dislike Obama because his policies are destroying this nation and because,, I dislike arrogant liars and those who blindly defend them for selfish reasons.
    Oh wait a minute, that’s why I hate Hillary as well.

    Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are sociopath, which is the first requirement for being a Liberal.

    1. Joe King said

      Please don't address me as a moron. I's bad form and worse taste. Also hared is a waste of energy. It solves nothing.

    2. I like Romney's idea:

      @Joe King,

      The only reference to [you] personally as a "moron" is YOU! It looks like you started toking-up a little early today.

    3. Jon,
      I, too, like what Romney proposed.

    4. Joe King said

      Please take a good look at this.

      Who am I? I'm the guy sitting in his living room after serving in Afghanistan protecting morons like yourself!

      Jon Berg, what else do you think might be meant by these words? It sounds to me as though he's calling every one of us a "moron." If there's any other way to interpret it, please share it with us.

  2. My takeaway from this whole thing is how easily they could disable infrastructure like electricity and such. This was just an opening salvo.

    1. Adrienne,
      I'm with you about those concerns.

      If Sony can be hacked, exactly what or who cannot be hacked?

      As individuals and as various corporations -- including utilities -- we are so very dependent upon computers. Encryption is a fragile security.

  3. But............not to worry - Odumbo and his family have safely landed in Hawaii for a much needed rest from destroying the country.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Upvote for Adrienne!

      The country is much safer when Obama takes a break from trying to be presidential.

  4. Sony made this decision all on their own and becasue of it, NK has cesnored us.

  5. The root of the problem is that Obama has no overarching foreign policy goal or governing philosophy that frames the global challenge we and our allies face.

    He coddles our enemies and slaps our friends in the face.

    He keeps our friends guessing, and acts predicable to our enemies so as not to startle them.

    It should be the opposite!

    Every move he's made has been wrong. He is a fool with a crowd of amateur warlord fools surrounding him.

    The Castros will pluck him like a chicken over the next two years.

    I say this with reason. Remember those "good" Syrian terrorists Obama's amateur warlord girls told us about, with Kerry and McCain nodding gravely behind them as they spoke?

    Those "good" rebels have gone over to ISIS, along with all the training and equipment we've invested in them over the past year.


    President Obama does not know what he is doing. Even after six years, he is in over his head. He is the smallest, dumbest man in any room, except perhaps when he meets with his advisors.

    The best thing he could do these last two years is to just stop doing things, stop making decisions and for the sake of the nation please stop pulling diplomatic didos.

    Go on vacation, go golfing, hold beer summits, host big hip hop parties in the White House, but please, please, stop trying to act like a president, because every time you do, you make us and the world less safe.

    1. Obama is still a thousand times better than the retarded thieves you idiot cons put in the White House last time. Obama's taint is a thousand times better than that crowd.

      After McCain picked Sarah Palin for veep, and you cons went along, no serious adult should ever take you cons seriously again,


    2. Blisterino di Giorno said:

      Aside from having had your mind poisoned by too much exposure to tainted sources likes MSNBC, MoveOn.org, the Daily Kos, Buzzflash, Truthout, The Nation, Excessive Disruptions, and the NY Times, how could you possibly believe what you just said?

      Granted G.W. Bush was not a good president, bu a least he didn't deliberately set out to dismantle this country and send it to the scrap yard as Obama has done.

      Where is the jusification for your opinion? What have you to offer aside from parroting pre-dgested leftist talking points?

      Tell us please what "good" Obama has done for us, and if you say Obamacare, you're out of the game.

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. I have a better idea than Romney's:

    Translate the movie to Korean, load it on millions of cheap handheld video players, and drop them in North Korea, particularly Pyongyang.

    The US and South Korean government have the ability to get the players into the north. If they don't, they should be disbanded and start over.

    Tyrants don't start by going after the people with guns; they go after the artists first.

    This is how a competent government would fight fire with fire without military escalation.

    I imagine even a red-tailed Boston Duck could appreciate my idea.

    1. Been done.

      There were thumb drives smuggled out at exceptional risk and aired on PBS a while back.

    2. I saw that. It was fascinating.

      But this would be the operation in reverse, bringing the propaganda to the enslaved people of evil Kim empire.

    3. Like Radio Free Europe all over again. Not a bad idea!

      Dropping TRUTH behind "IRON CURAINS" might be risky, but it is TRUTH and truth ONLY that could ever set a people free. Guns and butter don't do it. They only make matters worse.

      Kurt is right. In order to conquer, first you destroy a people's identity by cutting them off from their history by defaming, imprisoning and then killing off their priests, teachers, artists, and writers. Then you poison the minds of the survivors with relentless, self-serving propaganda.

      It's already been done to US so skillfully we have no idea who we once were or who we were meant to be anymore.

      Intellectual aggression is the most powerful force for evil on earth. If you don't believe me, just look what it's done to our Ducky and to Jersey -- and so many others too numerous to mention.

    4. FreeThinke:

      You get my vote for comment of the day.

      I loved your punchline.

  7. AOW:

    Thank you for the link to the deadline article.

    All I can say is, heh heh heh... I love it when leftwing prog liars and cowards attack one another.

    1. SF,
      Hence, one of the labels for this blog post: "more lies from the White House."

  8. I just heard B.O. say to the effect that : We can't have a Dictator controlling what goes on here in the US. OK, then if he really means that [he] should resign forthwith!

  9. Sony's not done with The Interview yet:


  10. Given that film censorship has been a constant in the world since the inception of motion pictures I still can't recall a time when a country successfully blocked a showing in another country.

    The films usually were released and countries left to crack down on their own industries like France over the Algerian war or East Germany when DEFA got a little too much New Wave spirit. Still there has to be a response to this.

    This one is troubling though I don't know that all the facts are out about just who did it. Just how damaging the e-mail release would be to Sony, who knows.

    However, it is fascinating to find out that Obama is responsible for Sony computer security.

  11. I'm not entirely sold on the theory that North Korea was behind the hack. I wouldn't put it past an organized [though small] cabal of enterprising hackers engineered it to look like it was nK. It's not altogether difficult to set up enough proxies and breadcrumbs to lead the FBI to Pyongyang.

  12. Pollie Anna said

    Forget your troubles, c'mon get happy. We're gonna chase all those blues away. Say MERRY CHRISTMAS, c'mon get happy. Get ready for the King's birthday.


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