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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Pathetic (With February 6 Addendum)

"Metric tons of our viewers"? Sheesh.

Read and watch: Nadler Nearly Runs Over Schiff Trying to Get to the Podium for Last Impeachment Question.


  1. Will the last adult Democrat please change the other Democrats's diapers, give them a binky and rock them to sleep?

    1. After 2 Democrats, one of whom later that week left the party, voted with the GOP in the impeachment of President Trump, the White House trumpeted that a "bi-partisan" group of leaders from Congress resisted sending the Articles to the Senate.

      I assume that same White House will be saying today that a bi-partisan group of Senators felt President Trump was guilty of an "Abuse of Power."

      While a majority of Senators agreed, if you read their statements, that the House proved their case and that as a point of fact, President Trump was/is guilty, they decided the punishment was too strong for his actions. I agree with them

      And so, President Trump will not, of course, be removed from office. But if you look at their statements, a majority of elected people serving as our leaders in Washington believe his call was anything but perfect, was inappropriate, and for some, flat out against the law.

      Today, after the shameful display of both parties last night, is not a day of celebration in America. Rather it's a day of celebration around the world as our enemies was us tear at each others wounds, many self inflicted.

    2. Dave,

      Not much to disagree with in your comments. Democrats thought they could foment a hysteria over a minor thing, and they flopped, despite having CIA employees, Army officers, and friends of Adam Schiff imbedded in the NSC watching and waiting for an opportunity to ambush the president.

      And this after promising they had airtight proof of Russian collusion, using the FBI, CIA et al to spy on President Trump and his campaign, the Mueller Report flop (why didn't Democrats use that for impeachment if it was such a great report?), screaming from day one that they would "impeach the M*****f*****", and here we are.

      Yes, its been a shameful display. And now we have Van Jones "warning" Democrats that President Trump is actually helping black voters (unlike Democrats, who just talk a good game) and that Trump could steal black voters from Democrats, as if these American citizens are the property of the Democrat Party.

      Other Democrat operatives are warning that President Trump is attempting to "split" black voters from Hispanic voters, as if they ever voted as a block (they have not).

      The Democrat party has come unhinged. Pelosi is an 80 year old woman acting like a spoiled 7 year old princess, and the rabid base (including many congresspeople) has gone batshite crazy.

    3. Why should Mitt Romney quit the Republican Party?

    4. Even better question.... why should anyone join the Republican Party?

    5. TC, You gotta be having some mixed feelings about ol' Mitt...

    6. Latest Gallup says 51% of Americans are Republicans.

      I'm unaffiliated and have requested a Democrat Party ballot this year.

      Feel the Bern, Colorado!

    7. Yes SF. Romney seems to think he swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution rather than an oath to Trump. Really absurd is his belief that the Republican Party is a big tent that welcomes a variety of viewpoints other than hating America.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. So, you voted FOR Romney in 2012, beamish?

      TDS strikes AGAIN! lol!

    10. The general consensus among Republican Senators is "yes Trump did wrong but so what?" This violates the Trump edict that he did nothing wrong. Who else needs to be purged from the Trumpenproletariat?

    11. When did the definition of "TDS" become "belief in the supremacy of the US Constitution and support for the rule of law" anyway?

    12. It is not illogical for House members and Senators to hold that what the president did was wrong, but it did not rise to the level of impeachment.

    13. AOW,

      I'm no Romney fan, but if the worst he's done is create a health care plan it kinda pales in comparison to violating the Impoundment Control Act of 1974 in an attempt to bribe a foreign government to circumvent habeas corpus and due process for American citizens.

      Your mileage may have a broken odometer.

    14. SF,

      That isn't Trump's position though. His position is that he did no wrong, everything was "perfect."


    15. Regardless, I hope we can all agree that Romney has secured for himself free rent in a very big space in Trump's head. We're no doubt in store for weeks, WEEEKS! of how much Trump is butthurt over Romney.

      Romney may have to offer him some diaper paste.

    16. As to whether Romney should leave the GOP, one conservative blogger had this say... "We can’t go down the path of the Left 'You think like WE do, or you’re OUT'."

      Isn't that exactly what President Trump is demanding? Total loyalty? Isn't that where the GOP already is? One vote against the President and people are going nuts. There were at least 5 other Senators who agreed with Sen Romney that the call and the president's actions were less than perfect, perhaps a crime.

      Are people mad about Romney's views, essentially the same as Portman, Rubio, Sasse, Alexander & Murkowski, or that he voted his conscience in agreement with his views of the president's guilt?

      Why no criticism of the other Senators?

    17. one conservative blogger had this say... "We can’t go down the path of the Left 'You think like WE do, or you’re OUT'."

      Nice song, except for that missed beat that Trump isn't quite as conservative as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (she wants to change laws via the legislative process, Trump doesn't do that law-abiding stuff). The Republican Party platform fits on a cue card that reads "Fellate Trump."

    18. MIDD is SHIDD. PERIOD!


    19. Oh, SORRY!



  2. And we will be ripping up the articles of impeachment at 4:00 O clock today!

    1. Nancy can be forgiven for tearing up that speech.

      She thought it was the US Constitution.

    2. SF,
      Nancy can be forgiven for tearing up that speech.

      She thought it was the US Constitution.


  3. "Trump is now functionally a king! The 2020 election is already stolen! Every future president will invite other countries to rig our elections! If John Bolton (who, amusingly, was one of the biggest boogeymen to the American left until he became their new hood ornament) isn’t allowed to testify, then the Constitution is meaningless! Trump and his lawyers are like Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini!

    Scott Jennings

    1. Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi will be introducing a bill to prohibit President Trump from serving Vlad Putin Baked Alaska.

    2. Speaking of rigged elections, when are the Democrats going to face their selective rigging of the Iowa Caucus' results? Bernie wiped the map with Buttigieg.

    3. After South Caroline (Feb 29) Biden will be among the walking dead candidates... with no visible means of election support. That's when Bloomberg will step in.

    4. FJ,
      Bernie must not be allowed by the DNC to make a good showing in Iowa.

      Just sayin'.

    5. The Neolib wing still remembers McGovern and the slaughter of '72. I'm all for a repeat performance w/Bernie in '20.

  4. Nancy Pelosi's about two demented brain cells away from staggering around in an open bathrobe.

    Her children need to take her out of the spotlight to protect what's left of her dignity.

    1. Um, that ship has sunk. Nothing left to protect.

    2. SF & Jayhawk,
      As I said in the previous thread about this same topic....

      No kidding! She "put on quite a show last night."

      Or, as my grandmother used to say: "She showed her tail."

      Now, I fully understand that Pelosi really didn't want to be there. Most of us have been in situations where we really didn't want to be there. I can recall several of my own such situations. But I didn't fidget, turn pages, etc.

      And Pelosi's making a show of tearing up her copy of the SOTU Speech? Smacks of a child's tantrum. Sheesh.

  5. Cheering that pil of half truths and outright lis and treating him like a dictator is hardly th maturity you're looking for.
    The speech was a disgrace.

    1. Duck, What part was a disgrace. Was it touting low unemployment, honoring the last muskegee airman, celebrating the military, bringing China to the table, standing up against Iran, supporting the new regime in venezuela, or was it his saying we will never be a socialist nation.

    2. Derogation from his poisoned soul and
      Undernourished intellect provides
      Caustic commentary that derides
      Keeping private property rights whole, and
      Inheritances free from any tax.
      Savings and investment he despises
      Any gain a success realizes
      Should be forfeit to the weak and lax.
      Hitting blindly at the strong productive
      Institutions that have made us great ––
      Tearing down pretending it’s instructive
      All the good we’ve done denied by hate
      Suckered by red sophistry seductive
      Snidely he lives solely to negate.

      ~ FreeThinke

    3. I would say that the Constitution requires the President to deliver a State of the Union address, and Trump hasn't yet.

    4. We are the vanguard of the masses (except for beamish, the only conservative left in America)!

    5. Thank you for excluding me from the befuddled rabble.

    6. Much like Vermin Supreme, you're in a class all by yourselves...

  6. Can we afford for trump to be not impeached. Look at how many millions of dollars were spent to provide counseling after trump won the election.
    Last night was Botox nancy finest moments. The new insert for botox will now include that it may cause you to talk to yourself, laugh at your own jokes, make disgusting facial expressions and cause your bridge to loosen.

  7. Nancy did as much for Trump's re-election as did Trump's speech.....what a distraction. No disguise anymore, pure rage out there now as the impeachment and the Dems self immolate.

  8. Democrats' hyper-partisan impeachment has strengthened the president and the Republican Party:

    Trump Job Approval at Personal Best 49%

    51% of Americans view the Republican Party favorably

    45% of Americans have a positive opinion of the Democratic Party

    48% of Americans identify as Republicans or leaning

    44% Democratic identification or leaning

    SOURCE: Gallup

    1. This impeachment was always a battle for public opinion

      Democrats gambled and lost.

  9. I strongly disapprove of and bitterly resent your having given the lying son-of-a-bitch –– Charles Schumer –– even a nanosecond of Face Time.

    Turds, besides stinking up the environment, have no legitimate function other than being FLUSHED AWAY asap.

    1. Franco,
      Well, the little bit of face time that Chuckie Schumer gets in the video doesn't flatter him.

    2. As you must know by now, I am, personally, much in favor of treating the Left the way they treated US for nearly half a century.

      Don't you remember the days before Bill Buckley and Rush Limbaugh when, excet fr the occasional snide, dismissive, derogatory remark, there was a virtual BLACKOUT on Conservative Thought, Conservative Politicians, and Conservative News in the ENEMEDIA?

      "WE" we were treated by "THEM" as though "WE" did not EXIST.

      Well, I strongly favor treating "THEM" that way now. Give "them" NO acknowledgment, NO Publicity, NO exposure, NO "analysis."

      Treat THEM as though THEY did not exist.

      ________ OR _________

      If you MUST acknowledge their depraved, enervating presence, make sure that everything you say is ONE-HUNDRED-PERCENT N_E_G_A_T_I_V_E.

      The Left must be O_B_L_I_T_E_R_A_t_E_D –– wiped from our consciousness –– S_U_F_F_O_C_A_T_E_D through LACK of ATTENTION.


  10. When we turn away from God
    Movement slows to a dull plod.

    The more Man tries to make life level
    The closer he gets to the Devil.

    Leftists daily commit libel
    Against the truths found in the Bible.

    The farther we move towards the Left
    The more we find ourselves bereft
    Of Love and Joy and Sanity
    As we are claimed by Vanity.

    ~ Proverbs-by FT


    29,290.85 +483.22



  12. Meh. Reagan's military could whoop Trump's military's ass.

    1. Well, pre Gramm-Rudman anyway......

    2. President Reagan knew how to stay out of endless wars, and he broke Soviet communism. Great man.

    3. +1^

      Yep, I’d say the Beirut debacle was his only foreign policy fail. Meanwhile, the public can’t keep count of how many kinetic actions we’re currently involved in, under the vague and oft concocted auspices of the AUMF.

    4. Putting troops in Beirut was a fail, and he took the blame, but it was really a failure of our intelligence and defense apparatus. Who the hell thought that was a good idea? Horrible force protection posture, and they didn't anticipate attacks?

      Having said that, Reagan was too smart to fall for the illogical "sunk costs" arguments; He cut our losses and got out.

    5. Sure, but that assumes that he wasn’t advised against it, and proceeded anyway. It was before my time and I’m not as well read on the affair as I’d like to be.

      Nonetheless, I hope for another Reagan in my lifetime.....

    6. It wasn't a "FAIL," it was a failURE. !")&$%?#+^!?!:"&%*$#|~"

      The least you guys could do would be to use PROPER ENGLISH.

      F_A_I_L_U_R_E to uphold establshed standards of good grammar, good syntax and a wide, rich, ever-expanding vocabulary means that YOU are PART of the P-R_O_B_L_E_M. In that you are contributing to the "IGNORANTICIZATION" and DEGENERATION of our culture and mores.

    7. Aww.....the fragile, serial purveyor of invented pejoratives got triggered......

      Suck it up buttercup.

    8. Franco,
      You are correct about proper English (fail is not a noun). That said, fail is often used as a noun -- slang/informal usage -- a particularly insulting noun. (link)

    9. An asshole is an asshole is an asshole, ad infinitum.

      A fool is a fool is fool, ad infinitem

      A barbarian is a barbarian is a barbarian, ad infinitum

      The same goes for nasty sons of bitches.

      Thank you for your inexhaustible wellspring of inspiration, Gertrude Stein.

      It really SUX2BU

    10. CI and Franco,
      No "blog war," please.

      Thank you.

    11. Then for CHRIST'S SAKE tell this GOD-DAMNED BASTARD to STOP attacking ME.

      I REFUSE to take SHIT from my moral and intelletual INFERIORS.

    12. Franco,
      Actually, I did when I said No "blog war," please.


    Senate Acquits Trump on Abuse of Power, AND Obstruction of Congress Charges

    Fox News,

    by Gregg Re

    The Senate overwhelmingly acquitted President Trump on both articles of impeachment against him Wednesday afternoon following a brief trial, in a historic rejection of Democrats' claims that the president's Ukraine dealings and handling of congressional subpoenas merited his immediate removal from office.

    All Democratic senators supported convicting the president of abuse of power and obstruction of justice, including swing-vote moderate Sens. Joe Manchin, D-W.V., Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., and Doug Jones, R-Ala. The only party defection was on the abuse of power charge from Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah. . . .


  14. I didn't watch the vid, schumer makes me nauseous, but LOL anyway.

    Note to libtards. Your party is dead for a while here. It will have to rebrand itself.

    1. Kid,
      Note to libtards. Your party is dead for a while here. It will have to rebrand itself.

      May that be so!

    2. The commie libtards will have to wait until we are gone. Then they will vote themselves the hellhole they so richly deserve.

  15. From Jonathan Turley:

    Pelosi has demolished decades of tradition with this poorly considered moment. Of course, many will celebrate her conduct and be thrilled by the insult to Trump. However, even those of us who disagree with his policies should consider what Pelosi destroyed in her moment of rage.

    She shredded the pretense of governing with civility and dignity in the House. Notably, she did not wait to rip up her copy of the speech until after she left the House floor. Pelosi wanted to do it at the end of the speech, in front of the camera, with the president still in the chamber.

    That act was more important to Pelosi than preserving the tradition of her office. In doing so, she forfeited the right to occupy that office. If Pelosi cannot maintain the dignity and neutrality of her office at the State of the Union, she should resign as the Speaker of the House of Representatives.


    1. Unhinged Democrats no longer have the moral high ground.

    2. They NEVER DID, SF. NEVER! Not for an instant.

  16. Interesting observation:

    “A caller to Rush’s show made an excellent point: If Romney believed just a week ago that there was not enough evidence to convict Trump without additional witnesses, how can he vote to convict today when there have been no additional witnesses?”


    1. Romney's statement said that he had hoped that hearing from John Bolton would provide exonerating testimony so he could vote to acquit.

    2. Dave,
      Did Romney so state? Link, please.

    3. AOW, yes, I do believe he intimated that pretty strongly if not in those exaCT WORDS.

    4. Z,
      Well, I missed that.

      I need a link so as to read up on that topic.

    5. Here's the quote from Romney, available in any transcript...

      "I sought to hear testimony from John Bolton, not only because I believed he could add context to the charges, but also because I hoped that what he might say could raise reasonable doubt and thus remove from me the awful obligation to vote for impeachment."

    6. Dave,

      The date, however, was that of right before he voted to convict.

      I thought that you meant that Romney had said something like that the week before.

    7. Clarification:

      The date, however, was that of right before he voted to convict -- by way of explanation on February 5.

    8. MIDD is a SHIDD

      There's nothing more to say about the waffling, spineless, gutless, opportunistic, hypocritical, egomaniacal son-of-a-bitch.bastard.

    9. I'm not really sure what Romney, a former governor, a presidential hopeful, and now a member of the US Senate, was thinking. In our system of justice, in the absence of information to the contrary, persons accused remain innocent of charges. This is not a new concept; it's been with us from the beginning of the Republic. We do not look for reasonable doubt since reasonable doubt is assumed; to convict, there must be evidence beyond reasonable doubt. Romney's thinking is extralegal and un-American.

    10. Mustang... as per Romney's statement, he had already arrived, on the basis of the evidence presented, that President trump was guilty. He was looking for exculpatory evidence. Something to convince him that President Trump did not what he was accused of doing.

      And he was not alone.

      Senators Alexander, Rubio, Portman, Snowe, Murkowski and Sasse all affirmed and agreed with the view that the House Managers had proved their case and that President Trump was guilty of at least one of the articles.

      For all of those Senators, with whom we can of course disagree, Trump's guilt had been established. In fact, Alexander straight up said that was the reason he needed no witnesses because he too had already determined Trump was guilty.


    11. Sorry Dave, you lost me. Alexander voted NG on both charges ... as did Rubio, Portman, and Murkowski. Snowe hasn’t been in the Senate since 2013. Did you mean Collins? She did vote to convict. So then, if Lamar Alexander was so convinced of Trump’s guilt, why did he vote to acquit? Throw me a bone ...

    12. Democrats had rats and moles burrowed into the Trump administration, including Schiff BFF bureaucrats, CIA employees and Army officers.

      They laid in wait for an ambush, and they thought they had it with the phone call, but their "Bombshell" ended up being a mouse fart.

      Schiff LIED to us when he said he had incontrovertible truth of Russia-Trump collusion. Why didn't he use that proof?

      Democrats still maintain the foreign election interference knows as the Steele Dossier (Russian kompromat assembled by a Brit) is damning to President Trump. Why didn't they use that?

      Democrats and the Infotainment Media Complex screamed about how damning the Mueller Report was, calling it an "impeachment roadmap." Why didn't they use that for the impeachment articles?

      Democrats have been foaming at the mouth to "IMPEACH THE M*****F*****" since Her Heinous heaved that sheetcake into the gigantic flatpanel TV on election night.

      They thought this was it, and their screaming adjectives and adverbs gave the game away that they were trying to foment a moral panic over the president's actions.

      They failed. Bigly.

      Most people look at that phone call and say that wasn't the right way to go about it, but impeachable? No way. Lack of voter outrage is the final verdict.

      As hysterical wild-eyed leftwing loons use to scream...


    13. Lack of balls. They could have voted Trump guilty on one or both charges, and then on the vote to remove Trump from office vote to not remove him. This would have sent the message they are trying to say without saying. Instead, they cravenly chose to enable rather than confront the problem.

    14. You don't vote to remove a president over a piddling matter like this, and the American people agree, as evidenced by their lack of outrage.

      I will say this: If President Trump wants to be a true politician, he needs to do like all other pols and use cutouts and buffers to do his dirty work.

    15. Mustang... yes, it was in fact Susan Collins. And yes, all those mentioned voted against removing President Trump from office, but each one of those people said in no uncertain terms that the Trump's phone call, and his subsequent actions were anything but perfect.

      Sen Alexander went even further saying the House "proved their case" so he didn't need more witnesses to testify to something he believed the president did. Others agreed with him in various forms.

      Look, removal of a President through impeachment was set at a high bar, as it should be. The GOP didn't believe that Trump should be removed for what he did, much as the Dems didn't believe what Clinton did in his term was impeachable.

      I get it.

      But any view that says President Trump acted "perfectly" as Trump believes he did, is as myopic as those that said Pres Clinton did nothing wrong. The Senators I mentioned said as much.

      People can do bad things, as I believe both Presidents Clinton and Trump did. They can be impeached, even largely on partisan grounds, as they both were.

      Removal however, is a high bar... as it should be.

      But, as any lawyer will tell you, acquittal is a far cry from innocent.

      OJ was guilty, Clinton was guilty and I believe Trump was guilty. yet all were acquitted.

      I'm not sure what that says about us.

    16. @ Dave

      I don’t think there are any perfect human beings. No matter who the American people overwhelmingly select to represent them, in the House, the Senate, or the White House, it will be an imperfect choice. We Americans have got to get away from this notion that any of these people are infallible. We know differently. If men were but angels...

      So, we created laws by which all of us must be held accountable. But our laws are flawed, not in their form, but in their execution. No matter the rhetoric, the truth is that there are laws for the privileged, and laws for everyone else. In many cases, our laws have failed us because the people who should be held to account (and there are too many to list here), never have been held to account. Even when the law has been faithful in its execution, justice eludes us. Trump and Clinton had their day “in court.” Both were acquitted. Some will say that while the law worked as it should have, justice was denied. Such is life in these United States; such is our politics.

      I didn’t vote for Trump. I didn’t vote for Clinton, either. Neither of these is the kind of man I want to associate with. Neither is someone who I trust to “faithfully execute the laws of the United States. Both seem too accustomed in playing fast and loose with the rules. But the question does remain ... do we want to remove a man from the presidency ... the office to which he was lawfully elected by the people, because he’s morally inept? Shouldn’t that sort of question be handed back to the electorate to decide in the next election? If there is a blame doesn’t our system demand that it be laid at the feet of the voter? After all, ... it is a government of the people, by the people, for the people ... isn’t it? Finally, acquittal doesn’t mean innocent; it only means not guilty. There are no innocents in politics. What does that say about us? We’re human.

    17. Mustang,
      Compounding all this is our choice of candidates on the ballot. All too often, we don't have candidates who speak to the will of WE THE PEOPLE.

      Hobson's Choice and all that.

      All too often, I am forced to hold my nose and vote for one of the candidates.

      Furthermore, sitting out an election -- or voting for a third party candidate -- has resulted in the worse of the two main choices getting elected. At least, that seems to be what happened when I voted for a third party candidate (for election cycle after election cycle).

      Just my two cents on this topic.

    18. Mustang & AOW - Very cogent comments both. This is the blessing in disguise with the current Administration and the cavalcade of clowns on the other side......the worse our political climate gets, the better the chances the system, will be burnt to the ground.....and we have the opportunity to rebuild it as the Founders idealized. Half-measures and hopes entrusted in the worst our species has to offer, will not repair where we find our selves.

      AOW - Don't forgot that Rob Sarvis (L) took more votes from the Left than the Right in the 2013 Virginia election for Governor. The old axiom is always at play however, if everyone who truly wanted a third party choice, actually voted that way....we'd see a massive difference.

  17. Replies
    1. IMO, American politics has always been mean and small. We inherited this from our British roots. Still, Pelosi took meanness to a new low and the signal was unmistakable. He behavior exemplified the new left. Well, not really new; she simply acted out what we have been seeing in the Democratic Party for the past 20 years. It reinforces the belief that America has entered into a new civil war —an oxymoron because hardly any of it is civil. We should not expect any adult leadership from Pelosi and her gang ... there aren’t any adults.

    2. PJ Media publishing ananymous calls doesn't establish anything.

    3. Duck,
      I know that these calls are not empirical evidence. But these calls might also serve as a barometer.

      Time will tell.

    4. Mustang,
      Excellent comment! Up votes, my friend.

    5. Trump took the gloves off today. Pelosi and Schumer need to be worried. I'm guessing that the Durham glove's about to drop...

    6. FJ,
      Pelosi is kidding herself with her line about Trump's being "sedated." He is not sedated but rather controlling his rage with that tone of voice he's used at the SOTU Message and yesterday in his statements (Prayer Breakfast and WH Victory Lap.

    7. Pelousy is a LYING, HYPOCRITICAL, FILTHY, CONNIVING, EVIL, B_I_T_C_H –– nothng more, nothing less.

      In a JUST society she'd be taken out, stripped naked and eviscerated with a red hot poker - OR- staked out on an ant hill smeared from head to toe with honey.

  18. Newt Gingrich: Pelosi should be kicked out of office for her 'petty, childish' behavior

    Fox News

    by Julia Musto

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., proved how divided the state of the union is by the "petty childish behavior" she exhibited after President Trump's address Tuesday night, former House speaker Newt Gingrich said Thursday. (Snip) "And, she just proved...how divided the state of the union is...by the kind of petty, childish behavior that she personally exhibited," he stated. "It displayed to the entire country how vicious and petty the Democrats have become." . . .


    The Debonair Dude

    February 5, 2020 at 6:07 AM

    This is what went thru Nancy’s Sick little mind as see listened to the President’s speech.

    Welfare and food stamps are record lows........rip
    Stock Market at Record Highs.....................rip
    Unemployment down to historic lows........rip
    African and Hispanic Employment up to record levels ....rip
    More Women in the workforce, more than ever before.....rip
    Household income at record levels......rip
    Our Military stronger than before......rip
    Illegal immigration held in check......rip
    The USMC was Passed...........................rip
    The wall will be completed by next year... rip.... rip
    Fighting Terrorism and Killing ISIS......RIp.....RIp....Rip....Rip..
    I’m giving Rush Limbaugh the Medal of Freedom....RIp.....RIp....Rip....Rip ..Rip.....RIp....Rip....Rip.

    So throwing a disrespectful tantrum in front of the whole World after the House Impeachment scam blows up in her face was one of the worst thing that this Unhinged POS had ever done.

    1. Fortunately most Americans don't believe in VooDoo magick. Ripping up the transcript of a hackneyed political rally harmed no one.

    2. On the contrary, most Americans these days go out of their way to be emotionally aggrieved by insignificant rhetoric and actions.

    3. Bernie's going to need some central planners if he wins. I wonder is he'll give Pelosi a job or place in his politburo...

    4. Franco,
      a disrespectful tantrum in front of the whole World

      Certainly the way it looked, IMO.

    5. CI, +1

      Note how the Crybaby-In-Chief is claiming that impeachment "put him through hell." Was it bone spurs can't go to war level hell, or worse?

  20. Condign Punishent for Rats

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    ~ Putrida Abandonata de la Strada

  21. About Pelosi's ripping of the SOTU Speech (from one of my Facebook friends):

    Those saying the Copy of the SOTU soeech was shredded. Please note the courtesy copy laying in her desk. Late videos show the blue bound copy still in tact and unopened but the like of papers aka as the courtesy copy is gone.

    So, she apparently didn't shred a protected federal document?

    1. I seriously doubt that the president’s speech was “protected,” as in classified. I seriously doubt that Pelosi violated any law respecting her “ripping up” the President’s speech. Since Trump had just concluded his speech the paper version was no longer needed by Pelosi to “follow along” or make marginal notations, so she shredded it. I have seen people do this before. Shredding the document is not the issue; the optics of her doing it was the issue. Intended or not, Pelosi was perceived as acting mean and small, which I believe is in her nature. She’s not alone, however. Trump could have offered her a handshake at the beginning, in keeping with tradition. This too was optics and did not reflect well on his gentlemanly demeanor —which I believe is in his nature. Reagan and O’Neal were politically opposed to one another yet remained cordial. Welcome to American Politics 2020.

    2. Nope. Minority McCarthy submitted an official copy to the House Clerk. The copy that Pelosi had did not fall under the Presidential Records Act as an official document.

      Gates claiming otherwise, is merely a follow on political stunt.

    3. MINUTIAE!

      "Straining out gnats while swallowing comes."

      The embodiment and personification of PETTIFOGGING.

    4. Mustang,
      I don't recall any other Speaker of the House shredding the document on camera immediately after the SOTU Message, do you?

    5. Poor Gaetz. Always first to take the keys and wrap faux Trumptard outrage around a tree.

  22. @ AOW

    No, I don't ... although I'm sure that the Speaker's copy of the speech does get canned once the Speaker returns to his or her office. I think it was bad optics in our present political environment and that's all I'm saying. The entire political clown show is bad optics.


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