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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Liar's Veto

Silverfiddle Rant!

Anti-constitution Democrats have a burning determination to punish their enemies with Soviet-Style Kangaroo Courts:

 "Prove you're not guilty!" 

How many rabid leftwing haters would put their own fate in the hands of an unhinged mob? Do any of those man-hating females have a beloved man in her life? Can they imagine this vengeful hysteria and frenzied rage destroying the good name and career of a son, brother or father?

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Our justice system--as imperfect as it is--is based upon the bedrock constitutional principle of innocent until proven guilty, and indeed, that is the standard at every level of reasoned human interaction. People who reject this standard are unhinged loonies who belong in a totalitarian regime, or in a rabble of libertines turning on one another like in the violent post-French revolution reign of terror.

You want to accuse someone? Block them from advancement? Present dispositive information that can be proven or disproven, and do so in an open, adversarial forum where evidence and testimony can be tested by examination and logic.

Liar's Veto

Anything below that standard is a Liar's Veto. If the BAMN* Democrats succeed in derailing this nomination based on an allegation unsupported by witnesses or evidence, they will have set a horrible precedent where any liar can defeat a hated political enemy.

Democrats, blood boiling, rage in their eyes, want revenge. 

Revenge for Anita Hill, but more importantly, revenge for Republicans' refusal to consider Judge Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court. Revenge at any cost. 

Democrats have a right to be angry, but consider: Republicans, unlike the vindictive, rage-filled Democrats, did not smear Judge Garland. They plainly stated it would be a matter for the voters, leaving the good judge unsullied, and presumably ascending to the Supreme Court had Hillary not blown her sure thing. Contrast that to the shameless smears and non-stop barrage of mudballs Democrats have unleashed on Judge Kavanaugh. Shame on them.

Soviet-style Democrats want a Liars Veto.

* - By Any Means Necessary


  1. The time fo talking is over. The time to take ACTION is NOW:

    The DemonRats have succeded in transforming the Capitol Buiilding into a Theater of the Absurd –– an onging Feces Festival; and Carnival of Curruption, Calumny, and Contempt.


    _____________ _1-202-224-3121_______________

    1. Brace yourself. They've scraped up a third one, represented by the Porn Hag Shyster who presented an affidavit to the Senate Committee.

      My prediction: Dems derail Kavanaugh, no nominee until after the elections, when we will then finally find out this was all BS.

      In the real world of brass-knuckles and no scruples, cheaters win.

    2. It's nothing but a long, drawn-out, EVIL-smellng FARCE.

  2. Silver... is there any chance this guy really does have some issues? Any other pres would have pulled the nominee and presented someone else. Clinton didn't get all his first choices for Cabinet [AG positions] Bush lost Miers, it happens. There's no shame in changing up.

    Trump could name another person, more like Gorsuch, squeaky clean, not put pressure on the Senate to get it done now, and essentially get the same judicial outcomes, without the drama.

    Unless of course, ppl are saying the Dems would do this no matter who the nominee is. But the Gorsuch nomination seems to argue against that.

    1. Of course it is possible, but we've seen no evidence of it so far. The second and third accusations should be ripe territory, since both women describe big parties with lots of people.

      Do you really want unsubstantiated allegations to be the standard? Really?

      And regardless of what we find out, Feinstein and her Democrat co-conspirators are dishonest sleazebags for sitting on this and not allowing the Senate Panel to investigate and deliberate over it.

      Democrats are sleazy, lying scumbags. I put no smear job or dirty trick beneath them. While the leftwing peanut gallery claps like trained seals, ordinary Americans see this and are enraged and disgusted by the sewer Democrats have turned politics into.

    2. SF,
      Democrats are sleazy, lying scumbags.

      That reality has been embedded in the Democratic Party from way back.

  3. Silver... why is it that only the Dems are sleazy, lying scumbags? Can't Dems argue the same based on how the GOP treated Merrick Garland? Here was a man the GOP recommended Obama nominate and when he did, he didn't even get a hearing?

    Wasn't that pretty scummy?

    The left feels just as angry as you do, they just direct it at your opponents.

    Is there no room left in America for "ordinary Americans" to be enraged and disgusted by both the GOP and the Dems? I would argue that very few in either party have done much to distinguish themselves since about a month after 9/11...

    1. Is there no room left in America for "ordinary Americans" to be enraged and disgusted by both the GOP and the Dems?

      Sure there is, I'm one of them. We're simply sitting on the sidelines watching the drama unfold. Political theater and appeal to emotion is the currency of what's left of the Republic.

      We're not going to change that, regardless of how much energy is wasted by the actors.

    2. Dave, Get of your sanctimony pulpit--We're talking right now about Democrat actions.

      Did you read my post? Republicans did not smear Garland.

      This is shameless and disgusting. I do not hate anyone personally, but I hate Democrats. We are an irretrievably-split nation, so jam it up your ass and light it on fire.

    3. SF - to be fair, Republicans didn’t have a chance to smear Garland, nor a reason....since he was denied his hearing for consideration. Not to mention the hypocrisy that would have ensued.......

    4. CI: Of course, and anyone paying attention knows how I have savaged GOOPers when they earned it, so smarmy Dave stopping by with his "both sides bla bla bla…" is just one more squeal from the horde of useful idiots.

      Dems have come unhinged because President Trump is remaking the federal judiciary, stocking it with constitutionalists, and that is a five-alarm emergency for them. Nothing in beneath them when it comes to saving the courts, because that is how they have jammed through every anti-American leftwing agenda item, and plenty of GOOPers have helped them along the way.

    5. I, personally can't imagine why any decent, God-fearing, SANE individual would ever want to be "FAIR" to DemonRats?

      That is what the RINO'S do, and it is THE primary reason why in my estimation that Establishment Republicans –– most of whom are dull, thick-witted, unimaginative, too mild-mannered, overly timid, stupidly self-righteous creatures –– continually LOSE in the Court of Public Opinion, which of course, CEDES victory to the DEMONRATS TIME AFTER TIME AFTER TIME.

      God alone knows what will happen later today, but IF Senator Grassley had STOOD UP to this ABSURD eleventh hour D'RAT AGGRESSION, and had simply REFUSED to entertain the ravings of these lunatic bitches who are letting themselves be USED AS TOOLS to help implement the D'Rat, Worldwide Government, Socialist Agenda, Brett Kavanugh would be assured of a seat on the SUPREME COURT by OCTOBER FIRST.

      IF REPUBLICANS CANNOT LEARN that BEING the least bit CONSIDERATE of the needs and feelings of DEMONRATS virtually GUARANTEES an endless string of LOSSES for the GOP, all hope for a better future is gone.

      Something like EIGHTY-NINE PERCENT of the COUNTIES –– a HUGE prepnderance of the nation's LAND –– across the USA voted for Mr. Trump with great ENTHUSIASM. yet, Mr. TRUMP is virtually ALONE in trying to make the sweeping changes ral AMERICANS ardently desire and long for.

      My God bless President Trump for the splendid effort he's making on our behalf, and may his enemies STUMBLE and FALL by the wayside as they DIE, for DEATH is just what they richly deserve.

  4. I'm a bit torn. As we all know, there is no such thing as a left-winger that is not severely mentally retarded, so it does become a bit credible that one would go to 10 different parties where the hosts were infamous for facilitating gang rape. Maybe they hoped to get laid, maybe they hoped to munch carpet. Regardless, because of the fact that God has never seen fit to create a leftist that could pass an IQ test without eating it with a laxative, it is at least credible that said leftist went to such parties, ten times. How does she place Kavanaugh at the scene of the unreported crime? And gang rape? Who else is implicated?

    These are intelligent questions, which of course, the leftist answer is "you're a racist."

    Destroy the Democratic Party already.

    1. Yup. You would think with gang rape parties going on every weekend, someone would be talking about it... Also, why would the accuser return to those gang rape parties after she was in college?

    2. Because leftists are 'tarded. They either have to convince you that they are more stupid than gluten-free Play-Doh or trying to convince you their vast stupidity has been exploited by the mean evil geniuses.

    3. These are people that are victimized by the fact that there's no beautiful cherry pie inside a can of Crisco.

    4. TC,
      Destroy the Democratic Party already.

      Hear! Hear! The destruction of the Democratic Party is way overdue.

    5. We need a two-party system. Why can't it be Libertarians and Republicans duking it out over who can make the government smaller?

    6. I'd rather there be more than two....competition and choice is always beneficial. We currently have one, but not much of the other.


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