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Tuesday, September 4, 2018


BAM = By Any Means Necessary.

Please watch the video below. Worth your time (hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance).

All public schools systems are now in session for the 2018-2019 term.

Who are your child's or grandchild's teachers?

What is being taught in your child's or grandchild's classroom?

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  1. As I’ve mentioned before, THIS is why we homeschool. Sure would be nice if, having 1600 Penn and both Houses of Congress in GOP control, homeschooling families could get the tax break they deserve.....since the public school system isn’t using my tax dollars on my kids.

    That....and shuttering the Department of Education......

    1. HEAR, HEAR!

      Is the Department of Education even Constitutional?

      What are the college plans? Just curious.

    2. One could ask a proponent of Federal control of education that very question, and only get a dishonest answer. Education does not fall under the purview of the Constitution, hence not a power of the Federal government.

      A quaint notion to Statists to be sure.

      Eldest princess is beginning her final year, but both girls are going to Lord Fairfax CC for two years of core classes, then off to a larger program. Eldest wants to pursue Sports Medicine/Kinesiology.....while youngest desires Paleontology.

      Not that I blame them, but neither is looking to pursue time in uniform like their Mom & Dad.

    3. Postscript: One could ask that question to he/she who shall not be responded to below....and have the point proven.

    4. Using the community college option for core credits makes sense. Just be certain that the credits transfer. My cousin was told that her cc credits in criminology would transfer to a four-year college. They didn't.

  2. The best you can hope for is to inoculate your kids against this junk, and that means starting early. I've heard horror stories of the best of kids getting poisoned in college indoctrination centers.

    Fortunately, my son goes to a smaller CU campus that has none of the infamy or bs that goes on in Boulder.

    1. SF,
      I've heard horror stories of the best of kids getting poisoned in college indoctrination centers.

      I've seen several such cases -- and ones that shocked me.

    2. AOW, how can you be sure they didn't finally get the chance to escape indoctrination and form their own ideas?

      Why are home schooled children less likely to be indoctrinated? Seems to me it would be equally possible.

    3. Duck,
      their own ideas

      Hardly! They sound like Leftist Stepford wives -- that is, spouting memorized nonsense.

      We could debate all day about the definition of indoctrination -- and neither of us would change our positions.

    4. AOW: Thank you for beating me to the punch, and saying better than I could, although Ducky's got a glass jaw on this one.

      "Form their own ideas???" That's not allowed on campus, unless the "ideas" you "form" conform to the hive orthodoxy.

  3. o/t - autism, is it a hypermasculinization of the brain?

  4. Apparently, since "Might As Usual Makes Right" –– though we hate to admit it ––, vrtually anything may be declared "oonstitutional" if the Supreme Court –– or a presumptuous, super powerful leader like Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, or FDR says it's so.

    Most if not all these agonizing issues and acutely painful dlemmas we have to deal with in trying to "interpret" the Constitution to justify what our leaders believe to be MORAL IMPERATIVES according to THEIR lights have stemmed from the way "we" regarded NEGROES from before the USA was founded.

    The so-called "Liberalism" most of "us" have grown to despise and reject sprang from these two things

    1) Self-righteous, busybodying attempts to deal morally and humanely with the plight of the Negroes by people who knew nothing ABOUT Negroes, and had never had to deal with them directly

    2. Attempts by factory workers led by tough powerfully determined troublemakers with colossal effrontery to form unions, in order to bully the financiers, owners and executives into granting higher and higher wages for fewer and fewer hours of actual labor.

    Once all that came in the nation changed dramatically, and the Long Slow March toward COMMUNISM began.Thetragic irony of course is that the orginal "victims" –– the NEGOREs and the FACTORY WORKERS –– are sure to suffer greater deprivation and cruelty under Marxism than they ever did in the Old World Order.in these United States.

    1. That's right FreeThinke, SCOTUS rules on the constitutionality of cases brought before the court. That's basic high school civics but thanks for stating the obvious.

      The rest of your rant is obtuse.

    2. Duck,
      Don't pile on with such an insulting final sentence in your comment.

      What do you want? Another round of feuding with Franco? Yeah, that's the ticket. Derail the thread.


    3. I don't care about the bastard's INSULTS, AOW. He's not fit to clean my boots.

      What bothers me is his non-stop stream of LIES. He is a virtual volcano of vicious, valueless verbal vomit –– A ONE MAN TSUNAMI of SEDITION.

    4. What I wrote up there is a simple statement of COMMON SENSE drawn from observing the FACTS of our history vis-a-vis the Negroes.

  5. The second "teacher" in the video is only referenced in an article in the Daily Caller and is not identified nor is the school system which she is supposedly employed by identified.
    Possibly she identifies as a "teacher" because she's employed by an unlicensed day care. You have no more idea than the bimbo narrating the video.

    The Stop K-12 Indoctrination site is great. It leads with this year's protest and suit from the far right fruits in Newton. C.A.M.E.R.A (headquartered in Newton) pulls this crap every year. It was especially hilarious when they blew a gasket over the Roxbury mosque being built.

    So our "indoctrination" evidence comes down to one clip of a teacher who has sympathy toward ANTIFA the kids in black t-shirts who get the snowflakes on the right all wound up.

    1. Duck,
      So our "indoctrination" evidence comes down to one clip of a teacher who has sympathy toward ANTIFA the kids in black t-shirts who get the snowflakes on the right all wound up.

      Clips all over YouTube offer plenty more evidence of the undermining ongoing in classrooms all over America. As you would say, "Get a clue. Buy a vowel."

  6. How many here know that the JESUITS have said EXACTLY the same thing about THEIR particular brand of CATHOLICISM that LENIN said about his MARXISM?

    Could systematic INDOCTRINATION in order to gain POSSESSION and absolute CONtROL of young minds EVER be a good thing, –– even when it parades under a purportedly CHRISTIAN banner?

    What was it Thomas Jefferson said about external forms of mind control?

    I am unalterably opposed to any form of tyranny over the Mind of Man," was, I bleieve, the way he put it.

    1. Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
      Proverbs 22:6

      and these words from our Lord:

      ...If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
      John 8: 31b-32

      Of course, the above are words which teach us those things on a personal level. The personal level, of course, may extend beyond that level. Sometimes that continuation is a good thing, sometimes a bad thing (such as tyranny).

    2. Brainwashing children, from this source:

      New York congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Saturday asked a group of children for help to win her election and “kick out Trump.”

      “I’m the Democratic nominee out here for Congress so I’m going to go to D.C., and we’re going to be fighting Trump,” Ocasio-Cortez told the children in Corona, Queens.

      She was met with raucous applause from the young audience, and a man can be heard saying, “That’s crazy that the kids get so excited about that.”

      “This is what we need to do: when you go back home, you talk to your mom, your dad, your aunt, grandma, sisters, anybody over the age of 18 that can vote — first you need to ask your parents to vote because if they don’t vote, then we can’t kick out Trump,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

      “Are you going to tell your parents to vote?” Ocasio-Cortez, a democratic socialist, asked the young crowd.

      She was met with an overwhelming “yes,” and one boy said bluntly, “I’m going to do it because I don’t like Trump.”

      “Tell your parents to vote for Alexandria in November and Jumaane in September,” Ocasio-Cortez added.

      Watch the video at the above link.

  7. Ducky says one teacher isn't identified so there isn't any leftwing indoctrination in American schools.
    WHAT? :-)


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