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Monday, January 16, 2012

More On Solyndra

A different kind of Watergate, one that has really fleeced the American taxpayer (hat tip to Be Sure You're RIGHT, Then Go Ahead):

Will the mainstream media harp on the above story enough to damage Obama's chances for re-election?

Recommended reading: "Anybody But Obama, 2012" at Be Sure You're RIGHT, Then Go Ahead. Nine more reasons not to vote for Obama in 2012!


  1. Carbon is bad, you shouldn't use carbon, so don't use carbon cuz people who use carbon are bad, mkay?

  2. No, the press will not harp on this; they will continue to ignore it because they are still in love with Obama.

    They will harp on Romney's Bain record, which pales in comparison to Obama's money wasting and job destruction.

  3. I doubt this will hurt Obama with his base, but perhaps to some degreee with thinking independants. The only sure thing I know is that "So-called Clean Energy with only clean out the tax-payers wallets" as usual they are the ones left holding the bag!

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  5. This is such bullshit. Yeah, the government is investing in clean energy the way they did years ago with this new power source...called electricity. It's about time! Some failed, some were not wise investments but many are succeeding. To go after the Obama administration with this BS is nothing but the right grasping at straws while it's the Democrats who once again brings theses dinosaurs kicking ans screaming into the 21st century.

    Now, do you want to talk about Bush/Cheney making millions with Halliburton charging $20 for a hamburger and electrocuting our troops in their faulty showers?

  6. LiberalMann,
    Now, do you want to talk about Bush/Cheney making millions with Halliburton charging $20 for a hamburger and electrocuting our troops in their faulty showers?

    You're off topic -- to say the least.

    I remind you that Bush isn't the incumbent in 2012.

    If you want to discuss Halliburton, do so at your own blog.

  7. It looks like our best hope is if the turnout for the election is small. In a small personal survey, no one even knew about this topic. Dah.

  8. I believe "Clean" is the wrong word. Everyone involved is dirty.

  9. I don't approve of the Solyndra deal at all. But let's be honest AOW, the biggest fleecing of the American taxpayer is the one that unfortunately not enough Republicans are paying attention to.

    The Solyndra scandal is merely a symptom. What about the cancer?

    That is of course the Federal Reserve's lending of $16 Trillion in secret loans.

    Something has to be done about this Inflation Nation.

  10. Soapster,
    Are you referring to THIS?

    Yes, it is a cancer.

  11. Yes, but more so this as a whole.


  12. AOW,
    Some will be stupid enough to but then again you can't fix stupid!

  13. OFF TOPIC:

    Sorry to intrude, but this information should be of vital interest to Z -- and others who have vivid memories of the Bad Old Days at FrontPage Magazine.


    Gerald Bruce Reynolds (1952-2011)

    Gerald Bruce Reynolds, 59, of Hanford, California, passed away unexpectedly in June , 2011. Gerald was born August 26, 1952, in Montgomery County, Maryland, the son of Raymond Morrow Reynolds and Joyce Kristine Reynolds (née Collopy), and the brother of David and Nancy. He is survived by his daughters Melissa Reynolds, of Hayfield, Minnesota, and Melanie Reynolds, also of Hanford. Gerald graduated from Alhambra High School in 1969 and received degrees in broadcast communications and English with an emphasis on history from UNLV and SFSU. He was employed at Pleasant Valley State Prison as a GED teacher. His hobbies included playing guitar and singing his own original songs, playing tennis with his daughters, watching movies at home and at the movie theater, and expanding his intellect through rigorous study every morning before work.

    He will forever be greatly appreciated and missed dearly.

    Arrangements by Peopleís Funeral Home in Hanford. A memorial service will be held Friday, July 8, 2011, at 7 pm at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 2400 N. 11th Ave, Hanford.


    Those of us who had the great misfortune to know this character will remember him best as "Socrates."

  14. Anonymous,
    Thanks for the information about "Socrates." I'll pass it along to some folks who tell me that they were around for the old FPM days.

  15. I just found this article about Gerald Bruce Reynolds. Same fellow as mentioned above as "Socrates"?

  16. FT, that must be Socrates...that's the name I'd heard and he did supposedly do prison work.
    How in the WORLD did you happen upon the obit?

    Those were great times till he went wild and others followed suit.
    I think of dear Mike and wonder if you know his wife and I occasionally email..his death's been so hard on her and her boys. FrontPageMag had THE BEST comments section on ANY blog until they changed the format. What a shame.

    Thanks, I"m sending this to a few others.

  17. Hi, Z nd AOW,

    Yes. This deceased individual and "Socrates" were certainly one and the same. Unfortunately, I knew him to well. This was long before I became aware of internet trolls and the great harm they can do IF we allow ourselves to pay attention to them.

    How did I find this information?

    Idle curiosity at work, that's all. I don't know why, but it occurred to me to Google Gerald B. Reynolds just to see what might turn up after all these years. I first found the obit in a blog post about Reynolds' having interviewed Sirhan Sirhan in prison. It's easy to find if you want to bother. Naturally, there's a lot that's "kooky" about it.

    But I knew Gerald well enough to know his home address and place of work in Coalinga, CA. He seemed a friendly, intelligent sort at first, but once he drew me into his confidence he emerged as a sadistic monster of epic proportions. Fortunately, God was with me, and so I never gave him my home address or phone number. We never spoke, but he did send me a picture of himself and his two daughters -- lost long ago in a computer crash.

    I doubt if many of us former FPM'ers would have started blogs of our own, if it hadn't been for the pernicious influence Gerald/Socrates had on FM. Ironic, isn't it?

    Sorry I forgot to sign the post. I didn't realize that until just now. The omission was unintentional.

    ~ FreeThinke

  18. AOW, the article you cited was, indeed, the very first item I saw in connection with Gerald's name.

    Poor fellow! Despite all the grief he caused [Ask DONAL. She'll tell you, if she's still alive. I don't know what happened to her, but the abuse she took -- and gave back -- was something awful.] I know his life must have been utter misery. He was what-you'd have-to-call "a tragic alcoholic."

    I was glad to learn his little girls did manage to grow up, and that one has,apparently married and is now living in Minnesota. I hope they do well in life. I know they must have had a very very rough start.

    Strange how things go, isn't it?

    Thank you for being such a good sport, AOW. I know this isn't really your concern, but for hose of us who remember it really is "BIG NEWS."

    Please keep in the mend, AOW. Sorry you've had such an unpleasant week.

    ~ FreeThinke

  19. Yes, he certainly impacted all of our lives, although not in an intentionally good way. And I hate to remain suspicious, but the man had a lot of media contacts. if anyone could pull off a fake obit, it would be him. And as much as I hate to admit this now, I generally relied upon beaker kin to out his puppets. Me, I just enjoyed arguing with him, no matter how infuriating it made me.

  20. FJ, you think he would have rigged an OBIT?
    Well, it's a terrible thing to die at 59; and it looks like he did.

    He sure did stir things up there at FPM, didn't he, FJ, and FT.......The words of a friend who commented to that article AOW linked seem to paint him as a good guy. I think he was a REAL enigma with a terrible temper and probably all the other stuff FT suggests he's like.
    He sure did get into FPM and stir things up in a very negative way.

    Imagine even meeting Sirhan Sirhan...and possibly convincing him he was overcome by the CIA? Man, that's the kind of unbelievable craziness that Soc. did at FPM, too, right?

    FT, I emailed this to Donal and Fair Witness... I don't have lots of contact with Donal, but she seems to be doing well.
    much more to tell, but suffice it to say I think she's a better person than reflected at FPM.

  21. I don't mind this tangent about "Socrates." After all, some of the bloggers and commenters I know wouldn't even be here at my site if not for "Socrates."

    I've heard of him before -- from Warren, The Beak, and The Merry Widow.

    BTW, when did all this happen at FPM? Approximate dates in years, please.

  22. Z,

    Thank you for sending the news to Donal and Pat. I told WVDottr and Faith earlier, myself.

    I'm glad to learn that about Donal. Probably most of us are better people than we tend to exhibit online -- at least I hope so! ;-)

    Don't know Warren from Adam, should I? Had no clue TMW ever frequented FPM -- another name, perhaps?

    There have been many times when I suspect "Psi Bond" might be Socrates, but Soc was never THAT smart. In latter days I've even suspected Beamish of being Socrates. All three share basically the same personality type -- i.e. a compulsion to exacerbate differences between others, and to bully, badger, harass, demean, humiliate and always to have The Last Word no matter what it takes. High intelligence seems to be part of this "syndrome."

    "Shoshana" and "Jonesy" (aka "Johnny Go") exhibited those same characteristics too, if you remember them?

    FPM became a TOXIC WASTE DUMP because of these characters -- and those foolish enough to get sucked into their vicious games. I will always regret having fallen prey to that, myself.

    ~ FreeThinke

  23. AOW,

    You asked when all this took place.

    Let's see: I moved into this house in late '99. It started about two years after that, if I remember rightly. Z was still living in Paris at the time, I believe. Isn't that right, Z?

    I can't remember when FPM finally gave up and changed its format which made it very hard to post there, but I think it's been more than four years now.

    Am I right, Z?

    Anyway, a certain -- call it "tension" -- has been resolved with this surprising bit of news. I can't honestly say "I'm sorry," but it gives me no joy either -- and that's the least hypocritical thing I could think to say about it.

    ~ FreeThinke

    PS: AOW, your calm aura of tolerance and forbearance tends to soften and diminish the effect of the antagonisms that occasionally flare up. You may be a "TOB " (self-described), but you're darned nice one. I hope you will forgive my making a direct compliment? - FT

  24. FJ,

    I can well understand why you'd think that. The man was, indeed, a fiend. Perhaps a phone call to the Hanford, CA paper (Chronicle? Sentinel?) would help prove or disprove the matter conclusively?

    I will only add that everything "Socrates" did at FPM was artfully designed with malice aforethought. The influence of "Demon Rum" was an influence no doubt -- only in his case it happened to be Jack Daniels.

    Hs influence will live on, because I doubt if those who thought we knew him, and imagined we could trust him on the strength of the "front" he presented early on, will ever be able to trust anyone else as fully as we used to again.

    Some of life's most valuable lessons come at almost too great a price, nicht wahr?

    ~ FT

  25. The MSM would not harp on this too long because they wouldn't dare mar Obama's reputation.

    They want him to win the election.

    Glad to see this kind of coverage, though

  26. Ali obutthead is already in the s##t! The media will not win this time!

    Not if they don't want a war!

  27. FT...yes, while I lived in Paris, I got started at FPM, in probably 2000? I don't know when the great era stopped. I left and only have looked back maybe twice since 2005 or 6?..... because I couldn't take the rancor that had developed.

  28. FeetStinke,

    I've even suspected Beamish of being Socrates. All three share basically the same personality type -- i.e. a compulsion to exacerbate differences between others, and to bully, badger, harass, demean, humiliate and always to have The Last Word no matter what it takes. High intelligence seems to be part of this "syndrome."

    That's quite a load of hate you have there for me in your anti-Semitic heart, and I'm not even Jewish. You have no idea of my personality type.

    FWIW, I'm sorry you lost your "friend."

    From this side of the computer screen, it seems I'm not the only target of your obsessive-compulsive disorder.

    Don't worry, FJ cyberstalking and harassing people with sock puppets will more than pick up the slack in your twisted idea of entertainment for your dearly departed child molestation fetishist (or so I've read)

    'Til he keels over too.

    [and no, I never posted a thing at FPM during its "heyday." It wasn't my scene.]

  29. I knew Solyndra, she used to live next door when I was living back in Englewood, Florida. Very radiant sort of person, always out in the sun, absorbing energy, and very electric personality. Very poor at managing her finances though. Always maxxing out her credit cards, you know.

  30. Let me see:

    Solyndra? Wasn't she the one whose Fairy Godmother made her a beautiful gown and gave her a pair of glass slippers, then got her to go to the ball in a pumpkin magically turned into a coach?

    Obama's policies and stated aims are a series of Fairy Tales all right, but not so pleasant as that.

    Can't you just see Michelle as The Wicked Stepmother and her two girls as the mean ugly stepsisters? The poor orphaned girl sitting in the ashes in her dirty apron is Usa Labelle, who else?

    ~ FreeThinke

  31. Obama doesn't care about wasting taxpayers money or else he would be much more careful in how he invests our money. He disgusts me so much.

  32. Using thw ords investment in this just plays to the liberal mindset. This is fraud. The companies are shells designed to move money around. A little campaign dough here a little bribe here etc etc .... investing in green technolgy hardy har har

  33. FreeThinke,
    Thank you for the compliment in one of your comments above.

    I haven't always had a calm aura of tolerance and forbearance. Mr. AOW might disagree with you on that. LOL.

    But 40 years of teaching and moderating heated classroom discussions has taught me a few things.

    Dad also gave me a bit of advice way back when I'd get all riled up about something: "Some things aren't worth worrying about."

    Besides, I like discussions -- including dissenting views.


    LOL to your Cinderella allusion!

  34. Blogginator,
    Chicago politics has come to Washington via Obama -- and many of his Dem cohorts.

  35. Teresa,
    Obama doesn't see his role as that of elected public servant. Instead, he sees the Office of President as his due and himself as "The One." He really does think that he has a halo around his head. Pfffft.

  36. Leticia,
    The Washington Post is covering the Solyndra story. But the articles don't get all that much attention. Obama's adherents just see Solyndra as a blip and merrily go along supporting their master.

  37. I think it's going to be an interesting time with the media this election cycle.

    Yes, they are still infatuated with The One and will do all they can to protect/promote him.

    Times are changing a bit though.

    In the past, they were the only game in town so they could get away with being far left. They controlled the dissemination of information.

    With Fox News, Drudge, and the rest of the internet, the news is getting out.

    Add to this the fact that most liberal news outlets, print, cable, radio, networks, are bleeding customers.

    They are now being put in a spot of choosing between sticking by their far-left agenda and their very survival.

    I think with this in mind, stories like Solyndra, Fast and Furious, etc, are becoming too big to ignore.

  38. "With Fox News, Drudge, and the rest of the internet, the news is getting out."

    I wouldn't lump FOX News in with that. FOX News is pure propaganda. It is merely the flip side to the same corporate interest promoting coin with MSNBC/CNN et al. on the other side.

    A news organization that prides itself on being fair and balanced wouldn't be repeatedly telling its viewers that the SC primary is closed.

    This is either deliberate or they simply don't have any indviduals actually committed to journalistic integrity.

  39. Amazing how loony wingnuts can discuss so much on a lie and non issue.

  40. I am surprised that the Washington Post is even reporting it, but this needs a lot more exposure.

    Shame that it didn't.

  41. "Will the mainstream media harp on the above story enough to damage Obama's chances for re-election?"

    I think we all know the answer to that, at best they'll squawk something after the election, definitely not before.

  42. Another similar company about to go belly up?

    Willard & Kelsey Solar Group LLC laid off about 40 people indefinitely at the beginning of January until changes to its production line are completed, a company official said Monday.

    Michael Cicak, the company’s chief executive officer and chairman of the board, would not say when the changes would be completed or when the laid-off employees could return to work. [...]

    The start-up company has been plagued by a series of production and staffing delays since it was formed in 2008. It has received millions of dollars in government loans and tax breaks...

    More fleecing of the American taxpayer under the Obama regime!

  43. but but AOW you just dont understand Obama is leading the mose open honest administration in the history of the us. I know because CNN told me so. I mean just think how Obabacare was passed with faith that we word learn all about his great wisdom once we passed the bill. These are not shell companies laundering money to the Obama reelection campaign these are green companies. Dont you want you children to have clean air?

    and fast and furious just proves we need more gun laws to prevent exactly what happened. I mean all those guys getting guns illegally and all....

    You think its tough to listen to liberalism try typing it. I felt my IQ drop 40 points....

  44. We can keep throwing this stuff out there and we should but the election hinges on the spines in Washington. So far from what I see the Tea Party Conservatives came to town and then did nothing but stamp their feet and whine as they signed off on this garbage...

    Americans want answers for the future because any one with a 3rd grade education can see we are headed for some dark days

  45. Blogginator,
    The Tea Party candidates presently on Capitol Hill are consummately disappointing.

    Meanwhile, the reality on the ground continues to get worse and worse.

  46. "... FOX News is pure propaganda. It is merely the flip side to the same corporate interest promoting coin with MSNBC/CNN et al. on the other side."

    Good point, Soapster. I tend to agree.

    We are all victims of cynical manipulation by media moguls.

    ~ FreeThinke

  47. Free thinker! Thank you for staying sound in your defense. Socrates or Gerald, was my father. He did have a bit of a temper at times but he was in fact, one of THE wisest men (trying my hardest to be unbiased). On another note, neither of us (his children) are married. And I will tell you another thing,
    His death was fishy. That's all I will say on the matter. And wow, it really IS insane to see

  48. Anonymous,
    I will let FreeThinke know that you left this comment to this old thread.

  49. Anonymous,
    FYI....Comments to old threads are not immediately posted. However, I do find them via Blogger's notification.


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