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Thursday, February 27, 2020

The Iran Nuclear Deal Fiction

Silverfiddle Rant!
Provocations by Iran continue, even after the rocket attack against one of our bases in Iraq.  A rocket attack by Iranian proxies against our embassy in Baghdad on 16 February didn't garner much attention.

Nobody screams about Logan Act violations as John Kerry and US senators meet with officials representing Iran's totalitarian mullahs.

It's not over between the US and Iran, so before the next flareup, a review is in order, and it comes courtesy of Hans Rühle, German Ministry of Defense, 1982-1988.  The Iran Nuclear Deal was a grand stupidity, or a western act of self-deception, or who knows what...

It could not get more absurd than this: the Obama Administration, together with its allies, concluded an agreement with Iran that centered on the long-term prevention of the production of weapons-grade uranium in Natanz, even though they knew that weapons-grade uranium was not produced there, but in secret facilities of the Revolutionary Guards.
Rühle cites CIA director Michael Hayden's book, "Playing to the edge." Hayden recounts his response when newly-elected President Obama asked him how much nuclear material the Iranians had stored at Natanz:

"There isn’t an electron or a neutron at Natanz that’s ever going to end up in a nuclear weapon. They’ll spin that uranium at some secret military facility beyond the eyes of the IAEA.”[3] Hayden, whose book was published around the time of the conclusion of the JCPOA, argued that U.S. intelligence had always assumed that enrichment for weapons-grade uranium was carried out in secret facilities. Consequently, he demanded that IAEA inspectors should be given unrestricted access anytime, anywhere, especially to the facilities operated by the Revolutionary Guards.
The agreement with Iran was flawed from the beginning, and the Obama gang knew it:

Iran demanded that the parties agree that for the purposes of the JCPOA the two known enrichment facilities at Natanz and Fordow were the only ones actively operated by Iran, i.e. that Iran did not operate any further uranium enrichment plants. However, U.S. intelligence had known for quite some time that Iran was operating about a dozen secret facilities, with one or more of them enriching uranium to weapons-grade levels.
What say you?


  1. Off-Topic, perhaps, but by no means irrelevant:


    I WILL Beat Donald Trump Vows Bernie Sanders as Nancy Pelosi Says Democrats Will Unite Behind Their Candidate 'No Matter Whothe Winner Is'

    Daily Mail (UK)

    by Geoff Earle

    Sen. Bernie Sanderson Wednesday repeatedly pledged that he would defeat President Trump – after rivals raised doubts about his electability and have begun warning his socialist label could imperil the ticket. 'I know sometimes you can turn on the TV, you can hear some of these guys say Bernie can’t beat Trump, he said in a possible reference to rivals Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg, and Pete Buttigieg who have highlighted the risks of him as Democratic presidential nominee.'Well, let me say something to then. Take a look at the last 50 – five-zero – poll . . .

    1. Your notiins of "relevancy" which I Iake to be narrowly focuse and basically LITERALISTIC in nature, are fated always to be at odds with mine, I'm sorry to say.

      Besides, failure to appreciate HUMOR is not an attribute of which any of us should feel proud. ;-)

      Have lovely day!

    2. This blog post is about Iran and the nuclear deal. Your comment is off-topic.

    3. Thank goodness I found this blog with Silver and others again. I thought I was losing my mind. As to Bunkers que, virgins now not later.

    4. Rock on "A". You watch, parts of California are going to make a come back in the next ten years. It's why I haven't yet left. I'm gonna "sit down on my diamond plate tailgate … Put in my country rock hip-hop mixtape … Little Conway, a little T-Pain …". The pendulum always swings.

    5. I look to find UNITY in all things worthy of note.

      With that in mind no sane, sincere or witty observation could ever be irrelevant to anythng real.

      Sorry, but I have a deep and abiding belief in that value and validity of Metaphysics.

      At root; ALL THINGS are ONE.

  2. Sadly, almost none of the rocket attacks against the Embassy or other US locations since 30 Apt 2019 garnered much attention. Even so, would the public have cared about constant attacks by Iranian proxies? Without deaths or domestic political rhetoric.....I think not.

    The JOCOA was a failed plan from the start, merely a delaying tactic. But the current paradigm isn’t stopping Tehran either.

    1. You have way more insight into this than the rest of us, but it appears our current strategy is a slow squeeze, mostly financial, but also subtle notification that Iran and their proxies need to watch their backs.

      I also read that in Lebanon and other areas Iran operates, some people are getting fed up with them, and the Iranian people are long fed up with the Mullahs blowing billions outside their borders while life inside Iran deteriorates.

      I prefer this type of strategy to bellicose confrontation.

      I also pray we have clandestine ops going on inside the nation to subvert the RG and bolster liberal forces.

    2. Yes to your first point, though I’m not sure there is much left that we can sanction at this point. Good observation on your part - Lebanon could prove to be the bellweather on Iranian influence reaching its zenith.

      I truly don’t know what we may have ongoing inside Iran. Outside.....is a little different story and a more fertile hunting ground.......

  3. There may be occasions when keeping certain information secret works against our own interests. I believe that we know when the Ayatollah farts. If we know this from human intelligence sources, then we must keep this knowledge secret, lest it reveal our source of information. On the other hand, if we know it by virtue of some magnificent listening device 2,000 miles in space, then Iran (and the world) should know that we have the capability of knowing whenever Iran is preparing to do very bad things. I’ll come back to this in a second.

    My essential belief is that Iran (or any other country) should be allowed to do whatever it wants, so long as Iran understands that their decisions will always have consequences. I say let them spend as much money developing atomic capability as they want. Try to use atomic weapons against any other nation, however, and one consequence could be the total and forever destruction of Iran.

    I favor pre-emptive action when there is no question that a potential enemy is getting ready to strike. So, getting back to my blather, if we have a gigantic microphone in space, if we know what Iran is going to do before they do it, this should not be a closely held secret because (a) it does not endanger human intelligence sources, (b) it allows the rest of the world to see what Iran is up to, and (c) it allows the civilized nations of the world to observe that the United States is not an aggressive bully but rather a nation acting in its own defense. Iran should know, without question, that their country would be a complete disaster for the next 60-70,000 years should they ever attempt to employ atomic weapons against anyone else.

    1. You highly rational, principled point of view, Mustang, is not appreciated by the nations who live under Islam. They have an entirely different set of Values, Ethics, Morals, Principles, Custom and Mores than we –– or any nation in the once-Christian West.

      I don't believe we should dare to TRUST any of these peopls to abide by their word, because of "TAKEEYA" –– or however you spell the damned thing.

      And, while I don't want to harm innocent people anywhere, I am ardently in favor of Self-Preservation, and therefore believe that "An Ounce of PREVENTION is Worth A Pound of CURE."

      So NO I do NOT believe we should permit BARBARIANS and ROGUE NATIONS to develop Nuclear Weapons –– not NOW –– not EVER.

    2. @ Mustang. Good comment.

      My only quibble is, all of our capes should be classified. If the target knows about it, they will work around it.

    3. Correct me if I am wrong, but apparently a good number would just as soon get to the virgins as to hang around here... I am a rusty as to which group is waiting for the end and would just as soon hurry it along sooner rather than later... They do not value life as we do... depressing thought.

  4. Everything you posted, SilverFiddle indicates –– to me –– that the former "Democratic Party" which would now more accurately be known as "The American Marxist Party," has been functioning like any other aggressive breed of termites by busily chewing away at the foundations of our Liberty, –– Our Strength, –– Our Sense of Purpose, –– Our Confidence in Ourselves, –– Our Sense of Identity as a People, –– Our Religious Faith, –– Our Traditinal Mores –– Our Ability to Differentiate between Right and Wrong, –– Our Prosperity. –– our Ascendancy, etc. since the NINETEEN-THIRTIES at least.

    That "Long Slow March Through the Culture," advocted by the pernicious, surreptitiously seditious Cultural Marxist minions who wormed their way into our Universities ages ago –– no doubt by claiming "Vicitim Status" –– have been frighteningly successful in managing to inculcate their perverse, seductively destructive, pointedly Anti-American "Value System" transforming the worldview of several generations of students to become virtual TRAITORS to the principles, customs and mores that made us great to begin with.

    And THAT is why we have had to deal with endless, hideously expensive "CRISES" –– each an exhausting exercise in futility –– since the end of World War Two, and the beginning of that Infernal Thing called the United Nations –– the Creature of Avowed Internationalists –– who have sought, and SCHEMED to undermine s us, weaken us in every conceivable way, and ulimately strip us of our sovereignty for a full century.

    It's been –– and continues to be –– a long, long War of ATTRITION.

    Meanwhile. we continue to demean and deplete ourselves by "straining out gnats while swallowing camels.

  5. The Iraq embassy has been hit by rockets from "Iranian proxies." We know they are "Iranian proxies" because they are firing rockets at us and they are firing rockets at us because they are "Iranian proxies." It's called circular reasoning, and it can be used to prove that a circle has four equal sides and is therefor a square.

    Iran's nuclear fuel is produced in four secret location that only our seventeen intelligence agencies know about. These are the same seventeen intelligence agence agencies that knew where Iraq's "weapons of mass destruction" were stored and where the aluminum tubes and yellowcake uranium came from. Same seventeen agencies who had personally seen Donald Trump in a Russian hotel with prostitutes peeing on his bed.

    These are the same seventeen agencies who are now telling us that Russia is "meddling in our 2020 election" in favor of both Trump and Sanders because they want to "damage the American people's faith in their electoral process." I watch the debates. Russia can save its money. We are doing a fine job of accomplishing that for ourselves.


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