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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Insufferable Self-righteousness

Just imagine if a U.S. Senator or other major federal governmental official had designed his funeral to exclude Barack Hussein Obama!

John McCain and President Donald Trump are not done with one another yet.

Days of mourning for the Arizona senator, including a lying-in-state in the Capitol Rotunda and the pomp of a service in Washington's National Cathedral, are certain to become about more than simply honoring a singular political leader and national hero.

In Washington, even death is political -- a fact McCain well understood as a sought-after eulogizer himself, and by planning his funeral rites to exclude the President, he will be making an unmistakable posthumous statement directed at the White House.


...McCain chose Barack Obama and George W. Bush -- the two men who kept him from the White House -- to eulogize him and didn't want the President to attend his funeral. If those plans hold, McCain will be sending a clear final message to Trump, after making clear when he was alive that he saw the President's demeanor, populist style and global outlook as antithetical to America's founding values and global role....
Lack of civility from beyond the grave, or just a maverick doing his own thing?


  1. I have nothing good to say about McCain, and while he was fond of proclaiming himself an American hero, there is nothing about the man that I feel warrants my respect.


    1. Johnny McCain now lies buried and dead,
      Hee-haw, buried and dead,
      They’ve planted an apple-tree over his head,
      Hee-haw, over his head.

      The apples now ripen, and soon they will fall,
      Hee-haw, soon they will fall,
      There came an old RINO to gather them all,
      Hee-haw, gather them all.

      Johnny Boy rose up and gave him a slap,
      Hee-haw, gave him a slap,
      Which spun the old RINO all over the map,
      Hee-haw, all over the map.

      McCain’s sad remains, in an urn on a shelf,
      Now mock his career which was all about Self,
      If you want any more you can write it yourself,
      Hee-haw, write it yourself!

      … Oliver Cromwell parodied by Yu No Hu



      In Washington, a rare relationship without pretense and BS

      Washington Examiner, by Byron York

      There are people in Washington who hate each other but who, for public consumption, pretend not to hate each other. What was almost refreshing about the relationship of Sen. John McCain and President Trump was that there was no such pretending. A number of Trump´s 2016 Republican primary rivals who serve in the U.S. Senate — Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul — said some pretty vicious things about Trump during the campaign, and of course Trump said vicious things about them. Now, some of them have future political ambitions ...

  2. You can play this game for hours - just imagine if President Obama signed a national defense bill named after a Republican war 'hero', without ever mentioning his name? Just imagine if President Obama lowered the WH flag to half-mast to honor a Republican , for a fraction of the time that decorum and tradition calls for, and on and on.

    Love or hate McCain the man, both sides have been tithing at Our Lady of Perpetual Outrage.

    1. CI,
      Just imagine if President Obama lowered the WH flag to half-mast to honor a Republican , for a fraction of the time that decorum and tradition calls for, and on and on.

      I read somewhere -- I can't recall where -- that the original interval of time for the flag at half-mast for a U.S. Senator was followed. Perhaps you know where the protocol is posted.

    2. Aha! Gotta love Google search!

      From this source:

      United States senator, representative, territorial delegate, or the resident commissioner from the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico: On the day of death and the day after.

      I think that a proclamation was required to override the above.

    3. True, per the Eisenhower Administration, DoD guidelines lay out that timeframe as the minimum time that the White House flag will be at half-mast......though for multiple high profile deaths since, it has been proclamated and lowered for far longer; so much was that the tradtion, the multiple Veterans groups admonished this Administration for raising it so soon. Did McCain deserve less respect for his service to the nation than, Edward Kennedy for example?

    4. CI,
      I wonder....Did Trump personally gave the order Monday to raise the flag back up to full mast?

    5. Hard to say, we’ll never know......but it doesn’t really matter anyway. Depending on where one sits, everything is either always the responsibility or fault of the POTUS, or it’s not. Were this the Obama Administration, nobody would have asked your question. It would have been presumed.

    6. Equivocating Trump and Obama.
      It is to laugh.

    7. Oh, I wasn't equivocating Trump and Obama. I was specifically referring to the demographic on the Right who previously trafficked in invented fantasies of Obama's religion, sexuality and alleged transgressions....while currently willfully ignoring or dismissing the serial lying and narcissism of Trump; the demographic that will assuredly revert to the previous during the next Democrat Administration, oblivious to their own hypocrisy.

      It brings no joy to fully realize that the Right is no more immune than the Left, to reflexively using politics to satisfy immature, emotional needs.

    8. CI,
      the Right is no more immune than the Left, to reflexively using politics to satisfy immature, emotional needs

      It's always been that way in American politics.

      If I recall correctly, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson really went at it in the gazettes of the day.

    9. It's one thing to vehemently argue over policy.....it's something entirely to expend so much energy to throw emotional tantrums over invented, perceived and irrelevant character traits, especially hypocritically...especially in an echo chamber.

      That is the paradigm of today's disposable, drive-by society. The political landscape is eschewing battling over the merits of philosophy and deeds...and turning into a grievance-fueled reality show.

      But your point is grounded. We are devolving as a society...and what's left of the Republic will not last.

  3. It shows even in death his ego rides on. First he lies in the AZ State capitol. He must think that the mass of humanity wants to witness the event, then on to the D.C capitol. Then instructions that will be sure to catch media attention and tries to stick it to Trump one last time. It ends as contemptible as the rest of his saga. I really meant not to comment one iota on the matter. But this made me do it.

    1. Bunkerville,
      He must think that the mass of humanity wants to witness the event

      No kidding!

      Unseemly -- to say the least.

    2. AOW - similar to your question above, was this part of McCain’s postmortem request? Or is this being planned and facilitated by others?

    3. CI,
      As far as I can tell, McCain himself very specifically choreographed his funeral rites.

    4. FYI...I have a personal problem with deceased individuals trying to control everything from beyond the grave. One of my parents' friends did so -- and impoverished the woman who had loved and tended him for decades.

    5. Choreographed is the operative word, Good choice. I wonder if he didn't "make arrangements" for his successor with the Governor? I recall his unseemly comment about Sarah Palin in his book. He regretted picking Sarah Palin over Lieberman his pal...
      Palin was about the only thing he had going. She took it like a lady. Bet she takes the trip down from Alaska for the old coot.

    6. Such choreography certainly exhibits a rather massive ego for sure, only matched by the other notable figure in this conversation.

    7. CI,
      It takes a man of huge ego to seek the office of President of the United States. IMO, Reagan was the last humble man to be POTUS.

      My father used to say: "What kind of man even wants such a job as that?"

    8. True to a point, but the current egomania is something that won't be tolerated by the same crowd that currently tolerates it.

      That's why I stock up on popcorn....

    9. Trump has an ego, News flash!
      But egomania?
      How about all the self effacing things Trump has done?
      The praise he heaps on his team?
      A true assessment, uncolored by antipathy, would recognize the complexity of his personality.

    10. God love you, Ed!

      So glad you see the Light.

    11. By the Way I believe it impossible for any extraordinarily capable, high-functioning creative genius, polymath, or protean figure to erform the great feats they do WITHOUT having a strong Ego, and an over-generous portion of Self-Esteem.

      Most of us are taught from birth to HIDE this, and make a hypocriical pretense at being "modest." Some are better at playing that game than others, that's all.

      "Faint heart never wo fair lady."

      And I am reasonably certain that no Shrinking Violet, or Pious, Mealy-Mouthed Poseur ever becomes a corporate CEO, a U.S. Senator, or a POTUS.

      No One in his right mind has ever found anything the least bit admirable or attractive about URIAH HEEP.

  4. I have always felt very sorry John McCain had to endure five-and-a- half years of privation, abuse and torture at the Hanoi Hiltom, and I feel compelled to say I respect his decision NOT to take advantage of the opportunty for early release, –– a move that would have given his North Vietnmaese captors "better optics," as we would say today.

    McCain was the son of a prominent admiral, a status he could have used to his own advantage. We must say that because he chose not to, and chose solidarity with his fellow prisoners, instead, speaks well for him.

    That said in latter years I frankly grew to despise John McCain, because his bizarre actions as a RINO Reublican Senator from Arizona seemed calculated more to draw attention to himself than because he was truly standing firm on any recognizable principle.

    I saw him not only as a grandstander, but as a nettlesome, often foolish individual who too often took it upon himself to thwart the Conservative agenda by lending support both tacit and at times overt to its opponents. [I doubt if anything would ever convince me, that McCain didnt deberately THROW the election to Obama for reasons that may never come to light.]

    So in latter years I couldn't help but refer to him sarcastically as McPain, and McVain.

    Perhaps it was both impolitic and distasteful by ordinary standards for the-candidate Donald Trump to insult his fellow candidates as he did, and to denigrate McCain's war record claiming that being shot down and imprisoned in a hellish oriental POW camp does not make anyone a "hero," but I have to agree. It makes one a VICTIM of BAD LUCK, but hardly a"HERO." However, it would have been better for all concerned if Mr. Trump had publicly acknowledged the NOBILITY of McCain's brave, principled decision to reman in Hanoi's hottest hellhole when he didn't have to.

    Nevertheless, Mr. Trump did what he KNEW he HAD to do in order to WIN, and for that I praise hm. bless him, and magnify and glorify his name. The GOP has not freqently been referred to as The Stupid Party for nothing.

    [INTERESTING NOTE: I heard just last night for the first time on FBN that the North Vietnamese did not begin to torture McCain till AFTER he'd refused release. His captors hope the maltreatment would induce him to change his mind about leaving.. Whether this is true or not I have no way of knowing. ALL news sorces are highly sspect these days. I trust NONE of them.]

  5. John McCain, a modern day Antigone, vs. DJ Trump as Cleon, King of Thebes).

    1. Does ANTIGONE mean the same thing as PROSTAY or PROREMAIN?

      You may call me GLADHEWENT, if you lke


    2. CREON is proniounced CRAYON, right, FJ? At least I've heard it that way when I watched a production of Antigone long ago.


      They do look funny when spelt the way they sound, don't they?

    3. Derived from Greek αντι (anti) "against, compared to, like" and γονη (gone) "birth, offspring". In Greek legend Antigone was the daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta. King Creon of Thebes declared that her slain brother Polynices was to remain unburied, a great dishonour. She disobeyed and gave him a proper burial, and for this she was sealed alive in a cave.

      In other words, Antigone was anti-feminine... for "manly opposition" w/o submission.

      Creon was the name of different figures in Greek mythology, the most important being the ruler of Thebes in the myth of Oedipus. He was married to Eurydice, with whom he had seven children. Along with his sister Jocasta, they were descendants of Cadmus and the Spartoi.

      In the myth of Oedipus, Creon ascended to the throne of Thebes, when the previous king Laius died on his journey to the oracle of Delphi. The mythical monster Sphinx went close to the city of Thebes, killing anyone it would meet that could not answer its riddles. Creon, being desperate about the monster that plagued the area, offered the Theban throne and his sister's hand in marriage to anyone who would be able to kill it. Oedipus managed to answer the Sphinx' riddle, causing its demise, and married Jocasta, not knowing that she was his mother.

      Creon also appears in another myth, that of Antigone. Oedipus' sons, Eteocles and Polynices, shared the throne of Thebes, but after a fight, Polynices was exiled. The defeated brother returned with an army and attacked Thebes in the storyline of Seven Against Thebes. Although Thebes did not fall, both Eteocles and Polynices died in the conflict, and Creon became the new ruler. Eteocles was buried with full honour, but Polynices was left to rot for punishment of turning against the city. Antigone, sister of Polynices and the beloved of Creon's son, secretly buried her brother, causing the wrath of Creon; he decreed that she be buried in a tomb alive. Later, having a change of heart after his son's plea, Creon decided to free Antigone, only to find her having taken her own life by hanging herself. Haemon, Creon's son, in despair, initially threatened to kill his father but eventually took his own life.

    4. Creon never "wished" to rule, but frequently had the crown thrust upon him. He gave it up (ala Cincinnatus) many times.

    5. Antigone is universally celebrated as the ultimate figure of ethical resistance to the state power which oversteps its legitimate scope and as the defender of simple human dignity (more important than all political struggles).

      The question is, when did Trump ever overstep his legitimate scope? A- He didn't. Never-Trumpers just can't accept the rule of people with new/different ideas... like globalism is for "suckers".

    6. ...and "Google searches shouldn't turn up criticism of Trump"

    7. TC,
      "Google searches shouldn't turn up criticism of Trump"

      That's not exactly it.

      There is, no doubt, shadow banning. I ran into some of that myself last week -- on a search totally unrelated to Trump. The topic? Islam, of course.

      Had zero success using Google. Finally found what I was looking for -- my own essay from some 13 years back -- via Bing.

    8. I don't entirely disagree. My bookmarks to media accounts of WMD finds in Iraq that actually injured reporters now hit 404 errors. I wouldn't say it doesn't happen. Hell, Google's under criticism from within it's own employees over the changes they want to make to accomodate Chinese censorship so they can get Google back in China.

      Trump just wants the same deal suppressing criticism of himself that Google is offering the Chinese government.

    9. Thamk you, FJ?, for giving us such a thorough understandng of your initial reference to Antigone.

      I, of course, was joking when I asked, "Does Anti-Gone mean the same thing as Pro-Stay," and the rest of that slly stuff? I'm glad ylu have a serius reply, however, because it was a opportunity to LEARN something.

      Such opportunities, Alas! have become increasingly rare in Blogistan.

    10. TC,
      Trump just wants the same deal suppressing criticism of himself that Google is offering the Chinese government.

      Most people don't want to be criticized.

      I don't see that Trump wants the level of censorship you mentioned.

      Furthermore, this summer I had occasion to learn more than I ever wanted to know about China's oppression when I tutored, twice a week, a student in Beijing before her arrival here in America to attend a private boarding school for girls. She couldn't watch the YouTube videos I mentioned (Romeo and Juliet audio reading and couldn't obtain the books I recommended -- even a harmless, non-political ESL book.

    11. BTW, I got the books to her via a workaround: FedEx, business to business. I'm nothing if not resourceful. :^)

  6. GO AHEAD and CALL it "SPAM," if you INSIST, but I CALL it "PERTINENT:"

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Praised John McCain. Then Things Got Really Weird.

    Daily Wire,

    by Emily Zanotti

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did a very nice thing Saturday, tweeting out a heartfelt tribute to the late Senator John McCain, whom she called "an unparalleled example of human decency and American service." (Tweet) Being (mostly) a political amateur in a severely partisan social media landscape, Ocasio-Cortez probably should have known that praise for a member of the opposing party wouldn´t be received by her progressive colleagues as a collegial olive branch extended in the spirit of McCain´s "Maverick" reputation, but rather as an open invitation to question her progressive bona fides. Things got heated, as leftists roasted Ocasio-Cortez from straying from ...

    THE defining characteristic of true dyed-in-the-will leftists is that no matter WHAT you say or do, they WILL oppose it, insult it, badger it, beleaguer it, beat it up, reject it, and stomp on it.

    It's impossible to comfort, cheer, console, mollify, or encourage LEFTISTS, because expressing doom, gloom, misery, anger, derision, contempt, indignation, and perpetual dissatisfaction is ALL they know how to do and ALL they ever WANT do.


    The saddest aspect of today's political cuture, however, is that far too many who are supposed to be on the Conservative-Lbertarian side have caught the same deadly disease and now echo and magnify the motbid pessimism and vile temper of their opponents.

  7. To me, John McCain was never lukewarm politically. Invariably, he either gave voice to my opinion 100% or he was so far goofy-wrong I wondered if he was going senile. Never really just part-wrong or part-right. Right or wrong, McCain was a class act. Something Trump supporters and other kinds of leftists should adopt.

    This latest buzz is just another reason (#2,786,943; collect them all!) why i'm proudly NeverTrump. I'm certainly glad I'm not the one pissing diapers over people noticing Trump is a jerk. That isn't even political. I'd bar someone of Trump's distasteful personality and boorishness from the decorum of a poker game, much less a funeral.

    I'll stop there, because Google owns Blogger, and I don't want Trump to shut this place down over lil ol' me.

    1. Not giving in under any circumstances is a class act? You must LOVE Venezuela's Nicholas Maduro....

    2. Oh boy! Let's all aspire to be "Trump classy" and praise Benito Mussolini, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Ghadafi, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Rodrigo Duterte, Recep Rayyip Erdogan, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi...

      That's an early one. NeverTrump Reason #1664, Trump's habit of unabashedly for-reals praising foreign dictators. Trump supporters are running out of people to hate LOL

    3. ...not even scratching the surface of Trump's Saudi Arabian "shared values" speech...

      Damn it's been a long 19 months.

    4. ....Trump's habit of unabashedly for-reals praising foreign dictators.

      Birds of a feather. Dictators [and their slack-jawed minions] don't like freedom of speech.

    5. Nicholas Maduro is just one sycophantic missive to Trump away from the Vichy Republican Party embracing socialism.

  8. "To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell's heart, I stab at thee; For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee."
    -- Herman Melville, Moby Dick

    1. Thank you. I'm glad at least one person noticed. Sums up McCain perfectly. I admit, I could not place the quote, but "I stab at thee from the grave" was stuck in my mind, and I googled it and found the proper quote, just so everyone knows I'm not that literate.

    2. I noticed it, but it takes me a ling time these days to collect my thoughts well enough and to use my dim eyes and arthritic fingers to make a thoughtful, properly appreciative response.

      And PLEASE –– and I say this s friend not a "critic," –– stop the VIRTUE SIGNALING with your protestations of modesty. It is NOT a SIN to be smart, neither is it a virtue to try to DENY it.


    3. Perhaps you have mistaken the mere signal with genuine virtue?

    4. As one who was mercilessly persecuted from 7th grade through 12th -- and on the day I interviewed with the public school's system for my first job -- because I was smart, I never until now ever admitted I might have a good mind. I doesn't pay to be perceived as above average.

      I was actually denied my first job specifically because I had such a high GPA. Had my mother not phoned the school superintendent, who was a friend of hers in years past, I'd not have gotten a job upon completing college.

      The year? 1973. Even then, the school system was specifically seeking out mediocre candidates for teacher positions.

    5. "The nails that stick up get hammered down" doesn't just apply to Japan.

  9. Being that the lefties are so up in arms about the flag "ONLY" being at half staff for 48 hours, lets talk about that for one minute, or two. Our flag is a symbol of our nation…it is a symbol of Free speech, Freedom, hope, opportunity, liberty and the very symbol of your right to protest…so why disrespect it, why disrespect the people who have fought for it and your freedom to be a bone-headed nitwit as you want to be, and disrespect the nation that flag represents? It gives Andrew Cuomo that Moron in the Governor's mansion in Albany New York to say that "America isn't so Great"!
    It give that Unemployed Drunk Hillary Clinton the right to disrespect for our flag by her encouraging her unemployed Hero Colin Kaepernick to take a knee during the Pledge of Allegiance, or the playing of our National Anthem.

    Is it really because of "Police Brutality" that these idiotic lowlifes have been taking a knee?
    Is it because Trump is now the President? Is that it? No. it couldn't be because Colin Kaepernick was sitting on his knee during the National Anthem long before Trump was elected, when everybody still thought Hillary would win and while Obama was still in office.
    Hilary told an 11 year old kid that it has something to do with “injustice,” but she doesn’t define what injustice it is.. So what in-justice could she be taking about? Just what "justice"is better than ours. Perhaps the kneelers should go live in another country and see for themselves how justice is handled some where else!.
    Go to any Muslim country and see just how their "justice"is, and if it's better than ours! And just how you'd ho get along there. Go to any African country and see if that doesn’t suit your definition of better justice. Try China, or North Korea or Russia, or Cuba…maybe one of those places has what you’re looking for. And that is why I for one am not going to take part in viewing ANY Football games.

  10. That McCain refused to step down before his death, despite his lack of capacity, speaks volumes about him.

    1. Whatever he was in Hanoi, which seems admirable, he later became a VAIN, STUBBORN, ultimately PETTY-minded man, Ed. Whatever he may –– or may not –– have been in the Vietnam War, he was certainly no HERO or PARAGON of VIRTUE during his political career.

    2. Ed.
      That McCain refused to step down before his death, despite his lack of capacity, speaks volumes about him.


      He was into self-glory, not into being a public servant.

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. Franco,
      Please do not feed the troll. An administrator here gets around to deleting it as soon as an administrator is available to do so.

  11. Those disgusting, vicious, and hateful comments made by McCain’s wife and family during his funeral are about as low as a person can go and it was THEIR OWN CHOICE, they were the ones who bought the whole thing up, and now they have to live with it. They've shown who they really are, and what they true colors are

    1. Another Wellstone Memorial for America's only native criminal class, politicians, and their sycophants plus various self-appointed "guardians" of the public "conscience".

      Lord, if you are willing, please spare me this cup of vindictive political BS.

    2. Interesting that comments at McCains funeral raise such ire, when similar disgusting, vicious, and hateful comments from Trump go apparently unnoticed.

      I'm sure that there's a logical and rational reason....

    3. So speeches to Veterans groups are a more appropriate venue for disgusting, vicious, and hateful comments?

  12. @ CI
    So, basically you're saying that you have no sense of propriety.
    That's what happens when Trump lives in you head rent free.

    1. No.

      But you can't maintain a position of hypocrisy unless you project your narrative of what you want my words to mean. I have a solid sense of propriety...Trump doesn't.

    2. You only verify my observation and I stand by it. Your words mean exactly what they mean. You equate Veterans group meetings to what is supposed to be a memorial service/funeral for a former POW and Senator.
      The difference seems to escape you. Please clarify.

    3. You know exactly what I said and what I mean. I asked if speaking to an assemblage of Veterans, in order to honor their service and lay out the States process to uphold its end of the contract.......was the appropriate venue for disgusting, vicious and hateful comments, that are irrelevant to the purpose of the engagement.

      Usually that should elicit a yes or no answer. But I understand why it doesn’t in this case......

    4. Nope....you won’t answer the question. You don’t get the reason. You know what it is....you just don’t want to admit it, likely even to yourself.

      Don’t worry, you’ll get to reverse the feigned outrage machine when the Democrats gain 1600 Penn again.

    5. Oh, I know the reason and I've already answered your question. The answer is that anyone that doesn't agree with you is a "hypocrite", no matter their reason. Does that sound "logical and rational" to you?
      You have no sense of propriety, don't kid yourself.

    6. OK, kindly point out where you wrote an affirmative or a negative (in any form)? You didn’t, but you’ll kid yourself anyway.

      That’s what makes hypocrites entertaining.

    7. What me to kiss your ego and make it better?

    8. That made no sense whatsoever, but it fits the empty tenor of your other responses. Can’t point out where you offered a yes or no.....can you?


    9. No, I didn't offer a direct yes or no because your statement is nonsense. I don't accept your premise that a veterans group meeting is the equivalent of a funeral/memorial service. I'm sure everyone else understands my answer, even if you don't.
      Empty tenor would describe your use of passive voice and implied insults. The choice of the words fascinating and interesting as a trolling instrument imply an ego problem, one that can't stand to be bested in an argument, therefor, do you want me to kiss your ego and make it better?
      Perhaps a more direct answer to you is; no, I don't agree with you because Veterans group meeting are not the equivalent of a funeral service and such meetings have always been a political venue going back to at least Roman times. Whether I think it's proper is a separate question.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.


    12. Wow. I a never said that a Veterans event was the equivalent of a funeral. Even you get that, right? Trump isn’t even the point....notwithstanding the reflexive defense of the indefensible. Vile commentary at a funeral is inappropriate. Vile commentary at a Veterans event is inappropriate. Both are beneath the purported intellectual and moral gravitas of leaders of the Republic.

      One is lambasted by the sycophantic legion that pretends maturity, while the other isn’t. Being “bested” in an argument is irrelevant, given that you have zero influence on my ego.

    13. CI, ever heard of comment notification? I can read your comments even when you delete them.

      Whatever get you through the night.

    14. Do I care that you can see them? Who has the ego that needs stroking......?

  13. See above ^
    But if you must have the last word, go ahead and post again and I'll pretend I don't see it.

  14. The dismal, unduly cynical, oddy vindictive opinions of CI regarding President Trump –– and many other issues of the day –– are predicated on pure, raw HATRED thinly disguised as rational discourse. I imagine this poor benighted soul must be living in the Slough of Despond for reasons none of us could know.

    More to be pitied than despised, I suppose, but still very hard to take.

    Unbridled ill will, a bilious temperament, and the desire to lash out with withering scorn expressed in terms of cold-hearted contempt should always be regarded as unwelcome and insupportable.

    In my never humble opinion CI's essential function here is that of a TROLL.

    1. Franco,
      Having interviewed CI a few years ago on The Gathering Storm Radio Show (topic = 2nd Amendment rights), I can't say that I view CI as a troll. All of us here in the blogosphere hold our views and often express them in the strongest of terms. Furthermore, the troll who most frequently gets deleted on sight is a real troll.

      The blogosphere is not a kind place. For whatever reasons, bilious temperaments abound here.

      The above said, more than one commenter who frequents this blog site holds the view that you do.

    2. Heh, says the person who argues with oneself under various facades, laments when nobody pays attention to you, and throws a tantrum when the blog administrator doesn’t reprimand another poster.....deleting every post on a topic. Those are the hallmarks of a troll, not to mention the frequent idiocy of projecting an invented narrative upon a stranger on the internet, to provide yourself emotional gratification.

      I’ve reminded you many times, that you exist for my entertainment, and you never fail to deliver.

      I have no hate for Trump, he is but a symptom of the disease. Mewling sycophants are the vector, and the true danger.

    3. CI,
      Franco is not a troll. He is a friend of mine. If you don't like that, you don't have to frequent this blog.

    4. I'm merely repaying the respect Freethinke has shown me. He aired his opinion of me, and I did likewise.

    5. I rest my case. You, CI, have merely CONFIRMED everything I said about you –– comments I would never have made had you not repeatedly over a long period of time taken it upon youself to direct saracastic personal opinions at me, and heap scorn on me when I had never said a thing about you either stated or implied.

      You sir, are a past master at playing the Son-of-a-Bitch Game –– a scenario I've outlined many of times over the past twenty years of blogging. YOU, behave like a bully in the schoolyard who repeatedly attacks a kid just trying to eat his lunch. When after several days of increasng harassment the kid finally strikes back, the bully loudly cries, WAAAAAAAAAH! HE HIT ME. I TOLD you he was a SON-Of-A-BITCH!"

      Now my friend AOW doesn't seem to understand that this sort of thing is –– at all times –– inappropriate behavior in the blogosphere, –– UNLESS such tactics are directed a HER, personally.

      At MY blog anyone who behaves like a thug, a bully, s vaandal or an imbecile in my opinion is DELETED on contact. I strive to maintain an atmosphere free of INSOLENCE and personal feuds and vendettas. It's much too bad that others don't do the same. It would be a better world if they did.

    6. THANK you, AOW, for referring to me as a friend, which I am, indeed, –– even when we disagree.

      As for anyone's acting the part of a troll, it's too bad, but sometimes even a person we've liked and trusted in the past for good reason goes through a period of crisis or turmoil that ALTERS their outlook and character –– and not for the better. When this occurs, a former friend and ally CAN become a fractious, obnoxious, froward adversary (i.e. a TROLL };-)>

      If I've behaved badly here, I apologize, but I don't see any reason why I should be expected to take a lot of GUFF without demur –– especially from a person for whom I have no respect.

      I certainly consider myself a Christian, but I AIN'T no Sacrifical Lamb.

    7. Franco my friend,
      You need a tough skin to blog.

      Besides, if you do view any commenter as a troll, don't engage that commenter. In other words, don't feed the troll; doing so means taking potshots at one another in perpetuity.

      Again, I don't view CI as a troll. My blog, my property, my rules.